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  From:  DAN MCCLURE                Submitted:  08 Jun 91  16:34:00

Subject: It happen in May…… Status: Public Received: No Group: Magick (24)

MW>Yes, I would enjoy a repost.

OK, just for you;

May 1, 1776 Adam Weishaupt founds the Illuminati

May 1, 1923 Aleister Crowley is expelled from Italy by Mussolini.

            He goes to Tunis.

May 3, 1587 John Dee and Edward Kelly with their respective wives

            signed a document swearing obedience to angelic commands
            on this date.  They then shared all things in common,
            including their wives, at the counsel of the spirit-
            child Madimi.

May 6, 1586 Dee and Kelly slip out of Prauge for Leipzig over the

            rumor of a 'Papal Nuncios' accusing them of having
            intercourse with angels.

May 6, 1883 Victor Benjamin Neuberg was born on this date. His close

            friends called him Vickie.

May 8, 1891 Madame Blavatsky is given her last mission by the

            'Mahatamas' and dies in London at age sixty.

May 9, 1910 Aleister Crowley evokes 'Bartzabel' the spirit of Mars

            at the Dorset home of G. M. Marston into Victor Neuberg.
            It was so successful that Marston suggested that they
            rent a hall and charge admission.  The idea of the Rites
            of Eleusis was born.

May 9, 1945 Rudolf von Sebottendorff, founder of the Thule Society,

            commits suicide by jumping into the Bosporus river.

May 10, 1941 Karl Germer is arrested by the Nazis and held ten months

            in a concentration camp because of his association with
            Aleister Crowley

May 12, 1954 Wilhelm Reich contacts a UFO hovering over his laboratory

            in Rangeley, Maine.

May 19, 1923 Isabella Fraux is born at Cefalu, Italy to Ninette Shumway

            and Aleister Crowley.

May 26, 1592 Giordano Bruno inprisoned by the inquisition for eight

            years until his death.

May 29, 1981 The last performance of Throbbing Gristle at San Francisco

            before breaking up.  They performed songs like 'Looking
            for the OTO' and 'The Process'.

May 30, 1431 Joan of Arc is burned at the stake.

May 31, 1875 After three years of chronic illness Eliphas Levi dies.

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