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This song came about after I had heard one too many folk songs where the sailor comes home from sea and meets his True Love and she doesn't recognize him.

     The tune where the man is speaking is fairly typical of the Scottish  

ballads and slightly remenicent of Matty Groves. The tune where the lady is speaking is liveler and vaguly resembles a sea shanty. When I perform this people generraly clap during that portion. It will of course scan to Greensleves but so will the phone book.

        Drastic Changes
        Words and Music: Scott Fridenberg
        As I roved out one May morning, One May morning so free
        I overherd a fair pretty maid weeping by the sea.
        I stepped up to this fair pretty maid saying
                                       what can the matter be?
        She Jumped with suprise,
        And she dried her eyes.
        And this is what she said to me.
        My - y - y Johnny is a sailor lad and he sails accros the waves.
        He loves me very tenderly and all his pay he saves.
        And we are to be married when next he comes to shore.
        But it's been two years,
        And I do fear,
        That he sails the ocean floor.
        I stepped up to this fair pretty maid, and to her I did explain,
        This lad that you are weeping for, I am the very same.
        I've come to claim my own true love and Johnny is me name.
        She stepped back a pace,
        And she studied my face,
        And this is what she did proclaim.
        My - y - y Johnny he was six foot tall you're but five foot two.
        His eyes were such a lovely green, you're two eyes are blue.
        My Johnnys hair was sandy blond and your's is firey red.
        Isn't it strange
        What time can change?
        Come now let's off to bed.
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