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This one was written in praise of the new Baron of SunDragon, Sir Arthur O'Flaherty, who is an example of what a Knight -really should be-.

                      -Ioseph of Locksley
            (c) 1991 W.J. Bethancourt III
            (Tune: "Men Behind The Wire")

CHORUS: Armored men in battle lines

       Dressed in shiny suits so fine
       Every fighter falls before 
       The "Grin Behind The Helm!"

In the Barony SunDragon, on a quiet village street Lives a crazy Irish laddie and his lovely lady sweet Fighting man of bravest courage; smiling bright in battle's din All have learned to fear his coming; all have learned to fear his GRIN!

In his lobster-tail and buff coat, velvet trousers edged with lace Arthur comes forth to do battle, with a grin upon his face! Vikings flee in grip of terror, Sassenach all climb a tree! Hark! The heralds shouting loudly: "Son of Erin, wild and free!"

See the Shamrock there advances at the front of battle-line See the foeman flee before him, see them falling, nine times nine! Sun of Aten, shining brightly, shining star of Chivalry Son of Battle, Son of Honour, Son of Clan O'Flaherty!

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