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                  S  L  A  Y  E  R  -  H E L L  A W A I T S
                                Presented by:
                               The antichrisT


Hell Awaits

Existing on damnation's edge The priest had never known To witness such a violent show Of power overthrown

Angels fighting aimlessly Still dying by the sword Our legions killing all in sight To get the one called Lord

CHORUS: The gates of Hell lie waiting as you see There's no price to pay just follow me I can take your lost soul from the grave Jesus knows your soul cannot be saved

Crucify the so-called Lord, he soon shall fall to me Your souls are damned, your god has fell To slave for me eternally

        Hell awaits...

The reaper guards the darkened gates That Satan calls his home Demons feed the furnace where The dead are free to roam

Lonely children of the night There's seven ways to go Each leading to the burning hole That Lucifer controls

Priest of Hades seek the sacred star Satan sees the answer lies not far Zombies screaming souls cry out to you Satanic laws prevail, your life is through

Pray to the moon…when it is round Death with you shall then abound What you seek…for can't be found In sea or sky or underground

[LEAD– Hanneman]

Now I have you deep inside my everlasting grasp The seven bloody gates of Hell Is where you'll live your last

Warriors from Hell's domain Will bring you to your death The flames of Hades burning strong Your soul shall never rest


Sacrifice the lives of all I know, they soon shall die Their souls are damned to rot in hell And keep the fire growing deep inside

        Hell awaits...

[LEAD– King]

Kill Again

Lurking in the dismal fog Hungry for your blood Seeking harmless victims Satisfy my needs

Schizophrenic lunatic Uncontrolled desire Rape and ravage lady fair Pledged to die

CHORUS: No apparent motive Just kill and kill again Survive my brutal thrashing I'll hunt you till the end My life's a constant battle The rage of many men Homicidal maniac

Trapped in mortal solitude Lift the gleaming blade Slice her flesh to shreds Watch the blood flow free

Hatred growing stronger None survive my wrath Suffer from the throbbing pain Yield your life to me


[LEAD– Hanneman, King, Hanneman, King]

Kill the preacher's only son Watch the infant die Bodily dismemberment Drink the purest blood

Unrelenting need to kill Death upon you now Anxiously awaiting Next in line


At Dawn They Sleep

Awakened I have become Light now slips away Manipulate your mind Darkness is my slave

Taste the sins of Hell The blood that I so crave The last thing that you see Is the hunger in my eyes

CHORUS: Blood sucking creatures of the night Nocturnal spectre hiding from the light Cries screaming out every fright Eagerly awaiting plight Apparition from the pits of Hell Death plagues the streets in which they dwell Demented lust, secrets they must keep Addicted to your blood At dawn they sleep

Unvail the hidden coffin Lift the lid of terror Feel the deadly cold Freeze you from inside

Perceiving your intentions To slay the phantom form Raise the stake in malice You cannot plunge it down


[LEAD– King, Hanneman]

Beware the image unseen Stocks your soul Your corpse's redeem

Eternal damnation your just reward A servant of our lord By your accord

Admonish of cruciform Impalement Immortality's scorned

Rise hold fast your faith To lie dormant Is certain death

Emerging from their hellish tomb Taking flight amidst the night The evening skies are raining death

Swooping down from shadowed skies Taking simple human form Shed their wings to stalk the mortal man

Lock their jaws into your veins Satanic soldiers strike their prey Leaving corpses waiting for the change

Blood dripping from the jaws of death Not enough to satisfy They must drain your soul of life

Praise of Death

Deceased in mind decree of death Blackened heart baptized in fire Exertion now need to blitz Vicious ways brought up in Hell

Draw the line life or death Potent thrust excessive pain Massive dose adrenalin Minor threat cannot decline

CHORUS: Stricken to live, Hell on earth Shackled and bound we lie Praise of death life's a dream We're only living to die

Victim of life insanity lives Deep in shock intensive care Tables turned blast of strength Kill at once time to prevail

Begin to crank feel the rush Start to rage take to extremes Push to far overkill Time to die no way to win


[LEAD– King]

Running and hunting and slashing And crushing and searching And seeing and stabbing and shooting And thrashing and smashing and Burning destroying and killing And bleeding and pleading then death

[LEAD– King, Hanneman, King, Hanneman, King, Hanneman]

At mach ten velocity Pressure builds can't take the strain Life blood flows to its grave Dripping sweat, death shall erase

Time to think time to breathe Feel the pulse life will expire Surging speed hell afast Cardiac cease to exist


[LEAD– King]


Mortuaries dead of night My body starts to rise In my mind the horror lives To feel death deep inside

Relentless lust of rotting flesh To thrash the tomb she lies Heathen whore of Satan's wrath I spit at your demise

Virgin child now drained of life Your soul cannot be free Not given the chance to rot in Hell

Satan's cross points to Hell The earth I must uncover A passion grows to feast upon The frozen blood inside her

I feel the urge the growing need To fuck this sinful corpse My tasks complete the bitches soul Lies raped in demonic lust

[LEAD– King]

Her stomach burst the casket breaks The seed has taken form A writhing shape of twisted flesh The Devil's child is thrown

Hungry for the smell of death He rules forbidden evil Vengeance with a frenzied hatred The bastard now must die

Lost souls of the dead Form legions that burst through Hell's gates Death of one sacrifice To avenge the raped corpse from the grave Blood of one mortal man The fire grows stronger within Fate of a frenzied lust Lucifer takes my dark soul

Down to the fiery pits of Hell

[LEAD– Hanneman]

Crypts of Eternity

[LEAD– Hanneman]

Devious to those unknown He walks below the land Alluring victims to their death Perish to the sand

Master of the blackened arts Living his decree Thrives amongst the seven gates Searching for the keys

CHORUS: I have seen the darkened depths of Hell Sorcery beyond the witches spell Robbed the crypts of death's eternity Killed the priest and cursed him endlessly

Chants of evil incantation Fill the murky night Free the Devil's knights of Hell Unleash their growing spite

Directing power forcibly The fire of Hell is cast Resurrect from crypts of death A demon from the past


[LEAD– Hanneman, King]

Cringe with fear Violate the unbroken seal of Hell Death will come searching for Your mere soul Still you are eager to seek your fate All that lie here are remains Of death

Grinding bones, screaming skulls Broken by the lapse of time Decade to power, ashes to dust Diminishing, disintegrating Man's souls and mind

[LEAD– Hanneman]

Empty space tracks throughout I make my claim

[LEAD– King]

Darkness covers the world My kingdom, my domain

Hardening of the Arteries

Fear runs wild in the veins of the world The hate turns the skies jet black Death is assured in future plans Why live if there's nothing there

Spectres of doom await the moment The mallet is sure and precise Cover the crypts of all mankind With cloven hoove begone

CHORUS: Sadistic minds Delay the death Of twisted life Malicious world

The crippled youth try in dismay To sabotage the carcass earth All new life must perish below Existence now is futile

Decrepit breath, vile in its stench A world in decay Transgressor is as one


[LEAD– King, Hanneman]

Convulsions take the world in hand Paralysis destroys Nobody out there to take us Brutal seizure now we die



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