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Yes, you've probably all heard it, but what the heck…Mary has a great explanation on tape of how Leslie wrote the song (Mary, could I transcribe it and post it?), although I haven't heard the story yet about how it became the underground anthem for one of the democratic revolutions in Eastern Europe (Hungary? Mary, do _you_ know the story?)

          HOPE EYRIE
(Well) worlds grow old, and stars grow cold
And fate we never can doubt
Time's cold wind whistling down the pass
Reminds us that all flesh is grass
And history's lamps go out
  But the Eagle has landed!  Tell your children when!
  Time won't drive us down to dust again!
Seasons turn while the far stars burn
And people and planets age
Life's torch passes to younger lands
Time brushes dust of hope from his hands
And turns another page
We know well what life can tell
If you would not perish then grow
But today our fragile flesh and steel
Have laid our hands on a vaster wheel
With all of the stars to know


We who feel the weight of the wheel
When winter comes over our world
Can hope for tomorrow and raise our eyes
To a silvery moon in an open sky
Where a single flag's unfurled
From all who tried out of history's tide
A salute to the team that won
The old Earth smiles at her children's reach
The wave that carried us up the beach
To reach for a distant sun
  (Refrain x2)
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