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 I don't know if anyone has bothered to filk the _Dune_ Saga, but this should 

enrage both Frank Herbert and Crystal Gayle in one fell swoop…. Oh, it should be noted that Paul Atreides originally had GREEN eyes - that's why the filk had to be changed a bit.

               The Spice Has Made My Green Eyes Blue
                     <L> 1992 by Jeremy Buhler

My father, Leto, Brought every man Of House Atreides To mine melange, Till Shaddam proved untrue, And now the spice has made my green eyes blue…

We left our planet Of Caladan For dry Arrakis, But we were conned; There's neither rain nor dew - Just lots of spice to make my green eyes blue.

<woooo, woooo>

Bene Gesserit all thought I'd be Kwisatz Haderach To help them see, But now their plans are screwed, Because the spice has made my green eyes, Spice has made my green eyes, Spice has made my green eyes blue!

I see the future Imperfectly, But all the Fremen Still worship me; So what's a man to do When the spice has made his green eyes blue?

I kill Harkonnens By tens and scores; I'd use my crysknife, But I kill more With my prana-bindu… Because the spice has made my green eyes blue!

<Yes, it's true>

In all my travels, One fact I find; Shai-hulud extract Just blows my mind. That psychoactive goo! The stuff that's gone and made my green eyes, It's gone and made my green eyes; The spice has my green eyes blue!


PS - <L> means copyleft.

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