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666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 6 DEATH POETRY II 6 6 6 6 BY 6 6 6 6 Mortis Primus 6 666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666

      Well,it has been longer than I thought it would be since the last deat

h poetry,but then again,if you are so fucking eager then write some yourself. I have been REALLY busy getting stoned and trying to conquer a thing that my f riend and I summoned with Necronomicon when we were 12-year old loozers and wa nted to be dumbasses and fuck around with something dangerous…

P.S.:If you too have fucked around with necronomicon and have the unbearable p leasure of having a Watcher curse everybody that ever tries to fuck with you i n any way please leave me a message anywhere and everywhere.

now for the good shit…

This beautiful poem is by my friend and comrade in metal who summoned the watc her with me:

Kill,and kill,and kill some more. Bash his head onto the floor. And when the blood begins to flow. Drop the club and grab a hoe. Hacking,cracking,skulls are stacking. Get your bags and start your packing. I'm warning you to get away. Or I will kill you on this day. I'll take a shovel,shove it deep. Out your ears,your blood will creep. Eyeballs burst,and your guts will splatter. Your brain juice goes like patter-patter. I'll take your heart and eat it whole. I'll use my hands and crush your soul. I'll squeeze your blood out with my hands. Why?No one understands. I like to do this for the taste. Your precious body I will waste. I'll drink your blood and will not shudder. Then I'll bury your pieces 7 feet under…

I must thank him for that beautiful and inspiring deathwish.

This poem is by me and dedicated to an asshole named Mr.Monitor who once told me he hated assholes who talked about Satan:

God is dead and you will be too. Your heart will be stopped and your skin will be blue. I'll chop you up and sacrifice your soul. You won't talk so much when you are in my sacrificial bowl. I'll track you down and slice you to bits. Then I'll mix up the pieces and see which one fits. It really makes laugh when people like you die. Go ahead and laugh because your soul's gunna fry. Satan lives,and you won't much longer. Piss me off;It just makes me stronger. My watcher will curse you and then you'll be dead. Now I can see the fear in your puny little head. Any further questions should be asked with a plea. I'll bet you'll think twice before fucking with me…

Now for some grose shit:

Eyeballs shatter across the room. Black magic of Satan is spelling your doom. Your soul will be his and your blood will be mine. I am the Grim Reaper and on my pale horse I shine. I bear my sythe and I reap your flesh. My thirst is quenched when your blood is fresh. Your intestines will dangle from inside my teeth. Your splattered brains I will be slurped down benaeath. Now you know you are dead and you don't want to think. But Satan has your soul and your heart is still pink.

Now for some shit I wrote at school:

Hell shines bright in the Midnight sun. Sorrow is everywhere and there's no place to run. Evil thrives and darkness kills. Blood boils cold and then it spills.

Death shines bright in the midnight sun. Bright shines the coffin,bright shines the gun. The pale horse glimmers with it's rider in the sky. Death blinds all for life is a lie.

Greed shines bright in the midnight sun. Gold is for loving,loving is to shun. Long live the king with his glittering horde. Pity is evil for greed is our lord.

Insanity shines bright in the midnight sun. Lock me away because life is no fun. Nightmares are living and living is dead. Blood is my toy and my toy runs blood red.

I would like to thank the following people who inspired me to write another de ath poetry file:

Me,of course,for writing it. Mr.Monitor for pissing me off and making me write it to spite him. Killer Kurt for telling me to write another one. My friend Charlie for providing me with weed. My friend Rufus for writing the first poem. My watcher for giving my mom a migrain and putting some asshole in a carwreck. My parents for being assholes. My computer for giving me something to write it on. My dick,for giving my girlfriend something to play with. And last,but not least,Satan for just being all around cool. oh yeah,I would like to thank Dio,Ozzy,Metallica,Megadeath,Omen,Slayer,Venom,W asp,AC/DC,Iron Maiden,Raven,Black Sabbath,and all the rest of the rad metalist s and punkers and satanists in the public eye.

By the way, Stryper sucks dog cock.

call any fucking board you feel like calling cause I am not listing any…

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