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               AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN
                                                                                     By Lucillus
          Dedicated to the boys of Anglesea
      (Sung to the tune of "Greenback Dollar")


And I don't give a damn about a-what you are thinkin',       
It doesn't matter to me.                                     
'Cause the only place where I feel at home                   
Is with the boys of Anglesea, oh yeah,                       
We are the boys of Anglesea.                                 

Some people say I'm a drunkard, Others say I'm no good, But I'm just a natural born fightin' man Doin' what I think I should, oh yeah, The only thing at which I'm good.

When I first saw a Tuchuk I thought that he looked pretty tough But then we a-met them on the field We found they were not so rough, oh yeah, The SCA boys think that they're so tough.

When I was a little baby, My momma said, "Hey, son! Travel where you will and grow to be a man, But make damn sure to have some fun", oh yeah, We're making sure to have some fun!

We don't care who we fight for Just as long as we get to fight And if you pay us our weight in beer We'll think that maybe you're all right, oh yeah 'Cause we'll be drinking here all night. 

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