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From: (Michel Hafner)

—————————————————————————— This is the fourth posting of the COMPOSERS-LIST! This composers-list offers you information about who composed/arranged/ adapted the music of movies and TV-series. It is compatible with the other movie-lists posted on "rec.arts.movies".

The following table gives details of the lists available:

List      | Last Post | Maintained by                         | Next Post
Directors | 02/19/91  | Dave Knight <> | ?
Actresses | 16/04/91  | Andy Krieg <>   | ?
Writers   | 03/05/91  | Jeff Sullivan <>    | ?
Dead      | 03/25/91  | Col Needham <>     | Apr wk 4
Composers | 05/20/91  | Michel Hafner <>   | July
Actors    | 04/08/91  | Col Needham <>     | May wk 2

The list also contains details of various awards. The abbreviations used so far are:

(TV) : TV movie, or made for cable movie (D) : Documentary (V) : made for video movie "…." : TV-series "…." (mini) : TV-mini-series (A:AA) : Academy Award for best score adapted from another musical source (A:AAN) : Academy Award Nomination for best score adapted from another

              musical source

(AA) : Academy Award (AAA) : Australian Academy Award (AAN) : Academy Award Nomination (BFA) : British Academy Award ( = British Film Award ) (Cesar) : French Academy Award (D:AA) : Academy Award for best score in a drama or a comedy (D:AAN) : Academy Award Nomination for best score in a drama or a comedy (David) : Italian Academy Award (Felix) : European Academy Award ( = European Film Award ) (GG) : Golden Globe (GGN) : Golden Globe Nomination (M:AA) : Academy Award for best score in a musical (M:AAN) : Academy Award Nomination for best score in a musical (O:AA) : Academy Award for best original score (O:AAN) : Academy Award Nomination for best original score

The latest version of the movie database scripts includes support for searching for this kind of information. The scripts are available via e-mail from Col Needham

This list is not and will never be exhaustive. But: Please feel free to submit entries for composers/films/awards not already on the list. The inclusion criteria are:

* The "composer" has composed/arranged/adapted music for a movie/TV-series * Composers/performers of songs only used in a movie but not written for it

 are excluded. ( This is meant to avoid flooding this list with pop-

If you have any additons/corrections/suggestions etc. please respond by e-mail only. For details on how you can make it easier for me to incorporate your changes see the paragraph at the end of the second part of the list.

Addinsell, Richard Black Rose, The

		Blithe Spirit
		Gaslight (1939)
		Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939)
		Passionate Friends, The (aka One Woman's Story)
		Under Capricorn

Addison, John All at Sea

		Bridge Too Far, A
		Honey Pot, The
		Loved One, The
		Man Between, The
		Reach for the Sky
		Seven Days to Noon
		Sleuth (O:AAN)
		Thirteen at Dinner (TV)
		Tom Jones (O:AA)
		Torn Curtain

Adler, Peter Herman Great Caruso, The (M:AAN)

Allen, Woody Sleeper

Alwyn, William Great Manhunt, The

		Take My Life

Amfitheatrof, Daniele Boom Town

		Days of Glory
		Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)
		Escape (1940)
		Guest Wife (D:AAN)
		Honky Tonk (1941)
		Human Desire
		Major Dundee
		Naked Jungle, The
		Place in the Sun, A
		Song of the South (M:AAN)

Amram, David Manchurian Candidate, The

Antheil, George In a Lonely Place

		Spectre of the Rose, The

Anzi, Giovanni d' Americano in Vacanza, Un

Applebaum, Louis Story of G.I. Joe, The (D:AAN)

Armbruster, Robert Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (A:AAN)

Arnaud, Leo Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (A:AAN)

Arnold, Malcolm 1984 (1955)

		Africa - Texas Style!
		Albert R.N. (aka Spare Man)
		Alien Orders (aka Malaya)
		Angry Silence, The
		Anthony and Cleopatra (1949)
		Avalanche Patrol
		Badger's Green
		Battle of Britain
		Beautiful County of Ayr, The (D)
		Beautiful Stranger (aka Twist of Fate (1954))
		Belles of St. Trinians, The
		Blue Murder at St. Trinians
		Boy and the Bridge, The
		Breaking the Sound Barrier (aka Sound Barrier, The)
		Bridge on the River Kwai, The (AA)
		Britannia Mews (aka Forbidden Street, The)
		Captain's Paradise, The (aka Paradise (1953))
		Chalk Garden, The
		Channel Islands
		Charting the Seas
		Constant Husband, The
		Copenhagen, City of Towers (D)
		Coupe des Alpes
		Curtain Up
		David Copperfield (1970) (TV)
		Deep Blue Sea, The
		Devil on Horseback
		Dollars and Sense
		Drums for a Holliday
		Fifty Acres
		Four-Sided Triangle
		Frazers of Cabot Gove, The (aka Island Story, An)
		Gates of Power (aka Stairway to the Sea)
		Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery, The
		Gypsy Girl (aka Sky West and Crooked)
		Heroes of Telemark, The
		Hill in Korea, A (aka Hell in Korea)
		Hobson's Choice (1954)
		Holly and the Ivy, The
		Home to Danger
		I Am a Camera
		Inn of the Sixth Happiness, The
		Invitation to the Dance
		Island in the Sun
		Island, The (1952)
		It Started in Paradise
		Julius Caesar (1949)
		Key, The (1958)
		Lion, The
		Lisa (1962) (aka Inspector, The)
		Man of Africa (aka Kigusi Story)
		Mining Review
		Murder on Monday (aka Home at Seven)
		Night My Number Came Up, The
		Nine Hours to Rama
		No Highway in the Sky (aka No Highway)
		No Love for Johnnie
		North Sea Strike (D)
		Operation Snafu (aka On the Fiddle)
		Port Afrique
		Portrait in Smoke (aka Wicked as They Come)
		Power for All
		Powered Flight: The Story of the Century
		Prize of Gold, A
		Pure Hell of St. Trinians, The
		Reckoning, The (aka Matter of Honour, A)
		Report on Steel (D)
		Riddle of Japan, The
		Ringer, The (aka Gaunt Stranger (1952))
		Roots of Heaven, The
		Royal Tour - New Zealand, The
		Science of the Orchestra
		Sea Shall Not Have Them, The
		Sleeping Tiger, The
		Solomon and Sheba
		Stolen Face
		Suddenly, Last Summer
		Thin Red Line, The
		This Farming Business
		Tiger in the Smoke
		Trieste: Problem City (D)
		Tunes of Glory
		Up for the Cup
		Value for Money
		War in the Air (TV)
		Welcome the Queen
		Whistle Down the Wind
		Wildcats of St. Trinian's, The
		Wings of Danger
		Woman for Joe, The
		Women in Our Time
		You Know What Sailors Are
		Your Witness (aka Eye Witness)
		"First Lady, The"

Artemyev, Edward Mirror, The (aka Zerkalo)


Asch, Andrew Rich Boys

Asher, Kenny Muppet Movie, The (A:AAN)

Askey, Gil Lady Sings the Blues (A:AAN)

Astley, Edwin Phantom of the Opera, The (1962)

Audran, Edmond Only Girl, The (aka Heart Song)

Auric, Georges Dead of Night (1945)

		Father Brown
		Lavender Hill Mob, The
		Moulin Rouge
		Passport to Pimlico
		Roman Holiday (1953)
		Titfield Thunderbolt, The
		Wages of Fear, The

Bacalov, Luis Enrique Gospel According to St. Matthew, The (aka Vangelo Secondo Matteo, Il) (A:AAN)

Bacharach, Burt After the Fox

		Arthur 2: on the Rocks
		Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (O:AA)
		Casino Royale
		Night Shift

Badalamenti, Angelo Blue Velvet

		Comfort of Strangers, The
		Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, A
		Wild at Heart
		"Twin Peaks"

Bakaleinikoff, Constantin Emperor's Candlesticks, The

		Escape (1940)
		Fallen Sparrow, The (D:AAN)
		Higher and Higher (M:AAN)
		None But the Lonely Heart (D:AAN)

Baker, Budy Napoleon and Samantha (O:AAN)

Banks, Don Torture Garden

Baravalle, Victor Carefree (A:AAN)

Barron, Louis Forbidden Planet

Barry, John Beat Girl

		Black Hole, The
		Body Heat
		Born Free (O:AA)
		Chase, The (1966)
		Corn Is Green, The (1979) (TV)
		Cotton Club, The
		Dances with Wolves (GGN) (O:AA)
		Day of the Locust, The
		Deep, The
		Diamonds Are Forever
		Eleanor and Franklin (TV)
		Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years (TV)
		From Russia with Love
		Gathering, The (TV)
		Glass Menagerie, The (1973) (TV)
		Golden Child, The
		Hanover Street
		High Road to China
		Howard the Duck
		Inside Moves
		Jagged Edge
		Knack, The
		Last Valley, The
		Lion in Winter, The (O:AA)
		Living Daylights, The
		Love Among the Ruins (TV)
		Man with the Golden Gun, The
		Mary, Queen of Scots (O:AAN)
		Midnight Cowboy
		Moonraker (1979)
		On Her Majesty's Secret Service
		Out of Africa (AA) (GG)
		Peggy Sue Got Married
		Quiller Memorandum, The
		Raise the Titanic!
		Robin and Marian
		Seance on a Wet Afternoon
		Svengali (1983) (TV)
		Tamarind Seed, The
		View to a Kill, A
		War Between the Tates, The (TV)
		Whisperers, The
		Willa (TV)
		You Only Live Twice
		Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy (TV)
		"Persuaders, The"

Bartok, Bela Shining, The

Barton, Dee High Plains Drifter

		Play Misty for Me
		Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

Baskin, Richard Congratulations, It's a Boy! (TV)

Bath, Hubert Place of One's Own, A

		Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1935)

Batt, Mike Caravans

Baxter, Les Dunwich Horror, The

		House of Usher (aka Fall of the House of Usher (1960))
		Pit and the Pendulum, The
		Raven, The (1963)
		Tales of Terror
		X - the Man with the X-Ray Eyes

Beatles Let It Be (A:AA)

Bella, Richard Fallen Angel (1981) (TV)

Belling, Andrew Dracula's Dog

Benedictis, Dick de "Oregon Trail, The"

Benjamin, Arthur Fire Down Below

Bennett, Richard Rodney Far from the Madding Crowd (O:AAN)

		Man Who Could Cheat Death, The
		Murder on the Orient Express (O:AAN)
		Nicholas and Alexandra (O:AAN)
		Sherlock Holmes in New York (TV)

Bennett, Robert Russell Oklahoma! (M:AA)

		Pacific Liner (O:AAN)

Bergman, Alan Yentl (A:AA)

Bergman, Marilyn Yentl (A:AA)

Bernard, James Across the Bridge

		Hound of the Baskervilles, The (1959)
		Taste the Blood of Dracula
		X the Unknown

Bernstein, Charles Entity, The

		Long Hot Summer, The (1985) (TV)
		Love at First Bite
		Nightmare on Elm Street, A

Bernstein, Elmer Airplane II: The Sequel

		Amazing Grace and Chuck
		Amazing Mr. Blunden, The
		American Werewolf in London, An
		Buccaneer, The (1958)
		Field, The
		From the Terrace
		Great Escape, The
		Grifters, The
		Hallelujah Trail, The
		Hawaii (O:AAN)
		Legal Eagles
		Love with the Proper Stranger
		Magnificent Seven, The (D:AAN)
		Man with the Golden Arm, The (D:AAN)
		My Left Foot
		National Lampoon's Animal House
		Return of the Seven (A:AAN)
		Saturn 3
		See No Evil (aka Blind Terror)
		Silencers, The
		Some Came Running
		Spies Like Us
		Summer and Smoke (D:AAN)
		Sweet Smell of Success
		Ten Commandments, The (1956)
		Thoroughly Modern Millie (O:AA)
		To Kill a Mockingbird (O:AAN)
		Trading Places (A:AAN)
		True Grit (1969)
		Walk on the Wild Side
		Zulu Dawn

Bernstein, Leonard On the Waterfront (D:AAN)

		West Side Story

Best, Peter 'Crocodile' Dundee

		'Crocodile' Dundee II

Bicat, Nick Reflecting Skin, The

		Stealing Heaven

Black, Stanley War Gods of the Deep

Blackton, Jay Guys and Dolls (M:AAN)

		Oklahoma! (M:AA)

Blakley, Ronee Lightning Over Water (aka Nick's Movie - Lightning Over Water)

Bliss, Arthur Things to Come

Boddiker, Michael Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension, The (aka Buckaroo Banzai)

Bolling, Claude California Suite

		Silver Bears

Boutelje, Phil Great Victor Herbert, The (A:AAN)

		Hi Diddle Diddle (M:AAN)

Branca, Glenn Belly of an Architect, The

Branduardi, Angelo Momo

Bray, Stephen Who's That Girl?

Bregovic, Goran Kuduz

		Time of the Gypsies

Brewis, Peter Morons from Outer Space

Bricusse, Leslie Doctor Dolittle (O:AAN)

		Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969) (A:AAN)
		Scrooge (1970) (A:AAN)
		Victor/Victoria (A:AA)
		Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (A:AAN)

Bridgewater, Leslie Train of Events

Briscoe, Desmond Children of the Damned

Brody, Bruce Diner

Broekman, David Frankenstein (1931)

Broughton, Bruce Big Shots

		Boy Who Could Fly, The
		Cowboy (1983) (TV)
		Cowboy and the Ballerina, The (TV)
		Cross My Heart
		Desperate Lives (TV)
		Desperate Voyage (TV)
		Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite, The (TV)
		Harry and the Hendersons
		Hawaii Five-O (TV)
		Ice Pirates, The
		Killjoy (TV)
		M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Driving (TV)
		Master of Ballantrae, The (1984) (TV)
		Monster Squad, The
		Old Man and the Sea, The (1990) (TV)
		One Shoe Makes It Murder (TV)
		Paradise Connection, The (TV)
		Passions (TV)
		Presidio, The
		Prodigal, The
		Rescue, The
		Return of Frank Cannon, The (TV)
		Square Dance
		Stormin' Home (TV)
		Sweet Liberty
		Thanksgiving Promise, The (TV)
		This Girl for Hire (TV)
		Young Sherlock Holmes (aka Pyramid of Fear)
		"Amazing Stories"
		"Andros Targets, The"
		"Barnaby Jones"
		"Blue and the Gray, The" (mini)
		"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"
		"Dirty Sally"
		"George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation" (mini)
		"How the West Was Won"
		"Logan's Run"
		"Oregon Trail, The"
		"Police Woman"
		"Quincy, M.E."
		"Runaways, The"
		"Spencer's Pilots"
		"Three for the Road"
		"Two Marriages"

Brown, Nacio Herb Singin' in the Rain

Bruns, George Babes in Toyland (1961) (M:AAN)

		Sleeping Beauty (1959) (M:AAN)
		Sword in the Stone, The (A:AAN)

Budd, Roy Black Windmill, The

		Final Option, The
		Get Carter
		Internecine Project, The
		Sea Wolves, The
		Stone Killer, The
		Wild Geese, The

Burgon, Geoffrey Dogs of War, The

		Life of Brian

Burke, Sonny Rock, Pretty Baby

Burns, Ralph All That Jazz (A:AA)

		Annie (A:AAN)
		Cabaret (A:AA)
		My Favorite Year

Burns, Wilfred Dad's Army

Burwell, Carter Blood Simple

		Miller's Crossing
		Psycho III
		Raising Arizona

Butler, Artie For Pete's Sake

		What's Up, Doc?

Buttolph, David Colorado Territory

		House of Wax

Butts, Dale City That Never Sleeps

		Flame of the Barbary Coast (D:AAN)

Byrne, David Last Emperor, The (AA) (GG)

		True Stories

Cacavas, John Airport '77

		Airport 1975
		Murder: By Reason of Insanity (TV)

Calvi, Pino Revengers, The

Cameron, John Jigsaw Man, The

		Mirror Crack'd, The
		Night Watch
		Touch of Class, A (O:AAN)
		Witness for the Prosecution (1982) (TV)

Cansler, Larry Coward of the County (TV)

Capps, Al Sharky's Machine

Carbonara, Gerard Kansan, The (D:AAN)

Carlos, Walter Clockwork Orange, A

Carmichael, Ralph Blob, The (1958)

Carpenter, John Assault on Precinct 13

		Big Trouble in Little China
		Escape from New York
		Fog, The
		Halloween II
		Halloween III: Season of the Witch
		Prince of Darkness

Carter, Everett Raiders, The

Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)

		In Our Time
		Journey for Margaret
		Reunion in France (aka Mademoiselle France)

Chang, Gary 52 Pick-Up

		Breakfast Club, The
		Death Warrant
		Miami Blues
		Shock to the System, A

Chao, Ji-Ping Ju Dou

Chaplin, Charles Limelight (O:AA) (1972)

Chaplin, Saul American in Paris, An (M:AA)

		High Society (1956) (M:AAN)
		Kiss Me Kate (M:AAN)
		Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (M:AA)
		West Side Story (M:AA)

Chattaway, Jay Braddock: Missing in Action III

		Red Scorpion
		Silver Bullet

Chihara, Paul Crackers

		Crossing Delancey
		Survivors, The
		"Noble House" (mini)

Chung, Wang To Live and Die in L.A.

Churchill, Frank Bambi (D:AAN)

		Dumbo (M:AA)
		Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (AAN)

Clapton, Eric Homeboy

		Lethal Weapon

Clarke, Stanley Five Heartbeats, The

Clemencic, Rene Moliere

Clinton, George S. American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

		American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt
		Avenging Force
		Platoon Leader

Cobert, Bob Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1968) (TV)

		Dracula (1973) (TV)
		Last Ride of the Dalton Gang, The (TV)
		Night Stalker, The (1971) (TV)
		Night Strangler, The (TV)
		"Dark Shadows" (1967)
		"War and Rememberance" (mini)
		"Winds of War, The" (mini)

Colbert, Robert Burnt Offerings

Coleman, Cy Power (1986)

		Sweet Charity (A:AAN)

Collins, Anthony Irene (A:AAN)

		Nurse Edith Cavell (O:AAN)
		Sunny (M:AAN)

Colombier, Michel Against All Odds

		Colossus: The Forbin Project
		Golden Child, The
		Money Pit, The
		New Jack City
		Ruthless People

Colombo, Alberto Portia on Trial (AAN)

Comeda, Christopher Rosemary's Baby

Conti, Bill Baby Boom

		Bad Boys
		Bear, The (1984)
		Betrayed (1988)
		Big Fix, The
		Big Trouble
		Blume in Love
		Broadcast News
		Candidate for a Killing (aka Candidate per un Assassino)
		Carbon Copy
		Coolangatta Gold
		Displaced Person, The (TV)
		Farrell For the People
		Five Days from Home
		For Your Eyes Only
		Formula, The
		Garden of the Finzi-Continis, The (aka Giardino dei Finzi-Contini, Il)
		Goldengirl (1979)
		Grand Canyon
		Handle with Care (1977) (aka Citizens Band)
		Happy New Year (1987)
		Harold Robbins' The Pirate (TV)
		Harry and Tonto
		I, the Jury (1982)
		In the Matter of Karen Ann Quinlan (TV)
		Juliette de Sade (aka Mademoiselle de Sade e i suoi Vizi)
		Karate Kid, Part II, The
		Karate Kid, The
		Kill Me If You Can (TV)
		Liquid Subway
		Man, a Woman and a Bank, A
		Mass Appeal
		Masters of the Universe
		Murder, Inc. (1980) (TV)
		Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story (TV)
		Next Stop, Greenwich Village
		Pacific Challenge
		Papa and Me (TV)
		Paradise Alley
		Private Benjamin
		Right Stuff, The (O:AA)
		Ring of Passion (TV) (aka Countdown to the Big One)
		Rocky II
		Rocky III
		Rocky IV
		Rocky V
		Seduction of Joe Tynan, The
		Sensitive, Passionate Man, A (TV)
		Slow Dancing in the Big City
		Smash-Up on Interstate 5 (TV)
		Split Image
		Stark (TV)
		Stark: Mirror Image (TV) (aka Stark II (TV))
		Stunt Seven (TV)
		Terry Fox Story, The (TV)
		That Championship Season
		There's Always Room (TV)
		Two of a Kind (1983)
		Uncle Joe Shannon
		Unfaithfully Yours (1984)
		Unmarried Woman, An
		Victory (aka Escape to Victory)
		Without a Trace
		"Andros Targets, The"
		"Cagney & Lacey"
		"Colbys, The"
		"Emerald Point N.A.S."
		"Executive Suite"
		"Falcon Crest"
		"Master, The"
		"North and South II" (mini)
		"North and South" (mini)

Convertino, Michael Children of a Lesser God

		Hidden, The

Cooder, Ry Alamo Bay

		Blue City
		Crossroads (1986)
		Johnny Handsome
		Long Riders, The
		Paris, Texas
		Southern Comfort
		Streets of Fire

Copeland, Stewart Highlander 2: The Quickening

		Men at Work
		Rumble Fish
		Talk Radio
		Wall Street
		"Equalizer, The"

Copland, Aaron Heiress, The (1949) (D:AA)

		North Star, The (1943) (D:AAN)
		Of Mice and Men (1939) (A:AAN) (O:AAN)
		Our Town (1940) (O:AAN) (A:AAN)

Coppola, Carmine Apocalypse Now

		Godfather, Part II, The (O:AA)
		Godfather, Part III, The (GGN)
		Outsiders, The

Cordell, Frank Cromwell (O:AAN)

Corigliano, John Altered States (AAN)

		Revolution (1985)

Cosma, Vladimir Chevre, La

		Comperes, Les
		Death on a Rainy Sunday (aka Mort un Dimanche de Pluie)
		Fugitifs, Les
		Jumeau, Le
		Seventh Target, The (aka Septieme Cible, La)
		"Mistral's Daughter" (mini)

Costa, Don Madigan

Courage, Alexander Doctor Dolittle (A:AAN)

		Follow the Boys
		Pleasure Seekers, The (A:AAN)
		Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Crewe, Bob Barbarella

Crumb, George Exorcist, The

Cunningham, David Terminus

Cutner, Sydney His Girl Friday

Danaggio, Pino Piranha

Dankworth, Johnny Ten Rillington Place

Darby, Ken Camelot (A:AA)

		Flower Drum Song (M:AAN)
		How the West Was Won (O:AAN)
		King and I, The (M:AA)
		Porgy and Bess (M:AA)
		South Pacific (M:AAN)

Davies, Peter Maxwell Boy Friend, The (A:AAN)

Davis, Carl Ben-Hur (1926)

		French Lieutenant's Woman, The
		Lovers, The
		Rainbow, The (1989)
		Up Pompeii
		Up the Chastity Belt
		"Far Pavillions, The" (mini)

Davis, Miles Ascenseur Pour l'Echafaud, Un


DeBenedictis, Dick Murder by Natural Causes (TV)

DeVol, Frank Cat Ballou (A:AAN)

		Dirty Dozen, The
		Flight of the Phoenix
		Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (A:AAN)
		Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (O:AAN)
		Kiss Me Deadly
		Pillow Talk (D:AAN)
		Send Me No Flowers
		Thrill of It All, The
		What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962)

Delerue, Georges 25th Hour, The (aka Vingt-Cinquieme Heure, La)

		Agnes of God
		Alex in Wonderland
		Alien Thunder (aka Dan Candy's Law)
		Almost Perfect Affair, An
		Amos (TV)
		Anne of the Thousand Days (O:AAN)
		Arch of Triumph (1985) (TV)
		Aurora by Night (TV) (aka Qualcosa di Biondo)
		Biloxi Blues
		Black Stallion Returns, The
		Brain, The (1969) (aka Cerveau, Le)
		Casanova (1927)
		Case Against Ferro, The (aka Police Python .357)
		Chinese Adventures in China (aka Tribulations d'un Chinois En Chine, Les)
		Confidentially Yours (aka Vivement Dimanche)
		Conformist, The (aka Conformista, Il)
		Contempt (aka Mepris, Le)
		Corniaud, Le
		Crimes of the Heart
		Day for Night (aka Nuit Americaine, La)
		Day of the Dolphin, The (O:AAN)
		Day of the Jackal, The
		Deadly Intentions (TV)
		Devil by the Tail, The (aka Diable Par la Queue, Le)
		Escape Artist, The
		Escape from Sobibor (TV)
		Execution, The (TV)
		Femmes Fatales (aka Calmos)
		French Dressing
		Get Out Your Handkerchiefs (aka Preparez Vos Mouchoirs)
		Give Her the Moon (aka Caprices de Marie, Les)
		Greed in the Sun (aka Cent-Mille Dollars Au Soleil)
		Heartbreak Hotel
		Her Alibi
		Her Secret Life (TV)
		High Commissioner, The (aka Nobody Runs Forever)
		Highway Pick-Up (aka Chair de Poule)
		Hiroshima Mon Amour
		Horsemen, The
		House on Carroll Street, The
		How to Be a Spy Without Even Trying (aka Honorable Stanislas, Agent Secret, L')
		Incorrigible, The (aka Incorrigible, L')
		Insoumis, L'
		Interlude (1968)
		It Began in Brighton
		John's Wife (aka Femme de Jean, La)
		Joker (1960), The (aka Farceur, Le)
		Jules and Jim (aka Jules et Jim)
		Julia (O:AAN)
		King of Hearts (aka Roi de Coeur, Le)
		Last Metro, The (aka Dernier Metro, Le)
		Little Romance, A (O:AA)
		Little Sex, A
		Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne, The
		Love Is When You Make It (aka Bel Age, Le)
		Love Thy Neighbor (1984) (TV)
		Love on the Run (1978)
		Lucky Jo
		Maid to Order
		Male Companion (aka Monsieur de Compagnie, Un)
		Malpertuis: The Legend of Doom House (aka Malpertuis: Histoire d'une Maison Maudite)
		Man for All Seasons, A (1966)
		Man in Love, A (aka Homme Amoureux, Un)
		Man, Woman and Child
		Maxie (aka Free Spirit)
		Memories of Me
		Mistress for the Summer, A (aka File Pour l'Ete, Une)
		Morfalous, Les
		Most Important Thing: Love, The (aka Important C'est d'Aimer, L')
		Mr. Johnson
		Nameless Star (aka Mona, Etoile Sans Nom, L')
		One Deadly Summer (aka Ete Meurtrier, L')
		Oscar (1967)
		Our Mother's House
		Paris Pick-Up (aka Monte-Charge, Le)
		Paris by Night
		Partners (1982)
		Passante, La (aka Passante du Sans-Souci, La)
		Playtime (1960) (aka Recreation, La)
		Pumpkin Eater, The
		Queenie (TV)
		Rich and Famous
		Richard's Things
		Season for Love, The (aka Morte Saison des Amours, La)
		Shoot the Piano Player (aka Tirez Sur le Pianiste)
		Show of Force, A
		Silence of the Heart (TV)
		Sins of Innocence (TV) (aka Two Young People)
		Slap, The (aka Gifle, La)
		Soft Skin (aka Peau Douce, La)
		Somewhere, Someone (aka Quelque Part, Quelqu'un)
		Steel Magnolias
		Stone Pillow (TV)
		Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me (aka Une Belle Fille Comme Moi)
		Summer Story, A
		Sword of Gideon (TV) (aka Vengeance)
		That Man from Rio (aka Homme de Rio, L')
		Time to Live, A (TV)
		To Kill a Priest (aka Complot, Le)
		Touch and Go (1986)
		True Confessions
		Two English Girls (aka Deux Anglaises et le Continent, Les)
		Two of Us, The (aka Vieil Homme et l'Enfant, Le)
		Under Suspicion (aka Garde a Vue)
		Uninhibited, The (aka Pianos Mecanicos, Los)
		Viva Maria!
		Walk with Love and Death, A
		Woman Next Door, The (aka Femme d'a Cote, La)
		Women in Love
		Women of Valor (TV)
		Your Turn, My Turn (aka Va Voir Maman, Papa Travaille)
		"Amazing Stories"

Demy, Jacques Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The (aka Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les) (O:AAN)

		Young Girls of Rochefort, The (aka Demoiselles de Rochefort, Les) (A:AAN)

Depdato, Eumir Onion Field, The

Dessau, Paul Her Kind of Man

		Hotel Berlin
		Nora Prentiss

Deutsch, Adolph Annie Get Your Gun (M:AA)

		Apartment, The
		Band Wagon, The (M:AAN)
		Father of the Bride
		Fighting 69th, The
		Her Kind of Man
		High Sierra
		Intruder in the Dust
		Maltese Falcon, The (1941)
		Oklahoma! (M:AA)
		Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (M:AA)
		Show Boat (1951) (M:AAN)
		Some Like It Hot (1959)

DiPasquale, James Sparkling Cyanide (TV) (aka Agatha Christie's 'Sparkling Cyanide' (TV))

Dickson, Andrew High Hopes (Felix)

Dolan, Robert Emmett Bells of St. Mary's, The (1945) (D:AAN)

		Birth of the Blues (M:AAN)
		Blue Skies (M:AAN)
		Going My Way
		Holiday Inn (M:AAN)
		Incendiary Blonde (M:AAN)
		Lady in the Dark (M:AAN)
		Road to Rio (M:AAN)
		Star Spangled Rhythm (M:AAN)

Dolby, Thomas Gothic

Doldinger, Klaus Boat, The (aka Boot, Das)

		NeverEnding Story, The (aka Unendliche Geschichte, Die)
		"Nonni und Manni"

Dompierre, Francois Decline of the American Empire, The (aka Declin de l'Empire Americain, Le)

Donaggio, Pino Barbarians, The

		Blow Out
		Body Double
		Carrie (1976)
		Crawlspace (1986)
		Don't Look Now
		Dressed to Kill (1980)
		Fan, The (1981)
		Home Movies
		Hotel Colonial
		Howling, The
		Zelly and Me

Donahue, Marc Murphy's Law

Doors, The Apocalypse Now

		Doors, The

Dorff, Steve Honkytonk Man

Doyle, Patrick Henry V (1989)

Dragon, Carmen Cover Girl (M:AA)

		Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956)

Drasin, Robert Kremlin Letter, The

Dress, Michael House That Dripped Blood, The

Dreyfus, George Tender Mercies

Duca, Joseph Lo Evil Dead II

		Evil Dead, The

Duhamel, Antoine Daddy Nostalgie

Duning, George Bell, Book and Candle

		Eddy Duchin Story, The (M:AAN)
		From Here to Eternity (1953) (D:AAN)
		Goliath Awaits (TV)
		Jolson Sings Again (M:AAN)
		Man from Laramie, The
		No Sad Songs for Me (D:AAN)
		Picnic (D:AAN)
		That Touch of Mink
		Two Rode Together
		Undercover Man, The (1949)
		World of Suzie Wong, The
		"Star Trek"

Dunlap, Paul Shock Corridor

Dunstedter, Eddie Donovan's Brain

Durand, Paul Foreign Intrigue

Dylan, Bob Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid

Easdale, Brian Black Narcissus

		Outcast of the Islands
		Peeping Tom
		Red Shoes, The (D:AA)

Ebbinghouse, Bernard Tales That Witness Madness

Edelman, Randy Come See the Paradise

		Kindergarten Cop

Edens, Roger Annie Get Your Gun (M:AA)

		Babes in Arms (A:AAN)
		Easter Parade (M:AAN)
		For Me and My Gal (M:AAN)
		On the Town (M:AA)
		Strike Up the Band (A:AAN)

Eidelman, Cliff Triumph of the Spirit

Einhorn, Richard Closet Land

Eisler, Hanns Hangmen Also Die (D:AAN)

		None But the Lonely Heart (D:AAN)

Elfers, Konrad Funeral in Berlin

Elfman, Danny Back to School

		Batman (1989)
		Big Top Pee-wee
		Dick Tracy
		Edward Scissorhands
		Hot to Trot
		Midnight Run
		Pee-wee's Big Adventure
		Summer School
		"Amazing Stories"
		"Simpsons, The"
		"Tales from the Crypt"

Elias, Jonathan Children of the Corn

		Two Moon Junction

Ellington, Duke Anatomy of a Murder

		Paris Blues (M:AAN)

Elliott, Jack Jerk, The

		Oh, God!
		Sibling Rivalry
		Support Your Local Gunfighter
		Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (A:AAN)

Ellis, Don French Connection II, The

		French Connection, The
		Moon Zero Two

Erdody, Leo Minstrel Man (TV) (M:AAN)

Eskew, Jack Stunt Seven (TV)

Faier, Yuri Bolshoi Ballet, The (M:AAN)

Faith, Percy Love Me or Leave Me (M:AAN)

Faltermeyer, Harold Beverly Hills Cop

		Beverly Hills Cop II
		Fatal Beauty
		Running Man, The (1987)
		Top Gun (1986)

Farnon, Robert Bear Island

Fenby, Eric Jamaica Inn (1939)

Fenton, George 84 Charing Cross Road

		Company of Wolves, The
		Cry Freedom
		Dangerous Liaisons
		Gandhi (O:AAN)
		Handful of Dust, A
		High Spirits
		Long Walk Home, The
		Memphis Belle
		White Mischief
		White Palace

Ferguson, Allyn Man in the Iron Mask, The (1977) (TV)

Ferris, Paul Blood Beast Terror, The

		Conqueror Worm, The
		Creeping Flesh, The

Feuer, Cy Hit Parade of 1941 (A:AAN)

		Ice-Capades (M:AAN)
		Mercy Island (D:AAN)
		She Married a Cop (A:AAN)
		Storm Over Bengal (A:AAN)

Fiedel, Brad Big Easy, The

		Murder in Coweta County (TV)
		Nowhere to Hide
		Serpent and the Rainbow, The
		Terminator, The

Fielding, Jerry Advise and Consent

		Bad News Bears, The
		Below the Belt
		Beyond the Poseidon Adventure
		Big Sleep, The (1978)
		Black Bird, The
		Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia
		Chato's Land
		Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy, The
		Deadly Trackers, The
		Demon Seed
		Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You (TV)
		Enforcer, The (1976)
		Escape from Alcatraz
		For Those Who Think Young
		Gambler, The (1974)
		Gauntlet, The
		Gray Lady Down
		High Midnight (TV)
		Honky Tonk (1974) (TV)
		Hunters Are for Killing (TV)
		Hustling (TV)
		Johnny Got His Gun
		Junior Bonner
		Killer Elite, The
		Little Ladies of the Night (TV)
		Lovey: A Circle of Children, Part II (TV)
		Matt Helm (TV)
		McHale's Navy
		McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force
		Mechanic, The
		Mr. Horn (TV)
		Nightcomers, The
		Nun and the Sergeant, The
		Once Upon a Dead Man (TV)
		One of Our Own (TV)
		Outfit, The
		Outlaw Josey Wales, The (O:AAN)
		Shirts/Skins (TV)
		Straw Dogs (O:AAN)
		Super Cops, The
		Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came?
		Unwed Father (TV)
		War of Children, A (TV)
		Wild Bunch, The (O:AAN)
		"Andros Targets, The"

Fischer, Gunter Nightkill

Fisher-Turner, Simon Caravaggio

		Garden, The (TV)
		Last of England, The (TV)

Folk, Robert Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol

Forbes, Louis Brewster's Millions (1945) (D:AAN)

		Intermezzo (1939) (A:AAN)
		This is Cinerama (D:AAN)
		Up in Arms (M:AAN)
		Wonder Man (M:AAN)

Foster, David Secret of My Success, The

		St. Elmo's Fire
		Stealing Home

Fox, Charles 9 to 5

		Two Minute Warning

Frankel, Benjamin Curse of the Werewolf, The

		Man in the White Suit, The
		Seventh Veil, The
		So Long at the Fair

Fraser, Ian First Monday in October

		Scrooge (1970) (A:AAN)

Freebarin-Smith, Ian Deadly Lessons (TV)

Freeman, Ernie Double Man, The

Fried, Gerald Birds Do It, Bees Do It (O:AAN)

		Grissom Gang, The
		Maneaters Are Loose! (TV)
		Murder Is Easy (TV)
		"Executive Suite"

Friedhofer, Hugo Above and Beyond (D:AAN)

		Adventures of Marco Polo, The
		Affair to Remember, An (AAN)
		Best Years of Our Lives, The (D:AA)
		Between Heaven and Hell (D:AAN)
		Big Carnival, The
		Bishop's Wife, The (D:AAN)
		Body and Soul (1947)
		Boy on a Dolphin (AAN)
		Harder They Fall, The
		Joan of Arc (D:AAN)
		No Man of Her Own (1950)
		One-Eyed Jacks
		Rancho Notorious
		Woman in the Window, The (D:AAN)
		Young Lions, The (D:AAN)

Frontiere, Dominic Chisum

		Dark Mirror (1984) (TV)
		Hang 'em High
		Lost Flight (TV)
		"Young Pioneers, The"

Gabriel, Peter Birdy

		Last Temptation of Christ, The

Gale, John Dr. Phibes Rises Again

Gamley, David From Beyond the Grave

Gamley, Douglas Asylum

		Beast Must Die, The
		Little Prince, The (A:AAN)
		Madhouse (1974)
		Tales from the Crypt
		Vault of Horror
		Web of Evidence

Garcia, Russell Time Machine, The (1960)

Gascoyne, Brian Phase IV

Gershenson, Joseph Glenn Miller Story, The (M:AAN)

		Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
		Incredible Shrinking Man, The

Gershwin, George American in Paris, An

Gertz, Irving Congo Crossing

		First Traveling Saleslady, The
		It Came from Outer Space

Gibb, Michael Housekeeping

Gibson, John Still of the Night

Gilbert, Herschel Burke Carmen Jones (M:AAN)

		Thief, The (1952) (D:AAN)
		While the City Sleeps

Gill, Alan Letter to Brezhnev

Giovanni, Paul Wicker Man, The

Glass, Paul Five Desperate Women (TV)

		Sole Survivor (TV)

Glass, Philip Dead End Kids

		Hamburger Hill
		High Wire
		Mark Di Suvero, Sculptor
		Thin Blue Line, The

Glasser, Albert Huk!

		Tokyo File 212

Gluskin, Lud Man in the Iron Mask, The (1939) (O:AAN)

Gold, Ernest Cross of Iron

		Defiant Ones, The (1958)
		Exodus (D:AA)
		It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (O:AAN)
		On the Beach (D:AAN)
		Secret of Santa Vittoria, The (O:AAN)
		Tom Horn

Goldenberg, Billy Crisis at Central High (TV)

		Domino Principle, The
		Duel (TV)
		Guilty Conscience (TV)
		Last of Sheila, The
		Play It Again, Sam
		Prototype (TV)
		Rehearsal for Murder (TV)
		Reuben, Reuben
		Scavenger Hunt
		Thursday's Game (TV)
		"Executive Suite"

Goldenthal, Elliot Pet Sematary

Goldsmith, Jerry 100 Rifles

		Baby...Secret of the Lost Legend
		Ballad of Cable Hogue, The
		Blue Max, The
		Boys from Brazil, The (O:AAN)
		Breakheart Pass
		Capricorn One
		Cassandra Crossing, The
		Challenge, The (1982)
		Chinatown (O:AAN)
		Contract on Cherry Street (TV)
		Criminal Law
		Damien - Omen II
		Damnation Alley
		Detective, The (1968)
		Escape from the Planet of the Apes
		Extreme Prejudice
		Final Conflict, The
		First Blood
		Freud (O:AAN)
		Great Train Robbery, The (1979)
		Gremlins 2: The New Batch
		Hoosiers (aka Best Shot)
		Hour of the Gun
		Illustrated Man, The
		In Harm's Way
		Islands in the Stream
		King Solomon's Mines (1985)
		Last Run, The
		Lionheart (1987)
		List of Adrian Messenger, The
		Logan's Run
		Lonely Are the Brave
		Mephisto Waltz, The
		Night Crossing
		Not Without My Daughter
		Omen, The (O:AA)
		Other, The
		Our Man Flint
		Papillon (O:AAN)
		Patch of Blue, A (O:AAN)
		Patton (O:AAN)
		Planet of the Apes (O:AAN)
		Poltergeist II
		Poltergeist (O:AAN)
		Psycho II
		Pursuit (TV)
		Raggedy Man
		Rambo III
		Rambo: First Blood Part II
		Rio Conchos
		Rio Lobo
		Runaway (1984)
		Russia House, The
		Saboteur, Code Name Morituri, The (aka Morituri)
		Salamander, The
		Sand Pebbles, The (O:AAN)
		Satan Bug, The
		Seven Days in May
		Sleeping with the Enemy
		Spiral Road, The
		Star Trek - The Motion Picture (O:AAN)
		Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
		Swarm, The
		Take a Hard Ride
		Tora! Tora! Tora!
		Total Recall
		Twilight Zone - The Movie
		Twilight's Last Gleaming
		Under Fire (1983) (O:AAN)
		Von Ryan's Express
		Warlock (1989)
		Wind and the Lion, The (O:AAN)
		"Barnaby Jones"
		"Dr. Kildare"
		"Man from U.N.C.L.E., The"
		"Masada" (mini)
		"QB VII" (mini)
		"Waltons, The"

Goldsmith, Joel Moon 44

Goldsmith, Jonathan Visiting Hours

Goldstein, William Bingo Long Traveling All-Star and Motor Kings, The

		Terror Out of the Sky (TV)

Goodman, Miles About Last Night

		La Bamba

Goodwin, Ron 633 Squadron

		Alphabet Murders, The
		Battle of Britain
		Beauty and the Beast (1976) (TV)
		Born to Run
		Children of the Damned
		Clash of Loyalties (aka Al-Mas' Ala Al-Kubra)
		Clue of the New Pin, The
		Cracksman, The
		Day of the Triffids, The
		Deadly Strangers
		Decline and Fall of a Birdwatcher
		Diamonds on Wheels
		Early Bird, The
		Escape from the Dark (aka Littlest Horse Thieves, The)
		Executioner, The
		Follow the Boys
		Force 10 from Navarone
		Gawain and the Green Knight
		Go, Kart, Go
		Happy Prince, The
		Home of Your Own, A
		I Thank a Fool
		In the Nick
		Invasion Quartet
		Johnny Nobody
		Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (aka Those Fantastic Flying Fools)
		Kill or Cure
		Ladies Who Do
		Little Mermaid, The (1973)
		Magnificent Two, The
		Man at the Carlton Tower, The
		Man with a Gun
		Mister Ten Per Cent
		Monte Carlo or Bust (aka Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies)
		Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter
		Murder Ahoy
		Murder Most Foul
		Murder at the Gallop
		Murder, She Said
		Night My Number Came Up, The
		Of Human Bondage (1964)
		One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing
		Operation Crossbow (aka Great Spy Mission, The)
		Partners in Crime (1961)
		Postman's Knock
		Safety Senses
		Spaceman and King Arthur, The (aka Unidentified Flying Oddball)
		Spanish Fly
		Sword of Lancelot (aka Lancelot and Guinevere)
		That Riviera Touch
		Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
		Trap, The (1966)
		Trials of Oscar Wilde, The
		Village of Daughters
		Village of the Damned
		Where Eagles Dare
		Witness, The (1959)

Gore, Michael Defending Your Life

		Fame (AA)
		Terms of Endearment (O:AAN)

Grainer, Ron Kind of Loving, A (1962)

Grapelli, Stephane May Fools (aka Milou En Mai)

Gray, Allan African Queen, The

		Bad Blood (1934) (aka Mauvaise Graine (1934))
		Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, The
		Stairway to Heaven (aka Matter of Life and Death, A)

Gray, Barry Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

		Thunderbird Six

Green, Johnny Alvarez Kelly

		American in Paris, An (M:AA)
		Bye Bye Birdie (A:AAN)
		Easter Parade (M:AAN)
		Fiesta (M:AAN)
		Great Caruso, The (M:AAN)
		High Society (1956) (M:AAN)
		Inspector General, The
		Meet Me in Las Vegas (M:AAN)
		Oliver! (A:AA)
		Pepe (M:AAN)
		Raintree County (AAN)
		Secrets of a Secretary
		They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (A:AAN)
		West Side Story (M:AA)

Green, Philip On the Beat

		Secret Partner, The

Greene, Walter Why Girls Leave Home (M:AAN)

Greenwell, Peter Boy Friend, The (A:AAN)

Greenwood, John Trio

Grofe, Ferdinand Diamond Jim

		Minstrel Man (TV) (M:AAN)

Gross, Charles Burning Bed, The (TV)

		China Rose (TV)

Gruenberg, Louis Commandos Strike at Dawn, The (D:AAN)

		Fight for Life, The (1940) (O:AAN)
		So Ends Our Night (D:AAN)

Grusin, Dave Absence of Malice

		Bonfire of the Vanities, The
		Champ, The (1979) (O:AAN)
		Divorce American Style
		Electric Horseman, The
		Fabulous Baker Boys, The (O:AAN)
		Falling in Love
		Front, The
		Goonies, The
		Graduate, The
		Havana (GGN) (O:AAN)
		Heaven Can Wait (1978) (O:AAN)
		Milagro Beanfield War, The (AA)
		On Golden Pond (AAN)
		Tequila Sunrise
		Three Days of the Condor
		Yakuza, The

Gunning, Christopher Get Charlie Tully

		When the Whales Came

Guttmann, Artur Scampolo, ein Kind der Strasse (aka Peu d'Amour, Un)

Gwangwa, Jonas Cry Freedom

Hageman, Richard Howards of Virginia, The (O:AAN)

		If I Were King (O:AAN)
		Long Voyage Home, The (O:AAN)
		Shanghai Gesture, The (D:AAN)
		Stagecoach (1939) (A:AA)
		This Woman Is Mine (D:AAN)

Hagen, Earl H. Let's Make Love (M:AAN)

Hajos, Karl Man Who Walked Alone, The (D:AAN)

		Summer Storm (D:AAN)

Hall, Carol Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The

Ham, Al Stop the World - I Want to Get Off (A:AAN)

Hamlisch, Marvin Bananas

		Ordinary People
		Prisoner of Second Avenue, The
		Seems Like Old Times
		Sophie's Choice (O:AAN)
		Spy Who Loved Me, The (O:AAN)
		Sting, The (A:AA)
		Swimmer, The
		Three Men and a Baby
		Way We Were, The (O:AA)

Hammond, John Little Big Man

Hancock, Herbie Colors

		Death Wish
		Round Midnight (aka Autour de Minuit) (AA) (Cesar)
		Soldier's Story, A

Hansen, Max Kabinett des Dr. Larifari, Das

Hare, Ken I'm All Right Jack

Harline, Leigh Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, The

		Big Steal, The
		Johnny Come Lately (D:AAN)
		Pinocchio (1940) (O:AA)
		Pride of the Yankees, The (D:AAN)
		Road to Utopia
		Sky's the Limit, The (M:AAN)
		Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (AAN)
		Till the End of Time
		Warlock (1959)
		Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The (A:AAN)
		You Were Never Lovelier (M:AAN)

Harling, W.Franke Adam Had Four Sons

		Bitter Tea of General Yen, The
		Invisible Man, The (1933)
		One More River
		One Way Passage
		Souls at Sea (AAN)
		Stagecoach (1939) (A:AA)
		Three Russian Girls (D:AAN)

Hartley, Richard Dance with a Stranger

		Lady Vanishes, The (1979)

Harvey, Richard Defense of the Realm

		House of the Long Shadows

Hatch, Tony Sweeney II

Hatley, Marvin Block-Heads (O:AAN)

		There Goes My Heart (A:AAN)
		Way Out West (AAN)

Hayasaka, Fumio Rashomon

		Seven Samurai, The

Hayashi, Hikaru Onibaba

Hayes, Isaac Shaft (O:AAN)

Hayes, Jack Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (A:AAN)

Hayton, Lennie Harvey Girls, The (M:AAN)

		Hello, Dolly! (A:AA)
		On the Town (M:AA)
		Pirate, The (1948) (M:AAN)
		Singin' in the Rain (M:AAN)
		Star! (1968) (A:AAN)

Hefti, Neal How to Murder Your Wife

		Odd Couple, The
		Sex and the Single Girl

Heindorf, Ray Calamity Jane (1953) (M:AAN)

		Damn Yankees (M:AAN)
		Finian's Rainbow (A:AAN)
		Hollywood Canteen (M:AAN)
		Jazz Singer, The (1953) (M:AAN)
		Look for the Silver Lining (M:AAN)
		Music Man, The (A:AA)
		My Wild Irish Rose (M:AAN)
		Night and Day (M:AAN)
		Rhapsody in Blue (M:AAN)
		Romance on the High Seas (M:AAN)
		Star Is Born, A (1954) (M:AAN)
		This Is the Army (M:AA)
		Up in Arms (M:AAN)
		West Point Story, The (M:AAN)
		Wonder Man (M:AAN)
		Yankee Doodle Dandy (M:AA)

Henderson, Charles State Fair (1945) (M:AAN)

Hentsched, David Educating Rita

Herrmann, Bernard All That Money Can Buy (D:AA)

		Anna and the King of Siam (D:AAN)
		Battle of Neretva, The (aka Bitka na Neretvi)
		Beneath the 12-Mile Reef
		Birds, The (as consultant)
		Blue Denim
		Bride Wore Black, The
		Cape Fear
		Christmas Carol, A (1954)
		Citizen Kane (D:AAN)
		Companions in Nightmare (TV)
		Day the Earth Stood Still, The
		Devil and Daniel Webster, The
		Egyptian, The
		Endless Night
		Ethan Allen (TV)
		Fahrenheit 451
		Fiend Who Walked the West, The
		Five Fingers
		Garden of Evil
		Ghost and Mrs. Muir, The
		Hangover Square
		Hatful of Rain, A
		It Lives Again (aka It's Alive II)
		It's Alive!
		Jane Eyre (1944)
		Jason and the Argonauts
		Journey to the Center of the Earth
		Joy in the Morning
		Kentuckian, The
		King of the Khyber Rifles
		Magnificent Ambersons, The
		Man Who Knew Too Much, The (1956)
		Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, The
		Mysterious Island
		Naked and the Dead, The
		Night Digger, The (aka Road Builder, The)
		North by Northwest
		Obsession (1976) (O:AAN)
		On Dangerous Ground
		Portrait of Jennie
		Prince of Players
		Psycho II
		Restauration, The (TV)
		Seventh Voyage of Sindbad, The
		Sisters (1973)
		Snows of Kilimanjaro, The
		Taxi Driver (O:AAN)
		Tender Is the Night
		Three Worlds of Gulliver, The
		Torn Curtain (rejected)
		Trouble with Harry, The
		Twisted Nerve
		Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
		White Witch Doctor
		Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot
		Wrong Man, The
		"Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The"
		"Chrysler Theater, The"
		"Collector's Item"
		"Great Adventure, The"
		"Have Gun Will Travel"
		"House on K-Street"
		"Kraft Suspense Theatre"
		"Lost in Space"
		"Studio One"
		"Twilight Zone, The"
		"Virginian, The"

Hess, Nigel Affair in Mind, An (TV)

Heymann, Werner R. Hail the Conquering Hero

		It's in the Bag
		Knickerbocker Holiday (M:AAN)
		One Million B.C. (O:AAN)
		Shop Around the Corner, The
		That Uncertain Feeling (D:AAN)
		To Be or Not to Be (1942) (D:AAN)

Hirschhom, Joel Pete's Dragon (A:AAN)

Hodgson, Brian Legend of Hell House, The

Hoffenstein, Samuel Gay Divorcee, The (AAN)

Hoffert, Paul Groundstar Conspiracy, The

Holdridge, Lee Beastmaster, The

		Caribbean Mystery, A (TV)
		Old Gringo
		Other Lover, The (TV)
		"Beauty and the Beast"

Hollander, Frederick 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T., The (M:AAN)

		Berlin Express
		Blue Angel, The (1930) (aka Blaue Engel, Der (1930))
		Born Yesterday
		Einbrecher, Der (aka Cambrioleur, Le)
		Mann der seinen Moerder sucht, Der
		My Forbidden Past
		Only Girl, The (aka Heart Song)
		Song of Life (aka Lied vom Leben, Das)
		Talk of the Town, The (D:AAN)
		We're No Angels (1955)

Homrich, Junior Emerald Forest, The

Hooper, Les "Master, The"

Hopkins, Kenyon 12 Angry Men

		Downhill Racer
		Hustler, The

Horner, James 48 HRS.

		American Tail, An
		Another 48 HRS.
		Batteries Not Included
		Battle Beyond the Stars
		Brainstorm (1983)
		Class Action
		Cocoon: The Return
		Commando (1985)
		Deadly Blessing
		Field of Dreams (O:AAN)
		Glory (1989)
		Gorky Park
		I Love You to Death
		Journey of Natty Gann, The
		Land Before Time, The
		My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
		Name of the Rose, The
		Once Around
		Project X (1987)
		Pursuit of D. B. Cooper, The
		Something Wicked This Way Comes
		Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
		Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
		Tales from the Crypt
		Uncommon Valor (1983/I)
		Where the River Runs Black

Horowitz, Richard Sheltering Sky, The (GGN)

Howard, James Newton Five Corners

		Guilty by Suspicion
		Major League
		Pretty Woman

Howarth, Alan Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

		They Live

Hundley, Craig Alligator

Hyman, Dick Moonstruck

		Purple Rose of Cairo, The
		Stardust Memories

Hyman, Nick Broadway Danny Rose

Ibert, Jacques Invitation to the Dance

Immel, Jerrold "Dallas"

		"How the West Was Won"
		"Logan's Run"
		"Spencer's Pilots"

Innes, Neil Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Ireland, John Overlanders, The

Isfaelt, Bjoern My Life as a Dog (aka Mitt Liv Som Hund)

Isham, Mark Beast of War, The

		Everybody Wins
		Love at Large
		Moderns, The
		Mrs. Soffel
		Never Cry Wolf
		Reversal of Fortune
		Tibet (V)
		Times of Harvey Milk, The
		Trouble in Mind

Jackson, Calvin Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (A:AAN)

Jackson, Howard Sergeant Rutledge

Jackson, Joe Tucker: The Man and His Dream

James, Billy Two-Lane Blacktop

Janacek, Leos Unbearable Lightness of Being, The

Jans, Alaric House of Games

Janssen, Werner Blockade (O:AAN)

		Captain Kidd (D:AAN)
		Eternally Yours (O:AAN)
		General Died at Dawn, The (AAN)
		Guest in the House (D:AAN)
		Southerner, The (D:AAN)

Jarre, Maurice After Dark, My Sweet

		Almost an Angel
		Apology (TV)
		Damned, The (1969)
		Dead Poets Society
		Doctor Zhivago (O:AA)
		Enemies: A Love Story
		Enemy Mine
		Fatal Attraction (1987)
		Ghost (O:AAN)
		Gorillas in the Mist (GG)
		Grand Prix
		Is Paris Burning?
		Jacob's Ladder
		Julia and Julia
		Last Tycoon, The
		Lawrence of Arabia (O:AA)
		Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The
		Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (aka Mad Max 3)
		Man Who Would Be King, The
		Mohammad, Messenger of God (aka Al-Risalah) (O:AAN)
		Moon Over Parador
		Mosquito Coast, The
		No Way Out (1987)
		Passage to India, A (O:AA) (GG)
		Robinson Crusoe and Man Friday (TV) (aka Vendredi Ou la Vie Sauvage (TV))
		Ryan's Daughter
		Sundays and Cybele (aka Dimanches de Ville d'Avray, Les) (A:AAN)
		Tokyo Blackout
		Top Secret! (1984)
		Train, The
		Villa Rides
		Witness (BFA)
		Year of Living Dangerously, The

Johnson, Laurie Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

		It Lives Again (aka It's Alive II)

Johnson, Scott Patty Hearst

Jones, Anthony R. Homework

		Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here

Jones, Kenneth Oscar Wilde

Jones, Ken Battle Beneath the Earth

Jones, Quincy $ (Dollars)

		Anderson Tapes, The
		Cactus Flower
		Color Purple, The
		In Cold Blood (O:AAN)
		Out-of-Towners, The
		Wiz, The (A:AAN)

Jones, Trevor Angel Heart

		Dark Crystal, The
		Dominick and Eugene
		Mississippi Burning
		Runaway Train
		Sea of Love
		True Colors

Juber, Laurence Poison Candy

Kahn, Guss One Night of Love (AA)

Kamen, Michael Action Jackson

		Adventures in Babysitting
		Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The
		Angelo My Love
		Between the Lines
		Brazil (1985)
		Dead Zone, The
		Die Hard
		Die Hard 2
		For Queen and Country
		Hudson Hawk
		Krays, The
		Lethal Weapon
		Lethal Weapon 2
		Licence to Kill
		Liza's Pioneer Diary (TV)
		Mona Lisa
		Next Man, The
		Pink Floyd - The Wall
		Raggedy Rawney
		Renegades (1989)
		Rita, Sue and Bob Too
		Road House (1989)
		S.H.E. (TV)
		Shanghai Surprise
		Shoot for the Sun (TV)
		Someone to Watch Over Me
		Stunts (aka Who Is Killing the Stuntmen?)
		"Amazing Stories"
		"Edge of Darkness" (1986) (mini)

Kander, John Cabaret

Kane, Artie Eyes of Laura Mars

		Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Kapan, Sol Over the Edge

Kaper, Bronislau Barretts of Wimpole Street, The

		Chocolate Soldier, The (M:AAN)
		Lili (D:AA)
		Mutiny on the Bounty (1962) (O:AAN)
		Naked Spur, The
		Swan, The
		Way West, The

Kaplan, Sol Journey for Margaret


Kaproff, Dana Chiller (TV)

Karaindrou, Helene Beekeeper, The

		Landscape in the Mist

Karas, Anton Third Man, The

Karlin, Fred Baby Maker, The (A:AAN)

		Deadly Encounter (TV)

Kasha, Al Pete's Dragon (A:AAN)

Kay, Edward J. G.I. Honeymoon (D:AAN)

		King of the Zombies (D:AAN)
		Klondike Fury (D:AAN)
		Lady Let's Dance (M:AAN)
		Sunbonnet Sue (M:AAN)

Kellaway, Roger Star Is Born, A (1976) (A:AAN)

Kenelm, James Wildcats of St. Trinian's, The

Kern, Jerome Can't Help Singing (M:AAN)

		Music in the Air

King, Carole Murphy's Romance

King, Dennis Sweeney!

Kirchen, Basil Abominable Dr. Phibes, The

Kirchin, Basil Shuttered Room, The

Knieper, Juergen American Friend, The

		Des Teufels Paradies
		Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick, The (aka Angst des Tormannes beim Elfmeter, Die)
		Scarlet Letter, The (1972) (aka Scharlachrote Buchstabe, Der)
		State of Things, The (aka Stand der Dinge, Der)
		Wings of Desire (aka Himmel ueber Berlin, Der)
		Wrong Move, The (aka Falsche Bewegung)

Knopfler, Mark Cal

		Last Exit to Brooklyn
		Local Hero
		Princess Bride, The

Konchalovsky, Andrei Maria's Lovers

Kopp, Rudolph Mystery Street

Korngold, Erich Wolfgang Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1938) (O:AA)

		Anthony Adverse (AA)
		Between Two Worlds
		Captain Blood (1935)
		Constant Nymph, The
		Escape Me Never
		King's Row
		Of Human Bondage (1934)
		Prince and the Pauper, The (1937)
		Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The (A:AAN)
		Sea Hawk, The (A:AAN)
		Sea Wolf, The

Kostal, Irwin Bedknobs and Broomsticks (A:AAN)

		Mary Poppins (A:AAN)
		Pete's Dragon (A:AAN)
		Sound of Music, The (A:AA)
		West Side Story (M:AA)

Kraft, Robert Hudson Hawk

		Seven Minutes in Heaven

Kraushaar, Raoul Invaders from Mars (1953)

Kristofferson, Kris Songwriter (A:AAN)

Kubik, Gail Desperate Hours, The (1955)

Kymry, Tylwyth Baby Maker, The (A:AAN)

LaSalle, Richard City Beneath the Sea (1970) (TV)

Lai, Francis Dark Eyes (aka Oci Ciornie)

		Love Story (1970) (O:AA)
		Man and a Woman, A (aka Homme et une Femme, Un)

Lange, Arthur Belle of the Yukon (M:AAN)

		Casanova Brown (D:AAN)
		Great Victor Herbert, The (A:AAN)
		Lady of Burlesque (D:AAN)
		Woman in the Window, The (D:AAN)

Langhorne, Bruce Melvin and Howard

		Stay Hungry

Larriva, Tito Repo Man

Lattuada, Felice Flesh Will Surrender (aka Delitto di Giovanni Espiscopo, Il)

Lava, William Destination Tokyo

		Fireman, Save My Child
		Flood Tide (aka Above All Things)
		Good Guys and the Bad Guys, The
		Her Kind of Man
		Horn Blows at Midnight, The
		Johnny Dark

Lavagnino, Francesco Mambo

Lawrence, Elliott Cradle Will Fall, The (TV)

Lecocq, Charles Only Girl, The (aka Heart Song)

Ledrut, Jean Trial, The (1963)

Lee, Bill She's Gotta Have It

Lee, David Masque of the Red Death, The (1964)

Legrand, Michel Atlantic City (1980)

		Best Friends (1982)
		Hunter, The (1980)
		Ice Station Zebra
		Lady Sings the Blues
		Never Say Never Again
		Summer of '42 (O:AA)
		Thomas Crown Affair, The (O:AAN)
		Umbrellas of Cherbourg, The (aka Parapluies de Cherbourg, Les) (O:AAN) (A:AAN)
		Yentl (A:AA)
		Young Girls of Rochefort, The (aka Demoiselles de Rochefort, Les) (A:AAN)

Legrand, Raymond Public Enemy Number One (aka Ennemi Public Numero Un, L')

Leigh, Mitch Man of La Mancha

Leipold, John Stagecoach (1939) (A:AA)

		Union Pacific

Lennon, John Imagine

Lenoir, Jean Crise est Finie, La (aka Finie la Crise)


Leppard, Raymond Lord of the Flies (1963)

Lerner, Alan Jay Little Prince, The (A:AAN)

Lesser, Sol Our Town (1940) (A:AAN)

Levay, Sylvester Abduction of Kari Swenson, The (TV)

		Airwolf (TV)
		Annihilator (TV)
		Choke Canyon
		Courage Mountain
		Cover Girl and the Cop, The (TV)
		Howard the Duck
		Intimate Encounters (TV)
		Invaders from Mars (1986)
		Invitation to Hell (TV)
		Laker Girls (TV)
		Manhunt: Search for the Night Stalker (TV)
		Mannequin (1987)
		Navy Seals
		Police Story: Gladiator School (TV)
		Probe (TV)
		Sins of the Father (TV)
		Snow Kill (TV)
		Something Is Out There (TV)
		Stone Cold
		Three O'Clock High
		Time Bomb (1984) (TV)
		Touch and Go (1986)
		Touch of Scandal, A (TV)
		Tracker, The (1988) (TV)
		Werewolf (1987) (TV)
		Wet Gold (TV)
		Where Are the Children?
		Where the Boys Are '84

Levy, Louis Lady Vanishes, The (1938)

		Young and Innocent

Lewis, Jerry Lee Great Balls of Fire!

Lewis, Michael Legacy, The (1979)

		Man Who Haunted Himself, The
		Medusa Touch, The
		Naked Face, The
		Theatre of Blood
		Yes, Giorgio

Lilley, Joseph J. Li'l Abner (1959) (M:AAN)

Linn, Michael American Ninja

Lobos, Los La Bamba

Lockyer, Malcolm Island of Terror

Loewe, Frederick Little Prince, The (A:AAN)

		My Fair Lady

Louis, Louis St Grease 2

Lowe, Mundell Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex

Lucas, Leighton Dam Busters, The

		Desert Attack
		Stage Fright (1950)

Lurie, Evan Little Devil, The (aka Piccolo Diavolo, Il)

Lurie, John Mystery Train

Lutyens, Elisabeth Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

Lynch, David Eraserhead

Mackey, Percival Up for the Cup

Magne, Michel Gigot (A:AAN)

Mahler, Gustav Death in Venice (aka Morte a Venezia)

Mallabey, Cedric Man in Grey, The

Mancini, Henry 10 (O:AAN)

		99 and 44/100% Dead
		Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops
		Ain't Misbehavin'
		Alex and the Gypsy (aka Love and Other Crimes)
		All American, The
		All I Desire
		Andy Williams Special, The
		Angela (1977)
		Bachelor in Paradise
		Back Roads (1981)
		Back at the Front (aka Willie and Joe Back at the Front)
		Behind the High Wall
		Bengal Brigade
		Benny Goodman Story, The
		Best Place to Be, The (TV)
		Better Late Than Never (1982) (aka Whose Little Girl Are You?)
		Big Beat, The
		Black Horse Canyon
		Blind Date (1987)
		Blue Knight, The (1975) (TV)
		Breakfast at Tiffany's (D:AA)
		Carol for Another Christmas (TV)
		Change of Seasons, A
		City Beneath the Sea (1953)
		Column South
		Congo Crossing
		Creature Walks Among Us, The
		Creature from the Black Lagoon, The
		Curse of the Pink Panther
		Damn Citizen
		Darling Lili (A:AAN)
		Dawn at Socorro
		Day of Fury, A
		Days of Wine and Roses
		Deadly Mantis, The (aka Deadly Praying Mantis, The)
		Dear Heart
		Drums Across the River
		East of Sumatra
		Everything But the Truth
		Experiment in Terror (aka Grip of Fear, The)
		Family Upside Down, A (TV)
		Far Country, The (1955)
		Fine Mess, A
		Fireman, Save My Child
		Flood Tide (aka Above All Things)
		Four Guns to the Border
		Foxfire (1955)
		Francis Joins the WACs
		Francis in the Haunted House
		Funny Business (TV)
		Gaily, Gaily
		Girl from Petrovka, The
		Girls on the Loose
		Glass Menagerie, The (1987)
		Glenn Miller Story, The (M:AAN)
		Golden Blade, The
		Great Imposter, The
		Great Man, The
		Great Mouse Detective, The
		Great Race, The
		Great Sioux Uprising, The
		Great Waldo Pepper, The
		Harry and Son
		Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
		Hawaiians, The (aka Master of the Islands)
		High Time
		Horizons West
		House Calls
		Imitation of Life (1959)
		Interlude (1957)
		Istanbul (1957)
		It Came from Outer Space
		It Happens Every Thursday
		Jacqueline Susann's Once Is Not Enough
		Joe Butterfly
		Joe Dakota
		Johnny Dark
		Justin Case (TV)
		Kelly and Me
		Kettles in the Ozarks, The
		Kettles on Old Macdonald's Farm, The
		Land Unknown, The
		Law and Order (1953)
		Leonard Part 6
		Little Miss Marker (1980)
		Live Fast, Die Young
		Lone Hand
		Lost in Alaska (aka Abbott and Costello Lost in Alaska)
		Ma and Pa Kettle at Home
		Man Afraid
		Man Who Loved Women, The (1983)
		Man from Bitter Ridge, The
		Man's Favorite Sport?
		Me, Natalie
		Mississippi Gambler (1953)
		Mister Cory
		Molly Maguires, The
		Moment to Moment
		Mommie Dearest
		Monolith Monsters, The
		Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
		Never Steal Anything Small
		Night Runner, The
		Night Visitor, The (1970)
		Oklahoma Crude
		One Desire
		Operation Petticoat (1959)
		Outside the Law (1956)
		Party, The
		Peter Gunn (1989) (TV)
		Pink Panther Strikes Again, The
		Pink Panther, The (O:AAN)
		Prisoner of Zenda, The (1979)
		Private War of Major Benson, The
		Raiders, The
		Rails Into Laramie
		Restless Years, The
		Return of the Pink Panther, The
		Revenge of the Pink Panther
		Ride a Crooked Trail
		Rock, Pretty Baby
		Sally and Saint Anne
		Santa Claus
		Second Greatest Sex, The
		Second Thoughts
		Shadow Box, The (TV)
		Shot in the Dark, A
		Showdown at Abilene
		Silver Streak
		Six Bridges to Cross
		Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
		Smoke Signal
		So This Is Paris
		Soldier in the Rain
		Sometimes a Great Notion (aka Never Give an Inch)
		Spoilers, The (1955)
		Square Jungle, The
		Step Down to Terror
		Summer Love
		Sunflower (aka Girasoli, I) (O:AAN)
		Take Me to Town
		Tarnished Angels, The
		Tattered Dress, The
		That's Dancing!
		That's Entertainment!
		That's Life!
		Thief Who Came to Dinner, The
		Thing That Couldn't Die, The
		This Happy Feeling
		This Island Earth
		To Hell and Back
		Touch of Evil
		Toy Tiger, The
		Trail of the Pink Panther
		Two for the Road
		Unguarded Moment, The
		Veils of Bagdad, The
		Victor/Victoria (A:AA)
		Visions of Eight
		Voice in the Mirror
		W.C. Fields and Me
		Wait Until Dark
		What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
		White Dawn, The
		Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (aka Too Many Chefs)
		Without a Clue (aka Sherlock and Me)
		World in My Corner
		Yellow Mountain
		"Arthur Hailey's the Moneychangers" (mini)
		"Blue Knight, The"
		"Cade's County"
		"Co-ed Fever"
		"Invisible Man, The"
		"Kingston: Confidential"
		"Mr. Lucky"
		"Peter Gunn"
		"Remington Steele"
		"Richard Boone Show, The"
		"Ripley's Believe It or Not"
		"Sanford Arms"
		"Thorn Birds, The" (mini)
		"What's Happening!!"

Mandel, Johnny Harper

		Letter to Three Wives, A (1985) (TV)
		Staying Alive
		Verdict, The (1982)

Mandel, John Being There

Manfredini, Harry DeepStar Six


Mansfield, David Desperate Hours (1990)

		Heaven's Gate
		Sicilian, The
		Year of the Dragon

Mansfield, Keith Loot

Marinuzzi, Gino Jr. "Alle Origini della Mafia"

Marrison, John Creepshow

Martin, George Hard Day's Night, A (A:AAN)

		Live and Let Die

Martin, Peter Hope and Glory

Martinez, Cliff Pump Up the Volume

		sex, lies, and videotape

Masi, Francesco de Arizona Colt

		Thunder Warrior

Mathieson, Muir Genevieve (D:AAN)

		Woman of Straw

Matz, Peter Funny Lady (A:AAN)


May, Billy Front Page, The (1974)

May, Brian Bloodmoon

		Death Before Dishonor
		Mad Max
		Missing in Action 2 - The Beginning
		Quest, The (1986) (aka Frog Dreaming)
		Road Warrior, The (aka Mad Max 2)
		Sky Pirates

May, Hans Brighton Rock

Mayfield, Curtis Let's Do It Again (1975)

Mayuzumi, Toshiro Bible, The (aka Bibbia, La) (O:AAN)

		Reflections in a Golden Eye

McCall, C.W. Convoy

McCarthy, Dennis "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

McCartney, Paul Family Way, The

McGlashan, Don Angle At My Table, An

McGuffie, Bill Asphyx, The


McHugh, David Moscow on the Hudson

		Three Fugitives

McIntosh, Tom Slither

McKuen, Rod Boy Named Charlie Brown, A (A:AAN)

		Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, The

Mead, Abigail Full Metal Jacket

Melle, Gil Andromeda Strain, The

		Jealousy (1984) (TV)
		Killdozer (TV)
		Sweet Revenge (1984) (TV)
		Through Naked Eyes (TV)
		"Executive Suite"

Melneck, Matty Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

Mendelssohn Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, A

Menken, Alan Little Mermaid, The (1989) (O:AA)

Menotti, Gian-Carlo Medium, The (M:AAN)

Mercer, Johnny Darling Lili (A:AAN)

Merrick, Mahlon Red Planet Mars

		Sensations of 1945 (M:AAN)

Mertens, Wim Belly of an Architect, The

Metheny, Pat Falcon and the Snowman, The

Meyer, Abe White Zombie

Michelet, Michel Hairy Ape, The (D:AAN)

		Voice in the Wind, A (D:AAN)

Milhaud, Darius Private Affairs of Bel Ami, The

Minds, Simple Breakfast Club, The

Misraki, Paul Alphaville

Mockridge, Cyril J. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

		Guys and Dolls (M:AAN)
		Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The
		Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
		Road House (1948)

Mollin, Fred Fast Company (1979)

Monkman, Francis Long Good Friday, The

Moran, Mike Missionary, The

		Time Bandits

Moraweck, Lucien Man in the Iron Mask, The (1939) (O:AAN)

Morley, Angela Little Prince, The (A:AAN)

		Slipper and the Rose, The (A:AAN)

Moroder, Giorgio American Gigolo

		Another Way
		Electric Dreams
		Metropolis (1926)
		Midnight Express (O:AA)
		NeverEnding Story, The (aka Unendliche Geschichte, Die)
		Streets of Fire

Moross, Jerome Big Country, The (D:AAN)

		Cardinal, The
		Proud Rebel, The

Morricone, Ennio 1900

		Arabian Nights (1974)
		Battle of Algiers, The
		Bird with the Crystal Plumage, The
		Black Belly of the Tarantula
		Burglars, The
		Burn! (aka Queimada!)
		Cage aux Folles 3: The Wedding, La
		Cage aux Folles II, La
		Cage aux Folles, La
		Casualties of War
		Cat o' Nine Tails, The
		Chosen, The (1978) (aka Holocaust 2000)
		Cinema Paradiso
		Days of Heaven (O:AAN)
		Decameron, The
		Duck, You Sucker (aka Fistful of Dynamite, A)
		EL Greco
		Exorcist II: The Heretic
		Fist in His Pocket
		Fistful of Dollars, A
		For a Few Dollars More
		Four Flies on Grey Velvet
		Frantic (1988)
		Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The (aka Buono, il Brutto, il Cattivo, Il)
		Hamlet (1990)
		Key, The (1983) (aka Chiave, La)
		Lunettes d'Or, Les (aka Occhiali d'Oro, Gli) (David)
		Mission, The (BFA)
		My Name Is Nobody
		Navajo Joe (as Nichols, Leo)
		Once Upon a Time in America (BFA)
		Once Upon a Time in the West
		Rampage (1988)
		Red Sonja
		Sacco and Vanzetti
		Salo, or The 120 Days of Sodom
		Sicilian Clan, The
		State of Grace
		Ten to Survive
		Thing, The (1982)
		Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (aka Atame)
		Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man
		Two Mules for Sister Sara
		Untouchables, The (BFA)
		"Alle Origini della Mafia"
		"Marco Polo" (mini)

Morris, John Bank Shot

		Blazing Saddles
		Dirty Dancing
		Elephant Man, The (AAN)
		High Anxiety
		Woman in Red, The (1984)

Morros, Boris Tropic Holiday (A:AAN)

Moss, Jeffrey Muppets Take Manhattan, The (A:AAN)

Muldowney, Dominic 1984 (1984)

Munrow, David Zardoz

Murray, Lyn To Catch a Thief

Myers, Stanley Beyond the Limit (aka Honorary Consul, The)

		Boost, The
		Deer Hunter, The
		Homo Faber
		My Beautiful Laundrette
		No Way to Treat a Lady
		Sammy and Rosie Get Laid
		Track 29
		Wish You Were Here (aka Too Much (1987))
		Witches, The (1990)

Nascimbene, Mario Alexander the Great

		Cento Anni d'Amore
		Farewell to Arms, A (1957)
		One Million Years B.C.
		Solomon and Sheba

Neschling, John Kiss of the Spider Woman

Newborn, Ira Blues Brothers, The

		Ferris Bueller's Day Off
		Into the Night
		Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad
		Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Newley, Anthony Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (A:AAN)

Newman, Alfred Airport (O:AAN)

		Alexander's Ragtime Band (A:AA)
		All About Eve (D:AAN)
		Anastasia (D:AAN)
		Ball of Fire (D:AAN)
		Best of Everything, The
		Black Swan, The (D:AAN)
		Born To Be Bad (1934)
		Bravados, The
		Call Me Madam (M:AA)
		Camelot (A:AA)
		Captain from Castile (D:AAN)
		Centennial Summer (M:AAN)
		Coney Island (M:AAN)
		Cowboy and the Lady, The (O:AAN)
		Daddy Long Legs (M:AAN)
		David and Bathsheba (D:AAN)
		Demetrius and the Gladiators
		Diary of Anne Frank, The (1959) (D:AAN)
		Down to the Sea in Ships (1949)
		Flower Drum Song (M:AAN)
		Foreign Correspondent
		Gentleman's Agreement
		Goldwyn Follies, The (A:AAN)
		Greatest Story Ever Told, The (O:AAN)
		How Green Was My Valley (D:AAN)
		How the West Was Won (O:AAN)
		How to Marry a Millionaire
		Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1939) (A:AAN)
		Hurricane, The (1937) (AAN)
		Irish Eyes Are Smiling (M:AAN)
		Keys of the Kingdom, The (D:AAN)
		King and I, The (M:AA)
		Love Is a Many Splendored Thing (D:AA)
		Mark of Zorro, The (1940) (O:AAN)
		Mother Wore Tights (M:AA)
		My Gal Sal (M:AAN)
		On the Riviera (M:AAN)
		Prisoner of Zenda, The (1937) (AAN)
		Rains Came, The (O:AAN)
		Robe, The
		Snake Pit, The (D:AAN)
		Song of Bernadette, The (D:AA)
		South Pacific (M:AAN)
		State Fair (1945) (M:AAN)
		There's No Business Like Show Business (M:AAN)
		They Shall Have Music (A:AAN)
		Tin Pan Alley (A:AA)
		Unfaithfully Yours (1948)
		When My Baby Smiles at Me (M:AAN)
		Wilson (D:AAN)
		With a Song in My Heart (M:AA)
		Wuthering Heights (1939) (O:AAN)

Newman, David Critters

		Heathers (aka Lethal Attraction)
		Kindred, The
		Marrying Man, The
		Mr. Destiny
		My Demon Lover
		Throw Momma from the Train

Newman, Emil Cry Danger

		Sun Valley Serenade (M:AAN)

Newman, Lionel Best Things in Life Are Free, The (M:AAN)

		Doctor Dolittle (A:AAN)
		Hello, Dolly! (A:AA)
		I'll Get By (M:AAN)
		Let's Make Love (M:AAN)
		Mardi Gras (M:AAN)
		Pleasure Seekers, The (A:AAN)
		Say One for Me (M:AAN)
		There's No Business Like Show Business (M:AAN)

Newman, Randy Avalon (GGN) (O:AAN)

		Natural, The (O:AAN)
		Ragtime (AAN)

Newman, Thomas Career Opportunities

		Desperately Seeking Susan
		Lost Boys, The

Niehaus, Lennie City Heat

		Heartbreak Ridge
		Pale Rider

Nilsson, Stefan Pelle the Conqueror (aka Pelle Erobreren)

Nitzsche, Jack 9 1/2 Weeks

		Breathless (1983)
		Cannery Row
		Hot Spot, The (1990)
		Jewel of the Nile, The
		Officer and a Gentleman, An (O:AAN)
		One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (O:AAN)
		Revenge (1990)
		Seventh Sign, The

Norman, Monty Day the Earth Caught Fire, The

		Dr. No

North, Alex Agony and the Ecstasy, The (O:AAN)

		Bite the Bullet (O:AAN)
		Cheyenne Autumn
		Cleopatra (1963) (O:AAN)
		Dead, The
		Death of a Salesman (1951) (D:AAN)
		Dragonslayer (AAN)
		Hard Contract
		Journey Into Fear (1975)
		Miserables, Les (1952)
		Prizzi's Honor
		Rainmaker, The (D:AAN)
		Rose Tattoo, The (D:AAN)
		Shanks (O:AAN)
		Shoes of the Fisherman, The (O:AAN)
		Sound and the Fury, The
		Spartacus (D:AAN)
		Streetcar Named Desire, A (1951) (D:AAN)
		Under the Volcano (O:AAN)
		Viva Zapata! (D:AAN)
		Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (O:AAN)

Nyman, Michael Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, The

		Draughtsman's Contract, The
		Drowning by Numbers
		Zed & Two Noughts, A

Offenbach, Charles Only Girl, The (aka Heart Song)

Oldfield, Mike Killing Fields, The

Orr, Buxton Fiend Without a Face

		First Man Into Space
		Suddenly, Last Summer

Ortolani, Riz Amazons, The (1973)

Page, Jimmy Death Wish II

Parker, Clifton Blue Lagoon, The (1949)

		Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1959)

Parker, John "Dallas"

		"Dirty Sally"
		"Executive Suite"
		"How the West Was Won"

Parks, Van Dyke Goin' South

Parnello, Joe Cactus in the Snow

Parton, Dolly Rhinestone

Paul, Edward Hairy Ape, The (D:AAN)

		Up in Mabel's Room (D:AAN)

Perkins, Frank Gypsy (A:AAN)

Petit, Jean-Claude Cyrano de Bergerac (1990) (Cesar)

		Jean de Florette
		Manon of the Spring (aka Manon des Sources)
		Return of the Musketeers, The

Phillips, John Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1976)

Phillips, Stu Battlestar Galactica (TV)

		Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (TV)

Piazolla, Astor Tangos, l'Exile de Gardel (Cesar)

Pierson, Tom Quintet

Piovani, Nicola Berg, Der

		Ginger and Fred (aka Ginger e Fred)
		Good Morning, Babylon
		Nel Nome del Padre
		Nightsun (aka Sole Anche di Notte, Il)
		Voce della Luna, La

Plenizio, Gianfranco And the Ship Sails On (aka E la Nave Va)

Plumb, Edward H. Bambi (D:AAN)

		Saludos Amigos (M:AAN)
		Three Caballeros, The (M:AAN)
		Victory Through Air Power (D:AAN)

Poledouris, Basil 90028

		Amazons (1984) (TV)
		Big Wednesday (aka Summer of Innocence)
		Blue Lagoon, The (1980)
		Cherry 2000
		Conan the Barbarian
		Conan the Destroyer
		Congratulations, It's a Boy! (TV)
		Extreme Close-Up (1973)
		Farewell to the King
		Fire on the Mountain
		Flesh + Blood (1985)
		House of God, The
		Hunt for Red October, The
		Interview, The (1970) (TV)
		Iron Eagle
		Island Sons (TV)
		Making the Grade
		No Man's Land (1987)
		Quigley Down Under
		Red Dawn
		Single Bars, Single Women (TV)
		Summer Lovers
		Three for the Road (1970) (TV)
		Tintorera (aka Tintorera - The Silent Death)
		Whale for the Killing, A (TV)
		"Andros Targets, The"
		"Misfits of Science"

Polnareff, Michel Lipstick

Popol Vuh Aguirre: The Wrath of God

		Cobra Verde

Portal, Michel Field of Honor (1988) (aka Champ d'Honneur) (Cesar)

Porter, Cole Evil Under the Sun

Post, Mike Deep in the Heart

Preston, Don Android

Previn, Andre Bad Day at Black Rock

		Bells Are Ringing (M:AAN)
		Elmer Gantry (D:AAN)
		Gigi (M:AA)
		Irma la Douce (A:AA)
		It's Always Fair Weather (M:AAN)
		Jesus Christ Superstar (A:AAN)
		Kiss Me Kate (M:AAN)
		My Fair Lady (A:AA)
		Porgy and Bess (M:AA)
		Three Little Words (M:AAN)

Previn, Charles Buck Privates (M:AAN)

		First Love (1939) (A:AAN)
		Ghost of Frankenstein, The
		It Started with Eve (M:AAN)
		Mad About Music (A:AAN)
		One Hundred Men and a Girl (AA)
		Song of the Open Road (M:AAN)
		Spring Parade (A:AAN)

Prez, John Du Fish Called Wanda, A

		Once Bitten
		Private Function, A
		Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Price, Alan Whales of August, The

Prince Graffiti Bridge

		Purple Rain (A:AA)

Prokofiev, Sergei Alexander Nevsky

		Ivan the Terrible

Purcell, Henry Kramer vs. Kramer

Queen Flash Gordon


Rachmaninov, Sergei Brief Encounter (1945)

		Seven Year Itch, The

Raksin, David Apache

		Bad and the Beautiful, The
		Force of Evil
		Forever Amber (D:AAN)
		Separate Tables (1958) (D:AAN)

Ramin, Sid West Side Story (M:AA)

Rasch, Raymond Limelight (O:AA) (1972)

Rawsthorne, Alan Cruel Sea, The

Raye, Don Great Man, The

Reed, Les Creepshow 2

Renzetti, Joe Buddy Holly Story, The (A:AA)

		Child's Play (1988)
		Exterminator, The
		Poltergeist III

Revell, Graeme Dead Calm (AAA)

Rich, Frederic E. Jack London (aka Adventures of Jack London, The) (D:AAN)

		Stage Door Canteen (M:AAN)

Ricotta, Dennis Mask

Riddle, Nelson Can-Can (M:AAN)

		Great Gatsby, The (1974) (A:AA)
		Li'l Abner (1959) (M:AAN)
		Paint Your Wagon (A:AAN)
		Robin and the Seven Hoods (A:AAN)
		"Executive Suite"

Riesenfeld, Hugo Make a Wish (AAN)

Robbins, Richard Bostonians, The

		Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
		Room with a View, A

Robertson, Harry Hawk the Slayer

Robertson, Robbie Color of Money, The

Robinson, Harry Ghoul, The

		Oblong Box, The

Roder, Milan Souls at Sea (AAN)

Rodgers, Nile Earth Girls Are Easy

Rodgers, Richard Slaughter on Tenth Avenue

Roemheld, Heinz East of Java

		Roaring Twenties, The
		Square Jungle, The
		Strawberry Blonde, The (M:AAN)
		Sutter's Gold
		Three Kids and a Queen
		World in My Corner
		Yankee Doodle Dandy (M:AA)

Ronell, Ann Story of G.I. Joe, The (D:AAN)

Rose, David Princess and the Pirate, The (D:AAN)

Rosen, Milton Great Sioux Uprising, The

		Horizons West
		Lost in Alaska (aka Abbott and Costello Lost in Alaska)
		Raiders, The
		Take Me to Town
		Veils of Bagdad, The

Rosenman, Leonard Barry Lyndon (A:AA)

		Beneath the Planet of the Apes
		Bound for Glory (A:AA)
		Car, The
		Cobweb, The
		Cross Creek (O:AAN)
		Fantastic Voyage
		Jazz Singer, The (1980)
		Possessed, The (1977) (TV)
		Race with the Devil
		Robocop 2
		Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Rosenthal, Laurence 21 Hours at Munich (TV)

		Amazing Howard Hughes, The (TV)
		Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (TV)
		And I Alone Survived (TV)
		Blackout (1985) (TV)
		Bourne Identity, The (TV)
		Brass Target
		Brotherhood of the Rose (TV)
		Call to Danger (TV)
		Clash of the Titans
		Comedians, The
		Consenting Adults (TV)
		Dark Odyssey (aka Passionate Sunday)
		Day Christ Died, The (TV)
		Death Sentence (TV)
		Death at Love House (TV)
		Devil's Daughter, The (TV)
		Dog Soldiers (aka Who'll Stop the Rain)
		Downpayment on Murder (TV)
		Easy Money
		F.D.R.: The Last Year (TV)
		Fantasy Island (TV)
		Fight for Life (TV)
		Forgotten, The (TV)
		Freedom Fighter (TV)
		Gunfight, A
		Hearst and Davies Affair, The (TV)
		Heart Like a Wheel
		Home of Our Own, A (TV)
		Hotel Paradiso
		House That Would Not Die, The (TV)
		How Awful About Allan (TV)
		Hunted Lady, The (TV)
		In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (TV)
		Incident at Lincoln Bluff (TV)
		Island of Dr. Moreau, The
		Last Child, The (TV)
		Letter, The (1982) (TV)
		License to Kill (1984) (TV)
		Log of the Black Pearl, The (TV)
		Lost Honor of Kathryn Beck, The (TV) (aka Act of Passion (TV))
		Man of La Mancha (A:AAN)
		Meetings with Remarkable Men
		Michelangelo: The Last Giant (TV)
		Miracle Worker, The (1962)
		Missiles of October, The (TV)
		Murder in Peyton Place (TV)
		Murder on Flight 502 (TV)
		My Father, My Son (TV)
		My Name Is Bill W. (TV)
		Naked in the Sun
		Night Chase (TV)
		Orphan Train (TV)
		Patricia Neal Story, The (TV)
		Proud Men (TV)
		Pueblo (TV)
		Rage (1980) (TV)
		Raisin in the Sun, A
		Requiem for a Heavyweight
		Return of a Man Called Horse, The
		Return to Fantasy Island (TV)
		Revenge of the Stepford Wives (TV)
		Rooster Cogburn
		Satan's School for Girls (TV)
		State Fair (1976) (TV)
		Story of David, The (TV)
		Stranger in My Bed (TV)
		Street of Dreams (TV)
		Sweet, Sweet Rachel (TV)
		To Heal a Nation (TV)
		Twist of Fate (1989) (TV)
		Who Will Love My Children? (TV)
		Wild Party, The (1975)
		Young Pioneers (TV)
		Young Pioneers' Christmas (TV)
		"Coronet Blue"
		"Evergreen" (1985) (mini)
		"Fantasy Island"
		"George Washington" (mini)
		"Hec Ramsey"
		"Logan's Run"
		"Mussolini: The Untold Story" (mini)
		"On Wings of Eagles" (mini)
		"Peter the Great" (mini)
		"Power and the Glory, The" (mini)
		"Rookies, The"
		"Strauss Dynasty, The" (mini)
		"Young Pioneers, The"

Rosza, Miklos Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The

		Time After Time (1979)

Rota, Nino 8 1/2 (aka Eight and a Half)

		Abdication, The
		Accade al Penitenziario
		Albergo Luna, Camera 34
		Amanti Senza Amore
		Americano in Vacanza, Un
		Anna (1951)
		Anni Facili
		Arrivederci, Papa!
		Arrow, The (aka Freccia Nel Fianco, La)
		Assassin, The (1952) (aka El Alamein (1952))
		Bella di Roma, La
		Best of Enemies, The
		Birichino di Papa, Il
		Boccaccio '70
		Boulanger de Valorgue, Le
		Campane a Martello
		Captain Sirocco (aka Masked Pirate, The)
		Caro Michele
		Cento Anni d'Amore
		Citta di Notte
		Clowns, The (TV) (aka Clowns, I (TV))
		Come Persi la Guerra
		Come Scopersi l'America
		Daniele Cortis (aka Elena)
		Death on the Nile
		Dog's Life, A (aka Vita da Cani)
		Dolce Vita, La
		Domenica della Buona Gente, La
		Donna della Montagna, La
		Donne e Briganti
		Due Orfanelle, Le
		E Piu Facile Che un Camello
		Era Lui!...Si! Si!
		Eroe dei Nostri Tempi, Un
		Eroe della Strada, L'
		Ettaro di Cielo, Un
		Fellini Satyricon (aka Satyricon)
		Fellini's Casanova (aka Casanova (1976))
		Fellini's Roma (aka Roma)
		Filumena Marturano
		Flesh Will Surrender (aka Delitto di Giovanni Espiscopo, Il)
		Flight Into France (aka Fuga in Francia)
		Friends for Live (aka Amici per la Pelle)
		Furto della Gioconda, Il (TV)
		Gian Burrasca (TV)
		Giorno di Nozze
		Giovani Mariti
		Glass Mountain, The
		Godfather, Part II, The (O:AA)
		Godfather, Part III, The
		Godfather, The
		Grande Speranza, La
		Great War, The (aka Grande Guerra, La)
		Hell Raiders of the Deep (aka Sette dell'Orsa Maggiore, I)
		His Young Wife (aka Miserie del Signor Travet, Le)
		Honeymoon Deferred (aka Due Mogli Sono Troppe)
		House of Intrigue, The (aka Londra Chiama Polo Nord)
		Hurricane (1979)
		Italia Piccola
		Italian Brigands (aka Brigante, Il)
		Italiani Sono Matti, Gli
		Jolanda la Figlia del Corsaro Nero
		Juliet of the Spirits (aka Giulietta degli Spiriti)
		Kiss the Other Sheik (aka Oggi, Domani, Dopodomani)
		Law Is the Law, The (aka Loi c'est la Loi, La)
		Leopard, The (aka Gattopardo, Il)
		Love and Anarchy (aka Film d'Amore e d'Anarchia)
		Loves of Three Queens (aka Amante di Paride, L')
		Luxury Girls (aka Fanciulle di Lusso)
		Maestro di Vigevano, Il
		Mano del Straniero, La
		Marito e Moglie
		Medico e lo Stregone, Il
		Meravigliose Avventure di Guerin Meschino, Le
		Midsummer Night's Dream, A (1968)
		Mio Figlio Professore
		Molti Sogni Per le Stade
		Monello della Strada, Il
		Most Wonderful Moment, The (aka Momento Piu Bello, Il)
		Napoli Milionaria
		Navire delle Donne Maledette, La
		Nights of Cabiria (aka Cabiria)
		Obsession (1949) (aka Hidden Room, The)
		Orchestra Rehearsal (aka Prova d'Orchestra)
		Peppino e Violetta
		Phantom Lovers (aka Fantasmi a Roma)
		Primula Bianca, La
		Proibito Rubare
		Public Enemy Number One (aka Ennemi Public Numero Un, L')
		Purple Noon (aka Plein Soleil)
		Queen of Sheba, The (aka Regina di Saba, La)
		Quel Bandito Sono Io
		Ragazzo di Borgata
		Reluctant Saint, The
		Rocco and His Brothers (aka Rocco e i Suoi Fratelli)
		Roma, Citta Libera (aka Notte Porta Conseglio, La)
		Romeo and Juliet (1968)
		Scampolo 53
		Scenes from a Mall (from Amarcord, Juliet of the Spirits)
		Senza Pieta
		Shoot Loud, Louder...I Don't Understand (aka Spara Forte, Piu Forte, Non Capisco)
		Something Money Can't Buy
		Sotto il Sole di Roma
		Spirits of the Dead (aka Histoires Extraordinaires)
		Springtime in Italy (aka E Primavera)
		Star of India, The (aka Stella dell'India)
		Strada, La
		Sunset Sunrise
		Swindle, The (aka Bidone, Il)
		Taming of the Shrew, The (1967) (aka Bisbetica Domata, La)
		Teatro di Eduardo, Il (TV)
		Ten to Survive
		This Angry Age (aka Barrage Contre la Pacifique)
		Toto e il Re di Roma
		Treno Popolare
		Under Ten Flags (aka Sotto Dieci Bandiere)
		Valley of Eagles
		Vergine Moderna
		Via Padova 46 (aka Scocciatore, Lo)
		Vitelloni, I
		Vivere in Pace
		War and Peace (1956)
		White Nights (1957) (aka Notti Bianche, Le)
		White Sheik, The (aka Sceicco Bianco, Lo)
		"Alle Origini della Mafia"
		"Comte de Monte Christo, Le"

Rowland, Bruce Man from Snowy River, The

		Phar Lap

Rozhdestvensky, G. Bolshoi Ballet, The (M:AAN)

Rozsa, Miklos Adam's Rib

		All the Brothers Were Valiant
		Asphalt Jungle, The
		Because of Him
		Ben Hur (1959) (D:AA)
		Bhowani Junction
		Blood on the Sun
		Bribe, The
		Brute Force
		Command Decision
		Crest of the Wave
		Criss Cross
		Dark Waters
		Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid
		Desert Fury
		Divorce of Lady X, The
		Double Indemnity (1944) (D:AAN)
		Double Life, A (D:AA)
		East Side, West Side
		El Cid (D:AAN)
		Eye of the Needle
		Five Graves to Cairo
		Four Feathers, The (1939)
		Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The
		Green Berets, The
		Green Cockatoo, The (aka Four Dark Hours)
		Green Fire
		Hour Before the Dawn, The
		Ivanhoe (1952) (D:AAN)
		Julius Caesar (1953) (D:AAN)
		Jungle Book (1942) (D:AAN)
		Killers, The (1946) (D:AAN)
		King of Kings
		King's Thief, The
		Kiss the Blood Off My Hands
		Knight Without Armour
		Knights of the Round Table
		Lady on a Train
		Last Embrace
		Light Touch, The
		Lost Weekend, The (D:AAN)
		Lust for Life
		Lydia (D:AAN)
		Macomber Affair, The
		Madame Bovary (1949)
		Man in Half Moon Street, The
		Men of the Fighting Lady
		Miniver Story, The
		Naked City, The
		New Wine
		Other Love, The
		Plymouth Adventure
		Power, The (1968)
		Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, The
		Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, The
		Providence (Cesar)
		Quo Vadis? (1951) (D:AAN)
		Red Danube, The
		Red House, The
		Sahara (1943)
		Secret Beyond the Door
		Seventh Sin, The
		So Proudly We Hail! (1943)
		Sodom and Gomorrah
		Something of Value
		Song of Scheherazade
		Song to Remember, A (D:AAN)
		Spellbound (D:AA)
		Spy in Black, The (aka U-Boat 29)
		Squeaker, The (1937) (aka Murder on Diamond Road)
		Story of Three Loves, The
		Strange Love of Martha Ivers, The
		Sundown (D:AAN)
		Ten Days in Paris
		That Hamilton Woman (aka Lady Hamilton)
		Thief of Baghdad, The (1940) (O:AAN)
		Thunder in the City
		Time After Time (1979)
		Time Out of Mind
		Time to Love and a Time to Die, A
		Tip on a Dead Jockey
		Tribute to a Bad Man
		V.I.P.s, The
		Valley of the Kings
		Woman of the Town, The (D:AAN)
		Woman's Vengeance, A
		World, the Flesh and the Devil, The
		Young Bess

Rubenstein, John Jeremiah Johnson

		Johnny Belinda (1982) (TV)

Rubini, Michel Hunger, The

Rubinstein, Arthur B. Best of Times, The

		Blue Thunder
		Hard Way, The (1991)
		Sins of the Past (TV)

Rulli, Dino Apassionamente

Runswick, Daryl No Surrender

Russell, Larry Limelight (O:AA) (1972)

Safan, Craig Lady Beware

		Last Starfighter, The
		Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, A
		Stand and Deliver
		Warning Sign

Sainton, Philip Moby Dick (1956)

Sakamoto, Ryuichi Handmaid's Tale, The

		Last Emperor, The (AA) (GG)
		Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (aka Furyo)
		Sheltering Sky, The (GG)

Salinger, Conrad Show Boat (1951) (M:AAN)

Salter, Hans J. Amazing Mrs. Holliday, The (D:AAN)

		Bend of the River
		Can't Help Singing (M:AAN)
		Christmas Holiday (D:AAN)
		Creature from the Black Lagoon, The
		Far Country, The (1955)
		It Started with Eve (M:AAN)
		Johnny Dark
		Merry Monahans, The (M:AAN)
		Phantom Lady
		This Island Earth
		This Love of Ours (D:AAN)
		Wolf Man, The
		You Never Can Tell

Sarde, Philippe Bear, The (1989) (aka Ours, L')

		Choice of Arms (aka Choix des Armes, Le)
		Clean Slate (aka Coup de Torchon)
		Ghost Story
		Lord of the Flies (1990)
		Manhattan Project, The
		Music Box
		Quest for Fire (aka Guerre du Feu, La)
		Tess (AAN)

Savina, Carlo Love and Anarchy (aka Film d'Amore e d'Anarchia)

		Ragazzo di Borgata
		"Comte de Monte Christo, Le"

Sawtell, Paul Born to Kill (1947)

		Fly, The (1958)

Scharf, Walter Ben

		Brazil (1944) (M:AAN)
		Fighting Seabees, The (D:AAN)
		Funny Girl (A:AAN)
		Hans Christian Andersen (M:AAN)
		Hit Parade of 1943 (M:AAN)
		Mercy Island (D:AAN)
		War of the Wildcats (aka In Old Oklahoma) (D:AAN)
		Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (A:AAN)

Schertzinger, Victor One Night of Love (AA)

		Something to Sing About (AAN)

Schifrin, Lalo Airport '79 (aka Concorde - Airport '79, The)

		Amityville Horror, The (O:AAN)
		Beguiled, The
		Berlin Blues
		Buddy Buddy
		Charley Varrick
		Cincinnati Kid, The
		Coogan's Bluff
		Cool Hand Luke (O:AAN)
		Dirty Harry
		Eagle Has Landed, The
		Earth II (TV)
		Earth*Star Voyager (TV)
		Enter the Dragon
		Escape to Athena
		Fox, The (O:AAN)
		Hellstrom Chronicle, The
		Joe Kidd
		Kelly's Heroes
		Magnum Force
		Mean Season, The
		Rita Hayworth: The Love Goddess (TV)
		Sting II, The (A:AAN)
		Sudden Impact
		THX 1138
		Voyage of the Damned (O:AAN)
		Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol (TV)
		When Time Ran Out...

Schrager, Rudy Sleep My Love

Schumann, Walter Night of the Hunter, The

Schurmann, Gerband Third Key, The

Scifrin, Lalo St. Ives

Scmidt, Harvey Bad Company (1972)

Scott, John Antony and Cleopatra

		Billy Two Hats
		Deceivers, The
		England Made Me
		Final Countdown, The
		Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes
		Harem (1986) (TV)
		Hostage Tower, The (TV)
		Jules Verne's Rocket to the Moon (aka Those Fantastic Flying Fools)
		King Kong Lives
		Lionheart (1991) (aka A.W.O.L.)
		Lola (1969) (aka Twinky)
		Long Duel, The
		Man on Fire (1987)
		North Dallas Forty
		Prayer for the Dying, A
		Rites of Summer, The
		Rocket to the Moon (aka Cat Women of the Moon)
		Shooting Party, The
		Study in Terror, A
		To the Ends of the Earth
		Whistle Blower, The
		Winter People
		Yor, the Hunter from the Future

Scott, Morton Flame of the Barbary Coast (D:AAN)

		Hitchhike to Happiness (M:AAN)

Scott, Nathan Hoodlum Empire

Scott, Tom Stir Crazy

Scurrmann, Gerald Bedford Incident, The

Searle, Humphrey Abominable Snowman of the Himalayas, The

		Law and Disorder (1958)

Seiber, Matyas Chase a Crooked Shadow

Serra, Eric Big Blue, The (aka Grand Bleu, Le)


Shaiman, Marc Misery

		Scenes from a Mall

Shankar, Ravi Gandhi (O:AAN)

Shaw, Artie Second Chorus (A:AAN)

Sheffer, Jonathan In a Shallow Grave (TV)

Shefter, Bert Kronos

Sherman, Richard M. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (A:AAN)

		Jungle Book (1967)
		Mary Poppins (O:AA)
		Slipper and the Rose, The (A:AAN)
		Tom Sawyer (1973) (TV) (A:AAN)

Sherman, Robert B. Bedknobs and Broomsticks (A:AAN)

		Day the Earth Moved, The (TV)
		Mary Poppins (O:AA)
		Slipper and the Rose, The (A:AAN)
		Tom Sawyer (1973) (TV) (A:AAN)

Shilkret, Nathaniel Mary of Scotland

		Winterset (AAN)

Shire, David 2010

		All the President's Men
		Big Bus, The
		Conversation, The
		Macross: Do You Remember Love? (TV)
		Only When I Laugh
		Return to Oz
		Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The
		World According to Garp, The

Shore, Howard After Hours

		Brood, The
		Dead Ringers
		Fly, The (1986)
		Local Stigmatic, The
		Postcards from the Edge (supervisor)
		Silence of the Lambs, The

Shostakovich, Dimitri Khovanshchina (D:AAN)

Shuken, Leo Miracle of Morgan's Creek, The

		Stagecoach (1939) (A:AA)
		Unsinkable Molly Brown, The (A:AAN)

Silverman, Stanley Eyewitness (1981) (aka Janitor, The)

Silvers, Louis In Old Chicago (AAN)

		Suez (O:AAN)
		Swanee River (A:AAN)

Silvestri, Alan Abyss, The

		American Anthem
		Back to the Future
		Back to the Future Part II
		Back to the Future Part III
		Cat's Eye
		Clan of the Cave Bear, The
		Delta Force, The
		Mac and Me
		My Stepmother Is an Alien
		No Mercy
		Outrageous Fortune
		Overboard (1987)
		Predator II
		Romancing the Stone
		Who Framed Roger Rabbit
		"Starsky and Hutch"

Simon, Carly Heartburn

		Postcards from the Edge
		Working Girl

Skiles, Marlin Tonight and Every Night (M:AAN)

Skinner, Frank Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops

		Ain't Misbehavin'
		All That Heaven Allows
		Amazing Mrs. Holliday, The (D:AAN)
		Arabian Nights (1942) (D:AAN)
		Back Street (1941) (D:AAN)
		Battle Hymn
		Bedtime for Bonzo
		Behind the High Wall
		Glenn Miller Story, The
		House of Seven Gables, The (O:AAN)
		Imitation of Life (1959)
		Interlude (1957)
		Lady Gambles, The
		Mad About Music (A:AAN)
		Magnificent Obsession (1954)
		Mississippi Gambler (1953)
		Sally and Saint Anne
		Six Bridges to Cross
		Son of Frankenstein
		Step Down to Terror
		Suspect, The (1944)
		Tarnished Angels, The
		Tattered Dress, The
		This Happy Feeling
		Unguarded Moment, The
		World in His Arms, The

Small, Michael Black Widow (1986)

		Brighton Beach Memoirs
		Comes a Horseman
		Continental Divide
		Driver, The
		Drowning Pool, The
		Jaws the Revenge
		Marathon Man
		Mountains of the Moon
		Night Moves
		Parallax View, The
		Star Chamber, The
		Stepford Wives, The

Smeaton, Bruce Barbarosa

		Cars That Ate Paris, The
		Devil's Playground, The (1976)
		Eliza Fraser
		Picnic at Hanging Rock

Smith, Paul J. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

		Cinderella (1950) (M:AAN)
		Perri (AAN)
		Pinocchio (1940) (O:AA)
		Saludos Amigos (M:AAN)
		Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) (AAN)
		Song of the South (M:AAN)
		Three Caballeros, The (M:AAN)
		Victory Through Air Power (D:AAN)

Snell, David Christmas Carol, A (1938)

Snow, Mark Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues (TV)

		Packin' It In (TV)
		Something About Amelia (TV)

Sondheim, Stephen Reds

Spencer, Herbert W. Jesus Christ Superstar (A:AAN)

		Scrooge (1970) (A:AAN)

Spoliansky, Mischa Flame Over India (aka Northwest Frontier)

		Whole Truth, The

Stainton, Philip Moby Dick (1956)

Stalling, Carl Horn Blows at Midnight, The

Stein, Herman Abbott and Costello Meet the Keystone Kops

		Back at the Front (aka Willie and Joe Back at the Front)
		Column South
		Creature from the Black Lagoon, The
		Fireman, Save My Child
		Glenn Miller Story, The
		Great Man, The
		Great Sioux Uprising, The
		Has Anybody Seen My Gal?
		Horizons West
		It Came from Outer Space
		Johnny Dark
		Raiders, The
		Showdown at Abilene
		Six Bridges to Cross
		So This Is Paris
		Take Me to Town
		Tarnished Angels, The
		This Island Earth
		Unguarded Moment, The
		Veils of Bagdad, The

Stein, Ronald Haunted Palace, The

		Premature Burial, The

Steiner, Fred Run for the Sun

Steiner, Max Adventures of Mark Twain, The (1944) (D:AAN)

		All This, and Heaven Too
		Amazing Doctor Clitterhouse, The
		Battle Cry (D:AAN)
		Beast with Five Fingers, The
		Beyond the Forest (D:AAN)
		Big Sleep, The (1946)
		Caine Mutiny, The (D:AAN)
		Casablanca (D:AAN)
		Charge of the Light Brigade, The (1936) (AAN)
		Dark Passage
		Dark Victory (1939) (O:AAN)
		Dodge City
		Escapade in Japan
		Flame and the Arrow, The (D:AAN)
		Fountainhead, The
		Garden of Allah, The (AAN)
		Gone with the Wind (O:AAN)
		Her Kind of Man
		In This Our Life
		Informer, The (AA)
		Jazz Singer, The (1953) (M:AAN)
		Jezebel (A:AAN)
		Johnny Belinda (1948) (D:AAN)
		Kettles in the Ozarks, The
		Key Largo
		King Kong (1933)
		Letter, The (1940) (O:AAN)
		Life of Emile Zola, The (AAN)
		Life with Father (D:AAN)
		Lost Patrol, The (AAN)
		Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, The (D:AAN)
		Most Dangerous Game, The
		My Wild Irish Rose (M:AAN)
		Night and Day (M:AAN)
		Now, Voyager (aka 1942) (D:AA)
		Passage to Marseilles
		Rhapsody in Blue (M:AAN)
		Searchers, The
		Sergeant York (D:AAN)
		Since You Went Away (D:AA)
		Stagecoach (1939)
		Stolen Life, A
		Summer Place, A
		They Died with Their Boots On
		Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The
		White Heat

Stevens, Cat Harold and Maude

Stevens, Leith Destination Moon

		Five Pennies, The (M:AAN)
		New Kind of Love, A (A:AAN)
		War of the Worlds
		When Worlds Collide
		Wild One, The

Stevens, Morton "Andros Targets, The"

		"Spencer's Pilots"

Stoll, George E. Anchors Aweigh (M:AA)

		Babes in Arms (A:AAN)
		For Me and My Gal (M:AAN)
		Jumbo (aka Billy Rose's Jumbo) (A:AAN)
		Love Me or Leave Me (M:AAN)
		Meet Me in Las Vegas (M:AAN)
		Meet Me in St. Louis (M:AAN)
		Strike Up the Band (A:AAN)

Stoloff, Morris 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T., The (M:AAN)

		Address Unknown (D:AAN)
		Commandos Strike at Dawn, The (D:AAN)
		Cover Girl (M:AA)
		Eddy Duchin Story, The (M:AAN)
		Fanny (1961) (D:AAN)
		From Here to Eternity (1953) (D:AAN)
		Girl's School (A:AAN)
		Jolson Sings Again (M:AAN)
		Jolson Story, The (M:AA)
		Ladies in Retirement (D:AAN)
		Something to Shout About (M:AAN)
		Song Without End (M:AA)
		Song to Remember, A (D:AAN)
		Talk of the Town, The (D:AAN)
		Tonight and Every Night (M:AAN)
		You'll Never Get Rich (M:AAN)

Stolz, Robert It Happened Tomorrow (D:AAN)

		Kabinett des Dr. Larifari, Das

Stone, Gregory Girl's School (A:AAN)

Stone, Richard Pumpkinhead


Storey, Michael Hidden City

Storr, David Invaders from Mars (1986)

Stothart, Herbert Chocolate Soldier, The (M:AAN)

		Kismet (1944) (D:AAN)
		Madame Curie (D:AAN)
		Marie Antoinette (1938) (O:AAN)
		Maytime (AAN)
		Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) (AAN)
		Picture of Dorian Gray, The (1945)
		Pride and Prejudice
		Random Harvest (D:AAN)
		Sweethearts (A:AAN)
		Thousands Cheer (M:AAN)
		Valley of Decision, The (D:AAN)
		Waterloo Bridge (O:AAN)
		Wizard of Oz, The (O:AA)

Streisand, Barbra Nuts

Strouse, Charles Bonnie and Clyde

		There Was a Crooked Man...

Su, Cong Last Emperor, The (AA) (GG)

Subramaniam, L. Salaam Bombay!

Sukman, Harry Fanny (1961) (D:AAN)

		Singing Nun, The (A:AAN)
		Someone's Watching Me! (TV)
		Song Without End (M:AA)
		Welcome to Hard Times

Summers, Andy Down and Out in Beverly Hills

Syrewicz, Stanislas Lair of the White Worm, The

Tabrizi, Davood A. Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, The (1987)

Takemitsu, Toru Ran

Tangerine Dream Firestarter

		Keep, The
		Miracle Mile
		Near Dark
		Risky Business
		Shy People
		Thief (1981)

Tansman, Alexandre Flesh and Fantasy

		Paris Underground (D:AAN)

Tedesco, Mario And Then There Were None

Terr, Max Gold Rush, The (D:AAN)

Theodorakis, Mikis Serpico

		Zorba the Greek

Thorne, Ken Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, A (A:AAN)

		Superman II
		Superman III

Tiomkin, Dmitri 55 Days at Peking (O:AAN)

		Alamo, The (D:AAN)
		Big Sky, The
		Bridge of San Luis Rey, The (D:AAN)
		Champion (D:AAN)
		Corsican Brothers, The (1941) (D:AAN)
		Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell, The
		D.O.A. (1949)
		Dark Mirror, The (1946)
		Dial M for Murder (1954)
		Duel in the Sun
		Fall of the Roman Empire, The (O:AAN)
		Friendly Persuasion (1956)
		Giant (D:AAN)
		Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
		Guns of Navarone, The (D:AAN)
		High Noon (D:AA)
		High and the Mighty, The (D:AA)
		I Confess
		It's a Wonderful Life
		Lost Horizon (1937) (AAN)
		Men, The
		Moon and Sixpence, The (D:AAN)
		Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (A:AAN)
		Night Passage
		Old Man and the Sea, The (1958) (D:AA)
		Only Angels Have Wings
		Portrait of Jennie
		Red River (1948)
		Rio Bravo
		Shadow of a Doubt
		Strangers on a Train
		Sundowners, The (1960)
		Thing (From Another World), The (1951)
		Tschaikowski (A:AAN)
		War Wagon, The
		Westerner, The

Tipton, George Aliceson Phantom of the Paradise (A:AAN)

Toch, Ernst Address Unknown (D:AAN)

		Cat and the Canary, The (1939)
		Dr. Cyclops
		Ladies in Retirement (D:AAN)
		Peter Ibbetson (AAN)

Tonalis, Ludus My Beautiful Laundrette

Toto Dune

Townshend, Pete Tommy (A:AAN)

Troost, Ernest Dead Heat

Tunick, Jonathan Endless Love

		Fort Apache, The Bronx
		Little Night Music, A (A:AA)

Vangelis Antarctica

		Apocalypse des Animaux, L'
		Blade Runner
		Bounty, The
		Cantique des Creatures
		Chariots of Fire (AA)
		Fete Sauvage, La
		Opera Sauvage
		Sauvage et Beau

Vaughan, Clifford Captains Courageous (1937)

		East of Java
		Emperor's Candlesticks, The
		Shining Hour, The
		Sutter's Gold
		Trouble for Two (aka Suicide Club, The (1936))

Veale, John Purple Plain, The

Verdi, Giuseppe Traviata, La (1982)

Vivaldi, Antonio Dangerous Liaisons

		Kramer vs. Kramer

Vlad, Roman Young Toscanini

Vorzon, Barry de Looker

		Warriors, The (1979)

Wagner, Richard Highlander 2: The Quickening


Waits, Tom Down by Law

		One from the Heart (A:AAN)
		Wedding, A

Walker, Don Thousand Clowns, A (A:AAN)

Walker, Simon For the Term of His Natural Life (TV)

		Wild Duck, The (1983)

Wallace, Oliver G. Alice in Wonderland (1951) (M:AAN)

		Cinderella (1950) (M:AAN)
		Dumbo (M:AA)
		Victory Through Air Power (D:AAN)
		White Wilderness (D:AAN)

Walton, William Battle of Britain

		Hamlet (1948) (D:AAN)
		Henry V (1944) (D:AAN)

Ward, Edward All American Co-Ed (M:AAN)

		Cheers for Miss Bishop (D:AAN)
		Flying with Music (M:AAN)
		Mr. and Mrs. Smith
		Phantom of the Opera (1943) (M:AAN)
		Thanks a Million (D:AAN)

Washington, Ned Pinocchio (1940) (O:AA)

Waters, Roger Pink Floyd - The Wall

Waxman, Franz Absolute Quiet

		Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The (1939)
		Adventures of a Young Man (aka Hemingway's Adventures of a Young Man)
		Affair of Susan, The
		Air Force
		Alias Nick Beal (aka Contact Man, The)
		Anne of the Indies
		Back from Eternity
		Bad Blood (1934) (aka Mauvaise Graine (1934))
		Bad Man, The (aka Two-Gun Cupid)
		Beloved Infidel
		Blue Angel, The (1930) (aka Blaue Engel, Der (1930))
		Blue Veil, The
		Boom Town
		Botany Bay
		Bride Wore Red, The
		Bride of Frankenstein
		Captains Courageous (1937)
		Christmas Carol, A (1938)
		Cimarron (1960)
		Come Back, Little Sheba (1952)
		Confidential Agent
		Count Your Blessings
		Crime in the Streets
		Crise est Finie, La (aka Finie la Crise)
		Cry Wolf
		Dangerous Waters
		Dark City
		Dark Passage
		Day at the Circus
		Day at the Races, A
		Decision Before Dawn
		Demetrius and the Gladiators
		Design for Scandal
		Destination Tokyo
		Devil-Doll, The (1936)
		Diamond Jim
		Don't Get Personal
		Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) (D:AAN)
		Dramatic School
		East of Java
		Edge of Darkness (1943)
		Einbrecher, Der (aka Cambrioleur, Le)
		Elephant Walk
		Emperor's Candlesticks, The
		Erste Recht des Kindes, Das (aka Aus dem Tagebuch einer Frauenaerztin)
		Escape (1940)
		Feminine Touch, The
		Flight Command
		Furies, The
		Fury (1936)
		God Is My Co-Pilot
		Gruss und Kuess, Veronika!
		He Ran All the Way
		Her Cardboard Lover
		Her Kind of Man
		His Brother's Wife
		Honky Tonk (1941)
		Horn Blows at Midnight, The
		Hotel Berlin
		Humoresque (D:AAN)
		I Love You Again
		I, the Jury (1953)
		Ice Follies of 1939
		In Our Time
		Indian Fighter, The
		Invisible Ray, The
		Johnny Holiday
		Journey for Margaret
		Kabinett des Dr. Larifari, Das
		King of the Roaring Twenties, The (aka Big Bank Roll, The)
		Lady of the Tropics
		Lion Is in the Streets, A
		Longest Hundred Miles, The (TV) (aka Escape from Bataan (TV))
		Lost Command
		Love Before Breakfast
		Love in the Afternoon
		Love on the Run (1936)
		Lucky Night
		Lure of the Wilderness
		Maedel vom Montparnasse, Das (aka Petite de Montparnasse, La)
		Magnificent Obsession (1935)
		Man on a Tightrope
		Mann der seinen Moerder sucht, Der
		Miracle in the Rain
		Mister Roberts
		Mr. Skeffington
		Music in the Air
		My Cousin Rachel
		My Geisha
		Next Time We Love
		Night Unto Night
		Night and the City
		No Minor Vices
		Nora Prentiss
		Nun's Story, The (D:AAN)
		Objective, Burma! (D:AAN)
		Old Acquaintance
		On Borrowed Time
		Only Girl, The (aka Heart Song)
		Only the Valiant
		Paradine Case, The
		Personal Property
		Peyton Place
		Philadelphia Story, The
		Phone Call from a Stranger
		Place in the Sun, A (D:AA)
		Port of Seven Seas
		Possessed (1947)
		Pride of the Marines
		Prince Valiant
		Rear Window
		Rebecca (O:AAN)
		Red Mountain
		Remember Last Night
		Return to Peyton Place
		Reunion in France (aka Mademoiselle France)
		Rope of Sand
		Run Silent, Run Deep
		Scampolo, ein Kind der Strasse (aka Peu d'Amour, Un)
		Seven Sweethearts
		Shining Hour, The
		Silver Chalice, The (D:AAN)
		Song of Life (aka Lied vom Leben, Das)
		Sorry, Wrong Number
		Spirit of St. Louis, The
		Sporting Blood
		Stalag 17
		Story of Ruth, The
		Strange Cargo
		Sunrise at Campobello
		Sunset Boulevard (D:AA)
		Suspicion (1941) (D:AAN)
		Sutter's Gold
		Taras Bulba (O:AAN)
		Task Force
		Test Pilot
		That Hagen Girl
		This Is My Love
		Three Comrades
		Three Kids and a Queen
		To Have and Have Not
		Too Hot to Handle (1938)
		Tortilla Flat
		Trouble for Two (aka Suicide Club, The (1936))
		Two Mrs. Carrolls, The
		Unfinished Business (1941)
		Unsuspected, The
		Very Thought of You, The
		Virgin Queen, The
		Woman of the Year (1942)
		Young in Heart, The (O:AAN) (A:AAN)
		"Arrest and Trial"
		"Fugitive, The"
		"Kraft Suspense Theatre"
		"Open Windows"
		"Peyton Place"
		"Twentieth Century, The"
		"Twilight Zone, The"
		"Virginian, The"

Webb, Kenneth Gay Divorcee, The (AAN)

Webb, Roy Bedlam

		Blue Veil, The
		Bringing Up Baby
		Cat People (1942)
		Dangerous Mission
		Enchanted Cottage, The (D:AAN)
		Fallen Sparrow, The (D:AAN)
		Fighting Seabees, The (D:AAN)
		Flying Leathernecks
		I Married a Witch (D:AAN)
		Joan of Paris (D:AAN)
		Locket, The
		Lusty Men, The
		Magic Town
		My Favorite Wife (O:AAN)
		Quality Street (AAN)
		Spiral Staircase, The (1946)
		Spirit of St. Louis, The
		Stage Door
		They Won't Believe Me
		Where Danger Lives
		White Tower, The
		Window, The

Webber, Andrew Lloyd Jesus Christ Superstar (A:AAN)

		Odessa File, The

Weill, Kurt Knickerbocker Holiday (M:AAN)

Weissberg, Eric Deliverance

Welch, Ed Thirty-Nine Steps, The (1978)

Wexler, Jerry Pretty Baby (1978) (A:AAN)

Whittaker, David Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

		Scream and Scream Again

Wilkins, Rick Changeling, The

Wilkinson, Marc If…

Williams, John (II) (II) "Checkmate"

Williams, John (II) 1941

		Accidental Tourist, The
		Always (1989)
		Bachelor Flat
		Because They're Young
		Black Sunday (1977)
		Born on the Fourth of July (O:AAN)
		Cinderella Liberty (O:AAN)
		Close Encounters of the Third Kind (O:AAN)
		Cowboys, The
		Daddy's Gone A-Hunting
		Diamond Head
		Dracula (1979)
		E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (O:AA)
		Eiger Sanction, The
		Empire Strikes Back, The (AAN)
		Empire of the Sun (BFA)
		Family Plot
		Fiddler on the Roof (A:AA)
		Fury, The (1978)
		Gidget Goes to Rome
		Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1969) (A:AAN)
		Guide for the Married Man, A
		Heidi (1968) (TV)
		Home Alone (O:AAN)
		How to Steal a Million
		I Passed for White
		Images (O:AAN)
		Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (O:AAN)
		Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (O:AAN)
		Jane Eyre (1970) (TV)
		Jaws 2
		Jaws (O:AA)
		John Goldfarb, Please Come Home
		Killers, The (1964)
		Long Goodbye, The
		Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, The
		Missouri Breaks, The
		Nightmare in Chicago (aka Once Upon a Savage Night)
		None But the Brave
		Not with My Wife, You Don't
		Paper Chase, The
		Pete 'n' Tillie
		Plainsman, The (1966)
		Poseidon Adventure, The (O:AAN)
		Presumed Innocent
		Raiders of the Lost Ark (AAN)
		Rare Breed, The (1966)
		Reivers, The (O:AAN)
		Return of the Jedi (O:AAN)
		River, The (1984) (O:AAN)
		Screaming Woman, The (TV)
		Secret Ways, The
		Sergeant Ryker (aka Case Against Sergeant Ryker, The (TV))
		Stanley & Iris
		Star Wars (O:AA)
		Stark Fear
		Story of a Woman (aka Storia di una Donna)
		Sugarland Express, The
		Superman II
		Superman III
		Superman (O:AAN)
		Tom Sawyer (1973) (TV) (A:AAN)
		Towering Inferno, The (O:AAN)
		Valley of the Dolls (A:AAN)
		Witches of Eastwick, The
		Yes, Giorgio
		"Big G"
		"Cowboys, The"
		"Flying Spikes"
		"General Electric Theater"
		"Gilligan's Island"
		"Kraft Summer Music Hall, The"
		"Kraft Suspense Theatre"
		"Land of the Giants"
		"Lost in Space"
		"M Squad"
		"Playhouse 90"
		"Time Tunnel"
		"Virginian, The"
		"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"
		"Wagon Train"
		"Wide Country, The"

Williams, Johnny Guide for the Married Man, A

Williams, Patrick Best Defense

		Breaking Away (A:AAN)
		Butch and Sundance: The Early Days
		Some Kind of Hero
		"Andros Targets, The"

Williams, Paul Bugsy Malone (A:AAN)

		Muppet Movie, The (A:AAN)
		Phantom of the Paradise (A:AAN)

Willson, Meredith Great Dictator, The (O:AAN)

		Little Foxes, The (D:AAN)

Wilson, Stanley Outside the Law (1956)

Wolcott, Charles Saludos Amigos (M:AAN)

		Song of the South (M:AAN)
		Three Caballeros, The (M:AAN)

Wolfe, De Jabberwocky

Wolfes, Helmut Gruss und Kuess, Veronika!

Woodbury, Albert They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (A:AAN)

Xarhakos, Stavros Rembetiko

Yared, Gabriel Betty Blue

		Camille Claudel
		Moon in the Gutter, The (aka Lune Dans le Caniveau, La)
		Tatie Danielle
		Vincent & Theo

Young, Christopher American Harvest (TV)

		Avenging Angel
		Barbarian Queen
		Bat 21
		Bright Angel
		Deathstalker II (V)
		Def-Con 4
		Dorm That Dripped Blood, The (aka Death Dorm)
		Exorcist III: Legion, The
		Flowers in the Attic
		Fly II, The
		Getting Even (aka Hostage: Dallas)
		Godzilla 1985
		Haunted Summer
		Hellbound: Hellraiser II
		Hider in the House
		Invaders from Mars (1986)
		Last Flight Out (TV)
		Max and Helen (TV)
		Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, A
		Oasis, The (1984) (aka Savage Hunger)
		Power, The (1980)
		Telephone, The
		Torment (1986)
		Trick or Treat (1986)
		Wheels of Fire (aka Desert Warrior (1984))
		Wizard of the Lost Kingdom
		"Twilight Zone, The"
		"Vietnam War Stories"

Young, Victor Arise, My Love (A:AAN)

		Arizona (O:AAN)
		Army Girl (O:AAN)
		Around the World in 80 Days (1956) (D:AA)
		Big Clock, The
		Breaking the Ice (O:AAN)
		Dark Command (O:AAN)
		Emperor Waltz, The (M:AAN)
		File on Thelma Jordon, The
		Flying Tigers (D:AAN)
		For Whom the Bell Tolls (D:AAN)
		Golden Boy (O:AAN)
		Gulliver's Travels (1939) (O:AAN)
		Hold Back the Dawn (D:AAN)
		Left Hand of God, The
		Love Letters (1945) (D:AAN)
		Man of Conquest (O:AAN)
		Northwest Mounted Police (O:AAN)
		Paleface, The
		Quiet Man, The
		Reap the Wild Wind
		Road to Singapore
		Road to Zanzibar
		Samson and Delilah (1949) (D:AAN)
		Silver Queen (D:AAN)
		Sun Shines Bright, The
		Take a Letter, Darling (D:AAN)
		Way Down South (A:AAN)

Zador, Eugene Escape (1940)


Zeisl, Eric Journey for Margaret

		Reunion in France (aka Mademoiselle France)

Zeitlin, Denny Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)

Zimmer, Hans Black Rain

		Burning Secret
		Days of Thunder
		Diamond Skulls
		Driving Miss Daisy
		Fruit Machine, The
		Green Card
		Pacific Heights
		Rain Man
		World Apart, A

Zinovieff, Peter Executioner, The

Zittrer, Carl Murder by Decree



If you would like to add new entries ( names/titles/attributes ) to this list, e-mail them to "". Things are a lot easier for me and the other list-managers to handle, if you follow some rules. These rules have the main purpose to make the different lists as compatible and consistent as possi- ble while minimizing the invested time to achieve this goal.


1. Mail me entries in the following form:

 Name|Title|Attribute     or alternatively as in this list

2. Try to use the same spelling for names and titles as already used in the

 lists for these names and titles. The "list"-script of the moviedatabase-
 scripts can help you to find corresponding entries. Correct spelling of 
 titles and names is crucial for consistency between the lists. 

3. Titles:

 "xxxxx"        = a television series
 "xxxxx" (mini) = a television mini-series
 (TV)           = TV movie, or made for cable movie
 (D)            = Documentary
 (V)            = made for video movie (this category does NOT include TV 
	    episodes repackaged for video, guest appearances in 
	    variety/comedy specials released on video, or 
	    self-help/physical fitness videos)
 You can mail me all kinds of movies: Features, documentaries... from all
 over the world. If possible mail me only the English title or the original
 title, no release-title of country x.

4. Attributes:

 (A:AA):  Academy Award for best score adapted from another musical source
 (A:AAN): Academy Award Nomination for best score adapted from another
    musical source
 (AA):    Academy Award
 (AAA):   Australian Academy Award
 (AAN):   Academy Award Nomination
 (BFA):   British Academy Award ( = British Film Award )
 (Cesar): French Academy Award
 (D:AA):  Academy Award for best score in a drama or a comedy
 (D:AAN): Academy Award Nomination for best score in a drama or a comedy
 (David): Italian Academy Award
 (Felix): European Academy Award ( = European Film Award )
 (GG):    Golden Globe
 (GGN):   Golden Globe Nomination
 (M:AA):  Academy Award for best score in a musical
 (M:AAN): Academy Award Nomination for best score in a musical
 (O:AA):  Academy Award for best original score
 (O:AAN): Academy Award Nomination for best original score
 Feel free to suggest new attributes.
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