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Mistress Rayah Blackstar has compiled a list of mailorder sources for scribes. These catalogs featurebooks, supplies, etc. I have added a few catalogs to the list and updated George Braziller's address. When you get the catalogs, check the prices carefully. I have seen books go for $45 in one catalog, andthen $24 in another. Another good source for books can be your local library's weekend book sale (getthere early) or the end of year inventory clearance sale at the mall B. Dalton or Waldenbooks. Often they special order books for people that don't ever pick the books up. These books get dumped (after a while)onto the cheap table.

Center for the Calligraphic Arts PO Box 8005 Wichita, KS 67208

   Journal-bimonthly magazine. Research article on Calligraphy or

related arts in each issue.Subscriptions $15 a year US and Canada (US currency). Back issues available.

Barnes & Noble 126 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10011

   Receive color catalogs of current books published. Just send in

name and address and request forcatalog. Will find occasional books that you can use in it. Updates always sent.

The Scholar's Bookshelf 51 Everett Dr Princeton Jct. NJ 08550

   Oh, these catalogs are a dream find. They have the books of hours

and illumination you want. It's aheavy duty source for scribal art books and other related arts. Sales and updates sent forever once youorder (and you will). Prices range from $5 to $5000, we're talking really heavy sources here. Everyone I have ever told and given a catalog of this place to has said terrible things to me and then gleefully thrust their latest purchase under my nose to see.

John Neal, Bookseller 1833 Spring Garden St. Greensboro, NC 27403

   Another dream staple of every scribe. Catalog is $2.50 on

newsprint and worth every penny. Books onevery scribal topic WITH commentaries. HONEST commentaries, not just to sell you the book. Supplies,paper. Also has a lettering arts club that sends you the catalog and you receive reduced membership priceson certain items ($7.50 US, Canada and others $8.50 for membership. "Canadian and English customers maysend checks in their currency–please figure exchange at current rate.") Super on delivery on items, even send you quick notice if out of stock.

Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Falls Village, CT 06031-5000

   Sigh. They deliver in record time. They have a newspaper catalog

WITH THOUSANDS OF BOOKS.Want something to read for the next 8 days? And make yourself a list that goes on and on and on to buy.Write them and ask for a catalog. Cash or check only. Which is why the prices ARE LOW. Not a lot ofthe illumination books of hours, but you want research in all categories? They've got it. EXCELLENT PRICES. I keep trying to cross off all the items on my list and they keep sending me catalogs with new items.

Pendragon PO Box 25036 Woodbury, MN 55125 Gold Leaf? Vellum? Quills? Penknives? Pendragon has it all. They will also give you help if you havequestions about what to use! Excellent and one of the only sources by mailorder that I've uncovered forthose hard to find "period" materials. Catalog. Again, excellent response by mail if out of stock.

New York Central Supply 62 Third Ave. New York, NY 10003

  Ask for papers, they have them. Vellum, sheepskin etc. Higher

prices than other catalogs that I've listed.

Thames and Hudson 500 Fifth Ave New York, NY 10110

   Send a name and a postcard to this address said the note on the

side of the bookcover and we willsend you news and forthcoming publications. DO IT. Beautiful books. Three of them are the most lovely ofsources I constantly use for illumination & calligraphy. Hardcover. Expensive. But send for it anyway, theyare not all expensive…just the perfect ones.

George Braziller Inc. 60 Madison Ave New York, NY 10010

   This is the publisher. You can get the books from any of the

other sources that I have listed, andsometimes cheaper there, as you pay full publisher price ordering direct. BOOKS ARE FOR THE BUDGET MINDED SCRIBE. These have full color paperbacks at reasonable prices-average $12 for a full paperback ofcolor photographed manuscripts. Excellent. Get a list from them.

Strand Book Store 828 Broadway New York, NY 10003

   They bill themselves as the Largest Used Book Store in the World,

and having been there, I believeit. The catalog lists new acquisitions and specials, but if you write and ask for something special, they'llcheck for you. Catalog has many types of books as well as art books, but check it out. All major creditcards.

Norman Levine's Editions Boiceville, NY 12412

   Another big used book store. They list many types of books with

brief descriptions in teeny print. 64pages of books. All are hard cover, all are original editions or the better reprints. They also have booksnot listed in their catalog, so if you know what you want you might be able to write and ask for it. They won't however, reserve a book pending receipt of your check.

Dover Publications 31 East 2nd St. Mineola, NY 11501

   They are the ones who are putting out Marc Drogin's book

_Medieval Calligraphy, its design andtechnique_ the bible of scribes in the SCA. It is due in their bookstore at 180 Varick St, New York, NYafter November 17, 1989, so it will probably be available by mail now too. Ask for their catalogs ofPictorial Archive books (art which can be reproduced freely in your local newsletters too!), Art Instructionbooks, Art books in general, and I think they even have a catalog of the 50 or so catalogs they put out! Cheap books, these are usually reprints of sources that went out of print a while ago.

 These sources are all mailorder. I have a hobby of finding out

mailorder catalogs in mundane life.These that I have listed for scribes I have been using for about 5 years, and passing them onto your pocketbook. Mine is empty, but the art flourishes. Write to them all, and be oh so sorry… they have such lovely things you've been looking for.

Originally compiled by

                 Mistress Rayah Blackstar 
                 reprinted and added to by 
                 Lady Fionnghuala Siobhan nic an Chlerich
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