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Msg: #3109 Sec: 7 - Lyric Notes

    11-Mar-89  11:32 PM

Subj: Fugazi From: Gareth Desmond

To: Fish

][ Fugazi ][

Vodka intimate, an affair with isolation in a blackheath cell Extinguishing the fires in my private hell Provoking the heartache to renew the licence Of a bleeding heart poet in a fragile capsule Propping up the crust of the glitter conscience Wrapped in the christening shawl of a hangover Baptised in tears from the real

Drowning in the liquid seize on the piccadilly line, rat race Scuttling through the damp electric labyrinth (Caress Ophilias hand with breaststroke ambition The Albotross courtship, marrytime tradition) Sheathed within the walkman wear the halo of distortion Aural contraceptive aborting preganant conversation (But she turned the harpoon and it pierced my heart And crucified herself around my neck) From the Time-Life-guardians in their conscience bubbles Safe and dry in my sea of troubles Nine to fives with suitable ties While I'm cast adrift as their sideshow, peepshow, stereo hero Becalm, bestill, bewitch, drowning, drowning in the real

The thief of Baghdad hides in islington now Praying deportation for his sacred cow A legacy of romance from a twilight world The dowry of a relative mystery girl A Vietnamese flower, a dockland union A mistress of release from a magazine's thighs This magdalene contracts more than favours The feeding hands - More (Y)/N/NS? of Western promise hold her by the throat

A son of the swastika of 45' parading a peroxide standard Graffitti Disciples conjure testaments of hatred Aerosol wands whisper where the searchlights trim the barbwire hedges This is Brixton chess A knight for embankments folds his newspaper castle A creature of habit, begs the boatman's coin He'll fade with old soldiers in the grease-stained roll call Linger with the heartburn of Good Friday's last supper

Son watches father scan obituary columns in search of absent school friends While a generation digests high fiber ignorance Cowering behind curtains and the taped up, painted windows Decriminalized genocide, providing door to door belsens

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Msg: #3110 Sec: 7 - Lyric Notes

    11-Mar-89  11:38 PM

Subj: Fugazi cont. From: Gareth Desmond

To: Fish

Pandora's box of holocausts gracefully cruising satelite infested heavens Waiting, the season of the button, the penultimate migration Radioactive perfumes, for the fashionably, for the terminally insane, insane Do you realize, do you realize, this world is totally Fugazi

Where are the prophets, where are the visionaries, where are the poets To breach the dawn of the sentimental mercenary Where are the prophets, where are the visionaries, where are the poets To breach the dawn of the sentimental mercenary…

Marillion- Fugazi (Fugazi)

Gareth Desmond

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