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Too Many Books…

Little Duffy Wallace was a normal fan, you see E F E D C B A C B A G

He started out with Star Trek at his grade-school library G F G F E G C A B C D

Then Arthur Clarke and Asimov, and Heinlein juveniles G E D B C B G A C B A G

The library was small - he didn't notice for a while G F G F E G C A B C D

That there were B C D

   So many books, so many books
   E  D# E C      D  C# D A
   It really doesn't matter what your reading speed
   A  B   A  B   C   D  B   A    G    C  D    E
   There's too many books, too many books,
   D       E   D# E C      D   C# D F
   Too many books to read.
   G     F  E     D  C

Duffy did okay in high school - he was bookishly inclined His homework left him time to read whatever he could find He broadened his horizons, hitting math and science too With English Lit and hist'ry he began to get the clue That there were…


Now, a glacier's created when each winter's fall of snow Is just a little heavier than summer's sun makes go… Of books he had too many, and of reading time a lack And of this situation, there was born - a TO-READ STACK! For there are…


For a couple years of college, things were still okay for Duff But he had less time to read, and still more sources for his stuff Used-book stores and garage sales, they began to take their toll And library disposal sales made Duffy lose control You see there's…


[Play chorus theme quietly behind announcer-type speech:]

  "And, turning to City news...  A local resident was killed in
  his home in a bizarre accident today.  Mr. Duffy A. Wallace
  apparently was adding a book to a stack of several HUNDRED in
  his library, when the shelf collapsed, killing him instantly.
  A... `friend'... was quoted as saying, `It was how he would
  have wanted to go.'"

Now Duffy's fannish friends preserved his treasured memory They kept up his collection as a lending library And sometimes, late at night, you'll hear the shuffling of feet And a ghostly voice complaining of the task it can't complete Since there are…


Copyright 1992 by Joel Polowin. Permission is hereby granted to copy this song for any non-profit purpose provided that its content is not altered and that this notice is included. If you include it in a publication, I'd appreciate a copy: mail to 205 Toronto St., Kingston, Ontario, CANADA K7L 4A9. E-mail to Internet or, or Fidonet Joel Polowin @ 1:249/106.4.

[I actually wasn't planning to post this here until after I had a shot at performing it at FilKONtario this weekend… but I decided I wanted to get it out so I could get to work on the follow-up right away. Little Isaac Asimov was just a fan, you see – but there were so MANY books to write…]

My first attempt at original filk. I'm middlin' pleased with it.

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