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Organization: CS Dept. Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon. From: petersm@jacobs.CS.ORST.EDU (Marguerite Petersen) Message-ID: Newsgroups:

Someone, (sorry I don't remember who) asked if anyone had written anything as a tribute to Isaac Asimov. I wrote this one the night I heard he had died. I think it's fitting as he was the reason I was inspired to write Shakespearean Sonnets as acrostics. This one's for Isaac!

        Somewhere around my fourteenth year or so
        Conveniently I cannot be precise
        I came upon a friend at school and though
        Exteriors diverse, we shared a vice.
        No one could have forseen the coming change
        Content were we to sit upon our duff
        Even then we knew that we were strange
        For girls to like to read that "awful stuff"
        I loved imagining huge ships in space
        Considered what strange worlds would be "out there"
        Toward the stars I soared while in that place
        Inside the magazines, "amazing", "weird".
             Of all the writers I'm enamored of
             No one can equal Isaac Asimov
                            Marguerite K.A. Petersen

In Memoriam to Isaac Asimov, Science Fiction Writer par excellence.

Marg a.k.a. Elvira

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