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2/60: DOS 5 Name: Lynne #171 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 07 09:07:10 1991

Has anyone had a chance to really work with DOS5. We're thinking of upgrading in the office and had such a problem with 4 that everyone has become very leery. (You know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it) I'm sure you'll find this hard to believe, but I'd really just like to have a month where things go almost smoothly or – even (dare I think it?) normal, whatever that is, you know, without having to go through everyone's directories and clean up software. I'm also getting very close to convincing this paradigm that I work for to go network!!! to even use a tape backup!!! Six months ago, this man thought using ink in a pen was advanced. Anyway, I'd like to move up to 5 if I have enough feedback from you guys that helps me intelligently convince him that we would benefit. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

3/60: dos5 is pretty good Name: Lockjaw The Ogre #31 @9955 Date: Mon Jul 08 11:20:50 1991

Reply to : DOS 5 Original by : Lynne #171 @9955

it has a few utilities that can be found elsewhere (norton's), but it does load ito high memory, thus freeing up a great bit of memory over dos4. there have been some problems with windows, but the readme file in the package details how to cure problems with many software packages. i say give it a try. there have been few problems, that i have heard of, and most of them were detailed in that readme file.

In the Black Forest lives an Ogre named Lockjaw!

4/60: new portable computers with color VGA Name: Lockjaw The Ogre #31 @9955 Date: Mon Jul 08 11:22:54 1991

i am watching a story on CNN right now about new portable computers with flat color vga monitors. they look great, with awesome color capabilities. the screen is made up of loads of tiny transistors that control the color, rather than the picture tubwe. only one american manufacturer is making them, dolch, but toshiba and nec are making them elsewhere.

BLEH! Lockjaw the Ogre He's gonna nail your mouth open wide

5/60: Only one prob. with those color portables… Name: Gardener #206 @9955 Date: Mon Jul 08 12:22:35 1991

… is that they can't run on batteries (yet). Oh, I s'pose you COULD run them off of batteries if you didn't mind swapping them out every hour or so! <grin> But, I s'pose it makes it a lot easier to carry your work home with you when it's all in a compact COLOR unit no bigger than your average laptop in most cases.

                                               THE GARDENER!

6/60: HELP!!! Name: Soltan Gris #59 @9955 Date: Thu Jul 11 00:17:21 1991

Does anybody out there have the Monty Python Flying Circus game and an Adlib board? The manual says to type PYTHON /A but that does not work. Any suggestions? If not, I guess I'll look for my receipt.

Joe Cool is cool! Soltan

7/60: dos 5.0 Name: Coppertop #333 @9955 Date: Thu Jul 11 16:33:53 1991

I use DR-DOS 5.0 I think it is really a 'good thing' that Mickeysoft finally caught up with the competition… of course that means DR-DOS 6.0 is imminent and MS will once again be a year behind (or more).

8/60: 4DOS CDD command Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Fri Jul 12 12:23:54 1991

Reply to : the best CD utility i have found… Original by : Lockjaw The Ogre #31 @9955

that helps some, but you still have to specify the EXACT path for 4DOS to go to, and to as many levels down as the directory is.

With LCD31A you can change to ANY directory at ANY level on ANY disk drive, with only a partial name. For instance "ch dow" or "ch own" goes from any other directory to my "C:\COMM\DOWN" directory. "ch b" takes me from anywhere to "C:\COMM\DOWN\B"

I also like 4DOS's move command, but I hear MS-DOS 5.0 has that now, along with the command line editor.

9/60: 4dos Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Fri Jul 12 12:26:23 1991

Reply to : 4dos Original by : Lockjaw The Ogre #31 @9955

replaces COMMAND.COM for most users.

Does 4DOS work with DOS5.0?

10/60: Make that TWO problems Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Fri Jul 12 12:28:02 1991

Reply to : Only one prob. with those color portables… Original by : Gardener #206 @9955

They cost much much.

11/60: Aye!! Name: Soltan Gris #59 @9955 Date: Fri Jul 12 15:12:55 1991

You're paying for convenience when you buy a portable pc or laptop. Of course they're still neat, though, to be able to take your 286 or 386 everywhere you go… Soltan

12/60: And 26 new ones here. Name: Chez Lutin #186 @9955 Date: Fri Jul 12 19:58:48 1991

in not (mind you) 'bout 14-18 hours (I forget, Kent can check, but it ain't that long.)

13/60: dos does not have a move command Name: Lockjaw The Ogre #31 @9955 Date: Thu Jun 13 08:52:47 1991

it has a move option in the dosshell. they are trwo completely different things. i can type a move command just like a copy command. same syntax and all. dosshell is not a command line thingy. dosshell also will not exit on my computer. the only other software i have that type of problem with is wwiv.

In the Black Forest lives an Ogre named Lockjaw!

14/60: What I have heard about DOS 5.0 Name: Felonious Skunk #226 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 14 01:00:28 1991

Is that Microsoft and Central Point Software teamed up and came out with DOS 4.01 that could do some neat tricks (like the command editor…) But nothing truly new except for the ability to move some of the TSR's to High Memory.

  Anybody who actually has had a review wish to comment.  I am only going by 

others word, and want to find out wether it is worth upgrading to or not.

  1. –Felonious Skunk

15/60: One little discrepency … Name: Hooded Man #9 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 14 08:54:13 1991

A relative of mine who had installed MS-DOS 5.0 on his '386 told me that
the version will not work with SimCity.  He does not know about the option
where you can "fool" games & applications into thinking it's the older
version of DOS (what was that command again, by the way?) but has anybody
tried playing it on 5.0 yet?
                                                  / /ooded /|/|an

16/60: DOS 5.0 is a *little* more… Name: Gardener #206 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 14 13:59:50 1991

… than just an enhanced 4.01 with HIMEM and UMB (High memory and Upper memory Blocks. I just LOVE Acronyms! :) ). It's got a few neat features, some of which I haven't even BEGUN to start using. DOSKEY adds two features that DOS has been lacking for QUITE some time. The DOSKEY TSR (another acronym) keeps a 'command history'. You can use the Up and Down arrows to look up a command that you typed awhile back, unlike the F3 key which only recalls the command just executed. You can also search for commands in the history and stuff like that. VERY useful when you type the same command over and over again! DOSKEY also has macros. You can string several common statements together into one key. Like, I have this HD menu program. To start it up, I have to type

cd C:\3dmenu c: 3dmenu

so, I just made a macro (called menu) that types all that for me!

There's also the DOS shell, that lets you access programs and files from a Windows-like environment. It comes with a watered-down version of Microsoft's QuickBasic, and a nice editor replacement for EDLIN. Then, there's stuff like the catalog telling you how much space is LEFT on a disk, as well as how much is in use. There's the MEM command, so you can check free system RAM and see how you're doing on RAM use.

I like DOS 5.0 so far. It only cost me $60 (most places around here have it for $70. I got mine a CompuAdd up off of 70), and it's worth it so far.

Only one problem with it. I'm trying to get EMM386.EXE installed, so I can load stuff into UMB's. Only problem is, Windows 3.0 won't run in Standard or 386 Enhanced mode when I try to use the RAM or NOEMS switch. I know why it won't work with NOEMS, but the RAM switch is supposed to eliminate the problem Anybody else have problems with Windows 3.0 and DOS 5.0's EMM386.EXE???

                                               THE GARDENER!

17/60: Hey Name: Hosemaster #117 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 14 22:06:21 1991

Hooded man. I think there is a SETVER command for set version. I believe that is what it is. I have been looking at a friends copy. I am probably going to go and pick one up soon.

18/60: Not that anyone here has any need…(no sarcasm intended) Name: Felonious Skunk #226 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 14 23:04:26 1991

  But if anyone needs any info on AutoCad,  Skunk knows CAD....


19/60: Hosemaster Name: Hooded Man #9 @9955 Date: Tue Jul 16 02:06:42 1991

Ah yah thanks man!  That's the command.  I recommend that ya get it, too.
That Load High is really invaluable.  What gets me in the gut is that 
MicroSoft actually sold this for under $100.  They must be getting mushy
soft, like day old potato salad.

20/60: Hmmm… Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Sat Jul 20 14:04:45 1991

Reply to : DOS 5.0 is a *little* more… Original by : Gardener #206 @9955

sounds like, except for the high-memory support, most of DOS5.0 has already been available as the shareware COMMAND.COM replacement "4DOS". It has command history, a move command, mem command, versatile DIR command with space used/left displayed, and tons more like the SELECT command that I've only used a few times. SELECT is invoked with a drive/file wildcard spec and a command, and then you select files from the list on screen point&shoot like, and 4DOS will run the command for each selected file.

QBASIC and the shell, if it's better than 4.01's shell, are probably worth some of the price. A few extra low-ram K makes up the rest. Who cares about the new editor? There are at least a hundred editors of all kinds out there as pd/freeware/shareware/commercial. Pick the one you like best. I'm sure I'll still prefer VDE 1.61 to any editor DOS has to offer, and VDE's freeware.

21/60: The DOS 5.0 Shell … Name: Hooded Man #9 @9955 Date: Sun Jul 21 11:38:32 1991

If there was that one extra decision you needed on making you get the new

MS-DOS, then the new Shell would probably tip the scales for you. First of all, if you have Windows, don't even worry about the Shell. BUT, if you do not use Windows, then the Shell is the closest thing to it. Can't run Windows-specific applications from it, but it looks and works quite similar to version 3.0.

Even looks good in CGA …

                                                  / /ooded /|/|an

22/60: I hope Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Tue Jul 23 17:39:48 1991

Reply to : The DOS 5.0 Shell … Original by : Hooded Man #9 @9955

it works a good deal better than that lousy file manager included with windows 3.0

The progman is OK, but fileman trys me patience.

23/60: DOS 5.0 Name: Nobody N. Particular #360 @9955 Date: Wed Jul 24 21:43:19 1991

  I use DOS 5.0 with QEMM-386.  It works well.  I agree that the DOSSHELL is 

much improved. I run this for DOS, Windows, and DECNet 3.01 using a VAX 6210 as a file server. (The only good VAX is a dead VAX ;) The main purpose of getting DOS 5 is the memory extension you will recieve if you load it right on a 286 or higher. If you have problems let me know and I'll try to help.

                                Nobody likes to help.

24/60: Does Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Tue Jul 30 12:24:12 1991

DOS5.0 come with new versions of things like SMARTDRV.SYS and RAMDRIVE.SYS. Between Windows3.0 and DOS4.01 I've had several versions of theses things floating around and would love to just have the latest of whatever. Also, is there a Microsoft Mouse driver past V7.04 ?

25/60: MS Mouse Driver Name: Hooded Man #9 @9955 Date: Wed Jul 31 01:56:00 1991

Flatliner -

Yep, there is a version 8 out now.  Lots of goodies with it too, like a
graphical control panel for use with Windows.  Call up Starfleet BBS at
782-3095, because they happen to have it there ...

(hmm, didn't know it was PD)

26/60: mouse driver- Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Fri Aug 09 15:33:29 1991

The control panel doesn't have to be run from Windows.

Also, the drive may not be PD, but I doubt M-soft cares if it is 

distributed, since the only use anyone has for it is running it on a M-soft mouse, which you must purchase.

27/60: Under $100? Name: Mercurial #93 @9955 Date: Sat Aug 17 14:36:46 1991

Reply to : Hosemaster Original by : Hooded Man #9 @9955

Shoot I got my Dos5 for 29.99. Call Egghead at 1-800-egghead and see if they have any left. Very worth it. And I don't have to reboot to run memory hog games like Wing Commander. And it solved a problem I had with my Pardise 256 color driver for windows. Don't know how but it did.




28/60: Yeah, DOS5 has the latest versions of SmartDrv and RamDrive. Also the Name: Mercurial #93 @9955 Date: Sat Aug 17 14:39:15 1991

Reply to : Does Original by : Flatliner #108 @9955

the latest version of Himem.




29/60: DOS5 Name: Phaze #85 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 18 01:28:49 1991

Yeah, its pretty good. I know of at least two games that would only run with barebones config.sys and autoexec.bat. Both of them run fine on my 286. I've got a little over 600K of memory free. Of course if you've got a 386 and extra memory then you can even get more. The Doskey program is a nice addition(it retrieves old commands).

          the ghost in the works

30/60: DOS5 Name: Cthulhu #148 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 18 09:55:19 1991

If you get DOS5 you need to upgrade the Bernoulli Box drivers for some reason. Luckily IOmega has a BBS that has the new versions online to DL.

 /     /|\     \
/  /\       /\  \

/\\/ \| |/ \\ || || _|| ||_ 31/60: DOS 5.0 Name: Pythagoras #157 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 18 19:01:31 1991 There is a WWIVneted DOS 5.0 forum you can access on the Carousel (919-787-6399) in Raleigh, if you are interested. 32/60: DOS 5.0 price correction.. Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Tue Aug 20 15:07:52 1991 Reply to : Under $100? Original by : Mercurial #93 @9955 It's not 29.99, but 39.99. 33/60: I thought… Name: Donatello #56 @9955 Date: Wed Aug 21 01:54:00 1991 Reply to : DOS5 Original by : Cthulhu #148 @9955 you used a Mac! whew don 34/60: DOS 5 Name: Cthulhu #148 @9955 Date: Fri Aug 23 06:43:46 1991 I do use a Mac. I have a Mac Plus of my own, the AppleSeeds BBS is run on an SE/30, at work I have a IIcx for my personal workstation, and a Mac II for my data acquisition computer. However, I also am kind of in charge of a 386sx that we keep up to date and stocked with good software for a visiting professor that comes out every couple of months to help us out doing our research. So I have to deal with DOS, too. _ /\_[X]_/\ / /|\ \ / /\ /\ \ /\\/ \| |/ \\

      || ||
     _|| ||_

35/60: MS-DOS v5 Name: Hooded Man #9 @9955 Date: Sat Aug 24 00:38:00 1991

... is absolutely fantastic, as far as MS-DOS goes.  On my 386, I get 614k
free, which I believe is the _best_ you can get, with both HiMem.SYS and
EMM386.SYS loaded in conventional.  Well, the best with DOS 5 that is.  If
you chucked the drivers for v5.0 and opted for QEMM, I think the memory
savings are even better.  Anyone know this for sure?

36/60: Yeah, I do believe that you save more when you use the QuaterDeck… Name: Mercurial #93 @9955 Date: Sat Aug 24 11:31:25 1991

Reply to : MS-DOS v5 Original by : Hooded Man #9 @9955

Memory drivers but since I have a 286 currently, I haven't done much looking into the matter.




37/60: Well just wait Name: Soltan Gris #59 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 25 00:58:38 1991

for OS/2 version 2.0, I believe it is… It supposedly will allow you to run DOS software better than DOS, and of course you won't have the 640K barrier, because OS/2 uses all your memory. Soltan Gris

38/60: DOS 5.0 and memory… Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 25 12:21:57 1991

Reply to : MS-DOS v5 Original by : Hooded Man #9 @9955

Yes, you can still get better memory savings using QEMM. In fact, if you use QEMM and don't use "DOS=HIGH" in config.sys, you'll end up with more memory than if you let DOS try to load itself high. The reason for this is that QEMM is better at loading DOS high than DOS itself is. Not surprising, really, since QEMM is many years and many versions old, while this is the first release of DOS with this capability. I think Microsoft would have been much wiser to license QEMM from Quarterdeck (like they licensed the Mirror software from Central Point Software). It's probably going to be some time before DOS is as good at managing memory as QEMM is. But at least it's finally moving in the right direction.

39/60: 640k barrier… Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 25 12:23:51 1991

If it's a program written to run under DOS, it doesn't matter if you run it under OS/2, it won't be able to use any more memory than it normally would (it might have more of the <640k area free, but that's it). It would still have to use Extended or Expanded memory to get anything beyond that, and you certainly don't need OS/2 to do that.

40/60: Hey, I got a mac Name: Donatello #56 @9955 Date: Sun Aug 25 23:31:47 1991

with 4 megabytes of memory, I run a BBS and can play two games all at the same time…

whew don

41/60: Free memory… Name: Bandit #310 @9955 Date: Mon Aug 26 23:36:40 1991

Reply to : MS-DOS v5 Original by : Hooded Man #9 @9955

I've seen a system with it's normal drivers and dos loaded high with QEMM that had 638K free conventional memory.


42/60: free memory… Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Wed Aug 28 00:36:23 1991

Reply to : Free memory… Original by : Bandit #310 @9955

Heck, I can do better than that. I've had a QEMM system set up with 730k of conventional memory free. There's a Quarterdeck program called VIDHIGH (or something like that) that will re-map the video memory to low and give you a total 760k free (out of which you need a little for the DOS and (for me) Desqview cores).

43/60: 760k RAM free?! Name: Hooded Man #9 @9955 Date: Wed Aug 28 02:34:36 1991

Man, I wouldn't even know what to do with all that memory!  I'm happy with
614k and EMS as it is!  =)

44/60: DOS5 memory free Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Tue Sep 03 01:34:56 1991

With all the normal drivers (biggest are mouse & smartdrv) that gave me about 540K in 4.01 loaded, I now have 615K free. It does prevent me from running both a 512K smartdrv and a 713K ramdrive, and it does prevent Win3 from running in Standard mode.

45/60: Telix mouse support Name: Nightwing #421 @9955 Date: Wed Sep 04 09:39:54 1991

Reply to : Does Original by : Monty Python #127 @9955

I have a patch somewhere that lets you use a mouse with telix. I'll see if I can find it and get back to you.

46/60: There is a file Name: Big John Stud #13 @9955 Date: Wed Sep 04 13:39:14 1991

Reply to : Telix mouse support Original by : Nightwing #421 @9955

that can be ofund pretty easily lately that lets you run a mouse with Telix. I have it somewhere I'll try and find it.

47/60: Really? Name: Mercurial #93 @9955 Date: Thu Sep 05 14:08:09 1991

Reply to : DOS5 memory free Original by : Flatliner #108 @9955

I have a 1.3 Meg Ramdisk and a 2.3 Meg / 820k Hyperdisk cache set up with setver, hyperscreen, ansi, mirror, and doskey and I can still run Win3 in standard mode… I have a '286 with 4 Meg and only 570k or so free at the DOS5 prompt….

48/60: I have Name: Flatliner #108 @9955 Date: Sat Sep 21 20:43:14 1991

Reply to : Really? Original by : Mercurial #93 @9955

but two megs total ram. Sure, if you have four then you can have huge ramdrive/smartdrive allocations. I had my 2 meg full up with smartdrv and ramdrive (what else is the extra ram useful for anyway under 4.01? ), so when I went and threw the TSRs and drivers up in high RAM, obviously something had to go.

49/60: More memory is quite usefull in 4.01 if you are running windows… Name: Mercurial #93 @9955 Date: Tue Sep 24 14:41:49 1991

Reply to : I have Original by : Flatliner #108 @9955




50/60: 4DOS Name: Dr. Mead #51 @9955 Date: Thu Oct 03 07:31:33 1991

Reply to : 4dos Original by : Flatliner #108 @9955

I have 4DOS and DOS5.0 living in sin on my hard drive, and they seen to get along pretty well…

51/60: Memory savings Name: Dr. Mead #51 @9955 Date: Thu Oct 03 07:34:32 1991

Reply to : MS-DOS v5 Original by : Hooded Man #9 @9955

YEP, QEMM will get you 655K or so, depending what TSR's you have, and what stuff can LOADHI. that's what i did on this 386SX.

52/60: DOS5… Name: Dr. Mead #51 @9955 Date: Thu Oct 03 07:37:16 1991

Reply to : DOS5 memory free Original by : Flatliner #108 @9955

Did you try typing win/s at the prompt? That's all i had to do…

53/60: Qemm Name: Bandit #310 @9955 Date: Fri Oct 04 01:05:05 1991

Reply to : Memory savings Original by : Dr. Mead #51 @9955

version 6 is now on the shelves. Look for it.

* * * * * * * * The

 Bandit !!!

54/60: QEMM v6, 4DOS and DOS 5.0 Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Fri Oct 04 16:05:37 1991

I'd watch it with QEMM version 6. I've been using it for about a month now and it definitely has some bugs.

I'm curious as to why someone would still want to use 4DOS with Dos 5.0. Seems like most of the nice things about 4DOS have been built into DOS 5.0 (macros and command line editor, for example).

55/60: Does DOS 5.0 have Name: Swing/Not Swing The Cat #86 @9955 Date: Sat Oct 05 12:32:09 1991

the F9 filesearch ability of 4DOS? Or the aliasing ability? Or batch-to-memory files? Does it have the command stack; and if so, is it as advanced as 4DOS'?

If not, one of these may be why people would still want their DOS 5.0 to have 4DOS. If not, I can't figure out why they want it either.

   Swing/Not Swing the Cat

56/60: I know that DOS 5.0 Name: Phaze #85 @9955 Date: Mon Oct 07 03:33:26 1991

has a command stacker that is supposed to compare favorablly with 4DOS. I haven't checked about its file search capablility since i used Norton's for that. As far as aliasing, I'm not sure what you mean. If you would explain perhaps I could check for you.

     the ghost in the works

57/60: 4DOS vs. Dos 5.0 Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Tue Oct 08 10:55:58 1991

Reply to : Does DOS 5.0 have Original by : Swing/Not Swing The Cat #86 @9955

It doesn't have the built-in filesearch like 4DOS, but then, I use WHEREIS, which is much better than the 4DOS search anyways (it will search across whatever drives you specify, inside all kinds of archives if you want, and has many other advanced features). No aliasing either, which I would like. It does have "batch to memory" files (macros) and a very nice command stack editor. It also has the ability to string multiple dos commands on a line (you separate them with ctrl-t), which allows you to make batch files that are much cleaner (takes out a lot of the crazy if/goto's).

58/60: "aliasing" Name: The Bear #370 @9955 Date: Tue Oct 08 10:56:40 1991

Could very easily be accomplished by making small macros (batch files in memory) to handle the aliasing for you.

59/60: quiken update Name: Weasel #203 @9955 Date: Fri Oct 11 15:00:08 1991

Has anyone upgraded their quiken 4? Got the card in the mail the other day and I don't know if it's worth it.



60/60: What exactly is wrong with QEMM 6? Name: Mercurial #93 @9955 Date: Thu Oct 17 14:59:31 1991

Reply to : QEMM v6, 4DOS and DOS 5.0 Original by : The Bear #370 @9955


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