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Message #2760 on "MAGICKNET" (public) Date : 28-Oct-91 18:53 From : Simon Novali To : All Subj : Conference Rules (1 of 3)


Following are the conference rules for the MagickNet Triad. They will be posted once a month on a rotating basis in one of three echoes.

These echoes have the tagnames of: MAGICKNET, MUNDANE, and METAPHYSICAL. If they are not designated by those names on the boards you are posting from, please inquire as to which message areas corresponds to each of these three echoes. Sysops are encouraged to make such identification as easy as possible for new users.

I rely on your assistance in maintaining the integrity of these echoes.

Regards –Simon

— QM v1.00 * Origin: *Northern Lights* Citrus Heights CA (916)729-0304 (1:203/444.0) Message #2761 on "MAGICKNET" (public) Date : 28-Oct-91 19:16 From : Simon Novali To : All Subj : Conference Rules (2 of 3)

2.1 MAGICKNET…… Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick

This remains the normal Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick echo. Newcomers and the casually curious are welcome. As an aid to such folks, we will compile a few messages' worth of standard questions and answers which will be automatically re-posted to the echo every month. However, discussions of only marginal relevance to the topic(s) will be strongly encouraged to move to MUNDANE. 2.2 METAPHYSICAL… Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick (articles)

This portion of the echo is intended to encourage members of the magickal community to discuss points in common and points of difference in detail; to promote scholarship and depth of thought in the magickal community. Only messages of magazine-article quality should be posted in Metaphysical. Replies to articles posted in METAPHYSICAL should be posted in MAGICKNET. It is the responsibility of each sysop to ensure that messages which belong in MAGICKNET or MUNDANE do not get posted here. For example, the sysop may choose to have users submit potential messages as files to be converted (by the sysop) into messages, or alternatively may only give access privilege sufficient to post into METAPHYS- ICAL to trusted users who have had the policy explained to them. However, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should unvalidated, first-time callers be permitted to post in METAPHYSICAL.

2.3 MUNDANE…….. Neopaganism, Witchcraft & Magick (sidetrack)

Many members of the original Magick echo derived great pleasure and satisfaction from being able to discuss mundane and political matters with other members of the magickal community. Unfortu- nately, left unchecked such discussions can tend to crowd serious magickal discussions. To allow both types of dialog to exist side-by-side, the MUNDANE echo was formed. If a discussion starts in either the MAGICKNET or the METAPHYSICAL echo that is irrelevant to their topics, the parties to that discussion will be =strongly= encouraged to move the discussion over to MUNDANE (if not completely away from the Neopaganism, Witchcraft and Magick Conference).

This should not be confused with a wide-open general chatter echo. While the topics may range freely, only members of the magickal community or those with interests in magickal topics are encouraged to post here.

— QM v1.00 * Origin: *Northern Lights* Citrus Heights CA (916)729-0304 (1:203/444.0) Message #2762 on "MAGICKNET" (public) Date : 28-Oct-91 19:19 From : Simon Novali To : All Subj : Conference Rules (3 of 3)

3.1 Nodes Required to Provide All Three Echos

All systems which distribute this conference or make it available to the public are required to carry all three echos. Mail-only and/or point systems which do not distribute the Neopaganism, Witchcraft and Magick conferences or make them publically available are exempted from this rule but are strongly encouraged to carry all three echos in order to be able to follow discussions which are moved to other tracks.

3.2 Notify Coordinator of Local Distribution

Any system carrying all of the MagickNet echos may further distribute them to any private or FidoNet node within their local calling area. However, they are required to notify the coordinator of this hookup at once, and to distribute to that node or point the current version of this document.

3.3 Request Permission for Non-Local Distribution

No system except the main hubs may distribute all or part of the MagickNet echos to a node or point outside their local calling area without first securing permission from the coordinator. (The other two hubs may do so, but should notify the coordinator as soon as possible.)

3.4 No Illegal Messages

No message which is blatantly illegal in content shall be entered into the MagickNet echos. The only exception will be for messages regarding legitimate religious practices or beliefs which are or may be made illegal, in violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the U.N. Statement on Human Rights.

3.5 No Harrassing Messages

No message which is intended to harrass someone because of their religious beliefs, or to convert them to another religion, shall be entered into any of the MagickNet echos. No exceptions will be made to this rule, even in the MUNDANE echo.

3.6 No Irrelevant Messages

No message which is irrelevant to the topics of Neopaganism, Witchcraft, and Magick shall be entered into MAGICKNET or into METAPHYSICAL. For this rule, a warning will be issued, and in general the conversation will be permitted to continue in the MUNDANE echo.

3.7 No Personal Insults

No message which contains unnecessary profanity or personal insults shall be entered into any of the MagickNet echos. Only one warning will be issued to any violator. (If you wish to continue to insult each other, please use personal FidoNet mail.) This includes messages in the MUNDANE echo.

4. Enforcement

If a user of any bulletin board system or point operator under a Fidonet node naively violates one of these rules, it is the responsibility of the local sysop to take whatever action is necessary to prevent it from happening again. In the event the local sysop is unaware of the violation, the coordinator will notify him or her.

If the sysop of the local node does NOT take such action, or is the person responsible for the violation, then the coordinator will request that system to leave the MagickNet echos at once. If it does not, then the coordinator will request of the system by which it is linked into the MagickNet echos that they cease to deliver messages to or accept messages from that system, and it will be forcibly exiled from the echos. Anyone who knowingly provides a "feed" to a sysop who has been exiled from the MagickNet echos will suffer a like fate. Likewise, if the exiled system's feed refuses to cut the link, the link above the feed will be cut - as high up as is necessary to successfully exile the offending node.

[Excerpted From Mag-Pol.Txt v1.2]

— QM v1.00 * Origin: *Northern Lights* Citrus Heights CA (916)729-0304 (1:203/444.0)

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