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– For Guys Only. Board # 3/GUYS, 3 new msgs.

137/139 # 137520 yeah, but then again.. From: CRONUS on Sun Mar 11 4:12pm

I've known others to happen when they were valiantly looking for it..

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138/139 # 137540 Never. From: OPRIME DAMMIT on Sun Mar 11 11:14pm

Never have I been in a relationship that began with my saying to myself,"now there goes a person I would like to have a relationship with."

Y'see, when you end a musing with a preposition, it cannot come to pass…

Seriously though, the relationships that I have found myself in snuck up on me from behind or way off to one side, never from the front. Anybody who is taking the previous sentence an extra step deep is invited to die with festering boils.

[]Prime/Man without Funk (and currently sans 'signifigant other')

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139/139 # 137555 Me and Unicat From: SAMMY SONGWRITER on Mon Mar 12 3:47pm

For us it was love at first sight.We were at a New Year's party and talking about resolutions.She said hers was to find a new boyfriend and I said I'm avalible.We have been together for a year and two months.Therefore I have to agree with Marlin,It does JUST happen.

Truly in LOVE(not lust), SAMMY

"I didn't want to,I tried not to,but,I think I'm gonna love her anyway."

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– BBS event info. Board # 7/EVNT, 3 new msgs.

72/74 # 137531 March 17…. From: JOE VANCIL on Sun Mar 11 8:09pm

   Sorry.  I will DEFINITELY be out of town for the next TWO weekends.
   Nostradamus, I doubt you had the right people.  I'm 23....and I don't 

consider that all that young.

   By the way, you should have joined us for pizza, you bum.  Passing up 

good pizza in favor of hiding behind a computer just doesn't make good sense to me……


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73/74 # 137551 Event: MTABBS Picnic. From: MARLINNIUM on Mon Mar 12 11:37am

 This is one to mark on your calender.  It's the Official Annual MTABBS 

Picnic, at Babler State Park on Saturday April 28th. I'll be posting all the details later. The reservations for the shelter (rain or shine) will be finalized in a few days.

 These picnics are usually a big success, with over 40 users showing up.  

Not something to be missed.


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74/74 # 137563 Picnic From: JOE VANCIL on Mon Mar 12 7:00pm


   If I'm here, I'll be there.
   (That serves as fair warning.)

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– THE DEBATE BOARD. Board # 11/TDBB, 8 new msgs.

89/96 # 137528 Phone Numbers From: NEWTON on Sun Mar 11 7:10pm

This is off the topic, however it refers to an earlier topic. The Telephone company in Southern Nevada ( Centel? ) currently offers a module that displays the callers phone number on an LED display along with a prompt that states whether this is a previously recorded phone number, or a new number. Display of your number can be blocked by dialing "#67" prior to dialing the number you wish to connect. Ergo, your number is not displayed if you don't want it to be displayed. However, then the recepient does not have to answer because he knows you do not want to display your number. Could be a telephone solicitor.

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90/96 # 137532 Drugs…. From: JOE VANCIL on Sun Mar 11 8:12pm


   No.  Either make them legal to everyone or leave them illegal.

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91/96 # 137534 Drugs-legal? NO WAY!! From: CAPTAIN KIRK on Sun Mar 11 8:53pm

Drugs, even the illegal kind have legitimate(sp?) uses, (ie: Cocaine is a great anesthetic, the correct doses…) This kinda use is one thing, but DRUG ABUSE- heh, now that's a whole differnt story- ruins futures, minds,families, the cost is just too great to make it so readily available..

>>>>>Captain Kirk<<<<<

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92/96 # 137537 … From: TOM on Sun Mar 11 10:08pm

What congress is doing now seeing if they should be legalized or not. A lot of researchers are now saying if the drug use is legalized, that would bring all of theese big fights and such out. I don't know or understand how but that's been the topic for all of last week, I think it'll be the topic for weeks to come. Immagine, we are now trying so hard to stop drug use in the u.S. And the world, now legalize it? Hmmm what is this coming to?


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93/96 # 137556 Answer of the week From: SAMMY SONGWRITER on Mon Mar 12 4:00pm

YES,but only weed.The other drugs are far too dangerous.

JOE:You must be under 21.If you are then think of it this way.Would you want YOUR kid smoking at the age of 5? 10? 15?I know I sure wouldn't.

The whole thing is that alcohol is legal but if it's not "used" responsibly then it can mess your world up.Same thing with weed.Hell,it's the same thing with anything!!!


Message (?=menu)

94/96 # 137564 Me? Under 21? I take that From: JOE VANCIL on Mon Mar 12 7:02pm


   I take that as a compliment.  Actually, I'm 23.
   Would I want my kid smoking it at age 5?  No.  And as a parent, it would 

be my responsibility to see that my child would be obedient. One of my favorite pet peeves is AGE <> RESPONSIBILITY. If you're going to make it legal, then make it legal to all. If you're going to call it a privilege, then enforce it with a statute other than age.

   The problem in dealing with this "age factor" is that for so long, it 

has been burned into your minds that this is a good thing. IT ISN'T. Sending mixed messages to people only causes confusion, and in teen-agers, will only cause rebellion. Dealing with peop e who are younger as EQUALS is the only way you can gain the respect to get them to listen to what you are saying.

   Motivational lectures don't think they're stupid.  The law 

doesn't work….breaking it is a thrill. Education works to the extent that it conveys knowledge….it doesn't help make the choices, with the exception of knowing the consequences. Peer pressure doesn't work by definition….you've got to "convert" a group of kids before it will work, and how can you convert a group without teaching them to avoid peer pressure? The only way to get the message across is to present it as an equal.

   Perhaps some of this comes from the fact that my two best friends are 15 

and 20. However, one is notoriously anti-alcohol and anti-drug, and the other is notoriously anti-drug.

   12-17 year olds have no voice in the matter.  Maybe we should listen to 

what THEY say…..after all, isn't a lot of this stuff supposed to be for them?


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95/96 # 137567 Is the From: TWISTED INFINITY OO8 on Mon Mar 12 8:03pm

"age factor" actually not a good thing, or is that your rebellious opinion. 
All repeat what I said before, there is no real discrimination when you are 

talking about age because no one stays that age the rest of there life. We can't depend on parents solely to raise their children in an intelligent manner, we have to have a government to set standards. But like I also said earlier it is the parent that should get the punishment rather than the child in most cases. A parent has no excuse for NOT raising their kid, thats simple neglect.

  Fine, lets allow drugs for all.  But lets make a case for anyone caught 

drunk with beer, high on mariijuana, or wasted on cocaine get LARGE, VERY LARGE fines. (And in a case of a child, their parents). Although I normally try to avoid name calling I will now, because it is a prejudism I hold. ANYONE who uses drugs on a regular basis for something other than medical purposes are IDIOTS, plain IDIOTS, IGNORAMOUSES that have a USELESS life and who obviously can't live with reality. (NOTE: "regular basis" this does not mean those who have tried it before, or do it maybe a once or twice a year).

  Joe the only way to prove someone is unable to drive, at first, is by 

their test. Now it sounds alright to make it stricter but 16 is a fair age for people to start out driving. Driving is a priviledge and no one below 16 really need it(neither do 16 year olds but you have to start sometime). I do think they should give driving permits for people around 14 (like in Florida) just so they have a long chance to ge educated in how to drive.

  For the drinking age, 21 is fair.  I don't think past 10 they should be 

all that strict about it, giving the right a little earlier is okay with me, but not much. Definitely people should probably learn how to drink before they drive(and when people get drunk regularly you know they never learned how to drink) but it shouldn't be an absolute right until after. Also just because someone is a competent driver, doesn't mean they are a competent drinker in combination with driver. Actually it wouldn't necessarily be bad for drinking age to come before driving, but then driving age has to e backed up some.

  As for voting age, 18 is fair enough.  But the same those below have to 

be immune from some things that older people do because they had no say in the issue. But like I said earlier 98%(may have raised it some) of all people younger than 18 who seem to care at all for the issues(I mean all around issues, not just some. There are many that may know an individual issue and care for that one only, they shouldn't be allowed to vote) would vote by what they here their parents say. And it also takes awhile to learn much history. And that is probably one of the most important factors in political issues.

    But I can still blab on and on so I shouldd stop now I guess.  But age 

is actually the FAIREST way to restrict people because we are all at some age at one time or another(not counting the age of death). Intelligence level seems valid but it is too complicated to judge, some people have bad days.

              oo Twisted-8-Infinity oo

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96/96 # 137569 Drug age restrictions From: ALEXANDER STANGL on Mon Mar 12 8:46pm

 Well, I think any bill has a better chance of passing if it has age 

restrictions, like 18 or 21. After all, nicotine & alcohol are currently handled that way (though loosely).


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– Star Trek Central. Board # 13/TREK, 3 new msgs.

89/91 # 137521 ahem. From: CRONUS on Sun Mar 11 4:17pm

well, I think the flashback idea would have been good if it was done better, but "The Naked Now" and maybe 2 others are the only episodes that ive seen been copied, back in the 60's, Star Trek focused on 60's issues, and now in the 80-90's ST TNG is focusing more on TODAY'S issues. and isn't that what they've been doing all along? just different time-periods?

  1. Don't gripe..


Message (?=menu)

90/91 # 137535 STAR TREK- Next Generation. From: CAPTAIN KIRK on Sun Mar 11 8:58pm

Isn't their mission to EXPLORE? Looks to me like they do more patrolin than explorin…

>>>>>Captain Kirk<<<<<

Message (?=menu)

91/91 # 137552 Episode copies. From: MARLINNIUM on Mon Mar 12 11:41am

 The Naked Now was obviously based on an earlier episode (The Naked Time), 

and for a good reason. It gave us a really good look inside the personalities of everyone, so we could see what they're all about. Great way to develop the characters.

 Looks like Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home held up pretty good to the TV 

editors. Wasn't cut much at all. One thing confuses me though… they left in all the "hell", "damn", "dumb-ass" stuff, but cut out "dip-shit". And that was in there for a laugh.


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– Quotable Quotes. Board # 17/QUOT, 2 new msgs.

42/43 # 137522 wait a minute.. From: CRONUS on Sun Mar 11 4:21pm

you just contradicted yourself in saying that its safer than common aspirn when you say people die from the increased strain on the cardiovascular system. now I'm not trying to be naieve here but don't you think the FDA would have a good reason for banning it? for example what it does to your brain, or is it just safe and we don't know it..

  1. legalize marijuana

it does NOTHING to you

  1. except for that GREAT buzz man..


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43/43 # 137557 HEY EVERYONE From: SAMMY SONGWRITER on Mon Mar 12 4:06pm

I noticed awhile back that Marlin was hinting that we take this drug debate to the debate board.It's already there so let's turnthis back into Quotable Quotes. Jambo!!

Sorry Marlin,I started this .

"Thank you and here's my address"

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