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14/15 [4] Local PLasTic PoEtry (Could be?) Title: hehehehe Date: Tue Oct 19, 1993 22:56:36 (5 days old) Origin: Plastic Poultry (Texas) [214-333-2949] From: Sysop III #4 @1214016 VirtualNET

We don't know about other peoples, but we thinks that we likes to refer to ourselves in the plurals. (Kind of a Gollum - Hobbit - sorta thingy…)

ALSO, we thinks death poetry is cool… thats why we listen to Metallica… okay, it's not like death metal, but it is pretty morbid… but also uplifting and relaxing… as we always say "Metallica is the language of love!"

"An Ode to DeatH" - By Us!

Falling swiftly into the nether Bringing with a sense of loss As if something more should have been done Before the last line was written

Heedless of their calling after Can't return so just move on The realization must be avoided Or you'll disappear

We wrote that while on-line here. Pretty nifty We think. Sorry it doesn't rhyme, but that would be to difficult without a thesaurus…. hehehe… We must continue this Plurality… Hmmm… we're thinking shizophrenia, but what do we know.

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