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8/15 [4] Local PLasTic PoEtry (Could be?) Title: An little poem of Death Date: Sat Oct 02, 1993 23:55:04 (22 days old) Origin: Plastic Poultry (Texas) [214-333-2949] From: sysop #1 @1214016 VirtualNET


Windows shattered, Glass exploded. The houses tumbled, Then imploded. The demon eyes, Of wicked fate. The earth's own love, Of it's own hate. The moving clouds, That know no time. The screaming drowned, One by mind. Children saved by mothers death, The others saved by ones own breast. The humble fool, The humble slave, Taken by, One great wave. The others wait, And stare to sky. To see their fate, For which it spy!

Yes…I wrote it in highschool maybe not great but one of my better poems I did this to kinda get this forum (message section) back on track….. Poetry..come'on take a stab at it….

                                        Later Robert...
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