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                  Extracts from Corrupt Computing BBS

Hi darren,

           I think this BB is the best in the UK plus I think the way 

that you portrayed real hackers in Popular Comp very good. I have a no that you may be interested in its for BT its 016082420 and the code s MIRACLE ( In capitals ). I was wondering if you could give me any info on phone phreaking as my phone bills are getting beyond a joke. PS do you know of the codes for Infotel I had a user name I dont know if it works though its 813534 .

Subject: 0800289632 Folder : E, "Encyclopedia Hacktanica"

Thanks for the 0800 number. I gave it a try and connected using V25bis. Once connected press ESC and the press return a few times and 'INFORMER' inforamation and set up is displayed. When it asks for the password press ESC first and you will be allowed one entry. Thats as far as I get. Any ideas !!!!

Subject: ® phonecards

I dont believe you can ever add credits to a phone card using nail varnish. I alaways thought they worked like this: A laser scans the stripe (which is a hologram, and therefore very difficult to reproduce), and the credits are removed by stamping them out (you can see the "track"left by the stamper outer if you look close enough). Gaz

Heres a few numbers to start you off, but nothing intyeresting (or is it?) Brighton (0273) 421512 (fax?) and 421554 (ABS computers?) and some Hendon ones, 01-202-0000, 01-202-0015, 01-202-0021, 01-202-0034-always engaged Who has got the greenshield stamp login out there? Well, Ive got the manual for their whole computer system. Gaz

Hello again Darren. Just been reading up on PSS, and there are a few points I am unsure about… I take it I get billed for the phone-time used in accessing PSS. This goes straight onto by phone bill. Do the other charges go onto my phone bill, or do they get charged to the User whose NUI I am using? Forgive my ignorance! My nearest PSE is in Manchester. Would a call to Germany on PSS cost the same as a local PSS connection? I gather it's based on records sent, not distance. Also.. Does your system have any scheduled maintenance period? I Phoned at 11 on the 15th, got halfway thru' the title screen, and got dropped off!. Cheers, Matt.

Subject: Free BBS Phone Bills

I read somewhere that there are some BBS on 0800 numbers (I think USA) anyone know of them.

Subject: (R) VAX/VMS

Try a926245300090864 Password VISITOR cheers TREKKER

Subject: (R) Free BBS Phone Bills

These are 1-800 numbers and unless you use a PCP outdial without 1- barring you cant access them from the UK… well you can by 1-83-800-xxx-xxxx but pay full U$ rates

regards daz

Subject: Phone Bill

Sh*t! My college just got the phone bill , it was 300 pounds the teachers were not pleeased. So please can anyone help me? Is there anyway of getting long disôance phone calls at local call rates ? Are there peRhaps NUI's you can use which would allow me for e.g. to call CCUK at local call rates. When you phone american BBS's through PSS you can call at local rates. Thanks Shuker,

Subject: (R) 0800289632

Uh…its been a while now, I know you can choose your on twerminal and cofigure the emuolation, ANSI, VT100 VT102 VT220 etc, but I can't really remember much else….I have been told that it is a node for some IVBM network, on an international scale….PLEASE EXCUSE THE BLOODY NOISE -:)))

Regards….» Jase «

Subject: HACKING

Well, I am Sure that most of your users are keen on hacking, so here is a nice little telephone number 4 U The number will get you in to a computer of a company, unfortunatly I only have the password to get into the wordprocessing department, but it is not a complex system, and I am sure that you will be able to work out thå other passwords!! The speed that I got through at was v21 (300/300), and I do not know if the system will allow any other speeds. So here it is… THE phone number

  1. ————-

/(021) 706-3387\

  1. —————

(like the artwork??!!) and now, ladies and gentlemen, the all important… password…is ta da da da da da JUDITH YES JUDITH (high security huh!) the password must be in caps, or the system wont allow you access here are a few commands I have worked out. off … back to main menu p on/ p off printer on off ( i have currently set it to laser printer) paste ? … help oh well there you go. I hope that this intrests y'all Thats all folks James Andrews (the Olton Hacker)

To : ALL Subject: PSS

I'm new to hacking and was hoping someone can give me some info. Firstly on this board is many computer addresses. But first I take it that you must use an NUA first - whenever I so the PSS just replies NUA? again - also when I type in a successful NUA and the an address it always replies something like CALL(41) 00:00:00:00 etc. What am I doing wrong. Chris

Subject: Breaking and entering

Hi…Its me again, a little tip which may be of interest, or it may be common knowledge, but here goes anyway, I find that with my setup (CBM A500, Voyeger 7 modem) that if I phone up an old board in viewdata (1200/75), when I get the prompt for the password, if I keep pressing backspace, the computer gives me the epassword that was used by the last person to log on, this works on the owl service, but NOT on Prestel, but then who wants to use prestel??!!! I cant give you the number for the OWL service at the moment, as it is stored on another disk, but on my next log-on I shall send it in as a message, also if any one wants a copy, I have a list of over 100 phone numbers,, and some companys, eg, george heath motors, ford, IBM the entire PSS list comshare, G.R.Ealot of these numbers are numbers I downloaded from the national BB list, but some are ones that I have come across by other means!!, anyway I have no wish to make a profit from this, but i dont wish to make a loss either! so if you send me a SAE, and 25p for paper, ribbon etc.. I will be glad to send you a list, or if the sysop wishes to he could get a copy,and put it on a file for all to download. The reason that I cant upload it for all to share is because I lack the correct software. Sorry. anyway, heres the address to write to.. James Andrews 1 Raddington`Drive Olton Solihull West Midlands B92 7DU I hope This information is of some use to y'all The Olton Hacker

Subject: Introducing ICLC-03…

I'm typing up an introduction to the ICLC-03 protocol. Used by MI5, and various local councils. Any questions, etc., leave me a note. Cheers, Matt.

cc: Darren Ingram

  • * * * * This textfile comes from the Hackernet BBS * * on Leeds (0532) 557739, V21,22,23, 24 hrs. * * * **
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