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Msg#: 14              Rec'd                        Date: 03-05-94  20:05
From: Stephen Whitis @1:124/211                    Read: Yes    Replied: No 
  To: All @1:124/3114*4                            Mark:                     
Subj: 1.03D NP INFO #1 3/4/94

ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ This is Joel Downer's Top 14 Bugs list, covering the major bugs with the exception of the planet cloning bug. Planet cloning will not work in version 1.03d, and makes playing 1.03 a pretty useless endeavor. Sysops can upgrade to 1.03d without reseting the game, and upgrading is highly recommended.

Quoting Joel from here down…

Well, giving a list of *ALL* the bugs in 1.03(d) would be impractical: there are over a hundred of them. What I can do, though, is list the thirteen or fourteen that make the biggest difference to the game.

1. THE STEAL-SELL CYCLE: Stealing equipment from ports is a very good

 way to make money in this version.  You can sell equipment to a port,
 steal it back, and repeat the cycle without leaving the sector for
 very substantial profits.

2. THE HOLDS BUG: If you tell the game that you want to steal 365 units

 of equipment or 660 units of organics (never mind how many holds you
 have), and you don't have high enough experience to get away with
 stealing that much, you will get busted and *gain 32 holds* rather
 than losing any.  To learn the value of this bug, try buying a
 Colonial Transport with base holds, "holds-bug" until you're up to
 282 holds, and sell it back at the StarDock.

3. THE (CLASSIC) MEGAHOLDS BUG: Using the holds bug, it's possible to

 load your ship up to its normal maximum plus 32.  Unfortunately, if you
 try to use those 32 extra holds, you will lose them the first time you
 dock at a port.  The megaholds bug is a solution.  Load your ship with
 colonists, and steal *one unit* of fuel ore or organics from a port.
 Drop off the colonists on Terra.  As long as you don't get busted,
 surrender to the Ferrengi, jettison cargo, or try to trade or pick up
 the commodity you used to "lock in" the extra holds, you can keep
 them and use them for trading or stealing.

4. THE (SUPER) MEGAHOLDS BUG: So, max + 32 isn't good enough for you,

 eh? <grin>  Another bug allows you to load your ship with any number
 of holds, if you have the patience.  First, use the "classic"
 megaholds bug to get up to max + 32.  Now, fill your holds with
 colonists.  Your next job is to lose most of your holds.  One way to
 do this is to surrender repeatedly to the Ferrengi, but the most
 turn-efficient way is to get busted repeatedly:  trying to steal 364
 holds of equipment can take away 32 holds a pop.  You must not throw
 away *all* your holds, but the more you lose, the faster the process
 goes.  Once you're very close to zero, go to a port where you haven't
 been busted and steal one unit of a commodity you don't want to trade
 (probably organics or fuel ore).  You've just created some "imaginary
 holds"; you can now go back to Sol, buy some *real* holds, load those
 holds up with colonists, and start getting busted again...

5. THE CORPORATE MEGAHOLDS BUG: This bug allows you to lock in

 "artificial holds" like the ones created by the megaholds bug, but it
 can create *any number* of holds (up to 32,767), it takes only a
 *few* turns, it doesn't cost nearly as much experience as the
 super megaholds bug, *and* it can create tons of free equipment on
 your planet.  To use it, you need a teammate and a citadel
 that's safe to park in.  Your planet must have some equipment on
 it, though not nearly as much as it will have when you're done. <g>
 First of all, make sure that your teammate is in the citadel and that
 her ship is *unlocked*; her holds should also be empty.  Unlock your
 own ship (they are locked by default) by (R)emaining in the Citadel,
 and saying (Y)es when it asks about trading ships.  Once you've unlocked
 your ship, you can immediately go back into the game.
 Now you need to use the (A)ll command out on the planet's surface to
 take all the equipment you can carry.  Go into the (C)itadel,
 (E)xchange Ships, say (Y)es to confirm, (L)eave the Citadel, and
 (D)isplay the planet.  Go back into the (C)itadel, (E)xchange, say
 (Y)es, (L)eave, take (A)ll, and (D)isplay the planet once more.
 Strangely enough, you'll now have twice as many goods loaded onto
 your ship as you have cargo holds.
 If you wanted, you could now leave the planet and "lock in" the extra
 holds the same way you did with the Megaholds and Super Megaholds
 bugs -- but let's get greedy.  Start repeating the last key sequence
 -- "CEYLAD" -- to load your ship with more and more equipment.
 Something strange will happen every time you change into your
 teammate's ship and take (A)ll:  his ship will be loaded with a
 *negative* quanity of equipment, and equipment will magically be
 *created* on the planet.
 I usually continue this process until my ship has about 25,000
 equipment on it, and my teammate's has 25,000 empty holds.  I can now
 "lock in" my holds with organics, pick up some fuel ore, and
 TransWarp around the galaxy selling excess equipment.  I could use my
 teammate's ship for moving colonists or trading anything *except*

6. THE SHIELD BUG: A Level V citadel with 1639 or more planetary

 shields is impossible to invade.  Attempts to destroy those shields
 are futile.  That's all, folks. <g>

-!- * MegaMail 2.10 #0:Tagline stolen by Lybian terrorists. -!- FidoPCB v1.5 beta-'g' ! Origin: Lunatic Fringe * Richardson,TX * 214-235-5288 * (1:124/2113)

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