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Msg#: 15              Rec'd                        Date: 03-05-94  20:05
From: Stephen Whitis @1:124/211                    Read: Yes    Replied: No 
  To: All @1:124/3114*4                            Mark:                     
Subj: 1.03D NP INFO #2 3/4/94


 and shields -- the Scout Marauder is only supposed to carry 250
 fighters and 100 shields.  If you use negative numbers when
 transferring fighters and shields through the corporate transfer
 menus, however, those limits don't apply.  If you have a teammate
 *take* you a negative number *from* you instead of giving you a positive
 number, he/she can load your ship with up to 32,767 shields and 32,767
 fighters.  (For a faster way to overload with shields, try using
 negative numbers in your citadel. <g>)  However you do it, be warned:
 if you dock at a port with extra fighters and shields, you will lose them!

8. SO MUCH FOR STARDOCK!: A Scout Marauder, overloaded with 32,767

 fighters and at least 20,000 shields using the methods outlined
 above, has very good odds of destroying StarDock or any of the Class
 0 ports.  Just load the ship up and attack:  *DON'T* break off your
 attack until you're out of fighters, and you have about 2-in-3 odds
 of success.

9. THE MORONIC FERRENGI: The game makes neutralizing the Ferrengi very,

 very easy.  All you need to do to insulate yourself against their
 attacks, for example, is carry one fighter and many shields.  When a
 Ferrengi attacks you, he will only do 0-2 damage points at a time.
 Even worse:  to knock the Ferrengi completely out of the game, all
 you have to do is destroy the fighters in their home sector and
 deploy 3,000 of your own fighters in the sector.  From that point on,
 they won't regenerate, even if they still own Ferrengal:  all that'll
 be left are the Ferrengi already wandering around the galaxy.  In the
 first few weeks of the game, this tactic costs less than a million

10. THE INFALLIBLE CLOAK: Buy cloaks. They're a great bargain. In

 1.03, it's impossible to attack a cloaked ship, and regardless of
 what the docs say, cloaks *do not* fail.  Compared to the cost of
 being blown up, 25,000 credits a day is trivial.

11. SHIELDS AND P-MISSILES: The docs are also wrong about the effect of

 shields on the p-wave.  P-missiles *do* work against shielded planets.
 They also work against shielded ships and ships parked in FedSpace.

12. THE USELESS SENTINEL: Don't buy the Tholian Sentinel. Period. The

 Sentinel is supposed to have 4:1 odds when defending a planet against
 an invader.  This feature doesn't work.  If an invader attacks the
 *ship* first -- rather than trying to land and *then* attacking the
 ship -- the Sentinel only gets 1:1 combat odds.

13. MANY FERRENGI AND ALIENS: When a sysop rerolls the game with

 BIGBANG, several files (including CONVO.DAT, WALLDAT.DAT, and, most
 important, FERRENGI.DAT and ALIENS.DAT) are not properly initialized.
 Some new games will be swarming with powerful aliens and Ferrengi.
 Sysops should remember to delete these four files when restarting

14. THE "6666" BUG: Always set your military reaction level to 0% if

 you have more than 12,000-13,000 fighters on your planet.  If an
 invader attacks without a p-missile, the invader has more than 26,000
 fighters on his ship, and your MRL is greater than zero, *all* of your
 fighters will attack him and will be destroyed -- even if you have
 many more fighters than you should need to kill the invader.

Again, this list is *anything* but complete: it's just an attempt to outline the strategically most important bugs. Hope it's useful.

Take care,

Joel (Netmail address 1:202/704) -!- * MegaMail 2.10 #0:My puns are bad, but my poetry is even verse. -!- FidoPCB v1.5 beta-'g' ! Origin: Lunatic Fringe * Richardson,TX * 214-235-5288 * (1:124/2113)

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