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From: (Norman G. Sippel) Date: 29 Dec 93 05:00:57 GMT Newsgroups:,,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: The Ren & Stimpy Show: Encyclopedia

Archive-Name: ren-n-stimpy/encyclopedia Version: Sun Jan 16 12:44:44 EDT 1994 Written-By: Norman Sippel

                     The Ren And Stimpy Encyclopedia
                        Written By Norman Sippel

* * All New: WorldWide Showings Of R&S! * * See The Sections Below!! * *

This encyclopedia doesn't take the place of the Ren And Stimpy guide and FAQ; on the contrary, it should work with these documents. This encyclopedia puts all the shows in perspective with bumpers and cartoons. A bumper is a short commercial spoof or a short piece. All times are Eastern U.S.A. times unless specified. All Trademarks are owned by Nickelodeon, MTV Networks, and Viacom (C) 1991, 1992, 1993. This guide was known as "The Ren And Stimpy Extra" but I think "Encyclopedia" is a better explanation of this guide. It is a depository for miscellaneous facts about Ren And Stimpy and its showings. Anything not covered by the FAQ or Not-So-Official-Guide is covered here–if not, E-mail and request it from me.

Posting Information: This will be posted along with the other Ren And Stimpy documents kept by me (FAQ, guide, and encyclopedia–not comics or ftp site) on the net every two weeks. Look for it around Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.

FTP Information: This guide has been uploaded to and is updated fairly often. If you want more on Ren And Stimpy, please consult the R&S FAQ and/or Episode Guide, both posted on It was kept by Nick Sayer at, but I have taken over for him. E-mail me at with your comments, suggestions, compliments, gripes, and/or additions. E-mail for the guides; if you want more information about the listserver, consult the FAQ. If you want to ftp them, check out under /files/text_files.

  Copyright Acknowledgment: Before the Encyclopedia continues, I want to 

acknowledge the copyrights and trademarks of Nickelodeon, Viacom, and all the other companies which are mentioned in this document and the other two (FAQ, Guide). The purpose of the R&S documents (FAQ, Guide, Encyclopedia) are to inform people, and the documents are kept in my spare time and are kept for no profit.

  Site File Access: This document, if kept on a BBS or a FTP site, must be 

kept in a public access section and be available for free; otherwise, the site/BBS may not carry this document or the other two R&S documents.

September 25, 1992…John K. gets fired from "The Ren And Stimpy Show." According to the L.A. Times, Nick has fired John Kricfalusi because of tardiness with the new episodes. Loyal fellow artists left with him (at least over twenty), so Nick has moved production to a new studio to be headed up by Bob Camp, a former partner at Spumco. Apparently, John K. had it with Nick about censorship; four of his cartoons were nixed. Further updates will be added A.S.A.P. and non-Spumco shows will be marked thereon.

November 1992…John K. has been offered a position as "Creative Consultant," but he plans to continue working on his future feature-length movie with "The World's Most Manly Man." John K. has announced he will not be doing Ren Hoek anymore. :( Nick has banned "Dog Show," "Man's Best Friend," "Powdered Toast Man," and "Out West." Nick has, since the last update, kept playing repeats of the show including variations of cartoons for shows but will start new ones bi-weekly on November 7, 1992. Nick is still playing the edited version of "Big House Blues." Maybe "Sven Hoek" is a prediction about Nick's mis-management of R&S; they may go to heck if Nick's not careful. (I kind of hope so; let John K. buy them back for a song and let them come back better than ever! Joy!)

December 1992…"Game Productions" is working with Spumco to make the rest of the second season shows. Their emblem has a picture of Stimpy in a painter's cap. At this moment, details are sketchy about this. One of the people on this group claims to work for an animation company that is working on "Stimpy's First Fart" (aka "Stimpy's First Trouser Cough" and "Son of Stimpy"); the main action (in this 30 minute cartoon) is about R&S running around the world searching for Stimpy's sentient fart. John K., on the other hand, is hard at work putting together his next project. He has several deals including one with FOX for a show about Spumco's official mascot "Jimmy The 'Hapless' Boy" or unofficial mascot "George Liquor." My vote goes for a show about George Liquor. Since John K. has retained the rights to George, Nick cannot say his name on the air or stop him from doing the show.

February 1993…According to "You Filthy Worms" By Richard Gehr in Village Voice magazine, John K. got George Liquor because Nick didn't want its image ruined by him. John K. calls Games Productions (now known as Games Animation) "milkmen" because they and Nick are trying to "milk" out as much Ren And Stimpy as possible; this explains why Stimpy is in a milkman's costume in the logo. (Besides, Nick already has the trademark for Milkman by Nick-At-Nite's commercials.) According to net sources, rumor still has it that John K. is working for FOX; official word is that John K. is making three new shows for the fall.

April 1993…Some of the first non-John K. cartoons have been aired. They are funny at times, but without him, they aren't the same. Ren and Mr. Horse are both played by Billy West. Two of John K.'s shows for the fall will be "George Liquor" and "He Hog." MTV played a surprise rotation of the second season shows, except the three most recent cartoons; its finale was a second airing of "Son Of Stimpy" on the last night of the rotation. It seems, after going through my list of aired episodes, that Nick premieres a new show every three weeks, and during sweeps month, it tends to follow up a three-week wait with a new episode one or two weeks sooner than the usual rotation.

May 1993…Nick is starting to finish the rest of the season by playing new episodes. Hopefully, the season will end soon so we all can reLAx!! :)

Summer 1993…R&S Desert. No new shows have aired since May, but thankfully, "Stimpy's Fan Club" and "Visit To Anthony" have been repeated on SNICK and Sunday Morning. "Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen" has yet to be replayed. Videos are scheduled to come out soon! (See FAQ for more information on it.)

October 1993…Billy West came to Miami University on October 6, 1993!! New episodes are coming November 20! Further details about the speech are in a post which is looking for a ftp site currently.

November/December 1993…The new episodes are out with mixed reviews. Let's give Bob Camp a chance! (Actually, show #31 was good!)

Some Abbreviations:

CHACS = Commander Hoek And Cadet Stimpy SSBL = Stimpy's Storybook Land WWDTT = What'll We Do Till Then? Nick = Nickelodeon R&S = Ren And Stimpy HHJJ = Happy Happy Joy Joy FYI = For Your Information TBA = To Be Announced DYN = Did You Know or Did You Notice?


Introduction Copyright Acknowledgments Site File Access Quick News About R&S Abbreviations Shows and Components

 Season 1
 Season 2
 Season 3

The List Of Shows Through Second Season Shows Made For Season 1 Shows Made For Season 2 Shows In Production Shows Made For Season 3 WorldWide Showings

 Marathon Showings In USA
    By Norman Sippel
 MuchMusic Marathon Information
    By Paul Chudobiak
 New Zealand Showings
    By Kerrin Jones
 Australian Showings
    By Darren O'Shaughnessy
 SNICK Showings (Second and Third Seasons Of R&S)

What'll We Do Till Then .Signature?

  1. ———–
  2. SEASON 1 -
  3. ———–
                   August 11, 1991 To August 15, 1992

Note: All The Quote Titles are a basic reaction and/or generality about the show. In no way is it the real title for the compilation for the show. (For example, "The Pilot Show".)

Show # 1 "The Pilot Show"

  Bumper: Secret Club House And Oath
  SSBL: The Littlest Giant 
       (This is its original place in the line-up)
  Bumper: Log For Girls
  Bumper: Stimpy's Breakfast Tips
  Big House Blues (Edited)
  Bumper: Yak Shaving Day
  (C) 1991

Show # 2

  CHACS: Space Madness
  The Boy Who Cried Rat!
       With Mr. and Mrs. Pipe and a cameo by George Liquor (Trash Scene)
  Bumper: Yak Shaving Day
  (C) 1991

Show # 3 "The First Season Premiere Show"

  Bumper: The Original Log Commercial (From Blammo)
  Stimpy's Big Day
  Bumper: Stimpy's Breakfast Tips (The Only One)
  The Big Shot! - Part 2 Of "Stimpy's Big Day"
  Bumper: What Will We Do Till Then?
            Gritty Kitty Litter
  (C) 1991

Show # 4

  CHACS: Marooned
  Bumper: My Little Brother Doll
  Bumper: Ask Dr. Stupid - One or Two Humps
  "A Cartoon" aka "Untamed World" aka "Nature Show"
  Bumper: WWDTT: Horsey With Crocostimpy
  (C) 1991

Show # 5

  Bumper: Ask Dr. Stupid - Why School?
  Fire Dogs
  Bumper: Log For Girls
  SSBL: The Littlest Giant
  Bumper: WWDTT: Chase Your Tail Till You're Dizzy
  (C) 1991

Show # 6

  Bumper: Powdered Toast Man! (From Preemo)
  SSBL: Robin Hoek
       (With George Liquor as the Sheriff of Dodge City)
  Bumper: Secret Club House And Oath
  Nurse Stimpy
  Bumper: WWDTT: Magic Nose Goblins (Boogers)
  (C) 1991

Show # 7 "The Lost Episode"

  Black Hole
  Bumper: Deluxe Log For Girls
  Stimpy's Invention
  (C) 1992
  1. ———–
  2. SEASON 2 -
  3. ———–
                  August 15, 1992 To November 20, 1993

Show # 8

  In The Army
  Powdered Toast Man! (Unedited)
       Featuring Gary Owens as PTM and Frank Zappa as The Pope
  (C) 1992

Show # 9 "Second Pilot Show"

  Ren's Toothache (Almost A SSBL)
  Bumper: Sugar Frosted Milk
  Bumper: Ask Dr. Stupid - What Have You Bean?
  Bumper: Secret Club House And Oath
  Big House Blues (Edited)
  Bumper: Log For Girls
  (C) 1991 (Check It Out!)

Show # 10 "The Mr. Horse Show"

  Out West
       Featuring "The Hangin' Song"
  Bumper: New Log Products (From Blammo)
       Starring Gary Owens As The Announcer
  Rubber Nipple Salesmen
  (C) 1992

Show # 11

  In The Army
  CHACS: Space Madness
  (C) 1991

Show # 12

There are two versions with the cartoons played in different orders

Version a

(Version b is the same except main cartoons are switched)

  Bumper: Sugar Frosted Milk
  Bumper: Ask Dr. Stupid - What Have You Bean?
  Bumper: Secret Club House And Oath
  Big House Blues (Edited)
  Bumper: Log For Girls
  In The Army
  (C) 1992

Show # 13

DYN: The original partner to "Ren's Toothache" was "Man's Best Friend"

  Ren's Toothache
  Bumper: New Log Products (From Blammo)
       Starring Gary Owens As The Announcer
  Rubber Nipple Salesmen
  (C) 1992

Show # 14 (14a for original music, 14b for new music version)

  Bumper: More New Log Products (From Blammo)
       Starring Gary Owens As The Announcer
  Sven Hoek (With umlauts over the "e" in "Sven" and "o" in "Hoek")
       Starring Billy West (voice of Stimpy) as Sven
       (This is the second 1/2 hour cartoon.)
  Bumper: Gritty Kitty Commercial
       Starring Gary Owens As The Announcer
  (Part Two Of Sven Hoek)
  Bumper: WWDTT: Blow Yourself Up Like A Balloon
                 (Billy West plays Ren.  Goodbye John K.!)
  (C) 1992 (No Spumco Logo, But Definitely Spumco's Work
            Premiere Showing Only)

Show # 15

  Haunted House
  Mad Dog Hoek
       (Stimpy plays "Killer Kadoogan.")
  (C) 1992 (John K. gets a production credit, but no Spumco Logo
            for premiere of this episode only)

Show # 16 "The Human Show"

  The Big Baby Scam (First Solo Vincent Waller Cartoon)
  Dog Show
       (Editing: They took off and edited the words "George Liquor,
        American" and George has lost the stub of his tail.)
  (C) 1992 (Spumco, Game Productions, and MTV Networks)

Show # 17

  Dog Show
       (Editing: They took off and edited the words "George Liquor,
        American" to "George ______, American!," and George has lost the
        stub of his tail when they "judged" him.)
  In The Army
  (C) 1992

Show # 18 "Banned!"

* This show only appears on MTV *

  Powdered Toast Man (Unedited)
       Featuring Gary Owens as PTM and Frank Zappa as The Pope
  Out West
       Featuring "The Hangin' Song"
  (C) 1992

Show # 19 "MTV's First Premiere"

  Son Of Stimpy
       Also known as "Stimpy's First Fart," "Stimpy's First Trouser
       Cough," and finally, on video, "Have Yourself A Stinky Little
       (MTV "claimed" that Nick banned this episode.
        This show is the R&S Christmas Show that was scheduled
        before Christmas 1992.  Nick even ran ads for it!)
       Nick ran it for Christmas 1993, but edited out Stimpy talking
       to the policeman.  So denoted 19b.
  (C) 1992

Show # 20 "Ren's Replaced!"

  Note: First episode without the "Created By John K." title card.
        (for the the premiere showing of the episode only)
  Monkey See, Monkey Don't
       (First time Billy West replaced John K. as Ren in a whole
  Powdered Toast Man (Edited)
       Featuring Gary Owens as "PTM" and 
       Frank Zappa as "The Funny Little Man With The Pointy Hat"
       (No Mention Of Pope and Dusty Old Papers)
  (C) 1993

Show # 21 "John K.'s Funniest"

Two versions:

a Nick Version

b MTV Version

 (Note: It first aired during the March-April 1993 showings of 
  R&S on MTV.    It is practically the same as 21a except it 
  has a special cut for commercials.)
  Fake Dad
       (Written by John K. and Bob Camp.)
  Out West
  (C) 1993

Show # 22 "R&S Go Wild With The Animals!"

  The Great Outdoors
  Monkey See, Monkey Don't
  (C) 1993

Show # 23 "Makes Me Want To Puke! :)"

  The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball
  Mad Dog Hoek
  (C) 1993

Show # 24 "Dedicated To R&S Fans Everywhere!"

  Stimpy's Fan Club
  Bumper: Oath Of Servitude
  (Part Two Of Stimpy's Fan Club)
  (C) 1993 Spumco, Games Animations, MTV Networks

Show # 25

  Fake Dad
  The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball
  (C) 1993

Show # 26

  Ren Hoek, Ace Reporter: Mr. Horse Returns
  Visit Two Anthony (Two Parts)
  World Crisis With Mr. Horse (S-O-C-K-S:)
  (C) 1993

Show # 27

  Note: With the extra long length of this R&S episode, the intro
        or the credits are cut.  So far, the Special version cut
        the intro to "R&S", and the SNICK version cut the credits :(.
  Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen
  Powdered Toast With Vitamin "F" ("F" is for "Fart")
       (With Gary Owens as PTM, of course)
  Sugar Sod Pops
  (C) 1993

Show # 28 "Ren's Replaced!"

  Note: Yet another episode without the "Created By John K." title card.
        (for the the premiere showing of the episode so far)
        New compilation, old cartoons.
  Monkey See, Monkey Don't
       (First time Billy West replaced John K. as Ren in a whole
  The Big Baby Scam
       (John K. plays Ren Hoek.)
  (C) 1993

Show # 29 "Outdoors With Hairballs"

  The Great Outdoors
  The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball
  (C) 1993
  1. ———–
  2. SEASON 3 -
  3. ———–
                     November 20, 1993 To Fall 1994

Show # 30 "Bob Camp Premieres"

  To Salve Or Salve Not
  A Yard Too Far
  (C) 1993  (This is the last show apprently to feature the "Created By
             John K. title card since he has a credit in the closing.)

Show # 31 "R&S Hit A Stride!"

  Circus Midgets
  No Pants Today
  (C) 1993 (No John K. title card in introduction.)

Show # 32 "R&S Light"

  Ren's Pecs
  An Abe Divided
  (C) 1993
  1. —————–
  2. - All The –
  3. - Shows Thru –
  4. - 2nd Season –
  5. —————–

The Big Baby Scam Nurse Stimpy Big House Blues Out West The Big Shot! (Part 2 - Stimpy's Big Day) Powdered Toast Man Black Hole (CHACS) Ren's Toothache The Boy Who Cried Rat! Robin Hoek (SSBL) The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Dog Show Rubber Nipple Salesmen Fake Dad Space Madness (CHACS) Fire Dogs Stimpy's Big Day The Great Outdoors Stimpy's Fan Club Haunted House Stimpy's First Fart * In The Army Stimpy's Invention The Littlest Giant (SSBL) Sven Hoek Mad Dog Hoek Untamed World Marooned (CHACS) Visit To Anthony Monkey See, Monkey Don't

* Also known as "Stimpy's First Trouser Cough," "Son of Stimpy," and

 "Have Yourself A Stinky Little Christmas."
  1. —————–
  2. - Shows Made –
  3. - For Season 1 –
  4. —————–

(This is incomplete. Please E-mail me the information to fill in the holes in the premiere dates!)

Some premiere months have been taken from _Cinfantastique_ magazine.

FYI: "Big House Blues" was created during the summer of 1990.

Titles Premiere Dates

Big House Blues (Pilot) Animation Festivals, Summer 1991 The Big Shot! (Part II to Stimpy's Big Day) 08/11/91 Black Hole (CHACS) 02/23/92 The Boy Who Cried Rat! 08/25/91 Fire Dogs 09/01/91 The Littlest Giant (SSBL) 09/01/91 Marooned (CHACS) 12/??/91 Nurse Stimpy 08/18/91 Robin Hoek (SSBL) 08/18/91 Space Madness (CHACS) 08/25/91 Stimpy's Big Day 08/11/91 Stimpy's Invention 02/23/92 Untamed World 12/??/91

  1. —————–
  2. - Shows Made –
  3. - For Season 2 –
  4. —————–

Titles are from "Film Threat," December 1992, #7 edition and were posted on by Ken Alexander (

Note: There are slight changes to his original text.

    The Symbol @ = Unknown Fate (Will show up in third season)
 Titles                                                      Premiere Dates
 The Big Baby Scam                                                 12/12/92
 The Cat Who Laid The Golden Hairball                              04/03/93
 Dog Show   (Was nixed By Nick - Was scheduled for 09/12/92)       12/12/92
 Fake Dad                                                          02/27/93
 The Great Outdoors                                                03/27/93
 Haunted House                                                     11/21/92
 In The Army                                                       08/15/92
 Mad Dog Hoek                                                      11/21/92

@ Man's Best Friend (Was scheduled for 08/15/92) ??/??/?? Monkey See, Monkey Don't 02/13/93 Out West 08/29/92 Powdered Toast Man (Full Version - MTV, Edited Version - Nick) 08/15/92 Ren's Toothache 08/22/92 The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen Official: 05/23/93 Nick: 08/14/93 Rubber Nipple Salesmen 08/29/92 Stimpy's Fan Club (30 minutes) 04/24/93 Stimpy's First Fart MTV World Premiere 01/13/93 (30 mins. aka "Stimpy's First Trouser Cough" & "Son of Stimpy." In Prod.) Sven Hoek (30 minutes) 11/07/92 @ To Salve Or Salve Not ??/??/?? @ Untamed World Two (30 minutes. Subtitle: "Lair Of The Lummox") ??/??/?? Visit To Anthony 05/08/93 @ A Yard Too Far ??/??/?? MBF Starring George Liquor (Nixed By Nick?)

 Nick has taken it off the play list until Games Productions (now
 Games Animations) has reanimated the "violent" parts.  See 
 _Cinfantastique_ magazine and the R&S FAQ for a total history
 of George Liquor.
  1. ————————–
  2. - Shows In Production –
  3. ————————–

These are shows which fate has yet to be determined. Titles are from _Cinfantastique_ magazine, June 1993, and _Film Threat_ magazine, December 1992. They may show up in the third season or never.

This list was updated with information given by Billy West when he spoke at Miami University on October 6, 1993. (In other words, I was there and got him to talk about it!) This list will have entries deleted as the shows premiere.

() = Shows that are unnamed as of the publishing date

Name Current Condition

The Big Switch Good Chance The Cellulettes Good Chance Cried Rat ][! Written - Probably Nixed Hillbilly Ren Written - Unknown (Jimmy The Belly Button Elf) Very Good Chance Man's Best Friend Good Chance If Reanimated Or Edited Onward and Upward Written - Probably Nixed Ren's Bad Habits Written - Probably Nixed Untamed World Two Good Chance (Wilbur Cobb, The King Of Cartoons) Very Good Chance

  1. —————–
  2. - Shows Made –
  3. - For Season 3 –
  4. —————–

See the notes in the previous section for credits and more information about new and premiered season 3 shows.

The Symbols: * Premiered Episode

              $     SNICK Repeated Episode
              %     Sunday Showing Repeated Episode
              #     MTV Repeated Episode
           (Blank)  New Episode Waiting To Be Aired (None at this time)
              @     Unknown Fate (Will show up in third season)
 Titles                                                      Premiere Dates

* An Abe Divided 12/18/93 @ The Big Switch ??/??/?? @ The Cellulettes ??/??/?? @ Cried Rat ][! ??/??/?? * Circus Midgets 11/26/93 @ Hillbilly Ren ??/??/?? @ (Jimmy The Belly Button Elf) ??/??/?? @ Man's Best Friend ??/??/?? * No Pants Today (aka Stimpy: That Dirty, Little Naked Boy) 11/26/93 @ Onward and Upward ??/??/?? @ Ren's Bad Habits ??/??/?? * Ren's Pecs 12/18/93 * To Salve Or Salve Not (aka To Salve Or Not To Salve) 11/20/93 @ Untamed World Two (30 minutes. Subtitle: "Lair Of The Lummox") ??/??/?? @ (Wilbur Cobb, The King Of Cartoons) ??/??/?? * A Yard Too Far 11/20/93

  1. ———————————————
  2. Marathon Showings Of Ren And Stimpy In USA -
  3. ———————————————

1. Mega-Nicktoon Monday

 Date: 08/12/92
 Shows: All The First Season (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
 Air Times: All In One Afternoon (5:30pm to 8pm)

2. MTV's Marathon - "Ren At Ten"

 Date: 01/10/93 through 01/13/93
 Shows: Premiere Of "Son Of Stimpy"
        All First Season (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
        Second Season Up To Son Of Stimpy (12b, 13, 14b, 15, 16, 18, 19)
 Air Times: First Two Nights: 10pm to 12midnight
            Second Two Nights: 10:30pm to 12midnight
            (Can someone double check this for me?)

3. MTV's Unannounced Marathon

 Date: 03/29/93 through 04/02/93 and 04/05/93 through 04/09/93
 Shows: 7, 12b, 13, 14b, 15, 16, 18, 4, 21b, 19
 Air Times: Every Weeknight At 7pm EDT For Two Weeks

4. Nick-Mania Challenge

 Date: 04/24/93 and 04/25/93
 Shows: First Day: 3, 12b, 7, 13
        Second Day: 4, 2, 15, 14b
 Air Times: 2pm EDT to 4pm EDT
 Trivia Questions: (SPOILERS HO!)
    1. What was the mountain made up of in "Black Hole" ?
          (Leftover Stinky Socks - 1 point)
    2. What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and rolls over
        your neighbor's dog?  (Log - 2 points)
    3. How many times does Ren bang his head on the counter
        in "Space Madness" ?  (Three Times - 3 points)
    4. Gritty Kitty Litter stays crunchy in what liquid?
        (Milk - 4 points)

5. Nick Mania: SNICK Mania

 Date: 05/08/93 and 05/09/93
 Shows: 5 and 6
 Air Times: 3pm EDT Both Days

6. Monday Nicktoonathon

  Date: September 14 [??], 1993
  Shows: Unknown -- did someone tape it? (I forgot to tape it! :( )
  Air Times: Various (??)

7. MTV's Marathon - "Ren Again"

 Date: 11/01/93 through 11/12/93
 Note: MTV played "Dog Show" for the first time in quite a while.
       Besides "Monkey See, Monkey Do," "Son Of Stimpy" was a victim
       of given air time (even though Space Madness and Marooned repeated
       twice.) :(
 Shows: (Some order of segments has been rearranged for MTV's
        strange form of commercial breaks.)
                              The Showings:
                  7:00pm EST       9:00pm EST     11:30pm EST
 11/01/93           # 3               # 6
 11/02/93           # 2               # 5
 11/03/93           # 12b             # 21b *
 11/04/93           # 4               # 14b **
 11/05/93           # 7              (None)         # 15 (No Spumco Logo)
 11/08/93           # 13              # 4
 11/09/93           # 18              # 16
 11/10/93           # 24              # 26
 11/11/93           # 27 ***          # 2
 11/12/93           # 29             (None)         # 24
  • The show was sped up (for an unknown reason).
  • * The original order was changed for MTV's different (weird:) commercial


  • It was the original premiere packaged version with the "R&S Special" opening, but it didn't include the Sugar Sod Pops bumper. Air Times: 7:00pm EST/6:00pm CST and 9:00pm EST/8pm CST everynight. MTV plays R&S on Fridays at 11:30 instead of 9:30. 8. Thanksgiving Nicktoon Weekend Date: 11/26/93 Times and Shows: 12:30pm EST # 3 4:30pm EST # ?? 1:30pm EST # 2 5:30pm EST # ?? 2:30pm EST # 7 6:30pm EST # 28 3:30pm EST # 12b 7:30pm EST # 31 (PREMIERE!) ?? = Shows I have yet to watch on my tape (but I have them!). 9. Nick' Merry Christmas Marathon Week Date: Friday December 17, 1993 Time: 5:00pm to 7:00pm Shows: Unknown except for #12b. ———————————- - MuchMusic Marathon Information - ———————————- Note: This ran on August 14, 1993. From Paul William Chudobiak ( Much Music's Ren And Stimpy-athon Information ============================================= This information comes from our weekly satellite guide (OnSat) One thing that I don't understand, is that one weekly guide say that the Ren and Stimpy-athon is on Aug. 7th, and the next guide says that it's on August 14th. Both guides are from OnSat, maybe the Ren and Stimpy-athon are on both Saturdays! (Joy!) It's probably just a printing error, and it might just be on the 14th, but keep your eyes peeled anyway this Saturday. Here are the times for the various shows (All times are for the Eastern time zones) (Editor's Numbers) 12:00 p.m. Stimpy's Big Day/The Big Shot 3 12:30 p.m. Robin Hoek/Nurse Stimpy 6 11:55 p.m. Space Madness/The Boy Who Cried Rat! 2 1:25 p.m. Fire Dogs/The Littlest Giant 5 1:50 p.m. Marooned/Untamed World 4 2:20 p.m. Black Hole/Stimpy's Invention 7 2:45 p.m. In The Army/Powdered Toast Man 8 3:15 p.m. Ren's Toothache/Big House Blues 9 3:40 p.m. Out West/Rubber Nipple Salesmen 10 4:10 p.m. Sven Hoek and Three Shorts 14 (a or b?) 4:35 p.m. Haunted House/Mad Dog Hoek 15 5:05 p.m. Big Baby Scam/Dog Show 16 5:30 p.m. Son Of Stimpy 19 6:00 p.m. AlMusic "Weird" Al takes over MuchMusic Similar to MTV's AlTV (Good call Toastman!) The whole thing then repeats at 8:00 p.m. with AlMusic repeated at 2:00 a.m. The guide for the 14th has the exact same show listing, so I think the way it's posted is the way it's gonna be. I'm just not sure if it's on the 7th, or the 14th, or both. I hope it's both! =OP For those with satellite dishes, here's how to get MuchMusic. MuchMusic is located on the Canadian Anik E2 satellite, transponder/ channel 6. Anik E2 is located beside Spacenet 4. Here is the location with respect the other satellites… G3 T301 (or T1) G6 S4 E2 E1 M1 T303 (or T3) ^^ || Right here! Now, because MuchMusic broadcasts in stereo, you'll have to change the audio frequency (or subcarrier) to tune in the audio. The frequencies are.. 5.41 Left Channel 6.17 Right Channel On some satellite recievers you can select the type of stereo, if you can, make sure it's on Discrete Stereo. Also, MuchMusic has a mono audio frequency, it's 6.67. I don't know if it works, I am always listening to MuchMusic in stereo. =O) Well, that's it. If anyone has any questions, either E-Mail me or post it up on the newsgroup and I'll answer it there. -Paul Chudobiak E-Mail: —————————————— – New Zealand Showings Of Ren & Stimpy – – With Other Miscellaneous Notes – —————————————— Note: This whole section has been written by Kerrin. All dates for this section are in the form day/month/year. Thank you, Kerrin, for writing this up! FORWARD ——- From Kerrin Rhys Jones Sorry I've taken a while to get back to you with this - I dug through some old issues of The Listener and discovered R&S have actually been lurking on our screens in little watched timeslots for a lot longer than anyone seems to realise. I've written up all the details I have at the moment - I'd like to give you episode listings for some of the earlier stuff, but have been unable to find anyone with such a thing. I emailed the two NZers who you have included comments from in the current version of the FAQ, asking if either of them had any more details, but I haven't heard back from them (and it's been a while)… So here you go… It's all I can come up with at the moment, really… Feel free to edit, chop, cut and paste as you see fit, include as much or as little in the FAQ as you like… I'll let you know if I find out anything further or if R&S return… Spot you later, Kerrin. =================================================================== THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW in New Zealand The Ren and Stimpy Show gained widespread popularity when it screened for a while in a 6:00pm Saturday time-slot. It was quite well publicised - a full-page article in the 17/4/93 issue of The Listener (NZ TV magazine) did the usual "it's gross, it's disgusting, but it's popular" bit and gave the background on the Nickelodeon/Kricfalusi breakup. This was the first time the show had been publicised widely, and the first time most viewers (including myself) discovered it. However, checking through old issues of The Listener, it appears that Ren and Stimpy had actually been on our screens for quite a while before gaining their widespread popularity… It seems that R&S was first screened on WHAT NOW, a Saturday morning kids show. R&S was listed as running for 10 to 15 minutes on the following dates: 14/11/92 10:00-10:15am 21/11/92 10:00-10:10am 28/11/92 10:00-10:10am 05/12/92 10:05-10:15am It seems that 05/12/92 was the last WHAT NOW for 1992. The next week, Ren and Stimpy resurfaced in a 4:30-5:00pm Saturday timeslot, where they ran on the following dates: 12/12/92 4:30-5:00pm 19/12/92 4:30-5:00pm 26/12/92 4:30-5:00pm 02/01/93 4:30-5:00pm 09/01/93 4:30-5:00pm 16/01/93 4:30-5:00pm 23/01/93 4:30-5:00pm 30/01/93 4:30-5:00pm 06/02/93 4:30-5:00pm I believe Show #16 ("The Big Baby Scam" and "Dog Show") and Show #14 ("Sven Hoek") were both shown in this run, among others. WHAT NOW came back on 06/02/93, screening 8:00am-12:00pm on Saturdays. Once again R&S was included in it, from 10:35-11:00am. 06/02/93 10:35-11:00am 13/02/93 10:35-11:00am 20/02/93 10:35-11:00am 27/02/93 10:35-11:00am 06/03/93 10:35-11:00am 13/03/93 10:35-11:00am And then finally, Ren and Stimpy made it to a decent timeslot and got a bit of publicity. Here's the episode listing of R&S from their 6:00pm Saturday run. Episodes are titled as in the Ren and Stimpy Extra, with some comments on cuts where we know they've been made - there are bound to be many others. 17/04/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #3 24/04/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #6 (Missing PTM Bumper) 01/05/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #2 08/05/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #5 15/05/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #4 22/05/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #7 29/05/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #8 05/06/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #10 (Missing "The Hangin' Song" from Out West) 12/06/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #16 19/06/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #19 26/06/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #9 03/07/93 6:00-6:30pm Show #12 (Haunted House ends with "…end it all") Then with no warning or explanation, R&S disappeared from our screens to be replaced by DEEP WATER HAVEN, a new 26-part NZ drama series, (or at least what passes for drama around here…) Ren and Stimpy have not been sighted on our screens since. An article "Censored!" on TV censorship in the 7/8/93 issue of The Listener talked about the cutting of various TV programs by TVNZ. R&S got the following mention, referring to the cutting of "Haunted House": Like THE SIMPSONS, the shamelessly subversive REN AND STIMPY has felt the censor's knife for it's deliberate battering at the taste barrier. A cutting notice from June orders the following: Delete "I couldn't even scare a paranoid schizophrenic". Delete suicide scenes. Delete "There's only one thing left to do, I'm going to end it all", "Sweet Lord No" (Spike shown through head), "You can't do that … Do this" (A bottle of poison handed over and swallowed, followed by writhing and death.) ===================================================================== —————————————— – Australian Showings Of Ren & Stimpy – – With Other Miscellaneous Notes – —————————————— These airings are from Network Ten's Big Breakfast from Darren O'Shaughnessy ( The first two weeks were Monday through Friday, and now it is shown every Monday. I edited the format slightly to agree with date stamps and episode numbers to match my episode numbers. This information was accurate as of September 1, 1993. The times are Australian time. Date Time Num Notes —————————————————————————– July 5, 1993 7:30am # 3 (Series Premiere) July 6, 1993 7:30am # 6 July 7, 1993 7:30am # 2 July 8, 1993 7:30am # 5 July 9, 1993 7:30am # 4 July 12, 1993 7:30am # 7 July 13, 1993 7:30am # 8 July 14, 1993 7:30am # 9 July 15, 1993 7:30am # 10 July 16, 1993 7:30am # 14 (a or b?) July 19, 1993 7:30am # 15 July 26, 1993 7:30am # 16 August 2, 1993 7:30am # 5 August 9, 1993 7:30am # 3 August 16, 1993 7:30am # 6 August 23, 1993 7:30am # 2 August 30, 1993 7:30am # 4 September 6, 1993 7:30am # 7 September 13, 1993 7:30am # 8 September 20, 1993 7:30am # 9 September 27, 1993 7:30am # 10 October 4, 1993 7:30am # 14 (a or b?) (Moved from 7:30am to 7:00am) October 11, 1993 7:30am # 15 October 18, 1993 7:30am # 16 I haven't got a TV guide for next Monday yet (I'll have one tomorrow), so the episode to be screened is anyone's guess. I fear R&S may be temporarily suspended Down Under, but I live in hope. You Eediot! is getting airplay on JJJ, mainly thanks to Maynard F# Crabbes. The album is only available on import here, however. Editor's Note: Aussie Showings Have Been Temporarily Stopped. ——————– - Iceland Showings - ——————– ————————————– – SNICK Showings Of Ren And Stimpy – – With Other Miscellaneous Notes – ————————————– Season 1: SNICK wasn't even thought up yet. :) Season 2: Here are the shows: Date Time Num Notes —————————————————————————– August 15, 1992 9:00pm # 8 (Season Premiere) August 22, 1992 9:00pm # 9 (Premiere - New!) August 29, 1992 9:00pm # 10 (Premiere - New!) September 5, 1992 9:00pm # 11 (Premiere - Replay Of Season 2 Cartoons) September 12, 1992 9:00pm # 4 September 19, 1992 9:00pm # 5 September 26, 1992 9:00pm # 12a (Premiere - Replay Of Season 2 Cartoons) October 3, 1992 9:00pm # 3 October 10, 1992 9:00pm # 13 (Premiere - Replay Of Season 2 Cartoons) October 17, 1992 9:00pm # 6 October 24, 1992 9:00pm # 2 October 31, 1992 9:00pm NONE (There was a marathon of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?) November 7, 1992 9:00pm # 14a (Season Premiere Take 2: 1st Non-Spumco Ending) November 14, 1992 9:00pm "New Log Products" "Rubber Nipple Salesmen" (Nick played the Kid's Choice Awards, so 1/2 show aired) November 21, 1992 9:00pm # 15 (Premiere) November 28, 1992 9:00pm # 14 December 5, 1992 9:00pm # 12b (Note: December 6, 1992 at 11am: They played a second season show for the first time! It was #13) December 12, 1992 9:00pm # 16 (George [with no Liquor] Premieres!) December 19, 1992 9:00pm # 15 December 26, 1992 9:00pm # 14a (Premiere) January 2, 1993 9:00pm # 17 (Premiere) January 9, 1993 9:00pm # 16 (Thurs. January 13, 1993 - MTV Premieres "Son Of Stimpy" at 11:30pm EST) January 16, 1993 9:00pm # 12b January 23, 1993 9:00pm # 15 January 30, 1993 9:00pm # 14b (Thurs. February 4, 1993 - Ren And Stimpy make a cameo appearance on "The Simpsons." For more detail, see the FAQ and guide.) February 6, 1993 9:00pm # 7 February 13, 1993 9:00pm # 20 (Premiere) February 20, 1993 9:00pm # 16 February 27, 1993 9:00pm # 21a (Premiere) March 6, 1993 9:00pm # 12b March 13, 1993 9:00pm # 14b March 20, 1993 9:00pm # 15 March 27, 1993 9:00pm # 22 (Premiere) (MTV played the five R&S shows this week in order from "Black Hole" to "Mad Dog Hoek") April 3, 1993 9:00pm # 23 (Premiere) (MTV played the rest of the second season this week except three cartoons, and shows #4 and #21b were used as replacements. "Son Of Stimpy" Was Repeated For The First Time On U.S. TV On April 9, 1993. On a Side Note, 21b premiered) April 10, 1993 9:00pm # 16 (Repeat) April 17, 1993 9:00pm # 21a (Repeat) April 24, 1993 9:00pm # 24 (Premiere) May 1, 1993 9:00pm # 25 (Repeat) May 8, 1993 3:00pm # 5 (Repeat At Special Time!) May 8, 1993 9:00pm # 26 (Premiere) May 9, 1993 3:00pm # 6 (Repeat At Special Time!) May 15, 1993 9:00pm # 14b (Repeat) May 22, 1993 9:00pm # 20 (Repeat) May 23, 1993 PREMIERE!! SPECIAL SHOWING! 7:00pm # 27 (An official SNICK showing) May 29, 1993 9:00pm # 26 (Repeat) June 5, 1993 9:00pm # 2 June 12, 1993 9:00pm # 21a June 19, 1993 9:00pm # 24 June 26, 1993 9:00pm # 16 July 3, 1993 9:00pm # 22 or 29 (Which?) (Sunday July 4, 1993: First Sunday morning showing of "Stimpy's Fan Club" (#24) and first time a new R&S from second season has been shown here for ages) July 10, 1993 9:00pm # 26 July 17, 1993 9:00pm # 15 (Sunday July 18, 1993: First Sunday showing of "Visit To Anthony.") July 24, 1993 9:00pm # 20 July 31, 1993 9:00pm # 12b August 7, 1993 9:00pm # 21 August 14, 1993 9:00pm # 27 August 21, 1993 9:00pm # 14b August 28, 1993 9:00pm # 13 September 4, 1993 9:00pm # 27 September 11, 1993 9:00pm # 15 September 18, 1993 9:00pm # 24 September 25, 1993 9:00pm # 12b October 2, 1993 9:00pm # 28 (Premiere – New compilation of old 'toons) October 9, 1993 9:00pm # 29 (Repeat !!) October 16, 1993 9:00pm # 26 (Repeat !!) October 23, 1993 9:00pm # 14b (Repeat !!) October 30, 1993 9:00pm # 15 (Repeat !! – I called it! :) ) November 6, 1993 9:00pm # 24 (Repeat !!) November 13, 1993 9:00pm # 13 (Repeat !!) Season 3: (Assuming no everyday showings and SNICK keeps going with R&S.) Date Time Num Notes —————————————————————————– November 20, 1993 9:00pm # 30 November 27, 1993 9:00pm # 31 December 4, 1993 9:00pm # 26 December 11, 1993 9:00pm # 19b December 18, 1993 9:00pm # 32 (Next morning at 11am: 19b) December 25, 1993 9:00pm NONE (What? No show! :( ) January 1, 1994 9:00pm NONE (Maybe Dec. 31st though) January 8, 1994 9:00pm # January 15, 1994 9:00pm # January 22, 1994 9:00pm # January 29, 1994 9:00pm # What Will We Do Till The Next Update? Read This Over Again! :) ,——————————————, . _ . /# /_\_ | "The Post Is Over. See You Next Time!" | |\_|//| | |/o\o\ | "What'll Do Till My Next Post?" | / / \/ \ \ | \\_/_/ | "You Could Clean Your Belly Button" | /|O||O| \ / |_ | | "You Could Eat Olive Loaf Till You Puke" | |/_ \_/\_/ _\ | | ||\_ ~| | "I Know…Read!" | | | () | || | ||| \/ | | \/\_/\/ | |||_ | Norman "Stimpy" Sippel | (_/ || \ | | Alias "Shawn" "Killer Kadoogen" | | || || | | | | ||\ ||_ \ | Thought To Be Emailed At ._| \ _/ \_| o| | | HAPPY | \ /\_/ | | HAPPY | || || / |||| | | JOY JOY | (() (___)_) |——————————————| /***\
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