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                   /    !  THE COMPLETE ESSENTIAL !    /
                   /    !                         !    /
                   /    !  STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE TO  !    /
                   /    !                         !    /
                   /    ! THE MASS PRODUCTION OF: !    /
                   /    !                         !    /
                   /    ! MODERN (G)HORROR MOVIES !    /
                   /                                   /
                   / (C) '88 HELLRAISER & VISION (NFL) /
                   /                                   /
                   /    Call Borington's BEST...       /
                   /                                   /
                   /    >CAMP BLOOD< 416-332-4803      /
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   This guide has been compiled for all

you sicko's out there, of which we ourselves are not exempt, who thrive on the element of horror. (In other words, the concept of people getting systematically gored, mutilated, mangled, bludgeoned, and so on…)

   The production of such films has been developed to an art in that there is

an obvious unwritten guideline that most follow. This file changes that so that U2 (you too) and any other fool off the street could design his or her own (for you libbers out there) 'mangle 'em up movie'. So, when you have made your first million, remember who you have to thank for it. We would welcome any profit-sharing that your conscience leads you to.

   In the production of horror movies, one must consider QUANTITY.  QUALITY is

of little (if any) importance. These 'Grind 'em into the ground' films have become immensely popular and will continue to be so for one main reason; this being that the vast majority of 'us' are demented. 'We' are quite willing to shell out 5 bucks at the theatre on a regular basis in order to watch our favorite MURDERER/ MONSTER/FIEND/SICKO/FREAK/DEMON rip apart our least favorite VICTIM(S)/ LOSER(S)/GOODY-GOOD(IES)/KNOB(S). Perhaps this is a comment on the stability and state of today's rapidly degenerating society… Fuck that!!! Anyways, it should now be apparent to even the simplest of simpletons that 'wholesome hacking' films are SOUND profit-makers.

                            BASIC REQUIREMENTS:
   Entrepreneur (you) with an unstable
   1 day to spare.  This figure, although quite high, accounts for time used
   for script-writing (rough draft = final),
   No-name (low-cost) actors (relatives, for instance).  * All measures must
   be taken to prevent the unnecessary loss of profits, all filming, and
   The name MUST get straight to the point and be simple enough for the

audience to understand. 'Autumn Asphyxiation', for example, would not be acceptable (no one would know what autumn means!)

   Suitable examples: KILL!, KILLED!, KILLER!, KILL 'EM ALL! DIE!, ALL DIE!,


   OR, u can try the "MASSACRE" approach: DRIVE-IN MASSACRE, MICROWAVE


   Once you have a winner, DON'T STOP!! Release SEQUELS with subtitles!!!

AXE! AXE II: The Blade Gets Sharper! AXE III: 3-D! AXE IV: Pain! AXE V: More Pain! AXE VI: Return of the Axeman! AXE VII: The End!!! AXE VIII: We Lied.

   Team-ups are always popular and so you get:

AXE IX: Axeman vs. Jason vs. Freddy

   Don't stop here...
   These films gain a great deal of popularity because of their association

with HEAVY METAL and SEX!! Could that be another indicator of society's imminent collapse?? Always hire THRASH METAL groups to sing your theme songs and perform sound effects (sometimes it is hard to tell which is the theme song and which are the sound effects!)

   For example:
   SOUND FX (poor Billy's death cries as performed by 'Diehard'): UG!


   THEME SONG (also by 'Diehard'): UG! AAACKKKK! AWWWK! FUCKKK! ERK!
   Hire no-name Thrash groups (people will like them and buy their albums)

because it is cheaper this way. Do not pay millions to Ozzy and the boys to be in your movie… hire 'The Granny-fuckers', 'Bash Heads', 'Inverted Cross', 'L.S.D.', 'Nic Fit', and so on. You can find any of these groups on local street corners, malls, arcades, record stores where it is easy to steal from. If all else fails, simply shout, "DRUGS!" and you are guaranteed to attract their attention!

   The lyrics of your theme song are of no importance.  Tape yourself while

you are gargling if you can't think of anything else. This is what will happen when the group records it:

LYRICS: You are gonna fucking die you fucking faggot! Fucking take your fucking head and smear it on the fucking wall! Yer gonna be fucked up real fucking bad! Don't fuck with us! Don't take no fucking shit! Fuck that!

CHORUS: Fucking right! Fucking hell! Fucking Yaaa! Satan! Satan! Satan! AXE! Fucking right! [Repeat] [Repeat] [Repeat]

GUITAR SOLO followed by smashing of guitar over head of person in audience


   BUT... all of the above will come out as:

YJG-JH-BjKIGGBbbaFKl-J-JJJsKkjKJAA… * Note that this is difficult to understand.

   Sex, as mentioned previously, plays a major part in these movies.  Be

ORIGINAL, though. Try new, never-before-tried-things! Trust me… the sickos out there will love you for it! The villain usually has one thing on his/its mind: KILL! It is usually the victims who indulge in sexual acts during their short life-times on screen. Do not be stingey on actresses like you are with your actors, though. Do not use your sisters/mother/aunts/nieces in your movie because they are probably as ugly as sin. Use BABES only! Test them out yourself, first, to make sure they are up to par.

   The name of your feature-film may be greatly influenced by SEX.  Use names

like 'Deadly Dildos', 'Babes Get Blasted', 'Bludgeon The Bitch', 'Slut Slaughter', and 'Painful Pussies'.

* Note: Name such as these will draw

      crowds with low mentalities.
      People with low mentalities
      are the majority, so this is

* Note 2: The name does not have to

        relate to the film in any
        way.  (If you have a real
        loser film about a girl
        and her pony, call it
        'Ultimate Orgy Gets The
        Axe VII!' and it will be


   Now, special effects is a department which, in modern times, has become

extremely advanced. Unfortunately, it is also very expensive. You can avoid this expense by using REAL, authentic props (corpses, skulls, blood, etc.) If you really want to splurge and use imitations, keep in mind Heinz (why settle for second best, eh?)


   You might decide to film stunts at night.  This is actually a cop-out

because people can't see what is happening and it leaves much up to their gruesome imaginations. If you ran out of time writing the script (i.e. it took longer than 1 day), this is a good idea… Just film the next scenes at night and do absolutely nothing. Like FX, stunts are cheaper if they are REAL. Do you have any idea how expensive it is to do a mock death scene of a guy getting his eyeballs forced thru the back of his head??? And messy too! It is much more convenient and realistic to do it for real. After all, it isn't nice to trick the audience with fake killings… yes, many of them are so out of it that they can't separate movies from reality. You can call these useful killings of actors "on-location accidents"… these things happen… tsk, tsk. So that actors aren't wasted, try out the stunts on your friends first.

   Lastly, when planning your film, THEME, PLOT, and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT are

of absolutely no concern and should be avoided at all times. These things tend to confuse the audience and should be restricted to English class.

                         THE OFFICIAL STEP-BY-STEP
                         DOCUMENTATION TO THIS ART

THE PLOT (heaven forbid):

1) Something happens to royally piss-

 off the murderer-to-be.  If he is a
 wimp he may get stomped on; if he
 is not a he but a she, she may get
 raped.  If it is a creature or
 Freddy-type, no agitation is
 required.  They kill because it is

2) If the killer is mortal it often

 gains some form of power until there
 are but a few left.

5) Usually, there is a good fuck scene

 where two get gored for the price
 of one.

6) The final individual (sometimes

 more than one, but not often)
 always lasts longer than the rest.
 The killer seems to grow somehow
 more useless and cannot eliminate
 her <- note, not him.

7) The chick gets some sort of weapon

 (there are always tons of these
 lying around in places like play-
 grounds, schools, etc.) and tries
 to fight back.  Being a useless
 girl, she fumbles it and loses it.
 The killer picks it up.

8) In her retreat, the chick runs into

 the bodies of all her pals.  Its
 amazing how they all seem to fall
 from above and pop up here and
 there, especially since she never
 noticed anything before.

9) While running with the mangler in

 pursuit, what does every bitch do?
 That's right, she FALLS.  Sometimes
 she will get up only to fall again.
 It becomes something of a Spiderman
 or Hercules cartoon affair.  You
 know, how the creature is always
 just behind no matter how many
 times the person falls.  During
 the actual pursuit, only the
 killer's boots can be seen (unless
 its a sequel and we have seen the
 murderer before).

10) Not to forget the constant

  whimpering of the victim.  The
  final victim usually resorts to
  talking to herself a great deal.
  She will say, "Oh no! Here he
  comes!! Help me!"  Strange.  There
  is no one else around.  Who is she
  talking to?

11) There is always a point when the

  victim tries to plead and bargain
  with her assailant. "Who are
  you?" "What do you want??" (Its
  kind of obvious what he wants)
  "Please don't hurt me!" "Here,
  take all of my money and credit

12) Oh shit! We forgot to mention the

  shower scene.  Not to worry, film
  producers forget these things all
  the time and tack them in anywhere!
  Yes, this is a must. Sometimes blood
  even comes out of the shower itself.

13) If the victim is still trapped in

  a house, the power should go about

14) She will look through every window

  and guess who will be there? Guess
  who will also be behind every corner
  in every room. (Killers can change
  locations very fast, but they chase
  you slowly).

15) The wench escapes from the

  building (not that it's exactly
  hard to leave a house or anything)
  and is chased again across an
  open courtyard... she falls.

16) A struggle results in which the

  killer's mask is ripped off!  The
  prep (mostly all chicks in these
  movies are awesome-looking preps)
  is paralyzed with fear but still
  doesn't get axed.

17) Something happens (varies) and the

  killer gets killed!  Wrong.  He is
  really alive and gets up again,
  and again, and again, and again.
  (This is especially true of human
  killers with absolutely no special
  powers).  Meanwhile, the chick
  will stand there and watch him get
  up and come for her.

18) Alas, the chick escapes against

  all odds and the killer lies dead.
  * Note: The stupid bitch never
  keeps hammering him like she
  should.  (She stands and looks at
  the body instead with a dazed
  expression on her face).

19) A happy ending right? Wrong!

  Just before the credits appear
  and 'Diehard' commences with the
  theme song 'Fuck Hell', the
  killer's finger twitches; his eyes
  open; or he smiles.

20) You have reached the end, right?

  Wrong!  There will, of course,
  be a sequel.  Be on the look out
  for all accompanying paraphernalia.
  (dolls, comix, video games, you
  name it!)

(C) 1988 TSS/Camp Blood Enterprises Watch for other similar files from us!


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