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                         SHAREWARE REVIEW
    PROGRAM: XMASCARDS - Disk 1 and 2 - Send ANSI Xmas Cards
     AUTHOR: Lora Ruffner

DATE RELEASED: November 1989 REGISTRATION: None "…but would be greatly appreciated." RESTRICTIONS: Must have ANSI.SYS loaded

     RATING: 10.0


Christmas time is upon us again. Time to be joyous and happy about all, and wish peace and unity to those that repulse you.

A tradition, that struck me like a steel beam when I first got married, is to send out Christmas Cards to people you know. The only criteria for making someone's Christmas card list is to know them.

See, the first year I was married we forgot to send out Christmas cards. People called my parents, my wife's parents, even my boss, asking if I they has angered us, or had we "just forgotten." That's when I learned the basic fact about Christmas that alludes us all: You don't spend that much money on gifts, it's the damn cards!

Well, in the last year I have expanded my BBS horizons, and have regular conversations with at least 100 people, of who I have only 10 of their addresses. What to do? Christmas cards must go out, but I can't afford 100 cards! I can know.

XMASCARDS allows me to send an ANSI CHRISTMAS card through EMAIL to anyone who has ANSI.SYS. What a cheap way to avoid having to buy cards, sign them, lick the envelope, buy stamps, lick stamps, and mail the cards. It also keeps me out of trouble.

USE: The documentation for XMASCARDS is excellent considering that it is

   only  a  graphic  screen  collection.  The  only  problem  with the
   documentation is the section concerning how to sign your cards. The
   documentation instructs you to use THEDRAW or ANSIPAINT to sign the
   cards, but  it doesn't tell you  where to find either  one, or more
   importantly,  the  XY  co-ordinates  on  where  to  sign. But, hey,
   remember this  is a graphic  screen collection, not  an application
   The cards  are fantastic. The author  has become a legend  by doing
   perfect ANSI screens, then releasing  them to the public. The cards
   are so detailed  you can see a twinkle in  Sanata's eyes, and watch
   the fire blaze before you.
   The cards range  from a simple house to a  very complex living room
   scene, with doves of peace  and 'ole Saint Nick intersprinkled. The
   24 cards will be sure to please the most discerning consumer.


                  ßßßßßßßßßßß                   ßßßßßßßßßß
                  û Graphics
                  û Price
                  û Size



XMASCARDS is the best idea for ANSI screens in the longest time. The program would have benefited from helping new users, but heck, the graphics just blow you away.

(C) Copyright 1989 Patrick Grote

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