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'Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house,

Things were real mellow…

Even Irving, the Mouse.

Our boots were hung up,

The incense was lit,

In hope that St. Nick

Would soon do his bit.

The tree was decked out;

It was really a sight,

With love beads and flowers

And a flashing strobe light.

Wearing my T-shirt

From Woodstock Nation,

I was getting into some good meditation.

And my chick was doing some yoga in bed,

munching a fruit cake,

While propped on her head.

Then…pow!!…in the night…

...a hullabaloo!

It shook the waterbed

And woke up old Blue.

I stumbled around

And tripped on my beard.

It stuck to my toes

And felt really wierd.

When I got to the window,

I was really uptight,

'cause the scene I perceived

Was a mind blowing sight!

What through my shades

Did I see through the snow,

But eight tiny mooses

And a wild U.F.O.!

With this hip dude inside,

Looking kinky and groovy...

I flashed…"If this ain't Nick

It must be the late movie."

They blew in from the cosmos

Like some far-out caboose

And this fat cat kept yelling

At each midget moose:

"Right on, Dasher! On, Dancer!


Get your bods in high gear, now,

And move this machine!"

Then onto the roof

They flew with a shout,

The whole Cosmic Crew

Really freaked me out!

They caused such a hassle

And made such a fuss,

I thought someone would call

The fuzz down on us.

But before I could say, "COOL IT!…


Nick zapped toward the chimney

And leaped in with a dive!

As he trucked from the fireplace,

His smile all agleam,

I thought, "ITS UNREAL!

It must be a dream!"

Then he nodded and said,

"This isn't a bummer...

Like, I've come in peace,

To groove my Yule Number."

His duds were all fur,

Trimmed in leather and such

And he came on stone funky…

...he was really too much.

His back pack was painted

With black light festoon,

Full of albums and posters

And a neon balloon.

His eyes, a light show!

His beard, da-glo bright!

A plastic, fantastic,

Kaleidoscope sight!

He looked like a guru,

This beautiful cat...

…I thought, like, wow!

...This dude knows where its at!

"Don't want to sound heavy,"

He said with a grin,

"My message is simple

So dig it, tune in."

"I brought you some goodies,

But that's not the thing.

My real trip is bringing

Good vibes to this scene."

So we rapped until dawn

About Peace, Love and Truth,

Then he said, "Gotta split, now,

Or I'll be late in Duluth."

He wiggled his nose and said,

"I did my bit"

And straight up the smoke hole

This fat cat did split!

As he sped from the roof

And into the air,

He shouted, "Let's get it together,

All you people down there!"

"Merry Christmas To All

And to all a Good Night!"

And then in a flash,

He streaked outta sight!
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