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Article 1545 of eunet.jokes: Path: santra!tut!draken!kth!enea!mcvax!unido!pcsbst!jkh From: jkh@pcsbst.UUCP (Jordan K. Hubbard) Newsgroups: eunet.jokes Subject: another forward from rec.humor.funny Message-ID: 737@pcsbst.UUCP Date: 13 Dec 88 11:29:01 GMT Reply-To: pcsbst!jkh@pcsbst.UUCP (Jordan K. Hubbard) Distribution: eunet Organization: PCS GmbH, Pfaelzer-Wald-Str. 36, 8000 Muenchen; West-Germany Lines: 67 Posted: Tue Dec 13 12:29:01 1988

Path: decwrl!ucbvax!ucsd!rutgers!bellcore!texbell!ssbn!!watmath!looking!funny-request From: funkstr@ucscb.UCSC.EDU (-=/ The G*A*L*A*C*T*I*C Funkster /=-) Newsgroups: rec.humor.funny Subject: Santa Clause has got a gun Keywords: original, smirk Message-ID: 2486@looking.UUCP Date: 12 Dec 88 08:20:06 GMT Sender: funny@looking.UUCP Lines: 55 Approved: funny@looking.UUCP Reply-Path: watmath!ucscb.UCSC.EDU!funkstr

By Lore Shoberg, velcro@ucscb.ucsc.EDU

SANTA CLAUS IS WEILDING A GUN (to the tune of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town")

Oh, you better watch out You better not pry You better stay back I'm telling you why Santa Claus is wielding a gun

He's making a list And checking it twice Gonna find out who He's gonna ice Santa Claus is wielding a gun

Don't give him any trouble He'll blow you right away Don't give him any cause to shoot Or you'll make his Christmas Day

Oh, you better believe He's packing a rod No coal in your stocking Just lead in your bod Santa Claus is wielding a gun

He doesn't want cookies Or none of that crud He doesn't want milk What he wants is your blood Santa Claus is wielding a gun

(Music Bridge, with automatic arms fire)

He doesn't trust nobody Shot all his reindeer dead Thought Dancer was a sissy And thought Rudoulph was a red

Oh, you better watch out You better not pry You better stay back I'm telling you why

Santa Claus is wielding a gun – © 1987 Lore Shoberg, velcro@ucscb.ucsc.EDU – Edited by Brad Templeton. MAIL, yes MAIL your jokes to watmath!looking!funny . Attribute the joke's source if at all possible. I will reply, mailers willing. Remember: If you POST your joke instead of mailing it, I will not reply.

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