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From: (Cameron Silver) Subject: Weak Flippers Date: 26 Jul 93 05:16:51 GMT

I have a few suggestions for the cause of weak flippers, some may have been mentioned before and if so, I'm sorry…

o Bad EOS switch that doesn't let all of the power through to energize the


o 'Expanded' flipper coil. As the coil gets old, or fried, it expands, putting

more friction on the shaft. Coils should always be replaced if a new sleve
doesn't slide in easily.

o 'Mushroomed' shaft. From the constant pounding on the coil-stop, the end of

the shaft mushrooms out. This causes friction between the shaft, and sleve.

o Weak return spring. If the return spring doesn't pull the shuft all the way

back to the resting position; then when the coil is energized, the shaft 
only moves a bit, resulting in a weak flip/kick.

o EOS being activated too early causing the 50v to cut out too soon. o Bad transistor on the driver board that doesn't 'open' as much as it should. o Flipper rubber that is put on so badly that is rubs against the playfield.

(Yes, I have seen it!)

o Any slak in the linkage assembley. Sometimes the link wears out around the

pivot points.

o Steap playfield makes it seem like the flippers are weak. o Misaligned flippers can make it seem like the flippers are weak.

That's about all I can think of now, I hope it puts your little minds at ease!

– Cameron Silver - Flippers make the world go 'round.

I can be found at

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