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Warlords II frequently asked questions list:

The questions answered in this FAQ are: 1) Where can I download scenarios from? 2) Do I need the Scenario Builder to use new scenarios? 3) Where do I get patches? 4) How can I edit random maps?


1) Where can I download scenarios from? /pub/MSDOS_UPLOADS/games/warlords_II /site/ibmstuff/Games/Warlords_II www site - http://werple/

The www site tends to be faster and is less likely to be busy.

(Of course, the quickest way to get lots of nice scenarios is to buy the scenario builder, since it comes with about two dozen.)

2) Do I need the Scenario Builder to use new scenarios?

No. All you need is the 1.11 patch.

3) Where do I get patches?

The sites mentioned in question 1 (lupan and wuarchive) have them.

4) How can I edit random maps?

Let's say I want to create a random scenario called "Sample": (Any other name would do - but no more than *7* characters)

i) Run WARSCEN. <Load> STAMP (say). <Save As> Sample. <Quit>. (Any other scenario should do instead of STAMP.)

ii) Run WARLORD2. Choose <Random Map>, and select desired options - even a different terrain set. You can exit as soon as you get to choose who is Human etc, but you will probably want to look at the map first. Go ahead and look. If you don't like it - generate another one. It doesn't matter whether you leave everyone as Human or not at this stage. <Quit>. You don't need to save the game.

iii) At the DOS prompt:

 From the Warlord2 subdirectory type:  

(I'm sure you can figure out the corresponding commands from other directories.)

iv) Run WARSCEN. The "Sample" scenario now appears. <Load> it. It is now the random map. When you save, the information on the number of cities and ruins should be updated. Note that a different terrain set may look a bit odd when you first load it - just move around a bit and it should look OK. Change what you like, and remember to save often.

That's it! One edited random scenario.

 SSG _explicitly_ say not to use DOS commands to play with the files.  
 They do this for a reason. If it stuffs up, don't blame them.   
 Be careful - it is quite possible to create problems. You probably  
 should back up any saved games, in case you need to reinstall.   
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