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Wizardry 7 character editor written by: Huy Nguyen

                                       6826 Roos
                                       Houston, TX 77074

Here it is! after much sleepness nights and trial and error testing, this is the final version of the Wizardry 7 character editor. It allows modification of all the vital stats as well as inventory editing.

The command-line invocation of the program is: "w7edit filespec character" where "w7edit" is the name of the program, "filespec" is the filespec of the Wizardry 7 savefile, and "character" is the name of the character to edit. Within the program, these commands are valid:

1) save - saves the current savefile to disk; it replaces the file which

        was initially loaded

2) quit - exit without saving; all changes will be lost 3) items - changes to the screen that allows inventory editing 4) stats - changes to the screen that allows editing of vital stats 5) to edit another character, enter the character name preceded by the ~ sign;

 NOTE: the editor assumes the the character name is unique; if the
       character name is not unique (i.e. - there is a similar substring
       in the savefile), then you may be editing the wrong part of the
       file (and hosing up your savefile)

In the stats editing screen, enter the number corresponding to the statistics to modify; then, enter the new value for the statistics; I don't suggest that you push the statistics beyond the maximum specified in the play guide since I don't know the effect of such a high statistics; this means don't give yourself 255 strength or 255 sword skill;

In the inventory editing screen, enter the number corresponding to the slot that you want to give yourself a new item, and then enter the number corresponding to the new item; you can also modify the count/charge of an item by entering the appropriate number; after you give yourself a new item, load the savefile into Wizardry 7; as soon as you load the new savefile, immediately drop the new item, and then pick it up again; this will will restore all the attributes to the item (so a sword looks like a sword and not a dagger); after this, you have to assay the item in order to recognize it; the only thing this doesn't do is set the count/charge of an item (if an item has magical power or can be merged); you have to set this via the count/charge stat in the character editor; if you don't set the count/charge for an item, it will be set to 0 by the editor; for magical items (potions, magical weapons, etc.), if the count/charge is 0, then you will have infinte charge on that item; if you give yourself a healing potion and leave the count at 0, that potion will last forever; if you give yourself a magical item/weapon and the count/charge is 0, then that item/weapon will have infinite charge; if an item is not magical (you can usually identify this by the identify spell), and you give it a nonzero count/charge, you will get strange results; that is, you can give yourself 10 halberds but this is not normal since you cannot merge 2 halberds to get 2 halberds; again, I don't know the effect of something like this, so experiment at your own risk.

DISCLAIMER: while this program has been throroughly tested, I cannot

          guarantee it to be 100% error free; use of this program is
          at your own risk (this means make a backup of your savefile
          before you modify it).

This program is public domain so you may use and distribute it without any registration fee; however, this file must always be distributed with the .EXE; while I do not require you to register this program, if you are feeling generous and/or want to reward all my hard work, you may send a little fee to the above address; it may help "persuade" me to work on editors for other games.

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