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There are two games of concern here: Pac-man and Space Invaders Part II.

Pac-man: I was personally inundated with the rumor of the gold bars in Pac-man. Several of my acquaintances had reported seeing them. Here are the facts:

- depending on whom you talked to, they appeared after 12, 15, or 24 keys.

- some machines had them, some did not. This explained why people had gone

    really high and not seen the gold

- even the book "How to Master the Video Games" by Tom Hirschfeld describes

    "... a series of gold and silver bars"

- the gold bars, worth 10,000 points each, were followed by two screwdrivers,

    worth 25,000 points.

- a related rumor said that eating the eyes (enroute back to the pen following

    the eating of a blue monster) was worth "a lot of points". This clearly
    never panned out, though.

- one day I pressed a friend for what the gold bars looked like. She replied

    "They're like .... striped". On a totally separate occasion, a somewhat
    inarticulate maintenance man at King's Island amusement park near
    Cincinnati, told me while in one of the video arcades "yah, afta the 
    gode bars, dere's dese pointy-like things. 25,000 points each." in an
    apparent reference to the screwdrivers.

So as you can see, accepting that these gold bars are but a myth has been quite difficult for me to swallow.

Space Invaders Part II: Made by Taito, lic. to Midway, there is a wonderful "Rainbow Explosion" if a player manages to shoot a 10-point invader last.

This one is said to be true.

Michael E. Kotler

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