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(Star Wars is a regisetered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. 1992 Lucasfilm Ltd. owns all copyrights and trademarks in the following file. Trademarks of Lucasfilm Ltd. used by West End Games under authorization.

 The following  is an unofficial document,  not approved by Lucasfilm 

Ltd. or West End Games.)


The ability to control one's own inner Force. A Jedi with this skill learns mastery over the functions of his own body and harmony with nature. A character who learns control automatically learns three control Force powers.

Absorb/Dissipate Energy

Control Difficulty: Sunburn - Very Easy;  intense sun - Easy;  

solar wind - Moderate; radiation storm - Difficult. Characters may use this power for energy attacks, such as blaster bolts and force lightning - the difficulty is Moderate plus the damage roll of the attack.

The power may be kept "up" as long as the source of energy is 

constant - it may not be kept "up" for blaster bolts or Force lightning.

Effect:  This power allows the Jedi to absorb or dissipate energy, 

including light, heat, radiation and blaster bolts. A successful control roll means that the energy is dissipated. If the user fails the roll, he takes full damage from the energy.

The character must activate the power in the same round to absorb 

the blaster bolt or Force lightning - the character must be able to roll the power before the attack lands. He can't use the power after the attack has hit.

Accelerate Healing

Control Difficulty:  Easy for wounded characters, Moderate for 

incapacitated characters, Difficult for mortally wounded characters.

Time to use:  One minute
Effect:  If a Jedi uses this power successfully, He may make two 

natural healing rolls for the current day regardless of his injury. He gets a +2 modifier to his roll for both rolls. Control Pain

Control Difficulty:  Very Easy for wounded characters,  Easy for 

incapacitated characters, Difficult for mortally wounded characters. The difficulty for stunned characters is Easy if the character has not fallen unconscious and Moderate if he has.

Effect:  A wounded Jedi who controls pain  can act as if he has 

not been wounded, starting with the round after the roll is made. His wound is not healed, but it is ignored(no die roll reductions). He still needs to receive medical treatment as soon as possible A Wounded character who control pain and is wounded again becomes incapacitated.

Characters who use control pain to shrug off the effects of stun 

damage eliminate the effects of the stun entirely.

If a Jedi is in pain for a reason other than a wound, this skill 

can be used to ignore the pain and function normally. This power can be kept "up."

Detoxify Poison

Control Difficulty:   Very easy for a very mild poison (alcohol);  

Easy for a mild poison; Moderate for an average poison; Difficult for a virulent poison; Very Difficult to Heroic for a neurotoxin.

Time to use:  Five minutes
Effect:  This power allows a Jedi to detoxify or eject poisons 

that have entered his body. If the Jedi makes the power roll, the poison doesn't affect him.


Control Difficulty:   Moderate
Note:   Characters who are consumed by the Dark Side of the Force 

may not use this power.

Required Powers:  Hibernation trance
Effect:   The user empties his mind and allows the Force to flow 

through him. The character seems to be in a deep meditation, and a character experiencing emptiness is oblivious to his surroundings. A character in emptiness may not move or take any action except to try to disengage from the emptiness.

While in emptiness ,  a character is difficult to sense or affect 

with the Force. When another character attempts to use a Force power on a character in emptiness , add the meditating character's emptiness roll to the difficulty for the other character's sense or control rolls (this affects only the sense roll; if the power doesn't use the sense skill, then add the difficulty to the control roll). This difficulty is added regardless of whether or not the empty character would be willingly receive the power's effect.

Once the character comes out of emptiness ,  the character gets a 

+6 bonus modifier to all Force skill rolls for a period of time equal to the amount of time the character spent in emptiness . This bonus is reduced by 1 for each Dark Side Point that the character has.

When in emptiness ,  characters dehydrate and hunger normally - 

some initiates have died because they lacked enough control to bring themselves out of emptiness.

When a character enters into emptiness ,  the player must state 

for how long the character will be in meditation. A character must make a difficult control skill roll to bring himself out of emptiness ; the character may attempt to come out of meditation under the following circumstances:

  • When the stated time has passed.
  • Once each hour beyond the original time limit.
  • The character's body takes any damage more serious than stun


Enhanced Attribute

   "And  suddenly  Luke was gone,  a single leap  taking  him to the  

top of the X-wing…"

Control Difficulty:  Moderate
Effect:  A Jedi uses this power to increase a single attribute for 

a limited amount of time. An increased attribute can help a Jedi jump higher, dodge quicker, see better, and run faster. All skills controlled by the enhanced attribute are increased by the appropriate amount for as long as the power is in effect.

An attribute increased by this power remains enhanced for the 

duration listed below. Duration and attribute increase is determined by how much a character's control skill roll beats the difficulty number. Duration can be extended through the use of character points - for every character point a Jedi spends after invoking this power, the duration is extended by one combat round. The points can be spent at any time before the power fades.

A Jedi can only increase one attribute at a time.  If a character 

invokes the power to enhance a second attribute while the first attribute is still enhanced, then the first enhancement fades and the second attribute receives the benefit.

Skill roll Beats Attribute

     Difficulty  By	    Increase	Duration
              0-13		       +1D	 3 rounds
             14-25		       +2D	 2 rounds
               26+		     +3D 	1 round

Hibernation Trance

Control Difficulty:  Difficult
Effect:  Using this power causes a Jedi to fall into a deep 

trance, remarkably slowing all body functions. His heartbeat slows, his breathing drops to barely perceivable levels, and he falls unconscious.

Hibernation trance  serves two purposes.  It allows a Jedi to 

"play dead." It can also be used to survive when food or air supplies are low. Anyone who comes across a Jedi in hibernation trance assumes the Jedi is dead unless he makes a point of testing him. Another Jedi with the Life detection power and the sense skill will be able to detect the Force within the hibernating character and realize he is still alive.

A hibernating  character uses about one tenth as much air as 

someone who is simply sleeping. He can hibernate for a week in a dry climate or for up to a month in a wet one before dying from lack of water.

A character can decide what stimuli will bring him out of the 

trance, or how long he will spend in the trance before coming out of it. The stimuli or length of time must be declared when the character enters the trance.

Instinctive Astrogation Control

Control Difficulty: Very Difficult. Modified by astrogation  


Time To Use:  One minute
Effect: Instinctive Astrogation Control  is far more difficult 

than the standard sense -based instinctive astrogation power because instead of trying to "feel" the correct solutions to the hyperspace equations, the Jedicalculates them in his head. This is quite possible, and is often done as a training exercise, but the figures generated are rarely utilized because it is so easy even for a Jedi to make a mistake.

The  difficulty number is modified by how hard the task is with 

the nav computer:

	Task is:			Modifier (add  to difficulty):
	Very Easy 				       0
	Easy					     +5
	Moderate				     +10
	Difficult				     +15
	Very Difficult			     +20
	Heroic				     +30
If the control  total is successful,  a Very Easy astrogation  

roll is necessary to enter the correct routes into the nav computer. If the Jedi fails the attempt, he overlooks an obstacle, and sends the ship downan inherently dangerous path and thus instaed of requiring a Very Easy astrogation total, the difficulty is automatically Very Difficult. If the control roll is missed by five or more points, increase the difficulty to Heroic.

This is a largely unknown application of the control  power that 

allows Jedi to plot astrogation paths, instead of using the more well- known sense -based instinctive astrogation power. Instinctive astrogation control is little more than curiosity, studied only by a few theoretical Jedi, the most prominent of which in recent memory was Hart Daele. In fact, Daele wrote a doctoral thesis on the subject, proving that the high-order equations could be solved or under certain special case situations, appoximated, using standard Jedi mediation techniques.


Control Difficulty:  Difficult
Required Power:  Hibernation trance
WARNING:  A Jedi who uses this power gains a Dark Side Point
Note:  This power can only be used by characters who have been 

consumed by the Dark Side of the Force.

Effect:  This power allows a character to feel the dread influence 

of the Dark Side. It functions as a counterpart to emptiness.

The character must tense herself completely,  and allow the 

mindless rage of the Dark Side to possess her. When using this power, a character will appear lifeless. They are amplifying the negative aspects of their own personality, Leaving the face clenched in a rictus of horror and fear.

A character must determine how long she wishes to be in rage  when 

she enters the trance. Barring an attack or the arrival of a specific person (as explained below), the Jedi will stay in the trance for the chosen duration. The Jedi must make a difficult control roll for every four hours in the trance or she will have to come out of the trance.

When the Jedi leaves this state,  she gets a +10 modifier to all 

Force skill rolls for a period of time equal to the time spent in rage. The character take son die of damage for every two hours they were in the trance after the bonus has subsided.

Like emptiness,  this power makes characters oblivious to their 

surroundings; they cannot move. Unlike emptiness, however, characters this state strongly exude the Dark Side. The internal focusing does provide some protection for the character against others using the force on them. Add the rage control roll to the difficulty roll when another attempts to use a force power on someone in rage.

Characters hunger and dehydrate twice as fast normally when using 

rage and are even more susceptible to damage (-1D to Strength to resist damage from physical and energy attacks while in this state). Characters who plan on an extended trance will need intravenous nourishment.

In rage,  the character is less oblivious to her surroundings than 

a corresponding Jedi in emptiness. For example, any physical contact by a living being may revive them (the Jedi must make a Difficult control roll to cease the attack before the offending character has been killed.

A character using rage  can choose to anticipate the arrival of a 

foe. They must make a Difficult sense roll (modified by relationship) with the life sense power at the time they enter rage. This will allow them to instantly awaken (Easy control roll) if the expected person comes within five meters of the person in rage.

Example:  While preparing  to transfer his life to a new clone 

body, Palpatine expects an attack from Luke Skywalker. When he enters rage, he must also make a Difficult sense roll using the life sense power to anticipate Luke entering the Clone Chamber. The difficulty is 20, +7 for relationship (they are acquaintances) to equal 27, plus Palpatine suffers a penalty for having to make two skill uses in one round: the sense roll for life sense and the control roll for rage. Palpatine's roll is 44, so when Luke enters the chamber, Palpatine instantly wakes from his rage and confronts Luke…

This power may be used in a preparation ritual for the transfer 

life power. When a raged person uses transfer life, the original body is instantly and totally consumed by the Dark Side, often bursting into unholy blue flames. For every three points by which the control roll exceeded the rage difficulty, the body does 1D damage upon explosion (three meter blast radius).

Example:  Palpatine,  while confronting Luke in the Clone Chamber,  

has been in rage for three hours, gaining +10 to all is Force skills. Palpatine's difficulty roll was 20. He rolled a 35. He successfully uses the transfer life power and his old body explodes in a 5D damage burst of flame.

Reduce Injury

Control Difficulty:  Moderate for incapacitated characters,  

Difficult for mortally wounded characters, Very Difficult for Dead Characters.

Required  Powers:  Control pain
Note:  Spending Force points in this manner - not at the beginning 

of the round - is allowed. Also, it is not always a "selfish" act to save one's life, so the character might be able to get the Force point back. If the character was fighting to save his friends from certain doom - and if he falls, they certainly die - then this could even be considered an heroic action. It still involves great sacrifice.

Effect:  By using this power, a Jedi may call upon the Force to 

reduce the amount of injury he suffers; this power is normally only used in desperation because of its long-term repercussions.

When the power is successfully used,  The Jedi loses a Force 

point. Any injury that is suffered is reduced to a wounded. If the original injury would have killed the character, he must choose to suffer a permanent injury of some kind.

Example:  Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are fighting in the 

Emperor's chambers on the new Death Star. Luke batters down Vader's defenses and makes a killing strike - But Vader uses the reduce injury power and expends a Force point. He is now only wounded, but he loses his hand.

Remain Conscious

Control Difficulty:  Easy for stunned characters,  Moderate for 

incapacitated characters, Difficult for mortally wounded characters.

Required Powers:  Control Pain
Effect:  Remain conscious  allows a Jedi to remain conscious even 

when he has suffered injuries which would knock him unconscious. In game terms, when a character with this power suffers this kind of injury, they lose all of their actions for the rest of the round, but they are still conscious (normal characters automatically pass out). On the next round, the character may attempt to activate the power - this must be the first action of that round; the Jedi cannot even dodge or parry.

If the roll is unsuccessful,  the character passes out 

immediately. If the roll is successful, the Jedi can do any one other action that he has declared for that round - often the character will attempt control pain so that he will be able to remain conscious. After that other action has been completed, the Jedi will lapse into Unconsciousness, unless he has activated control pain or done something else that will keep the character conscious.

Resist Stun

Control Difficulty:  Moderate
Time To Use:  One Minute
This power may be kept "up."
Effect:  Resist stun  allows the Jedi to prepare his body to 

resist the effects of stun damage. The power must be activated before the character has suffered any damage.

Asuccessful result allows the Jedi to resist all stun results 

except for unconscious and normal injuries. An unconscious result forces the Jedi to drop the power, and he is considered stunned. Normal injuries (wounded, incapacitated, mortally wounded and killed ) are treated normally.

Short-Term Memory Enhancement

"Luke closed his eyes,  reaching inward with the Force.  Short-

term memory enhancement was one of the Jedi skills he'd learned from Yoda. The pictures flowed swiftly backward in time: his walk to the medical wing, his conversation with Wedge, his hunt for a public comm desk …"

Control Difficulty:  Difficult
Required Powers:  Hibernation trance
Effect:  When a Jedi uses this power,  he or she can replay recent 

events in order to more carefully examine images and peripheral occurances. Using the power, a Jedi can freeze images and even scan memory tracks to recall details that were seen but did not register consciously at the time of observation.

In game terms,  this power can be used to alert  a Jedi to 

information, items, other characters, or anything else that passed before his or her senses within a specific span of time. In addition, if a gamemaster provided clues or leads to clues the players originally missed or ignored, this power can be used to recall them. When players get stuck on a puzzle or a mystery within an adventure, this power can alert them to possible solutions, if those solutions were observed earlier in the adventure.

How far back a Jedi can remember with this power is determined by 

the success of his control skill roll.

		Skill Roll Beats	Memory
		Dificulty By	Extends Back...
			0-8		Through Current Episode
			9-20		Through Last Episode
			21+		Through Last two Episodes
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