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DWANGO v2.0 - The DOOM Wide-Area Network Game Organization! Copyright (C) 1994 IVS Corporation

DWANGO is a revolutionary, new way to play games. It's all about networking and playing other people all around the world, no matter where they are. You can chat with each other, create teams, join teams and jump into any DOOM, DOOM2 or HERETIC world you want – either in DeathMatch or in Co- operative mode.

The problem common to networking computer games is that the other people that you want to play might not want to play at the exact same time that you do. Or, you might get tired of beating the same old person time after time because you don't know anyone else in your area with the same DOOM problem that you have. With DWANGO, you get DeathMatch-On-Command! Just dial up and challenge someone to a match – even if it's 3:00 in the morning!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Since DWANGO is a very new service, you need to dial a long-distance number to access it. The area code is 713, which is in Houston, TX. If you can't afford the charges (or don't WANT to), please don't run DWANGO. If you're under 18, please get your parent's permission before you start racking up long-distance bills-from-hell. Otherwise, if you're an avid MoDOOMer, you'll appreciate the convenience of DWANGO. You will get a half-hour of FREE time on the server, but to continue using DWANGO, you will need to enter your credit card information in the Billing section and incur a $20 start-up fee. Then you will need to buy time, which you can choose in the Billing section.

To get started, it's easy. Just type DWANGO in your DOOM, DOOM2 or HERETIC directory. Make sure that you run DWANGO from the directory of the game you want to play, or DWANGO won't have any idea which game you're using. The best way of running DWANGO is to copy all DWANGO-related files into the game directory – there's DWANGO.EXE, DWANGO.STR and DWANGO.TXT. Then, run DWANGO from there.

First off, DWANGO needs to know your configuration, so when you first run DWANGO, the Create Configuration panel will come up. You need to enter your Baud Rate, COM Port, Area Code and Current Modem.

For baud rate, start off with the fastest baud possible first, 38400. Select the COM port to which your modem is connected. If your phone line has call-waiting, you can disable it by selecting the Disable CallWaiting option. If your disable code is not the default "*70", you can type the correct one for your area. Next, you need to enter your area code. Finally, you need to choose the type of modem you are using. Press F1 to choose your modem from a list of popular modems. Finally, press the F10 key to tell DWANGO that you're finished configuring.

Now, DWANGO is ready for you to log in. But you're not registered as a New User yet, so you need to press F1 at the Login panel to create a New User account.

The Username is your "handle" online; it doesn't need to be your real name. So, you could call yourself "killer" if you think you're really good. Or, call yourself "babyboy" if you're new to all this DeathMatch stuff. Press ENTER after editing an item and you will be moved to the next item. If you need to go back and edit your information, just use the cursor keys to move back to the item. The Password field will be your permanent password, so choose something you'll remember easily. Every time you log in to DWANGO after this time, you'll need to enter both your Username and Password to get into the system. Press F10 when you've filled all New User Account fields to log onto DWANGO!

DWANGO will then Initialize your modem, then Dial DWANGO. When the DWANGO Server answers, DWANGO will Attempt to connect to the server. If connection doesn't happen within 20 seconds, something is wrong with either your Baud Rate or your modem init string. First, try to change your baud rate by re-running DWANGO with "-config". The -config parameter will let you re-enter your Configuration Information and create a new DWANGO.CFG file.

When you finally connect to the DWANGO Server, the main screen will come up and all the users online will start entering your userlist at the top of the screen. The information listed for each person is the Name of the person (their handle), which team they belong to, which PWAD they are playing, what their current status is (Available or Playing), which game they want to play (DOOM, DOOM2 or HERETIC), which version of the game they're using (you must have matching versions to play on the same team), and finally their User Type. If you're new to DWANGO, you will be a newbie. After you've paid your start-up fee of $20, your status will be Normal.

Any time any users enter DWANGO, leave DWANGO, start a team, play a game, or anything that could change a user's status, that change will be reflected in the userlist at the top of the screen.

As soon as you login for the first time, the DWANGO Server will look at the information you entered for the New User Account you requested. The Server will inform you if you have been accepted or rejected. For more information, you can call 1-800-2DWANGO, or 1-800-239-2646. If you are rejected, the New User panel will come up again for you to re-enter your information. One reason you could be rejected is by typing a handle or password with a space character in it.

If you've been accepted, then you're in! You will begin to see text start scrolling up the screen from the other users online. They are talking to each other – feel free to join in. Go ahead and type, "I'm new here!" and press the ENTER key. Someone will strike up a conversation with you and maybe ask you to play. Everything you type on the message line will be sent to the server when you press ENTER. This area is called the Lobby.

If you want to type a message that only one person can read, type their name, a space, then your message. If you wanted to tell "shadow" that he really needs a beating, you would type "shadow you really need a beating!". What shadow would see is,"<your name> TELLs you: you really need a beating!".

If you log onto the server and you're the only one there, but there's a team already playing and you want to join in, you can send a message to a person on the team, or to all the people on the team. Just type the name of a person on the team, or the team name, a space, then your message. An example would be,"level7 i want to join in!". If the team name is "level7", everyone on the team would get the message. If they decide to let you in, then you would see them stop playing their game and start talking to you in the Lobby.

If someone creates a team, you will see a message stating the team information. If you want to play on that team, press F3 to Join. This will bring up a Join Team panel – use the arrow keys to choose the team you want to join.

If you want to create a team, press F2 and the Create Team panel will come up. The most common default options are listed. You can choose whether this will be a DeathMatch or Cooperative (yeah, right) game, which skill level to use, if you want monsters on the level (no monsters is the norm), which map/level and episode you want to play, and the team name. You can edit any of these options by using the cursor keys to navigate the panel and press ENTER to change a field. If you want to play a PWAD file, press the F1 key and choose which PWAD from the list of PWADs that you have. You must have a WADS subdirectory off the current directory you're in to choose PWADs.

To create the team, press the F10 key. Soon you will see people joining the team you created! When you have enough people on your team, press the F10 key to leave the Lobby and launch the game you're going to play (DOOM, DOOM2 or HERETIC).

When you come back from your game, DWANGO will reload the userlist for you, since some people may have left or joined the server while you were playing.

If you want to change your status from newbie to Normal, you need to enter Billing. Since this is your first time, select "Set or Change billing preferences" from the menu. This is where you enter your VISA or Mastercard credit card number and expiration date. You also need to enter your name as it appears on the credit card. If you don't have a credit card to buy time or pay your start-up fee, you need to call 1-800-2DWANGO so they can work something out with you.

Press the F10 key to process your credit card information. If the server comes back with Credit Accepted, then you'll see your status change from newbie to Normal. You are now an offical DWANGO member. Welcome!

Now, you need to buy time so you can play. Prices may change during holidays so check the Buy Time on your Credit Card option and you will get the latest prices. You buy time in blocks, from 2 hours of play time up to 25 hours. Whichever you can afford, use the cursor keys to choose which one you want. Press the ESC key if you're just browsing. IMPORTANT: your time is used up ONLY WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING A GAME. Just sitting in the lobby chatting with others doesn't take away from your time.

When you choose the amount of time, your credit card is used for the transaction (you entered your credit card number when you paid your start- up fee). No hassles! Unless, of course, the server comes back and tells you that your credit was rejected. As always, call 1-800-2DWANGO to find out the solution to your problems.

If you want to change the credit card you use to purchase time, choose the "Set or Change billing preferences" option and enter information for a different credit card. This will update your info on the server.

In the near future, DWANGO will accept authorization numbers to buy time (you would most likely call a 1-800 number to purchase time, which would give you an authorization number to use in this software to add your time.)

At any time, you can check your remaining online time credits by choosing that function from the Billing menu. This will display your remaining time you have for play.

If, for any reason, some information in the userlist becomes garbled, you can press the F8 key to reload the userlist.

If 25-lines vertically isn't enough for you, press the F9 key to toggle between 25 and 50-line video modes. Try it!

The ESC key will allow you to exit back to DOS.

DWANGO is compatible with DOOM, DOOM2 and HERETIC. Try it for yourself!

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