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Zenobot's ST game cheats compilation (updated 10-24-91): -8© New entries are preceded by -*-. Cheats I have successfully tested are indicated by (X).

Action Fighter (Firebird): get a high score and enter ZBACKDOOR on the high score list. Start another game and enjoy your infinite lives and energy.

-*- Addictaball (Alligata): before pressing the Spacebar, type IJC and the screen will turn black. Hit the appropriate function key to go to any level.

-*- Advanced Rugby Simulator (Codemasters): before pressing the fire button after scoring a try, hit F1. This takes you back to the match. Now, press fire and another try will be added to your score. You can repeat this until you're eventually tackled later on.

(X) Afterburner (Activision): start the game, press Backspace to pause, type THUNDERBLADE. Pressing G gives you more missiles, T less missiles (huh?), N more lives, < down one level, > up one level. If you type AGES (SEGA backwards) instead, only < and > are active…

(X) After The War (Dinamic): the second level access code is 101069. Pressing Alt, 1 and D will make you invincible on the first level. Pressing Alt, 1 and J will make you invincible on the second level.

Archipelagos (Fanfare): when asked to select an island, choose 8421, then press Enter twice. You can now select any island you want! Archipelago 5942 is supposed to be very interesting.

(X) Arkanoid (Taito/Imagine): while the game is loading, hold down Caps Lock and type DEATHSTAR. You can now skip levels by pushing the S key.

(X) Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh (Imagine): typing MAGENTA at the pinkish loading screen will let you skip levels by pressing S.

-*- Army Moves (Dinamix): the code for part 2 is 101069. In part 1, hold down Alt 1 D for immunity, and for part 2, hold down Alt 1 J.

Astro Marine Corps (AMC) (Dinamic): these are level codes for the Amiga version, they might work on the ST: Nostromo, Discovery, Enterprise, Dagobah, Replicant, Krull, Metropolis.

Atomic Robo-Kid (Activision): on the title screen, enter TUESDAY 14TH. When you press the fire button, a menu will pop up from which you can choose infinite weapons and other neat stuff.

-*- Atomino (Psygnosis): level access codes: Level 10 ACID, 20 ARROW, 30 EMISSION, 40 LAVA, 50 CAVE, 60 ELIXIR, 70 BONE, 80 WOOD, 90 FOUNTAIN, and 100 GETWISE.

-*- Atomix (Thalion): press Help to enter the password. Type in TIME to freeze the clock.

-*- Awesome (Psygnosis): when you get to the screen that lets you juggle with your shield and weapon energy levels, move the cursor over to shield. If you hold down + on the keypad and press fire, you will be able to get all possible weapons by hitting F1 through F10. When you're done, pressing F6 will replenish your energy.

-*- Axel's Magic Hammer (Gremlin): here's a funky "continue game" option. Take the disk out of the drive and hit the fire button to start the game. All the blocks you destroyed in the previous game are still destroyed!

(X) Baal (Psyclapse): here are all the coordinates of all the jetpack platforms, in the order you should go to them to finish the game. X/Y, X being width and Y being height: Level 1: 31/16 (cartridge 2), 02/25, 52/30 (cartridge 3), 51/00, 24/38, 62/13, 02/50, 64/49, 33/58 (exit to level 2). Level 2: 34/30, 54/12 (cartridge 4), 16/12, 00/24, 03/34, 30/47, 54/12 (exit to level 3). The jetpack isn't used on level 3. Also, you can access the game's built-in trainer mode. Get a high score and enter LOVEBUNDLE.

Back To The Future II (Imageworks): pause the game and type THE ONLY NEAT THING TO DO. The game will reset. You now have infinite lives.

-*- Back To The Future III (Imageworks): type these cheats in during the story before the chosen level starts: Level 1 - ROTTEN CHEAT. Level 2 - LOUSY CHEAT. Level 3 - LOW DOWN CHEAT.

Barbarian (Psygnosis): enter 04-08-59 on the keypad. You are now invincible!

Barbarian II (Palace): step-by-step walk-thru: Level 1: left, left, right seven times, left, right, left, in the cave, and right. Level 2: right, up, left, up, left, left, right, left three times, up, and left. Level 3: up, right, right, up, left, right, up, right, left, left, up, left, left, up, up, right, right, left, left, up. Level 4: hit the fireballs, then try to leap across. Several low chops will destroy it. Next is the Pit Demon; when he reaches out, use an overhead chop to hit his arms; repeat until death. Next, Drax himself! Wait until he pauses between spells, and hit him with a flying head chop! The End…

Batman The Movie (Ocean): while the intro screen is displayed, hold down Shift and type MAJ©. The words "CHEAT MODE" should appear at the top left of the screen. You now have unlimited lives and you can skip to the next level by pressing F10…

-*- Battle Valley (Hewson): type ROGER MELLIE THE MAN ON THE TELE and you have infinite lives.

Beach Volley (Ocean): type DADDY BRACEY to activate the cheat mode, then hit F1 to skip levels.

(X) Better Dead Than Alien (Electra): level access codes: level 14 - Triptych, 15 jabberwocky, 16 whimsical, 17 cornucopia, 18 punjabi, 19 tiddly pom, 20 kewpie doll, 21 sepulchre, 22 euphemism, 23 grammarian, 24 crossword, 25 quarantine.

Beverly Hills Cop (Tynesoft): on the Select Difficulty Level screen, type MELLIE. You can now choose which level to start on.

Bio Challenge (Delphine): press Esc to pause the game and press G to advance to the end of level guardian.

Black Tiger (US Gold): when the game asks you for disk 2, put in a blank disk!! The game will work normally, except for the fact that there ain't no more enemies!!

(X) Blood Money (Psygnosis): press F4 for Impatient then quickly hold down S. The screen should stay black. Now enter PONDULIX FOR PM (with the spaces). Each time you press a key, the border color should change slightly. Hit F4. During play, press HELP to toggle the cheat mode on and off. You have infinite lives and the cheat mode is off every time you enter a new level. Press these keys on the keypad for assorted goodies: 1 gives more (blood) money to player 1, 2 gives more money to 2, 4 makes player 1 go to the shop, 5 makes player 2 go shopping, DELETE makes everybody go to the next level provided you got the dough.

-*- Bloodwych (Imageworks): go through the normal buying process but when it comes to actually paying the creature, don't put money in the transfer slot. Drop in any other item instead. The creature will tell you it's a pathetic price but will give you what you want anyway.

(X) Bombuzal (Imageworks): when reaching a new level, it's worthwhile to sacrifice a life to see the explosion pattern. When trying to detonate a pulsing bomb, pick it up; it's easier to see its size. You are invulnerable to explosions when teleporting, so use it to your advantage! A blind droid can't activate switches. Here's a complete list of the level access codes: ROSS 8, RATT 16, LISA 24, SINK 28, DAVE 32, BIKE 36, IRON 40, BIRD 44, LEAD 48, TAPE 52, WEED 56, VASE 60, RING 64, PILL, 68, GIRL 72, SPOT 76, GOLD 80, PALM 84, OPAL 88, LOCK 92, SONG 96, SAFE 100, FIRE 104, WORM 108, LAMP 112, TREE 120…

-*- Brat (Imageworks): level access passwords: level 1 BISHIGMO, 2 MIHEMOTO, 3 SASUTOZO, 4 SUMATZEE, 5 NOKITAGO, 6 ITSANONO, 7 MOZIMATO, 8 HOZITOMO, 9 MOKITEMO, 10 ZUMOHATO, 11 CHANASTU, 12 NAGAITSU.

-*- BSS Jane Seymour (Gremlin): level access codes: level 1 BSS, 2 JANE, 3 SEYMOUR, 4 BY, 5 DOCTOR, 6 DINOSAUR, 7 AND, 8 GREMLIN, 9 GRAEME, 10 ROB. If those codes don't work, try these: level 2 SLUMBER, 3 INTEREST, 4 BULKHEAD, 5 SHOWROOM, 6 MUSHBASH.

(X) Bubble Bobble (Firebird/Taito): hold down the fire button after losing your last life, and you should get another set of lives, though your score will be reset. More hints: While in the first screen, bubble the first two monsters and then fill the screen with hundreds of bubbles. Bubble and burst the remaining monster and the remaining bubbles should turn into fruit (usually bananas), each of which is worth 500 points. Beating level 100: jump on the small platforms to collect all the green potion bottles. they will give you lightning bolts. Jump down alongside the wall and let that monster have it!! After 100 hits, he will turn into a bubble. Pop him and you've done it!

-*- Builderland (Loriciel): level access codes: Level 1 BUILD1, 2 YOTTHA, 3 BEARBY, 4 OCTOPY, 5 DIABLO, 6 GOTIUS.

-*- Cabal (Ocean): type SCHLIKA during the game and wait for the border to flash. Pressing F2 advances you one level forward.

Captain Blood (Infogrames): during hyperspace, hold down the left mouse button, and right-click repeatedly. This will shorten the hyperspace sequence. And now, the complete walk-thru: Go see Buggol (Planet Mind 137). Land and tell him "me want vote". He will tell you of another Buggol called morlok who lives on planet Rosko 1. Keep talking until you get the coordinates. Go see Morlok. Say to him:" me not vote Morlok, me want Yukas president". He will give you the coordinates of a planet called Female 021. Go and destroy it. Come back to Rosko 1. He will now give you the coordinates of a planet where an Ondoyante is kept prisoner (you didn't need to go there, though…). Go to exterior view and destroy Rosko 1. Go back to Mind 137, and go see the Buggol. He now dislikes you intensely, and will give you the coordinates of Rosko 2. Go there, and teleport the Buggol into your ship. Find an uninhabited planet, and teleport him there. He will say the planet is good-looking and, if you ask "me want know coordinates planet number = Blood", he will give you the coordinates to find number 2. Go there, land, and say you like him, and will not kill him. You must also get three sets of coordinates from him before disintegrating him (having made sure you saved the game beforehand). Now go around using this method to get the coordinates out of the numbers, always killing them before you move on. Kill the last one, and you win! That was the walk-thru. Now here's a trick: at the start of the game you will automatically be in orbit around an alien planet. Transport down and try to find an alien, preferably Yuko, if it isn't Yuko, it may be best to restart the game as he is the key to the game. Talk to Yuko about his father, Maxon, and you will find he is in prison. He will also give you the coordinates for Croolis Ulv, where you will find another alien. While you are talking to Yuko, he will give you the code 1010; this always remains the same. Go to Croolis Ulv and you will be given the co-ordinates for Croolis Var. Go there and destroy it, then go back to Croolis-Ulv. The alien will now be nice to you, keep talking to him and you will get the coordinates for the Forbidden planet. Go to the Forbidden planet (Sinox), and you will meet a guardian robot. Give him the code you received from Yuko. Now watch what happens.

(X) Carrier Command (Rainbird): While in the Walrus arming menu, select nine Harbinger surface to surface missiles and put them in the AAV. Select the Avatar Chemical Laser and place it over the missiles. Then select the pod you want (ACCB, Virus Bomb, Fuel) and place it in the AAV. Then, when you've launched the AAV, look at it's weapons and you'll find you have BOTH missiles and laser! On returning to the carrier any missiles you have left will be added to the ship's stores. Carry on doing this and hundreds of missiles can be yours. Another cheat: while in the pause mode, type "GROW OLD ALONG WITH ME" (include the spaces). You should now see the message "Cheat mode active". Pressing the + key on the numeric keypad protects your Mantas and AAVS from missile attacks. The - key can be used to turn this off. Pressing the following keys in sequence: 'Help', Q, S, Control, Alternate, gives you a little message. Pressing the 9 on the keypad displays the current level. 8 displays the frame rate, 6 displays the palette. Returning to the title screen, press the + and - keys to view all objects in the game.

Car-Vup (Core): get a high score and enter one of these: PUSSYCAT gives you 9 lives, BUMPER gives you temporary invulnerability, WHOOPSIE (or WHOOPS) takes you to the last level (prehistoric).

Chariots Of Wrath (Impressions): hit "." on the keyboard repeatedly, and you'll get infinite lives. While you're in the spaceship mode, hit the function keys to get weapons. When you have a weapon, press * or 8 (both on the keypad) to power it up. Or, move the joystick forward when you're instructed to press Fire to start. You get infinite lives.

Chase HQ (Ocean): as soon as the title screen has disappeared, hit the space bar several times at high speed until the game is through loading and the game starts. You should now be able to drive at 1,000 kmh, among other things. Or, hold down the fire button and left mouse button simultaneously, and type GROWLER to activate the cheat mode. Now, whenever you press "T", it resets the clock to 60 seconds…

-*- (X) Chip's Challenge (US Gold): level access codes, all 144 of 'em!!! Level 1 Lesson 1 BDHP, 2 Lesson 2 JXMJ, 3 Lesson 3 ECBQ, 4 Lesson 4 YMCJ, 5 Lesson 5 TQKB, 6 Lesson 6 WNLP, 7 Lesson 7 FXQO, 8 Lesson 8 NHAG, 9 Nuts And Bolts KCRE, 10 Brushfire VUWS, 11 Trinity CNPE, 12 Hunt WVHI, 13 Southpole OCKS, 14 Teleblock BDTY, 15 Elementary COZQ, 16 Cellblocked SKKK, 17 Nice Day AJMG, 18 Castle Moat HMJL, 19 Digger MRHR, 20 Tossed Salad KGFP, 21 Iceberg UGRW, 22 Forced Entry WZIN, 23 Blobnet HUVE, 24 Oorto Gelo UNIZ, 25 Blink PQGV, 26 Chchchips YUYJ, 27 Go With The Flow IGGZ, 28 Ping Pong UJDD, 29 Arctic Flow QGOL, 30 Mish Mesh BQZP, 31 Knot RYMS, 32 Scavenger Hunt PEFS, 33 On The Rocks BQSN, 34 Cypher NQFI, 35 Lemmings VDTM, 36 Ladder NXIS, 37 Seeing Stars VQNK, 38 Sampler BIFA, 39 Glut ICXY, 40 Floorgasborg YWFH, 41 I.C. You GKWD, 42 Beware Of Bug LMFU, 43 Lock Block UJDP, 44 Refraction TXHL, 45 Monsterlab OVPZ, 46 Three Doors HDQJ, 47 Pier Seven LXPP, 48 Mugger Square JYSF, 49 Problems PPXI, 50 Dig Dirt QBDH, 51 I Slide IGGJ, 52 The Last Laugh PPHT, 53 Traffic Cop CGNX, 54 Grail ZMGC, 55 Potpourri SJES, 56 Deep Freeze FCJE, 57 Strange Maze UBXU, 58 Loop Around YBLT, 59 Hidden Danger BLDM, 60 Scoundrel ZYV?, 61 Rink RMOW, 62 Slow Mo TIGW, 63 Block Factory GOHX, 64 Spooks IJPQ, 65 Amsterdam UPUN, 66 Victim ZIKZ, 67 Chip Mine GGJA, 68 Eeny Miny Moe RTDI, 69 Bounce City NLLY, 70 Night Mare GCCG, 71 Corridor LAJM, 72 Blind Alley, 73 Morton QCCR, 74 Playtime MKNH, 75 Steam MJDV, 76 Fourplex NMRH, 77 Invincible Champion FHIF, 78 Force Square GRMO, 79 Drawn And Quartered JINU, 80 Vanishing Act EVUG, 81 Writer's Block SCWF, 82 Socialist Action LLIO, 83 Up The Block OVPJ, 84 Wars UVEO, 85 Telenet LEBX, 86 Suicide FLHH, 87 Cityblock YJYS, 88 Spirals WZYV, 89 Blockbuster VCZO, 90 Playhouse OLLM, 91 Jumping Swarm JPQG, 92 Vortex DTMI, 93 Roadsign REKF, 94 Now You See It EWCS, 95 Four Square BIFQ, 96 Paranoia WVHY, 97 Metastable To Chaos, 98 Shrinking TKWD, 99 Catacombs XUVV, 100 Colony QJXR, 101 Apartment RPIR, 102 Icehouse VDDU, 103 Memory PTAC, 104 Jailer KWNL, 105 Short Circuit YNEG, 106 Kablam NXYB, 107 Balls O Fire ECRE, 108 Block Out LIOC, 109 Torture Chamber KZQR, 110 Chiller XBAO, 111 Time Lapse KRQJ, 112 Fortune Favours The Code NJLA, 113 Open Question PTAS, 114 Deception JWNL, 115 Oversea Delivery EGRW, 116 Blockbuster III HXMF, 117 The Marsh FPZT, 118 Miss Direction OSLW, 119 Slide Step PHTY, 120 Alphabet Soup FLXP, 121 Perfect Match BPYS, 122 Totally Fair SJUM, 123 The Prisoner YKZE, 124 Firetrap TASX, 125 Mixed Nuts MYRT, 126 Block'N'Roll QRLD, 127 Skelzie JMWZ, 128 All Full FTLA, 129 Lobster Trap HEAN, 130 Ice Cube XHIZ, 131 Totally Unfair FIRD, 132 Mix Up ZYFA, 133 Blobdance TIGG, 134 Pain XPPH, 135 Trust Me LYWO, 136 Double Maze LUZL, 137 Goldkey HPPX, 138 Partially Post LUJT, 139 Yorkhouse VLHH, 140 Ice Death SJUK, 141 Underground MCJE, 142 Pentagram UCRY, 143 Stripes? OKOR, 144 Fireflies GVXQ.

Chubby Gristle (Grandslam): on the title screen, type BUUURRP (Return). After the sampled belch, you'll notice that you have infinite lives…

-*- Chuck Rock (Core): type these in on the title screen: ESTRANO and press Left Shift to access the Fly mode. FAST AIN'T THE WORD for infinite lives. ITS FAIRY BOWBELZ also gives infinite lives. LIFE IS MY DREAM for infinite lives too. UNCLE SAMS is yet another infinite lives cheat. MORTIMER and press F1 through F5 to access any level. TURN FRAME and press 1 through 5 to access different levels.

-*- C.J.'s Elephant Antics (Codemasters): on the title screen, type in ITCHY ARSEHOLES to get infinite lives.

Continental Circus (Virgin): for a fast grid start, do the following: 1) when the first red light comes on, push and hold the stick up, 2) when the second red light comes on, let go of the stick, 3) when the green light comes on, push the stick up…

-*- Crack Down (US Gold): pause the game and type SMURF. Pressing F1 will give player 1 infinite lives, and F2 will give player 2 infinite lives. Also, press P to pause, enter REVENGE OF THE MENTAL MOONMEN, press 1 to get 999 lives, then press P to resume playing. Or enter it without spaces.

Crazy Cars II (Titus): for masochists only!! Increase your speed to 204MPH (or is it 240MPH?), press F10 to pause the game, then press fire. The game slows down to a crawl, but you can still steer the car. So, by continually pressing fire and moving left and right, you can safely pass road obstructions!

Cybernoid (Hewson): type RAISTLIN on the title screen, and you get infinite lives.

Cybernoid II (Hewson): type NECRONOMICON on the title screen and you get infinite lives.

Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (Ocean): type HINGSEN.J when the title screen appears. You should now be able to choose events by using the keypad or the Function keys.

Damocles (Novagen): here's the quickie solution: Do all the preliminary stuff (land, get key, drive to office, etc…), get the spaceship. Fly to 12:14 and get the computer. Fly to 15:03 and buy the pressure suit. Fly to Snow Island, land at 03:00 and get the cupboard (there's a Nova trigger in it). Fly to Bare Island, land at 06:02, and go in the transporter on the ground floor. Keep going in the transporter until you wind up at 07:01, UR City on Gaea. Find the cupboard (Nova trigger inside) and go back the way you came. Fly to Metis and land at 05:06, then get the sink (or washbasin). To get it, walk to the table that's facing you when you come in. The wall behind the table will move (secret passageway!). Go in the secret room and get the sink (another Nova trigger). Fly to Gaea, go to Chaldea Metropolis, and land at 06:06. Get the gold in the basement. Fly to 05:08 and sell the gold. Fly to 05:06 and get the stereo system (Nova trigger inside). Fly to 09:02 on UR and get the Nova Bomb, in the basement, behind the elevator. Fly to Damocles and land on it (I didn't know you could do that!!). Leave the Nova bomb on the comet and retreat to a safe distance. Switch on the Nova triggers one by one. Kaboom!© You win!! Paul Woakes (the designer) says that there are many different ways to solve his game. The method described above is the fastest.

Darkside (Spotlight): hold down 2, 8 and Fire for digitized pics of the programmers.

Day Of The Viper (Accolade): this is not a hint, this is a warning. Every time you leave a floor or a building (via a turbolift or a shuttle), the program saves 2 files containing level data, one called LEVELXX.DAT, and one called LEVELXX.BAK. The XX stands for the level number: 01 for floor 1 in building 1, 06 for floor 1 in building 2, etc… (5 floors and 5 buildings for a total of 25 floors). So, for every level you leave, 2 files gets saved. If you have dumped the contents of disk 1 and 2 on a standard double-sided disk, you will run out of room and your game will crash nastily, destroying all your saves files. The possible solutions: 1) Format an extended double-sided disk (80 tracks with 10 sectors is fine). 2) From the desktop, erase the save files for the levels you won't be returning to (too time-consuming and silly), or… 3) Stick it on your hard drive and sleep well at night. (Thanks go to The Insane 0ne from the Jungle BBS for spotting this bug.)

Death Trap (Anco): get a high score and enter GIRLS. When next you play, you can replenish your potion pots with F6, F7, and F8.

Defender Of The Crown (Cinemaware): hold down K when booting the second disk to get infinite knights.

-*- Defender II (Arc): type RAVEN while playing, then press N to teleport you to the next level and I toggles invincibility on and off. Type GOATY to become invincible. Here's some level codes: LEMAC, ZIPPO, LAZER, DAFAD, MAMOG, FUNKY, and DONKY.

(X) Dogs Of War (Elite): type TIMBO while playing then press F5. This switches off the sprite detection routine, but when you reach the end of a level, you won't be able to touch the object of your quest!! You're stuck!

-*- Dominator (System 3): type SHAFT on the high score list for infinite lives. Or, type ZAE of NeXT to access a hidden game.

Double Dragon (Melbourne House/Arcadia): when the title screen pops up, type in the followings: LEVEL ONE PLEASE (start on level one), LEVEL TWO PLEASE (start on level two), and so on until level four, THE LAST LEVEL PLEASE drops you on the last level, GIVE ME MORE HEALTH PLEASE (lots of energy!), I DO NOT WANT TO DIE (invincibility!). Just remember to say please!!! Also, type Neil Harding in the high-score list and something funny happens… Yet another one: start a 2-player game and hold down both fire buttons, then hit Esc like crazy until the credits go bonkers and you get infinite lives.

Double Dragon II (Virgin Games): start a 2-player game and hold down both fire buttons, then hit Esc like crazy until the credits go bonkers and you get infinite lives.

Dragon Breed (Activision): hold down the left mouse button and press HELP and UNDO while the end-of-level-boss is loading. The screen should flash purple and you're invincible!

Dragon Ninja (Ocean) also Bad Dudes (Data East): during the game, type TERRIFIC. Pressing F3 gives you infinite lives and L advances you to the next level.

Dragonscape (Software Horizons): load up and play. During level 1, press TAB and 2. You will be transported to Technocity. Do it again, and you will be sent to Iceland.

Dragon's Lair (Readysoft): on the title screen, press 0 to begin play, then hit RETURN and enter GODIRKGO. The cheat mode should now be on.

Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (Readysoft): tired of playing the game? No problem!! Start the game and as soon as Dirk pops up, type MORDROC. The game will now play itself all the way through… Or, if you insist on doing it the hard way, here's how you complete the game: Scene 1 left, 2 down/right, 3 fire/right, 4 down/left, 5 left/up, 6 up, 7 down/down, 8 fire/up, 9 fire, 10 up/right, 11 left/fire left, 12 down/fire, 13 fire/left/left/fire, 14 fire/right/fire/down, 15 up/fire/fire, 16 up/fire, 17 fire/up, 18 right, 19 down/fire/down/fire, 20 down, 21 down/right/up, 22 right/up, 23 down/up, 24 down/left, 25 up/up, 26 left/down/up/right, 27 fire/fire/fire, 28 right/up/up, 29 down/right, 30 fire, 31 fire, 32 up/fire, 33 up/left/down/right, 34 up/right/fire/left, 35 up/fire, 36 down, 37 down/fire, 38 down/left/up, 39 down/fire/fire, 40 fire/fire.

Dragon Spirit (Tengen): press F9 to pause the game, type DRAGONHEAD then press F10. You can access any level by pressing the corresponding number key on the main keyboard.

Drakkhen (Draconian/Exxos): during the character setup screen, type 31415927 (press Return), SUPERVISOR (press Return). This gives you extra points and attributes. Here's a bunch of undocumented keys: F8 to toggle between 50 and 60Hz; F9 shows the game, room number and something in French; F10 to pause.

Driller (Incentive) also Space Station Oblivion (Epyx): when you start the game, you're facing a small shed. Shoot it more than 20 times and you should be transformed into a jet.

-*- Driving Force (Digital Magic): on the main menu, click on the dots of both "i"s of the title "Driving Force" at the top of the screen. Your vehicle will not leave the racetrack anymore!

Dynamite Dux (Activision): quack!! Anyway, while on the title screen, type CHEAT and then press F1 through F6 to skip to the appropriate levels. Entering NUDE will take you straight to the boxing subgame.

Dynasty Wars (US Gold): when the title screen appears, type CHEAT MODE. When playing a game press F2 to skip a level.

Dyter 07 (ReLine): while the game is loading, type GIBB. While playing, press W to receive extra weapons, and S to top up your shields.

-*- Eliminator (Hewson): type in these codes at the help screen for higher level access: amoeba, blooop, cheeki, doinok, enigma, slipme, geegee, handel, bicicle, jammin, kickong, lapdog, mikado. Also, here's a (very hard) way to get infinite lives: Type in Handel to ge to level 9 (see above). On your first life, move left into the water. On your 2nd life, crash into the oncoming green alien. On your 3rd li fe, shoot the alien and fall into the water to your right just before the ramp. On your last life, shoot the alien and move to the right of the middle track; as the ramp approaches, move toward the water. Just before you sink, you should hit the ramp and fly. You should now have infinite lives… (And you really deserve them!!!)

(X) E-Motion (US Gold): on the title screen, type Moonunit. This happens to be the name of Frank Zappa's daughter. While playing, pressing F1 will advance you by one level, F2 will advance you by ten levels, F3 will send you back one level, and F4 will send you back ten levels.

Empire Strikes Back (Domark): on the credits screen, hold down TAB and type VEKTORGRAFIX. Now, when you press L, you get a pic of Luke, C of C3PO, and D of Darth Vader. You also get infinite shields! Or, hold down Help and type XIFARGROTCEV. Try L, C, and D.

-*- Enchanted Lands (Thalion): on the title screen, type TCB LIVES FOREVER. The screen should flash indicating that the cheat mode is active. If it doesn't, type TCB RULES FOREVER instead. Press keys 1 through 5 for the starting levels, F2 to go to the end-of-level guardian, F3 for player stats (use the up and down arrow to choose), F4 to kill the end-of-level guardian, and F10 to get a pink border (what?).

Enduro Racer (Electric Dreams): while playing, type CHEAT. When you press T, you get an extra 10 seconds of racing time. When you press S, you go faster. When you press F, you automatically advance to the next checkpoint.

-*- ESWAT (US Gold): what a sucky game!! Pause the game and enter JUSTIFIED ANCIENTS OF MU MU (with or without spaces). The border should flash and you should get 99 lives.

Exolon (Hewson): type ad astra (in lowercase with space) on the high-score table, and you get infinite lives.

-*- Exterminator (Audiogenic): when you're in the kitchen of a house, shoot the top half of the fridge when it opens (it only opens for a split-second, so you gotta be quick!). You get 275,000 points and you're warped to the next house!

Eye Of Horus (Fanfare/Logotron): while the credits screen is showing, type SPAM. You now have infinite lives and you can use all the elevators, even if you don't have the appropriate keys.

F-29 Retaliator (Ocean): enter THE DIDYMEN (or THE DIDY MEN) into the duty roster instead of your name. This will have no effect on the game itself. However, when you have completed a mission and you want to land, press Enter. This will make your plane land by itself! Talk about automatic pilot… You're also supposed to get infinite weapons…

Falcon (Spectrum Holobyte): when flying a high-ranking mission, pressing Ctrl-X will give you 8 AIM9Ls and 500 rounds of ammo for your Vulcan. Or, pres Ctrl, Shift and X simultaneously.

-*- Fast Lane (Artronics): pause the game by pressing F1 during qualification. Now, hit the Spacebar. The clock should have stopped and you should be able to qualify in 1st place.

(X) Fernandez Must Die (Imageworks): pause the game, type SPINYNORMAN, and you get infinite lives!

(X) Fighter-Bomber (Activision): type BUCKAROO instead of your name, and you will be able to try all the missions! Also, you'll be able to fly on the ground, and pressing Alt-D will take you to your next waypoint!

Flip-It And Magnose (Imageworks): pressing F1 or F2, depending on whether you are Flip-It or Magnose, will give you infinite water!

(X) Flood (Electronic Arts): tired of starting on Level 1? Well, enter these passwords to access the appropriate levels. Pressing Backspace will erase the current password and allow you to enter a new one. Level 1 FROG, 2 YEAR, 3 QUIF, 4 LONG, 5 WORD, 6 FRED, 7 WINE, 8 GRIP, 9 TRAP, 10 THUD, 11 FRAK, 12 VINE, 13 JUMP, 14 NILL, 15 FOUR, 16 GRIT, 17 ZING, 18 JING, 19 LIDO, 20 POOL, 21 HATE, 22 REED, 23 LIME, 24 QUID, 25 WING, 26 FLEE, 27 GIGA, 28 HEAD, 29 LOOP, 30 SING, 31 JOUX, 32 PINK, 33 GOGO, 34 LETS, 35 QUAD, 36 BRIL, 37 EGGS, 38 HENS, 39 NAIL, 40 SOAP, 41 FOAM, 42 MEEK.

-*- Flying Shark (Firebird) also Sky Shark (Taito): enter HSC on the high score list for infinite lives, KDJ for invulnerability, RLH for acid smileys, JGL for full firepower, and RAB for immunity. You MUST hold down 5 on the keypad while typing these letters in! Here's how you can skip levels: back up your second disk, and look at it with the desktop. You'll see some files called "LEVEL(number).MAP". By simply renaming LEVEL5.MAP (for example) into LEVEL1.MAP, you can start playing on level 5, and so on…

Forgotten Worlds (US Gold): hold down Shift and type in ARC. Let go of Shift and start the game by pressing Help. Press S to go to the shop, press N to skip to the next level.

Fusion (Electronic Arts): load it and start playing. Press ESC. Now, start a new game while pressing E. You should now be in the cheat mode. If that doesn't work, enter SWAMP THING into the high-score table, and restart a game while pressing E. Now, you can change levels by pressing + and -. Make sure you have backed up your disk before attempting the following!! Move the joystick diagonal up/left, press fire, then press E. You now enter the game editor. Pressing ESC returns you to the level selector mode (pressing SPACE from the level selection mode returns you to the game). That was the unofficial way to enter the game editor; here's the official way: you need two drives or a hard disk. Boot your computer, then put the Fusion disk in drive A and a blank disk in drive B (or C). Diskcopy A to B. Go to the B directory and rename QAZ.MON into FUSION.TOS. Double-click on FUSION.TOS to run it (you need to have Fusion in drive A to run it, otherwise FUSION.TOS won't run. Any modification you make to the levels will be saved to drive B). Type SWAMP THING into the high-score list, then press E. + loads next level, - loads previous level, joystick up/left while pressing fire and E dumps you to the level editor. Joystick up/left while pressing fire and S saves the level you're currently editing. Level editor keys: use the function and number keys to select the appropriate tile from the menu at the top; use the cursor keys to adjust the position of the tile; use Tab to put it down; use Undo if you change your mind; press A and use the cursor keys to adjust the tile's height, press Enter when done; press P to cycle through the color palette with the keypad 1/4, 2/5 and 3/6; + and - on the keypad are used for changing the color of the parallax level; press Enter when you're done adjusting the colors; pressing X lets you edit the exit data, + and - to select the exit, press S to set the position, use + and - to select which level the exit leads to, then the cursor keys to set the position of the entrance to that level; press W to modify the weapon data, + and - to flick through the weaponry, S to select the one you want, use + and - again to set the part number, 1 thru 9 are bomb parts, 10 are the fat bullets, 11 are the triple shots, 12 are the shields, and 13 is extra fuel; be careful not to exceed those weapon numbers; you can use the keypad to edit the level, 1-2-3-4-6-7-8-9 are joystick equivalents, 0 to paste, "." to cut, + and - to choose the tile under the pointer; use the cursor keys to display the six switches at the top of the screen; to test a switch, press 0 thru 5 and the screen will zoom in on that switch and test it; press Undo to change it, then another number if you want, press S to set a switch. You can actually create a game with 40 levels!! To create a new level, go to the Level Select Mode and hit + beyond the last level. When creating additional levels, you must make sure that the last line of blocks at the top and bottom of the screen are raised blocks, otherwise the game will crash when you pass the boundary.

-*- Galaxy Force (Activision): type DONKEY on the title screen then press F3 during the game to get to the end of the current level.

Game Over II (Dynamic): the access code for the second stage is 11423.

(X) Gauntlet II (U.S. Gold): You need 2 keys and 2 locked treasure chests. As you open the first chest, hold down the Help key, collect the treasure. Open the second chest while holding down Insert. An Ankh will appear and you must collect it. You'll hear a gong. You should now have 50,000 health points and 32,000 reflective super-shots. The shots will vanish once you leave the level, and if you pick up an amulet, the counter will be reset to 10 shots. Here's a handy general tip: if you run out of keys and there's still some doors to open, don't hang around waiting for the doors to open. You're wasting valuable hit points! Pause the game and go do something else for 2 minutes. Come back and resume the game, and all the doors will open.

-*- Gazza 2 (Empire): from the center circle, hold down the fire button to launch the ball. This should score a goal. Now, press ESC to win the game.

Gemini Wing (Virgin): type in these codewords: Level 3 - classics, level 4 - whizzkid, level 5 - gunshots, level 6 - doodguyz, level 7 - d.gibson.

Ghostbusters II (Activision): when the Activision logo appears, hold down ALTERNATE, CONTROL, S and U, then press fire. This will keep your cable from breaking on level 1 and give you infinite courage.

Ghosts'N'Goblins (Elite): while the game displays the credits, type DELBOY. The screen will display CHEAT MODE ACTIVATED and Arthur will be invincible. Pressing F1 through F5 lets you go directly to those levels. But, don't fall in any bottomless pits, or you'll have to reset the computer.

Ghouls'N'Ghosts (US Gold): press the fire button to start the game, then quickly type STEPHEN BROADHURST (or KAREN BROADHURST). The words "cheat mode on" should flash on the screen. Arthur is now invincible!

-*- Golden Axe (Virgin Games): don't just "press any key" to start the game, press T for infinite lives!! If you play in one player mode, plug a second stick in the mouse port. When you're about to die, press the fire button on the other stick to continue with 3 more lives! Cool!!

Goldrunner (Microdeal): type "Easymode" on the high-score list. Now, when you press F9, you skip to the next level; it also deactivates the bomb collision detection. If you get bored, hit F8, and the cheat mode will be disabled. Also, press I to go to the bonus round, press U to go to the next level. Or, type ATARI to go straight ot the first bonus screen.

Gravity (Imageworks): when asked for a password, type WARPXX, XX being the digits of the desired level.

Great Giana Sisters (Rainbow Arts): hold down the A, R, M, I and N keys to go to the next level.

Gremlins II (Elite): enter SINATRA on the high-score screen and you've got infinite lives!

(X) Gridrunner (Llamasoft): pause the game (Right-Shift) and type Pink-Floyd-are-gods, with the minus signs, and you now have infinite lives…

Hades Nebula (Nexus): enter "MONITOR." when you're on the high-score list. You should now have infinitive lives.

Hammerfist (Activision): type TAEHC OT TNAW I ("I want to cheat" backwards) on the high score list, and you'll be able to move forward one screen by pressing F7.

Hardball (Accolade): various hints: Allstars are better than champs, Only steal if you actually hit the ball, Try to get a lot of runs early, as the computer team improves towards the end, Bunting rarely works, Halfway through the match, swap Laws for Wells and Wratten for Harris, The best pitchers are Oliver, Perez, Leary, Cook. The others will only be successful for a short while, Never pitch fastballs to the center as they will usually result in home runs, Change pitchers after a few innings, because as they get tired, their accuracy and speed get worse.

Hard Drivin' (Domark/Tengen): here's something silly to try: start a game, turn around and drive in the opposite direction! Go to one of the checkpoints, cross it, then turn around again and go back to the finish line. And voila! A new track record… In a more serious vein: drive up the first hill on the speed track. Pass the fork in the road. When you're in the air, shift to neutral. You should be able to race around the track without skidding…

Hawkeye (Thalamus): when you are about to die, press Delete to advance a level. During the game, pause then press Help, then unpause. You should now have infinite lives.

Helter Skelter (Audiogenic S.L.): here are the various access codes for the upper levels: SPIN (level 11), FLIP (21), BALL (31), GOAL (41), LEFT (51), TWIN (61), PLAY (71). Here's a way to get lots of extra lives: play a two-player game, let one of the players gain an extra life by picking up the tokens. That player will now last longer, so when the other player dies, the one with the extra life will play a level on his own. Complete this level, and on the next, both players will receive 99 extra lives.

Heroes Of The Lance (SSI), just some general tips: arrange your party so that the first line consists of two strong warriors, Raistlin and Goldmoon. This allows you to use Raistlin's magic and the healing staff of Goldmoon without too much hassle. Save Tanis and Riverwind for the later levels, where the bows come in handy. When fighting Gully Dwarves, use Tasslehoff who is the same height as them. His sling stones will never miss. Avoid fighting Hatchlings, they're not worth it. Just turn and run when you meet one; when you reach an intersection move into a new path and wait a little. When you return, the Hatchling will have gone. Killing Bozaks: two methods: 1) get Raistlin to use a web, sleep or charm spell to stun it, then send a warrior to clobber it to death, or 2) select Flint, who is a dwarf; 9 out of 10 times, the Bozak's shots will go over his head; get close to enter melee combat, and use low thrusts to kill it. Spectral Minions: they're easy to kill, so use a warrior. Wraiths: a well-timed throw of an axe kills them every time. If you miss, use a sword and chest-thrust movements. Don't let it get too close to you! Spiders: use low thrusts to keep them at bay. If they get through your guard, retreat until you can turn and fight again. The blue and green potions restore health, red slows down monsters, and yellow give your characters extra confidence.

-*- (X) Horror Zombies From The Crypt (Millenium): level access codes: Level 2 WOLFMAN, 3 HAMMER, 4 LUGOSI, 5 NOSFERATU, and 6 GARLIC. Or, type BOGEYEATER instead of a level access code, and you get infinite lives!

(X) IK+ (System 3): pause the game after your character has been knocked down, and restart the game. Your player is now invincible. If you do the same thing to one of the computer players, it will also be invincible! Also, typing in the following words during play activates the appropriate little effect: FISH, BIRD, PERY (periscope), FREZ (freezes the action), PAC (He has returned!), JUMP, TOTO, STEW, SHAH.

Ikari Warriors (Elite): play game, get high score, type FREERIDE and press Return. When the high score table is displayed next, it should say 1988 FEB where you entered FREERIDE, indicating that the cheat is active. Play the game and you should have infinite lives…

(X) The Immortal (Electronic Arts): here are all the level access codes: Level 2 - 757fc10006f70, 3 - 6e1ec21000e10, 4 - 465fa31001eb0, 5 - d4bfd41000eb0, 6 - bcfef51010a41, 7 - 6b10f61010ac1, 8 - e590d710178c1.

Impossamole (Gremlin): play the game and get a high score, then, enter any of the following: HEINZ… ©to get 3 full power bars, ANNFRANK ©to top up your energy, LUMBAJAK ©to get bouble-length energy bars, OOCHOUCH ©to walk on dangerous surfaces, COMMANDO ©no time limit on weapons, JUGGLERS ©worms give double health.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, The Action Game (Lucasfilm/US Gold): type JIEHOVA (or JEHOVA) when the title screen appears. The screen will flash, indicating that the cheat mode is active. Press L to skip a level, press 1 or 2 to advance to key points within each level. Or, type SILLYNAM on the high-score list for infinite credits.

-*- (X) Infestation (Psygnosis): bring up the HUD scratch pad. Type I AM NOT A CHEAT (making the victory symbol with your hands is optional!), press Undo, then Help, then Escape (which makes you quit the game). When you restart, you have the elevator card, screwdriver, quarters key, datalink/compass, and IR scanner. Pressing Escape will show you the final screen. WARNING: games saved while the cheat mode is active are prone to malfunction, so watch out!

-*- International Ice Hockey (Impulze): when your team scores a goal, press F1 to pause. Wait 'til the music is over, then unpause the game. You get more goals. Or somethin'…

(X) Interphase (Imageworks): type Fenny to activate the cheat mode. You are dumped into a view mode similar to Starglider II's, but you can't paint…

Iron Trackers (Microids): here's a few of tips for this pretty bad game: Select the booster for your quadracer. This will improve your overall performance. While racing, keep an eye out for big brown pillars on the right side of the screen. Drive through them to get 2,000 bonus points.

Ivanhoe (Ocean): pause the game and type JC IS THE BEST (Return). While playing, press N to advance a level, press Delete to kill all the enemies on the screen, push ";" to give yourself more lives. During the bonus level, press Control to kill the monster.

James Pond (Millenium): type MR2 and you get yourself a helmet. Now hit the following keys to get the different levels: Z level 1, X 2, C 3, V 4, B 5, N 6, M 7, "," 8, "." 9, "/" 10. In other words, the bottom 10 keys on the main keyboard. Clever, non? Pressing D will move you to the next level or kill some of the on-screen enemies, depending on when and where you press it. Pressing P will make you dance! Pressing S will make you shake! Pressing the following keys will give you the items indicated: 1 top hat, 2 helmet, 3 eyepatch, 4 shades, 5 dyn'o'mite, 6 key, 7 comb, 8 gun, 9 ammo, 0 sponge, - orchid, = gold bar, BACKSPACE urn.

-*- Judge Dredd (Virgin Games): start the game and log on as DREDD. Then type BRUCKEN PLAYING HERO QUEST, press Return, then exit. Pressing Help now skips levels.

-*- Jumping Jack'Son (Infogrames): level access passwords. Game A: level 5 KAYLEIGH, 9 ALCHEMY, 13 OCTOBERON. Game B: Level 5 TANGRAM, 9 INCUBUS, 13 SIRIUS.

-*- Karate Kid II (Microdeal): get a high score and enter MYAGI on the list. While playing, pressing P advances you one level.

Kid Gloves (Millenium): pause the game and type RHIANNON. If you hit F9, you will become invincible. If you hit the other function keys, strange things will happen. I wish I could tell you more, but since I hate this game and I got rid of it a while back…

-*- The Killing Cloud (Imageworks): when asked for a mission code, type 1 KILLING to get 28 nets and 29 PUPs. Here are some mission codes: Mission 2 AOOTOOEV, 3 255FA1E1, 4 QII8A1EK, 5 3KU6AZE3 (or 3336RWE3), 6 XXX6G6EJ, 7 4333GWER, 8 W3Q1GWC, 9 63QTEDEX, 10 CA2FG7E2. Here are some different mission codes: Mission 2 AQQTQQEV, 3 2IPFA1EY, 4 QJK8AZEN, 5 3GH6AZCR, 6 XGH6AZCM, 7 AFT3AZXN, 8 WEG1AZAL, 9 6EGTGDEX, 10 CWBFG7E3.

Klax (Domark/Tengen): begin playing and hold down Shift (either one) and the Spacebar at the same time. Now press keys 1 through 4 for assorted helpful things like infinite credits or warping straight to level 100.

The Kristal (Addictive/Cinemaware): find the beggar and donate some Skringles twice; accept the pommel when he offers it in thanks. Find Gloop, and ask him what to do, and he'll explain everything. Accept the invitation when he offers it. Go to the palace and say to the Guards:" I have an invitation." Walk past Nedrod and meet with the Kring. Listen to him and accept the Skringles he offers. Then meet with Nedrod. When he stops talking and says "no more questions", keep interrogating him. The 4th time you ask, he will give you valuable information. Meet with the Princess in the Palace Garden and when she asks about your mission, reply "it's a secret"; then type TAH for a message from the programmers. Accept the Ring of Belz. Go to the arch to the right of the green door in the town and take scroll. Go to Sereena's stall in the market square and buy Froodle and Frandanas. Eat them to boost your energy. Find Boris The Butler and give to charity. Go through the green door, through the center arch in the spaceport and board your ship. Choose the top icon for Zapminola and take off…

Last Duel (CapCom): start the game, pause with F9, then hold down Help, left Shift, and 1. Unpause and the Function keys should take you to all the levels. F8 gives you 5 lives.

Leatherneck (Microdeal): type in CUTHBERTNECK and then press F3. This will give your men protective shields. The only thing that can kill you is your teammate's bullets. F3 turns it off.

LED Storm (CapCom): enter DAVID BROADHURST WANTS TO CHEAT for infinite lives.


Leonardo (Starbyte): here's a few passwords: IVANHOE, MATTERHORN, EMMENTALER.

(X) The Light Corridor (Infogrames): here are all 50 level access codes: Level 2 5400, 3 0101, 4 3901, 5 2602, 6 9902, 7 4303, 8 9903, 9 6904, 10 3305, 11 9305, 12 3406, 13 0407, 14 6407, 15 2008, 16 7408, 17 4709, 18, 3810, 19 0511, 20 6811, 21 3212, 22 0213, 23 8213, 24 5014, 25 1015, 26 8215, 27 5116, 28 0117, 29 7017, 30 5518, 31 2819, 32 9919, 33 7320, 34 2521, 35 0622, 36 3722, 37 1223, 38 4523, 39 4124, 40 1825, 41 1926, 42 9726, 43 5927, 44 0528, 45 7328, 46 3929, 47 3030, 48 0531, 49 8431, and 50 is 9932.

-*- Line Of Fire (US Gold): when the game has loaded, press the Help key and a message will appear. Type WHAT A BUMMER, and you got infinite credits! Also, pressing keys 1 through 7 let you start on the appropriate level.

-*- Logical (Rainbow Arts): type ELO WANTS followed by the level number on the loading screen and you'll get there.

(X) Lost Patrol (Ocean): here are some playing tips: 1) Make sure Weaver doesn't take the lead. 2) After moving three times, rest for 30 minutes to keep morale constant. 3) When you reach the village, choose QUESTION and HARD. Ask the old man where the food is. Then SEARCH AREA to find a tunnel. Send Gomez in it and 90% of the time, he'll come back with some goodies. (Always SEARCH AREA after an encounter with VCs). 4) At the village on stilts, you have to shoot a villager then QUESTION HARD and ask for food. Then shoot another villager, question again, ask for food, then ammo, then get out. When you reach Du Hoc, which is your final goal, some people have suggested that you should turn off your computer rather than suffer an end sequence that has been described as "hypocritical, blood-boiling, and patronizing".

-*- Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Gremlin): enter player 1's name as ANGEL DARK, and player 2's name as HARVEST HOME for some help with the race. Enter P1's name as MONSTER, and P2's name as SEVENTEEN, and you can play a vertically scrolling shoot'em'up instead!!

Mickey Mouse (Gremlin): After Mickey takes his bow, type 61315688 (or 6135688 if the other one doesn't work) and a thin white line will flicker in the border. Hitting F2 opens the door to the sub-game, F3 takes you straight to conflict with a witch, F4 refills your water pistol, Enter (keypad) quits the sub-game, "." on the keypad completes the sub-game successfully.

Midnight Resistance (Ocean): play the game and press F10 to pause it. Type OPEN THE DOOR HAL. Unpause the game, and you now have infinite energy! Or, pause the game, type SAMANTHA LYON, and you now have infinite everything!

-*- Midwinter (Rainbird): while skiing, press S to go to sniper mode. Zoom your lens to maximum and you should now be invincible.

-*- Narc (Ocean): you want infinite lives? Well then, do this: walk up to one of the trashcans and crouch down. Fire at it for about 11 seconds, then walk into it. Voila! Repeat if unsuccesful…

-*- Narco Police (Dinamix): typing in ABRIR will open doors. NOENEMIG will wipe out all bad guys. COMENZAR will bring them all back. BLAST will activate a smart bomb. MUNICON will give loads of ammo. NOAMET Z1 (or any other Zone number) will turn off all machine guns in that zone, NOCAM Z1 (or any other Zone number) will turn off all cameras in that zone.

Navy Moves (Dinamic): the access level to part II is 948411.

-*- Navy SEALs (Ocean): get a high score and enter WOZZIE as your name. Start a new game. Pressing Return will advance you one level, and pressing W will cycle through the available weapons.

(X) Nebulus (Hewson) also Tower Toppler (Epyx): when on the title screen (with the music playing), type Helloiamjmp. Now, you can access any tower by simply pressing the appropriate function key. You also get infinite lives.

-*- Netherworld (Hewson): get a high score and enter UxZ158 for infinite lives.

Never Mind (Psygnosis): access codes for the first 26 levels: 0 MMMRHM, 1 AMMRHA, 2 HMMRHH, 3 VMMRHV, 4 PMMRHP, 5 GMMRHG, 6 IMMRHI, 7 RMMRHR, 8 MAMRHW, 9 AAMRHN, 10 HAMRHZ, 11 VAMRHT, 12 HHMWHH, 13 GAMRHQ, 14 IAMRHB, 15 RAMRHF, 16 MHMWHM, 17 AHMWHA, 18 HHMWHJ, 19 VHMWHV, 20 PHMWHP, 21 GHMWHG ,22 IHMWHI, 23 RHMWHR, 24 MVMWHM, 25 AVMWHN.

New Zealand Story (Ocean): pause the game by pressing Undo, press M and you'll hear a laser shot, type MOTHERFUCKENKIWIBASTARD and you'll hear a musical tone. Resume the game. You now have infinite lives, and you can skip to the next level by pressing Help. Also, on the title screen, press Delete, then M, then Delete, then M , then type FLUFFYKIWIS to get infinite lives. If that doesn't work, press Delete and M only once. If that still doesn't work, try adding a space after FLUFFYKIWIS.

-*- Night Shift (Lucasfilm): enter your name has MPICKLE in the high score table, and you can still go on to the next shift even if you don't finish the previous one. Here are the level access codes: (C is cherry, B is banana, L is lemon, P is pineapple, U is plum) level 2 CBBL, 3 BCPU, 4 PLPP, 5 PPLC, 6 CUUP, 7 CPLB, 8 PBPC, 9 PLLC, 10 LBUU, 11 BPCU, 12 CUBU, 13 UCBP, 14 PCUB, 15 UUPP, 16 BBPB, 17 BUCU, 18 ULLU, 19 LPCU, 20 CPPC, 21 LCPP, 22 UCLB, 23 UCCL, 24 UPLL, 25 BPPL, 26 UCCB, 27 BCLB, 28 UBBP, 29 CUCP, 30 CCBU.

Ninja Mission (Mastertronic): While playing, on entering a room, push the joystick in the direction of the enemy and hold the fire button. This will freeze them, making them a lot easier to beat up.

-*- (X) Ninja Spirit (Activision): press F9, press Caps Lock, then hold down Control and Shift. The game will restart, you will be invincible, and the collision detection will be switched off.

The Ninja Warriors (Virgin Games): hold down Alt and type in the following: Weird modes: CASABLANCA ©makes everything black and white GENESIS OF THE DALEKS puts the screen in inverse video (chromatic mode) THE TERMINATOR ©makes the Ninja's body parts explode when you die SKIPPY ©makes the enemies bounce A SMALLSTEP FOR MAN ©Moon gravity mode EAT TO THE BEAT ©pressing Q toggles slow motion on and off Useful modes: SNOW WHITE ©dwarf ninjas CHEDDAS ©infinite credits OPEN THE POD BAY DOORS, HAL ©infinite stars MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU ©infinite energy WARP FACTOR ONE, MR SULU ©warp levels

-*- Onslaught (Hewson): on the map screen, press F9 and F10 simultaneously. You can now edit the land. Move the cursor around the map and alter it with the function keys.

Operation Thunderbolt (Ocean): instead of typing your name, enter WIGAN NINJA. Restart the game and play it. Press F7 to skip a level, but remember: you must rescue at least 1 hostage from both of the enemy bases to finish the game sucessfully! Also, entering SPECCY MODE on the high-score list brings on twice the amount of enemies. Meanwhile, entering EDOM TAEHC (CHEAT MODE backwards) gives you infinite lives, but not infinite health, so you can still die. And, pressing the following sequence of keys gives you the laser sight in 1 player mode: F8 F7 F6 F5 F4 F3 F8 F1 F1 F1. In 2 player mode, F2 replaces the F1s…

Outrun (U.S. Gold/Sega): While playing, type STARION ,then press the following keys: B - Bogus extended play ©S - Advances you to a stage D - Save screen picture ©T - Extra 10 seconds Q - Programmers information ©X - Exits the game

P-47 (Firebird): enter ZEBEDEE on the high-score list. Start a game, press F2 to get a refill of lives, and F1 to skip to the next level.

Pacland (Grandslam): while loading, type AVALON. The screen will freak out. This is normal. You now have infinite lives! Also, during round two, push the third cactus you come to, and you will be invincible for that round only. On round one, push the third fire hydrant, and the baby ghosts won't be able to harm you. In the forest, push the first log you find, and it will release balloons (worth extra points!). On level three, push the first log and it will warp you through the level!

-*- Peter Beardsley's Soccer (Grandslam): when you get the ball, run with it while continually pressing the fire button and no one can take it from you.

Platoon (Data East/Ocean): while on the title screen, type HAMBURGER-HILL. Pressing F1 through F3 advances you through the jungle, F4 takes you straight to the village. F5 activates a shield, F6 turns it off. Warning: do not enter a trap door with the shield on! The game will crash.

Populous (Electronic Arts): here's a bunch of access codes: 2 JOSAMAR, 3 TIMUSLUG, 6 SWAVER, 9 BURWILCON, 10 MORINGHILL, 12 BILCEMET, 14 WEAUHIPHAM, 17 IMMUSILL, 20 SHADTED, 22 BINOZOND, 23 SADWILLOW, 32 SHIDIEHOLE, 33 HURTLOPLAS, 36 JOSTME, 38 SWAINGPAL, 43 NIMOUTJOB, 44 BILADOR, 46 WEAVINPERT, 50 HOBOZJOB, 54 BINMEOUT, 58 VERYELIN, 60 HAMINMAR, 64 SHIOZER, 65 HURTIKEING, 72 EOAELING, 75 NIMLOPILL, 84 SHADKOPEND, 88 LOWINLOW, 91 MINOXEND, 94 SUZOGOBOY, 99 TIMQAZAL, 103 KILLSODPAL, 108 BILOGOJOB, 113 IMMQAZT, 117 CORSODDON, 120 LOWEAT, 126 SUZKOPLUG, 130 JOSASING, 134 SWAEAHILL, 135 KILLDIEMET, 140 RINGINGTORY, 141 BILKOPILL, 150 BINQUEME, 154 VERYWILICK, 166 SWADEBOY, 172 BILASPIL, 178 HOBQUET, 185 QAZCET, 191 DOUDIELUG, 198 SWAILUG, 201 NIMAORD, 208 BADPEED, 216 LOWOUTOLD, 214 BINMPEND, 219 MININICK, 222 SUZPEME, 227 TIMMEHOLE, 234 MORLOPPERT, 243 BUGHIPT, 251 MINEABAR, 258 JOSQAZMET, 264 EOAOXHILL, 270 WEAVDIILL, 278 BINOXTORY, 282 HAMDIICK, 284 VERYUOND, 290 JOSSODOR, 295 KILLQUEPIL, 302 WEAUCEPIL, 307 BUGEAOUT, 312 LOWDIDON, 317 FUTASER, 322 JOSHIEHILL, 329 BUFIHILL, 335 ALPUSILL, 339 BUGDEHAM, 345 QAZASME, 351 DOUQUELAS, 356 CALINGPAL, 361 BUROUTJOB, 366 WEAVTAL, 368 BADOZJOB, 372 SHADMEOUT, 377 QAZUSDON, 383 DOUWILING, 384 SHIINGORD, 387 TIMMPHILL, 392 EOAINCON, 399 ALPOCON, 402 HOBHIPEND, 409 QAZPEEND, 414 SUZMEICK, 423 KILLOXLAS, 430 WEAVKOPOUT, 436 SHADYPERT, 437 COROXOUT… When you bring up the options screen in a Conquest game, you can enter a number from 0 to 32768; the program will generate a world associated with whatever number you type in. This gives you 128,000 worlds to choose from!!!

Power Drift (Activision): select any course, except "D", and win all the races (in other words: finish first!!). Collect all the gold medals and you enter a bonus round on a secret track with the Afterburner F-14 at your controls!! Even better, the collision detection is turned off!!! If you do the same thing (finish first) on the "D" course, you enter another secret racetrack, but with the Super Hang-on bike at your command this time. No collision detection either…

-*- Predator (Activision): keep on hitting F10 to get extra energy.

-*- Predator II (Imageworks): press P to pause and type YOU'RE ONE UGLY MUTHA. You now have infinite bullets and you can press F6 to choose any weapon, and F8 to warp to the next level.

Prophecy I: The Viking Child (Wired): here's some access codes: DENIS<E> to go to the forest, THE BLIZ the bridge, SHARKMAN the labyrinth, NYMHARSW the desert.

Puffy's Saga (UBI Soft): pause the game when your health nears zero, then run your fingers along F1 thru F7. You'll get 2000 healths, 4 keys, 4 Goms, and you'll be transported to the next level.

Quadralien (Logotron/Spinnaker): access codes: level 2 170961, level 3 010655, the Core 610169. And now, some tips: once in the core, you can't quit. So choose droids with good lasers, Jack and Spud for example. The Quadralien mother is made up of 4 separate pieces grouped together and surrounded by Earthling boxes. The mother can only be destroyed by blowing up each box from a different direction. From the starting point there are three exit: north, east, and west. Go east and destroy the first box, return to the starting point, and go north to destroy the second box. You will now have both droids to blow the remaining boxes. Go west through the one-way force field, and get the other. Don't forget to keep recharging.

Rainbow Islands (Ocean): here's a bunch of codes you can enter at the beginning of the game: BLRBJSBJ for fast feet, RJSBJSBR double rainbows, SSSLLRRS fast rainbows, BJBJBJRS first hint, LJLSLBLS second hint, and LBSJRLJL continues on all rounds. (LBSJRWL was a misprint, sorry…) Here are 3 more codes: RRLLBBJS makes all hidden food into money bags, R©SBSJ does the previous and also lets you continue on all rounds, and SRBJSLSB gives you 100 million points. These codes will work on the original coin-op. S is the start button, L is joystick left, R is right, J is jump, and B is make rainbows… I've never seen the coin-op anywhere!!

Rambo III (Taito/Ocean): get on the high-score list and type RENEGADE. Pressing 1 ,2 and 3 will drop you on the level of your choice. And now for some tips: 1) When inside the 2nd building, wear your IR goggles. 2) Don't walk in front of soldiers, since it will trigger an alarm and about 8 soldiers will jump you! 3) If you enter a dark room, use the glow tube. 4) Never use a gun without a silencer. 5) Turn off the electric door with the switch located several rooms away. 6) The mine detector won't work without the generator. 7) The IR goggles won't work without a battery. 8) Watch out for IR beams, since they also trigger alarms. Here's a list of items you can find: arrows, silencer, first aid kit, IR goggles, glow tube, battery, key, mine, detector (in 2 pieces), pistol, ammo, rubber gloves (you never know when you can be expected to perform major surgery!!!)

-*- Resolution 101 (Millenium): save up $6,500, then buy a light cannon (class 1). You can now hit targets high in the air, and inflict more damage on ground-based targets, 'cause you got a heavy machine gun installed free!

Return Of The Jedi (Domark): enter Darth Vader on the high score list instead of your name. Pressing F2 will complete a stage and send you to the next one.

-*- Return To Genesis (Firebird): when on the title screen, type WASP.ASM to activate ye olde cheat mode, then press F5 for invincibility, F4 to toggle between 50 and 60Hz, and Control to display program version messages.

Rick Dangerous (Firebird): get a high score and type in POOKY. You'll be able to restart where you last died.

Rings Of Medusa (Starbyte): after loading the game and typing in your name, enter DESOXYRIBONUKLEINSAEURE, then press Help. This will bring up a cheat menu full of sneaky options.

Roadblasters (U.S. Gold): when the car is on the starting line, type LAVILLASTRANGIATO. Now you can hit the following keys: X - spins the car, S - goes to the next level, F - refuels the car, G - end game, 1 - add UZ cannon, 2 - add cruise missiles, 3 - add electro-shields, 4 - fit nitro injectors, 0 - remove special weapons.

Robocop (Ocean/Data East): press Return to pause the game, hold down Shift and type in ALEX MURPHY. Now, by left-clicking the mouse, you can replenish any lost energy. Or, pause the game and type BEST-KEPT-SECRET to get infinite energy.

Robocop II (Ocean): when the title pic pops up, enter BAMBOOZALEM (or BAMBOOZULEM). You now have infinite energy! However, everything that used to kill you instantly still can! Or, enter SERIAL INTERFACE on the title pic. Press F9 to replenish energy, and F10 to skip a level (this might only work on the Amiga…).

-*- Rock'N'Roll (Rainbow Arts): instead of entering your name, type in RAINBOW ARTS followed by the level you want to start on, followed by XX, followe d by 4 numbers that add up to the level number, followed by XX, followed by the level you want to start on backwards (got that?). For example: to get to level 9, enter 09XX2223XX90. Also, entering COUNTRY on the high-score list lets you access a jukebox menu for the in-game tunes.

Rolling Thunder (U.S. Gold): On the title screen, type JIMBBBY and Return to get infinite energy. Press I to go to the next level.

-*- Rotor (Arcana): to get all the different missions, type GAG, SLY, and AWE.

(X) R*Type (Mediagenic): load the game; when you get the "insert disk 2 and press space" prompt, press HELP and type ME, then press the up arrow (between INSERT and CLR HOME). Now insert disk 2 and press space. While playing the game, you can become impervious to collisions (F5), impervious to enemy fire (F6), get infinite credits (F7), and put the orb in the control of a second player with a stick plugged in the mouse port (F8). Neat!

-*- Saint Dragon (Storm): to get infinite lives, hold down the mouse button and the fire button until the game has loaded. Or, press Caps Lock during play, type DECAFFEINATED, then Return.

-*- Savage (Firebird): level 2 password is SABATTA, level 3 is Porsche.

Seven Gates Of Jambala (Thalion): on the title screen, type YICKE YACKE HCHNERKACKE. Hold down the left Shift key, then press 1. Let go of 1, then let go of Shift. The "Press space to start" line should turn blue. Press F1 through F5 for weapons, 1 through 7 for levels, G for gold, and F10 to toggle the power jump on and off.

-*- Shadow Dancer (US Gold): pause the game and type in GIVE ME INFINITY (or GIVE ME INFINITES) for infinite lives.

Shadow Of The Beast (Psygnosis): here's a quick and easy way to replenish your energy level: hold down Left Shift, Enter and 0 (both on the keypad). Release Enter and 0, then press F5. Or, you can press the Enter key 5 times, then press F5 a couple of times. You can do this several times throughout the game…

Shadow Warriors (Ocean): start a 2 player game by pressing 1 and 2 together. During the game, pressing 1 or 2 will give an extra life to Player 1 or Player 2 respectively.

Shinobi (Virgin Games): pause the game and type LARSXViii (or LARSXVIII) to get infinite credits.

(X) Sidewinder (Mastertronic), part of the Awesome Arcade Action Pak (Arcadia): if you look on disk 2, you will see a screen editor program. You can access a specific level by pressing the appropriate function key. You can save the changes by holding down both mouse buttons. You should back up disk 2 first, since the changes are permanent.

(X) Silkworm (Virgin/Sales Curve): when the high-score screen pops up, press C. A new screen appears, called "Fat Mouse's Cheese Menu", which lists lots of different cheeses, except gorgonzola. Start playing a game, and enter GORGONZOLA. You are now in Cheese Mode!!! All bouncing bombs are turned into wheels of Edam, and the word "edam" pops up here and there. If you press C, you get extra credits…

Skidz (Gremlin): play the game, press the fire button, hold down Alternate and C to activate the cheat mode. Time and energy will no longer be a problem. Or hit Alternate and M while pressing the fire button to skip levels.

Sly Spy Secret Agent (Ocean): enter 007 as the code and type SHAKEN NOT STIRRED during the game.

Solomon's Key: when the "press any key to load" prompt appears, hit Help.

Sonic Boom (Activision): play the game, get a high score (good luck!), and type DOUGAL. Start another game. Hitting F1 will top-up your energy, F2 will give you a full set of droid planes, and F3 will complete the level.

Sorcery + (Virgin): type GAS MASK WHEELER WANTS CHEAT and you're now invincible, all doors are open, the timer is stopped, and you have access to the "plus" part of the game.

Space Ace (Readysoft): play the game and pause it. Type GODEMODEXTER, then press the fire button, then hit Enter. Unpause the game and continue playing it. When you're down to your last life, the computer takes over for you and completes the game!!! So, now you can invite your friends and show 'em how good you suddenly became at Space Ace!!!

Space Harrier and Space Harrier II (Elite): if you look at disk two, you'll see some files called LEVEL2.DAT (for example). If you rename THEEND.DAT (or whatever it's called) to LEVEL1.DAT, you will see the end sequence without playing the game!

Spherical (Rainbow Arts): single player's access codes: RADAGAST for level 9, YARMAK 19, ORCSLAYER 39, SKYFIRE 59, and MIRGAL 75. Two players' access codes: GHANIMA for level 9, GLIEP 19, MOURNBLADE 39, and JADWIN 59.

Spidertronic (Infogrames): get a high score and enter CHEAT on the screen, press Return and, then, the fire button; the screen will go black; a prompt will appear: Last game level: GAME.LS0 New game level: Type GAME.LS and the number of the level you wanna play. Press Return and, then, the fire button, and you start playing on the desired level.

The Spy Who Loved Me (Domark): type MISS MONEYPENNY for infinite lives and infinite Q points.

(X) Starglider (Rainbird): this one is complex, so pay attention!! Start the game, slow down completely, press F, and press Backspace. Now, type in the following twice: JS(Space)ARG(Backspace)S(Backspace)(Return). Pressing N gives you 5000 points, E reboots the disk, M stops all enemy aircraft , P adds an extra missile.

(X) Starglider II (Rainbird): slow down completely (in other words: STOP!), press F5, then Delete. Type WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD1. Now, press K whenever you run out of weapons and you also get infinite energy. Where to get what and how: Bouncing bombs - Castron depot, use on Projector bases only. Missiles - Millway depots, use on Walkers, Stompers, etc… Cuboids - use a lot of energy, given to you by prof Taymar. Neutron bomb - use on space station only. Cask Of Vistan Vine - get from pirates, or trade a boink at the Castron depot. Clutter Of Noodles …huh, Cluster of Nodules - on beautiful downtown Dante. Egron Mini-Rocket - surface of Aldos or Q-Beta. Case Of Nuke Fuel - Aldos surface. Asteroid - between Apogee and Millway, in the Asteroid Belt. Flat Diamond - capture a Mech Whale, take it to the Questa depot, and trade it in for a flat diamond. Lump Of Mineral Rock - Q-Beta surface. Crate Of Castrobars - go to Enos and grab a tree, trade it in at the Castron depot ("Look everybody! Toothpicks!!!"). Professor Taymar - After getting all of the above ingredients, go to Broadway. Make sure you have a crate of Castrobars in the hold. Cruise the surface and tractor-beam the first Emma 2 you see. Bring it aboard. Taymar is inside. He will install the Cuboid launcher and agree to go to Apogee. Take him to the Apogee depot. When the neutron bomb is built, take it to Q-Beta's false moon. If all 6 Projector Bases have been rebuilt, drop by one and blow it up. You will see the space station, surrounded by Mini-sentinels. Take a couple out with missiles. Move toward the station, and when you're directly over it, drop the bomb. A massive explosion follows, and you win the game!!!

(X) Stargoose (Logotron/Spinaker): run your fingers on the functions keys back and forth several times, and you should now have infinite shields!

(X) Starquake (Mandarin/Terrific): here's a list of all the teleport codes: FLIED, CHING, DAVRO, SOLUN, TABET, LUANG, TSOIN, KALED, ROKEA, HINDI, SOCHI, NICHA, BORNO, CWORE, KWANG, ADKEA.

(X) Starray (Logotron/Spinnaker): here are a few playing tips: Concentrate on the landers. When you shoot 'em, some release bonus capsules, so spraying everything in sight isn't good policy. If the lander releases a capsule with an X on it, don't pick it up; these capsules drain part of your shield energy. The capsule marked P gives you penetrating lasers; these aren't so hot either, since they go right through everything and wipe out bases and bonus capsules. When shooting rectangular ships (airbuses), approach them from the right side since the bonus capsules always eject on the right. Also, turning off the sound should speed up the game, supposedly…

Stormtrooper (Creation): play the game and get a high-score. Enter JAMES CAMERON in the high-score list. Next you play, you will notice a funny looking yellow squiggle. This means you have several dozen extra lives. Should the squiggle disappear, press F9 to reload on lives. Press F10 to remove any barriers.

Street Fighter (Capcom/Go!): type STREET CHEAT on the title screen and press Help. You get dropped on the next level.

Strider (U.S. Gold): press F9 to pause the game. Hold down Help, the left shift button, and the 1 key on the keyboard. Release all 3 keys and press F10 to restart the game. Now, you can use 1 thru 5 to skip to the corresponding level, and F1 thru F4 to skip to the different stages within the level itself…

-*- Strider II (US Gold): type SWIFT during the game and a small box will appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen with the word "cheat" and a smiling face in it. Pressing the Spacebar turns you into the 'bot any time you want, and pressing the cursor keys will give you super speed.

Stryx (Psygnosis): begin a game and hold down Help, M and D simultaneously to replenish your energy. Press Help and P to get the door passes… Or, press Help and M and E to replenish your energy.

Sundog (FTL/Mirrorsoft): You can get shields for 350 Cr to 400 Cr, depending where you are. To get them, go to the weapon store and click on the rapid heal, and then click on YES, then instead of clicking on the rapid heal, go right of it, so you are on a blank space. Click now and you will have found a shield which you didn't have before in one of your carrying squares. Though it says 'Shield', after one hit, it will say Shield (7).

(X) Super Cars (Gremlin): to start racing in 2nd division, enter ODIE instead of your initials. To start racing in 1st division, enter BIGC. To get lotsa money, enter POOR.

-*- (X) Super Cars II (Gremlin): to win every race, enter player 1's name as I WALK THE HILL for player 1, and INWARDS for player 2. You get 99 of each weapon, grade 3 armor, engine, and a battering ram.

Supremacy (Virgin) or Overlord (Virgin): here's a weirdo tip for getting extra fuel. Get rid of your fuel by buying 2 cargo cruisers, filling them up, and parking them in orbit. Next, buy a Solar Sat, put it in orbit, then take it back down. Go to the cargo control screen and click on the scrap icon. Your fuel level should have risen to the top of the screen. You can do this on every planet against every opponent!

Switchblade (Gremlin): get a high score and enter POOKY in the high score table. Pressing keys 1 through 5 give access to the respective levels.

-*- SWIV (Storm): pause the game. Type NCC-1701 and press Return. The border should flash to indicate that the cheat mode is on. Unpause the game and you got yourself infinite lives!

Teenage Mutant Hero (sheesh!) Turtles (Imageworks): here's how you get infinite energy. Load the game and when it asks for the correct code, enter 8859. Then enter 1506. Now enter the correct code. While playing, press HELP to get infinite energy.

Thrust (Firebird): from the desktop, insert the game disk. Look for the CHEAT.PRG icon and double-click on it. You can survive collisions by typing CHEAT during the game.

Thunderblade (US Gold): when the grey digitized picture appears on the screen, type CRASH. Now, when you play a game, you can press UNDO to skip to the next level. You DON'T get infinite lives!!

Time Machine (Activision): get a hig score and enter DIZZY. Now, you will have 9 lives and the ability to access all time zones. Use A and S to select screens in each zone.

Times Of Lore (Origin): brown scroll kills all monsters on the screen, white scroll freezes them for a limited time (act now!), green scroll teleports (use only twice), white potion random energy refuel, green potion complete refuel. Boots of speed are in Treela, magic axe is in Lankwell. Save your game often! When playing at night, turn up the contrast and brightness settings (it won't make the game any smarter, though!).

Titan (Titus): a few access codes: Level 10 H67JR1, 20 1R7DCG, 30 BG6W61, 40 294JBH, 50 D80N6D, and 60 9LQHVU.

-*- Toki (Ocean): press Esc on the intro sequence before the dude gets "chimped", type POORTOKI then press F1 through F6 for the level you want. On level one, type in KILLER for infinite credits and the ability to pick levels with the function keys.

Total Eclipse (Microstatus/Spotlight): general hints: 1) examine the plane closely. 2) To move really fast, move the joystick forward and press the forward key at the same time. 3) When each treasure is picked up, your heart rate goes back to normal. 4) Always use the F key to look forward when you get disoriented. 5) Use the Ankhs only as a last resort, since they're more useful later on. 6) In Illusion, use the sector names to map it out.

Total Recall (Ocean): type LISTEN TO THE WHALES when the title pic appears. You can now absorb enemy blows without harm, but don't worry if the energy bar still shrinks. When you get to the taxi driving section, type JIMMY HENDRIX. Your JohnnyCab is now indestructible! If you're the type who has time to kill (haha!), leave the game on pause for one whole hour. When you come back to check up on your computer, the words "Cheat mode active" should appear on the screen. Start playing again and discover that you now have infinite ammo!

Tower Toppler (Epyx): see Nebulus (Hewson)…

Toyota Celica GT Rally (Gremlin): simply press C to finish the stage and go on to the next one. When you press C, your name will be put on the scoreboard at whichever time you pressed C: if you hit it at 1:51, the scoreboard will indicate that your finishing time was 1:51.

Trailblazer (Mindscape/Hewson): hold down Help, I, 1 and 2, then type CHEAT. Now, F3 will remove gravity, F5 will change ball shape, F6 will change the other player's ball, and Help will produce a laugh.

-*- Treasure Island Dizzy (Codemasters): when the game starts, type ICANFLY. And now you can! Or type EGGSONLEGS to become invincible!

Turbo Outrun (US Gold): type WEARAPEEPEL while the countdown is running, and you get some nifty options: pressing T will give you extra time, B will restart the stage, N will send you to the next level, G uses up a credit (huh?), and D will give a new set of turbo boosters. Also, pressing 1 thru 9 will send you to the appropriate level. And finally, pressing F will complete the entire game!!!

(X) Turrican (Innerprise/Rainbow Arts): get a high score and enter ANTIDOTE. This gives you infinite lives, and as the saying goes, "You'll need 'em!".

-*- Turrican II (Rainbow Arts): when you get to the end of level 3 and confront the guardian, turn into a gyroscope and stay on the guardian's head. Nothing will seem to happen, except that your life counter will start to increase but one unit at a time. You can do this until you get 99 lives!

The Untouchables (Ocean): on level 1, pause the game and type BRIDGE ROLLS. This will send you to level 2. To get to level 3, pause and type MAC NALLEY. To get to level 4, pause and type KID ZAPPING. To get to level 5, pause and type A NIT IN TIME.

(X) Venus: The Flytrap (Gremlin): level access codes in ascending order: MANTIDS, CICADAS, PSYLLIDS, PIERIDS, SATYRID, LYCAENID, PYRALID, and NOCTUID. Cheat codes: JUPITER stops time, and PLUTO gives you unlimited ammo for any extra weapon you pick up. SUN, FREEPLAY, AJAR and LISTEN all do something, but I don't know what…

-*- Verminator (Rainbird): go to the shop and buy a hammer. Then sell it for 50 credits. Go up to the till (what's a till?) and you'll have bought the falcons for 50 credits. Sell these to make some serious dough.

Veteran (Software Horizons): press Help to go to the next level!

Vigilante (US Gold): get a high score and enter POOKY IS MY PAL. While playing, F1 increases your lives, F8 takes you to the next level. Or type GREEN CRYSTAL in the high-score list.

(X) Virus (Firebird): hold down Enter on the keypad, and press P to pause. Continue holding Enter down and press O to unpause. Everything will look normal except for an extra bar below the altitude gauge. Pressing the following keys as the described effects: C - special F/Xs on/off, D - demo on/off, F - refuels you completely, L - adds one missile every time it's pressed, N - turns cheat off.

Viz (Virgin Games): Anyway, type WHAT A LARGE SET OF BOLLOCKS on the character selection screen (or WITH A LARGE SET OF BOLLOCKS). You should hear a weird noise, and pressing 1 through 5 on the keyboard will send you to the appropriate level.

(X) Voyager (Ocean): in the options screen, type in WHEN THE SWEET SHOWERS OF APRIL FALL. You will be dumped in an editor screen where you can choose from a number of cheat options. Press Delete during play to reduce the number of enemies to destroy by ten.

(X) Warhead (Activision/MPH): as a veteran FOE-57 pilot, let me pass on a few useful hints and tips for successfully completing the missions. 1) Docking: Define one of the navig markers as a target, then get as close to it as you can, using autopilot mode 4. Rotate until you're facing Solbase. Switch to tactical display mode 1 and center Solbase in the crosshairs. If the center of Solbase is completely white (and I mean completely!!), you are correctly aligned. If you are too far to see, use the zoom feature. Fly toward Solbase, making sure the center stays white, and you'll dock perfectly every time! 2) Your weapons and how to use them effectively: Data-gathering missiles: not a weapon. Use those to get info on any "unknown" you come across, including enemy missiles. Mass-driver cannon: use to destroy incoming missiles, especially those big blue and white ones the Berzerker fires!! They're Pseudo-Stellar missiles, and they'll kill you on contact, guaranteed or your money back!!! Stinger missiles: they only have an effective range of about 2,500 meters. Mines: not terribly useful. Try to lob them in the path of incoming ships. X-ray Laser mines: wowee!! These are neato!! If you have 3 or more ships pestering you, launch a mine at them. Usually the mine will take out all three. Pseudo-Stellar missiles: you only get these toward the end of the game. They are nasty and you should be at least 4,000 meters away from your target when they go off! 3) Enemy ships and the best way to destroy them: Drone: a single round from your MD cannon will pulverize this joker! Drone Squadron: a couple of Stingers will do it. A-Wing: Stingers, a couple. C-Wing: Stingers, at least 3. H-wing: X-ray Laser mines, or lots of Stingers. Berzerker: don't even think of destroying this guy! Just blow up his Pseudo- Stellar missiles with your MDC, that will annoy him for sure… 3) general stuff: Follow orders at all time. When Quad-jumping, always go straight to wherever you're supposed to go. Don't waste time. I got screwed up a couple of times when I came back to Solbase because I jumped to Solar orbit, then jumped to Solbase. I was coming back from another star system. You should select SOL G2V first then select Solbase (on the in-system map), then jump! Have fun out there!

Warhawk (Firebird): after loading, press F3. When you start the game, a blue blob appears on the screen. Pick it up and you get infinite power.

Weird Dreams (Rainbird): start a game, walk into the right-hand mirror, go as far as you can before finally disappearing and use the Help key to enter the equivalent of SOS in morse code (3 quick taps, 3 long taps, then 3 quick taps). You get infinite lives.

-*- (X) Wings Of Death (Thalion): enter ST FOREVER on the menu screen and the screen should flicker red a few times. Pressing the following keys: F1 changes to insect, F2 changes to bat, F3 changes to eagle, F4 changes to dragon, F5 changes to griffin, F6 calls up a hunter, F7 calls up a destroyer, F8 truns on the shield, F9 turns on autofire, F10 restores energy. Keys 1 through 5 on the main keyboard adjust weapon strength.

X-Out (Rainbow Arts): to get lotsa cash, select the smallest ship (the one at the top). Then, select the weakest laser (orange with single beam) and place it over the shopkeeper's nose (so to speak). Hit the fire button, and watch your bank balance grow… If that don't work, try this: buy the biggest ship, then pick up a stationary satellite and click it on your money total (score). Give it to Moleb, and your money total will rise to 500,000. Also, you can buy the shield then throw it away. You get 500 credits for that. Repeat as needed, or until you get bored.

Xybots (Tengen): get a high score and enter ALF. You get infinite lives.

(X) Zany Golf (Electronic Arts): there is a hidden course on level 9 (Energy). To the left of the screen, you will see a mouse hole with two glowing eyes. When the eyes glow red, putt the ball in the hole. A new level will load. It's called Mystery…

Zombie (UBI Soft): if you have seen Dawn Of The Dead, you already have a good idea on how to solve most of the puzzles. But here's some extra tips anyway: 1) To lock up the mall to keep zombies from getting in, you need to park the trucks over the entrances. Get the key from the office on the 2nd floor and go to the 4th floor where the keys to the trucks are kept. 2) To keep the dead zombies from coming back to un-life, lock them up in the freezer in the basement. 3) before you can go play in the basement, you need a source of light. Get the fuses and gloves from the 3rd floor and go to it!!

-*- Z-Out (Rainbow Arts): during play, hold down J and press 1 through 6 to skip levels, and 1 through 3 on the keypad to go to different stages.

-N© This file is public domain, and is updated every 3 or 4 month. If you know of any special access codes, secret passwords, or other hints that you didn't see listed here, tell me about them! If you own some of the games I wasn't able to test, and the cheat codes work, I also want to know about it!! I can be reached at the O'Mayer V BBS (213-732-0229), the Jungle BBS (213-254-9534), and on GEnie (ABITTON1) in the Atari ST Roundtable, Category 9 (games), Topic 22 (Zen-ST). Copyright 1991 CyberSysTek ©"Woof!" -N© ©"—

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