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      This is a complete walkthrough for the game Beneath a Steel Sky.

Document started by Mitch Shaw,, on October 14, 1994.

      Throughout this walkthrough, NORTH will refer to the "top" of the

screen, SOUTH - the "bottom", EAST - the "right", and WEST - the "left", regardless of how each screen is oriented relative to others.

      Whenever "Talk to <person/people/thing>" appears, talk to 

him/them/it until your only choice is "Never mind" or something like that. I can't think of anywhere in the game where you suffer any ill effects from saying everything you can to someone.


Get RUNG on left side of walkway. Use RUNG on DOOR on right side of walkway. (At this point, you will automatically go through the door. The SECURITY

 OFFICER will follow you, then leave.)

Go WEST, back to the FACTORY. Go down the stairs, then go EAST. Examine the robot SHELL in the junkpile south of the ELEVATOR. Use the CIRCUIT BOARD in the SHELL. Talk to JOEY. Stand on ELEVATOR in middle of room. When HOBBINS (bald guy in overalls) comes out to shut off the alarm,

go EAST as soon as you can.

Quickly, before HOBBINS returns, do the following:

Open the CABINET on the north wall, near the floor.
Take the WRENCH. Take the SANDWICH if you want and if you have time,
  but it isn't used anywhere that I found.

Talk to HOBBINS. Be sure to ask him about the ELEVATOR/TRANSPORTER; I

think the conversation starts with asking him how to get off this
level or how to leave the city.

Go WEST. Tell JOEY to fix the TRANSPORTER. (If you don't know what's wrong with

it, talk to HOBBINS some more until he mentions a charge device being
bad or something along those lines.)

When TRANSPORT ROBOT puts a barrel on the ELEVATOR, climb down the HOLE. Wait for JOEY to fly in. Tell JOEY to open the DOOR.

(REICH will march in and threaten you. He will be mysteriously

Search REICH'S CORPSE. Talk to JOEY to wake him up. Go EAST.

(Now you will be outside the factory, on the top level of the city.)

As you run into new people on this level, talk to them. Find a LINC TERMINAL (there's one outside the ELEVATOR) and see what you

can find about REICH. Don't worry about the SECURITY SERVICES part--
you can't get to this without a RETINA SCAN JAMMER, found later.

Go into the FACTORY at the EAST end of the level. Talk to ANITA (if you haven't already) until LAMB orders her to leave. Go EAST. Talk to POTTS if you want to, I don't think it's necessary. Put the WRENCH into the open space in the MACHINE where gears are visible. Get the WRENCH again. Go SOUTHWEST (back the way you came). Use WRENCH on WELDER. Ask JOEY how he would like a new shell.

(You will put the welder shell on him.)

Go EAST. Look through the WINDOW of the storeroom at the bottom of the screen. Tell JOEY to investigate the STORES. When he comes back, ask him to report. Tell JOEY to disable the FUSE BOX. When you hear a BZZT, enter the STORES. Move the GANGWALK and get the small piece of PUTTY underneath. Go EAST.

(POTTS will search you. He won't notice the PUTTY, but if you took the
  KEY or OIL he will take them back. Don't worry, you don't need them.
  He will also take the GLASSES you found on REICH.)

Leave the FACTORY and go to the POWER PLANT on the WEST side of the level. Use the WRENCH on both BUTTONS on the EAST side of the screen. Tell JOEY to push one BUTTON, then push the other at the same time.

(A PIPE will burst, and the OLD MAN will leave.)

Use the SWITCH on the machine with bars on it. Take the LIGHT BULB. Put the PUTTY in the SOCKET where the LIGHT BULB was. Throw the SWITCH again.

(The bars will blow open.)

Use the SWITCH that is pointing up. (Now both should be down.) Go to the ELEVATOR. Before you get in, tell JOEY to cut the CABLE on the EAST side of the screen. Use LINC CARD on SLOT. Enter LIFT. Get the CABLE. Go WEST. Go NORTHEAST (the door beside the other ELEVATOR.) Talk to GALLAGHER if you want to… it doesn't do any good. Use the CARD on the WESTERN SLOT. Enter the WEST DOOR. Move the PILLOW. Get the MAGAZINE under the PILLOW. Leave the APARTMENT and go to the TRAVEL AGENCY on the EAST side. Talk to the AGENT until he schedules you for a TOUR. Give the MAGAZINE to him, and take the TICKET that comes up from the desk. Look for LAMB, the fat guy in the fur coat. Since you fixed the elevator,

he may be either at the FACTORY or near his APARTMENT, next to REICH'S.

Give LAMB the TICKET. If you're not already at LAMB'S FACTORY, go there and wait for LAMB to

show up.

Ask LAMB about the FACTORY TOUR he promised you.

(LAMB will show you around his incredibly boring PIPE-MAKING FACTORY.
  When he finds the machine broken, he will leave.)

Go EAST. Talk to ANITA. When she asks for your LINC CARD, give it to her. Then talk

to her until there's nothing more to talk about.  She should tell you
about D-LINCS, SCHRIEBMANN PORTS, etc. You should also get the JAMMER
program which bypasses RETINA SCANS on LINC TERMINALS.

Leave the FACTORY. If LAMB is standing outside the FACTORY, use the LINC TERMINAL.

Choose the SECURITY SERVICES choice, D-LINC LAMB and freeze his assets.

Wait until LAMB tries to use the ELEVATOR. Ask LAMB if he has a problem. Offer to feed his CAT. Go down a level to LAMB'S APARTMENT, next to REICH'S APARTMENT. Use your CARD to enter. Feed the stinking CAT if you want to, don't otherwise. It doesn't matter. Get the VIDEOTAPE on the shelf. Look at it in the VCR if you want. Go to DR. BURKE'S OFFICE on the WEST end of this level. Talk to the HOLOGRAPHIC RECEPTIONIST until she refuses to let you in. Ask JOEY to talk to her. Tell him to use his NATURAL CHARM. Go WEST when the door opens. Talk to BURKE about a SCHRIEBMANN PORT.

(Offer a lung, then a kidney. Talk to him again and he'll tell you the
  good news about donating testes. Then he'll install the PORT.)

Ask BURKE how to get out of the CITY. (He should mention his good friend


Go to the INSURANCE OFFICE. Ask JOEY to use the computer. (He should scramble the HARD DRIVE.) Ask ANCHOR about a SPECIAL POLICY. Tell him DR. BURKE sent you, not LAMB. When he walks into the back, tell JOEY to use his WELDER on the STATUE. Get the ANCHOR when it comes loose. Use the ANCHOR with the CABLE to form a GRAPPLING HOOK. Go back to HOBBINS' FACTORY on the top level. Go out on the ledge where you escaped from the first SECURITY OFFICER. Use the HOOK on the big "S" SIGN on the other building.

(You should crash through the window.)

Don't bother with the LOCKERS, the only one you can open is useless. Go EAST. Use your CARD on the INTERFACE SLOT. Use the INTERFACE.

Now you're in LINC-SPACE.
Get the BALL.
In the menu bar up top, use the OPEN program on the CARPET BAG.
Use the DECRYPT program on the two DOCUMENTS with "?" on them.
Use the DECOMPRESS program on the COMPRESSED DATA.
Use the PASSWORDS (green and red swirls) to get to the DOOR on the
  NORTH side. This isn't hard, but I don't want to go through the
  whole thing here.
Get the BUST and BOOK.
Use DECRYPT on the new DOCUMENT.

Use CARD on the TERMINAL at the right side of the screen.

Go to SECURITY SERVICES menu again.
View all the DOCUMENTS.

Use CARD in SLOT for ELEVATOR. Go down to the GROUND LEVEL. When the large, old WOMAN walks by, talk to the GUARD (OFFICER BLUNT). Talk to the WOMAN (MRS. PIERMONT). Go to the SOUTH side of the POOL, where the small SHACK is. Examine the DOOR and LOCK. Use a LINC CARD on the LOCK. Enter the SHACK. Get the SECATEURS (wire cutters, I guess). Go to the ST. JAMES CLUB entrance at the WEST side of the POOL. Talk to the DOORMAN. Find MRS. PIERMONT and talk to her again; ask her to sponsor you. Go to the APARTMENT ENTRANCE at the EAST side of the POOL. Talk to the GARDENER about the FLOWERS.

(He should tell you they're DANDELIONS.)

Ask the BOY about DANDELIONS.

(He says they're yellow, not blue.)

Talk to the GARDENER again.

(He should admit he's not a GARDENER.)

Use the INTERCOM next to the ELEVATOR.

(She invites you to come up.)

Talk to PIERMONT for however long you want, then ask her about the CLUB. When she gets up to call the CLUB, put the VIDEOTAPE in the VCR. When SPUNKY starts barking at the MONITOR, go examine the BOWL he was

eating from. Get some DOG BISCUITS.

Leave the APARTMENT. Go back to where the BRICKS and PLANK are. Put the DOG BISCUITS on the PLANK. Enter ST. JAMES CLUB. The BAND is probably playing; just talk to everyone for a while, then leave. It may take a while for PIERMONT and SPUNKY to come back out, so stroll

around for a bit.  You should hear barking when the dog finds the food.

Use the ROPE to launch SPUNKY into the POOL. When BLUNT goes to help PIERMONT, enter the CATHEDRAL. Examine the DUMMIES. Enter the MIDDLE DOOR (between the way you came in and the DOOR behind


Open the LOCKERS and examine what you find there. Yep, it's ANITA. Go back to the top level, enter the FACTORY and go where you last saw ANITA

alive.  Open the middle LOCKER and wear the OVERALLS (RADIATION SUIT).



Enter the REACTOR DOOR. Get the LINC CARD. Exit the REACTOR. Use the CONSOLE.

Close the REACTOR DOOR. (I don't know if this is really necessary, but
  it can't hurt.)


You're in LINC-SPACE again.
Do all the following as quickly as you can:
  Use the BLIND program on the EYE.
  Go EAST.
  BLIND this EYE as well.
  Ignore the CRUSADER for now and go NORTH again.
  Leave the WELL alone for now and go EAST.
  Get the TUNING FORK if the EYE is still blinded (white).
Okay, you don't have to hurry anymore.  
Use the PLAYBACK program (projector) on the WELL.

Exit the SECURITY SERVICES building and return to GROUND LEVEL. Talk to the "GARDENER" again. He is EDUARDO. He'll tell you about the

VIRUS that ANITA was supposed to retrieve.

Go into the COURTHOUSE next to ST. JAMES CLUB.

I don't know if all this is even necessary, but play along anyway. It's
mildly amusing. Defend HOBBINS; almost no matter what you do, he should
get two hours community service.

Go back to ST. JAMES CLUB. The BAND should be gone now; if so, use the JUKEBOX.

Pick any song you want; I usually pick "You search, but find nothing."

Eventually, the JUKEBOX should start skipping; if not, keep picking songs.

COLSTON will get up to fix it; when he does, grab his GLASS.

Go back up a level to DR. BURKE'S OFFICE. Give the GLASS to BURKE.

You should now have COLSTON'S fingerprints on your hands.

Return to the CLUB. Use the PANEL just to the right of the STAGE. Use the CROWBAR on the PACKING CASE. Get the LID and use it on the smaller BOX. Stand on the BOX and use the CROWBAR on the GRILL. Use the SECATEURS to remove the GRILL completely. (At this point, you may want to save your game just in case. Once you

enter the NARROW PASSAGE, there's no going back.)


There should be a large HOLE near the EAST side of the screen here.

Use the LIGHT BULB in the SOCKET to the left of the HOLE. Go EAST. Save your game. Go EAST.

The tunnel should begin to collapse. Quickly, run through the door in
the SOUTHEAST corner.  If you die, restore. (See why you saved?)

Use the CROWBAR on the PLASTER behind the VEIN. Use the CROWBAR on the BRICKWORK exposed. Get the BRICK. Drive the CROWBAR into the SWELLING of the VEIN. Use the BRICK on the CROWBAR. Get the CROWBAR again if you want. When the MEDICAL ROBOT enters, go EAST. Go NORTH. Use the CONTROL UNIT on the EAST side of the room.

Reduce the temperature.

Stand on the APERATURE (which should be nearly closed) and pull the METAL

BAR.  This should loosen the grate.

Go WEST. Look through the GRILL on the wall to see the TANK ROOM. Go EAST twice. Use the CIRCUIT BOARD in the MEDICAL ROBOT. Tell JOEY to check out the TANK ROOM. When he returns, ask him to report. Ask him about everything you can, but

especially the NUTRIENT TANK.

Tell JOEY to open the TAP on the NUTRIENT TANK. When you hear dripping, enter the TANK ROOM. The ANDROID should go to shut

off the tap and fall through the GRATE.

Go NORTHEAST twice. You should end up in a MONITORING ROOM where there is


Use REICH'S CARD on the TERMINAL near the entrance DOOR.



Gallagher should confront you and beat up JOEY, who will kill him.

Search the CORPSE for a CARD and search JOEY for the CIRCUIT BOARD. Go NORTHEAST. Use the RED CARD in the INTERFACE SLOT. Use the INTERFACE.

LINC-SPACE once more.
BLIND the EYE and go NORTH quickly.
Use the DIVINE WRATH program on the CRUSADER.

Use ANITA'S CARD on the SLOT and use the INTERFACE again.

Go back via the usual route to where the CRUSADER was.
Go EAST through the door the CRUSADER was guarding.
Use the OSCILLATOR program (TUNING FORK) on the CRYSTAL.
Get the HELIX (VIRUS).  The VIRUS is now on ANITA'S CARD.

Go WEST then SOUTHEAST. Use ANITA'S CARD on the CONSOLE in the middle of the NORTH wall.

The MONITOR should display static afterwards.

Get the TONGS hanging next to the EAST DOOR. Use the TONGS on the TANK full of FLESH BITS. Use the TONGS AND FLESH on the FROZEN TANK. Go EAST. Open the CABINET next to the MIDDLE ANDROID. Put the CIRCUIT BOARD in the CABINET. Use the CONSOLE above the CABINET.


Talk to JOEY/KEN. Go EAST. Tell KEN to put his HAND on the PANEL. Put your HAND on the other PANEL.

The DOOR will open, but KEN'S HAND will be stuck. Leave him there.

Go EAST twice. Tie the CABLE to the PIPE SUPPORT. Climb down the RUNGS. Use the FROZEN FLESH with the ORIFICE. Swing over to the newly-visible DOOR using the CABLE.

Now you're in the heart of LINC itself. There's an automated section
here where you talk to your FATHER, until KEN walks in.

As soon as you have control again, tell KEN to sit in the CHAIR. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

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