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February 20 1989

This is BACKDOR1.arc … the first in a series of "back doors" to various games. The source of this info is various magazines, and I have paraphrased the articles.

Note that "back door" refers NOT to regular game hints on how to play better, but to a way to CHEAT, usually put there by the programmer, sometimes caused by a bug. Usually you'll be made invincible if it's an arcade-type game, or be able to advance quicker if an adventure game.

Most of these "back door" and "side door" hints are out of a GREAT magazine for the Amiga, C64, and C128: INFO. It's a grass-roots, down to earth magazine - the first magazine about personal computers to be be entirely done on personal computers. That's "Where It's At".

You owe it to yourself to subscribe to INFO. With the exception of most of the ads, everything including color screen shots and photos are digitally created, edited, composed, printed, and color separated as complete assembled pages on 14 Amiga computers running Professional Page (and many many other Amiga software products), and output to a Linotronic L300 typesetting device at 1235 dots per inch! INFO doesn't cover programming techniques, but in my opinion it out-shines all the other Commodore mags for news, honest opinion, game reviews, and reviews of all C= software.

George Knochel, Lakewood Colorado

ALL GAMES: connect a genlock to the Amiga and leave it on while playing games, and they'll play 25% slower, which allows you to score high.


Get into the back door this way: boot and run the game as usual, then select a start screen and begin game. Press the space bar to pause, and type in DSIMAGIC (no spaces, and don't press Return). Press the space bar to unpause.

Now a yellow Power capsule named DS will fall down. Catch it. Now you can get any power capsule you want any time. Press the first letter of the capsule you want, and it will fall down for you to catch:

Break  Catch  Disruption  Expand  Laser  Player  Slow 

Catch some Player capsules first to get extra lives.

You can also use two capsules at the same time, like Disrupt the ball into three balls, and use Lasers also.

Pressing the F key will send you to the Finsl screen where you fight DOH, the Dominion Over Hour monster on the cover of the package. You'll need lots of lives first.

Skip over any screen by pressing Enter on the keypad, or get through the screen fast (with points too) using a Break capsule.


On the high score screen, type in the name DEBBIE S (with the space), and you'll have infinite lives.


Boot and run the game as usual, but at some point after the game has started, type in: 04-08-59 …It will make the Barbarian character almost invincible, but he can still be killed by very high falls, and by the flame-hurling horned demon in the dungeon deep, pictured on the cover.

After you type 04-08-59 the screen will turn gray, telling you that you're invincible.

Once you make it to Necron, you must have a shield. Face Necron when he turns to face you. When he throws a fireball at you, press the defense button as it hits your shield.


How to hoard millions in gold without trying: Load your party, go to the stats screen for the first player. Pool all of the party's gold to the first player, then remove him from the party, then load him back in. Then pool the gold to another player. Repeat this for each player.

Then turn off the computer without saving the game. Reboot and ezch player will have gold equal to the TOTAL the party had before. Repeat if you're really greedy !


If you are just about to be hit by an alien or a bomb, press the ESC key to pause, move your ship out of the way, then press N to resume the action.

Type CHAMP on the options screen, then press the HELP key. You'll be shown a list of cheat keys.


To find the "special bonus", go to the front of the Post Office. Shoot the ball at the top of the flag pole, and your score will go way up. If you shoot it again, you'll see a screen of the programmers! Shoot again and you'll be invincible, standing in the bank. At the end of that round, you will start at the beginning, except you'll be in warp speed.


To get 1,024 Knights: After conquering a territory, press these four keys at the same time, while the drive is still running: H J K L … If you do it just right, you'll have 1,024 knights both in your home and in your army. Hey, this is good stuff!

Another way was reported in which to get 1,024 Knights, but it doesn't seem to work: After first picking the knight, when Robin Hood appears, type PATTERSON over and over until the map of England appears. Don't press the Return key. If this trick doesn't work the first time, try again. I was only able to get this to work most of the time if, before typing PATTERSON over and over, I first typed in my name with no spaces: GEORGEKNOCHEL Yep, Twilight Zone!

Another good trick for Defender of the Crown, for sword fighting, is to get the PD program called FUN-BUT (fun button), which when run lets you press the F1 key continuously instead of clicking on the mouse. (but then this is a hint, not a back door).


This will demo the ENTIRE game (about 18 minutes worth or a disk I/O error, whichever comes first). You can't play it, just watch the whole game: After the credits have finished loading, and are being displayed (the red light will still be on, but no loading is occurring), press the following six (6) keys, simultaneously: <ESC> R / L N 7 Yes, all at the same time (use your nose if ya have to - just press ESC and hold, then press R and hold, etc.). The screen will flash if you did it right. THEN PRESS THE FIRE BUTTON on your joystick. Sit back and watch all the animation. (I couldn't - my disk 5 had an I/O error)


To advance Ninjas a level, stand in a hall and throw all your weapons, then get them and repeat. This also works with magic and Fighter levels: cast a spell at the air, or slash and bash until you gain a level.


Select option "2 Free Flight, no enemy confrontation" from the main menu. Then select zero instead of 1 to 4. The screen will go into a spiral and scroll way south to 34 by 117 degrees, placing your plane somewhere without a runway. To take off you have to use the afterburners. 117 degrees is the furthest south you'll be able to fly, but you can go in other directions. (Is there more to this back door? hmm)


Sometimes you can accumulate all the treasure you want by going near the item, press space bar, and keep pressing 'T'. You'll receive an infinite supply of that treasure.

Save your position in a dungeon. Then go through it until you don't have anymore keys. Restore your position. All doors already opened will still be open, and you'll have a new supply of keys. Repeat if needed. Also works in cave.

Jump on the turtle and start slashing. Your bravery points will go up to infinity, but doesn't hurt the turtle or you.

On the island with the Crystal Castle, press the right mouse button while talking to the Sorceress and your luck will go to 65. "Ask"ing the Sorceress several times will normally boost your luck.

If running low on green keys, use a secret entrance for the fort - it is on the left side, almost even with the door.


Boot game and don't do anything until the high scores screen appears. Then type COMMANDER and click the fire button. When it starts, wait a few moments and press the F10 key. If the extensions of your ship get flickery or glimmer, you're now invincible and have unlimited expansions and smart bombs. Get to the other 6 levels of expansions by pressing F1 through F5 when you're in unexpanded mode, or capture the special "capsules" in the usual way. Move to other game levels (there are three) with the F8 key, and turn invincibility off or on with the F10 key. No High scores are collected when you're invincible.


Press the P key in single player mode to be taken to the next screen. You can go as far as the Final Encounter. In 2-player mode, you can go to the next-to-the-last screen.


Press ALT and X at the same time to bypass the proof-of-age questions.

STARGLIDER (not Starglider II):

Boot and play as usual until launched and ready to do battle. Then slow down until completely stopped in space. Press the F1 key to turn on the fixed sight, and press the backspace key to pause the game. Now type:

  js[space]arg[space]s     You should now be invincible! 

You'll know you're in invincible mode when you can repeatedly press the P key and get additional missiles (up to 9). If the password didn't take the first time, try again. To may have to dock and re-exit for it to work. Once invincible, your fuel will remain constant and shields will never be depleted.

Also, a secret built-in 3D object viewer running in the background is available by pressing the z key once you've entered the invincible mode. Use the keyboard to pause [p], select [, and .] and manipulate objects - use all keys except q and ESC. Use the mouse to change point of view and magnification and hold down the right button. ….


Once the game has started, press F for fixed sights and then slow the ship to a halt. Press BACKSPACE to pause, and type the words: WERE ON A MISSION FROM GOD (really!) (The article did not have the apostrophe ' in We're …)

Then press 1 (one) on the keyboard (not keypad). Your shield and energy levels will drop to a fixed point. Press the letter K to get all the weapons in the game, including the neutron bomb. If you run low on weapons, you can get them all back by repeating the process. Onward into battle, young soldiers!


Type NANCY then press RETURN on the high scores screen for unlimited lives!


Holding down the joystick button while going around curves prevents you from hitting the wall or going off the cliff.


To really slow down "the hand" which selects the scenes, do the slapping game and pull Curly's ear: pull it continuously until the time runs out.


Let yourself be killed off at the beginning of the 2nd stage of the 2nd level, and all aliens in the round are destroyed.

Press [ENTER] to continue…

Call the Terminal Bliss BBS at T-ERM-INA-LBLS.


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