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                 A l o n e   i n   t h e   D a r k   3
           ________     ________    _________      _____       _____
          / ____  /|   /__  ___/|  /___  ___/|    / _   \     /____ \
         / /___/ / /   |_/ /|__|/  |__/ /|__|/   / / \  /|    ____/ /|
        / ____  / /     / //         / / /      / /  / //    /___  //
       / /|_ / / /  ___/ //__       / / /      / /__/ //   _____/ //
      /_/ / /_/ /  /________/|     /_/ /      /_____ //   /_____ //
      |_|/  |_|/   |_______|/      |_|/       |_____|/    |_____|/
                   W   A   L   K   -   T   H   R   U


                              Written by:
                          [ Darrell Upchurch ]
                           [ David Mitchell ]
                           [ Polly Robinson ]
                          w/ Special Thanx to:
                            { Mike Birket }
                            { Mike Strauss }



1. Enter Slaughter Gulch (a big mistake :) 2.[opt] Take *Gas Can* on right end of porch of the saloon 3. Enter the saloon 4. Get *Key* from center table 5. Get *Maraca* from stage 6. Get *Oil Can* in corner of saloon 7.[opt] Use *Gas Can* on projector 8. Get *Box of Matches* in small room by the bar 9. Walk behind bar and let the gun man shoot at you (he can't hurt you) 10. Search cabinet behind bar 11. -Get *Wood Alcohol* 12. -Get *Bottle* 13. -Get *Flask* 14.[opt] Throw *Bottle* 15.[opt] -Get *Token* 16.[opt] Use *Token* on left side of piano 17.[opt] -Get *Oil Lamp* 18. Push left horn behind bar 19. Stay there and wait for gunman to shoot all his bullets &

        then fight him off (w/ or w/o your gun)

20. -Get *Ace of Diamonds* 21. -Get *Gold Bullet* 22. Fall down trap door 23. -Get *Oil Lamp* (if you didn't use the token on the piano) 24. Light your *Oil Lamp* (via using oil,matches,lamp) 25. Get *Cane* off wall 26.[opt] Read poster 27. 'Open/Search' left keg door 28. Use the *maraca* to avoid the snake(s) 29. Climb up ladder and enter the jail cell 30. Kill off the gun slinger 31. Get *Stone* 32. Use *Cane* by the cell door 33. -Get *Cell Key* 34. Kill off the gun slinger again… 35. Throw *Stone* 36. -Get *Amulet* 37.[opt] 'Put' *Wood Alcohol* in front of drunkard 38.[opt] -Get *Flask* 39. 'Open/Search' Desk 40. -Get *Sheriff's Badge* 41. -Get *Bullets for a Winchester* 42. Use *Key* on gun cabinet 43. Search & -Get *Winchester* 44.[opt] Read posters 45.[opt] Open wood stove in other room & kill off really big guy 46. Push big cabinet in front of double doors 47.[opt] Open cabinet 48.[opt] -Get *Shotgun* 49. Climb rope ladder 50. Get *Whip* 51. Run under pulsing red light (when not on :) 52. Get *Voodoo Hangman's Rope* 53. Get *Cast Iron Plate* 54. Get *Cartridge Belt* 55.[opt] Use *Cast Iron Plate* 56.[opt] Use *Whip* on gun man to -Get *Bag Full of Gold Coins* 57. Use (load) *Gold Bullet* into Winchester 58. Use *Winchester* to shoot bad guy 59. -Get *Sack Full of Scorpions* 60. Shoot steel door with a gun of your choice 61. When inside, Use *Oil Lamp* 62. Use *Voodoo Hangman's Rope* when you can't breathe 63. Use *Sack Full of Scorpions* on trap door 64. Push lever 65. 'Open/Search' behind trap door 66. -Get *A Stick of Dynamite* 67. -Get *A Piece of Dried Meat* 68. Go back around corner & kill off the two gunmen 69. Enter small room & Get *Gatling Gun* 70. Get *Flask* 71. Get *Short Fuse* behind barrel 72. Use *Short Fuse* 73. Dodge bullets from the gunman who closes the door 74. Re-open door 75. Use *Stick of Dynamite* on crack in wall behind barrel 76. Use *Box of Matches* where you placed the dynamite 77. Leave room & wait for wall to explode 78. Go back, walk thru blast hole, & stand on arrow stone 79. Go thru the door and down passage way & around corners 80. Kill another gunman 81. Use *Sheriff's Badge* on machine 82. Use the *Whip* near the machine to activate it (you will lose whip) 83. Go thru the newly opened door 84. Pick up *Flask* 85. Pick up *Bullets for Winchester* on end of plank 86. With a good running distance, run across plank to jump across

        to other building

87. Use *Matches* on all the lamps (only one of them is necessary :) 88.[opt] Read Map on wall 89. Get *Sheet from Newspaper* 90. Use *Dried Meat* on clock 91. Get *Token* 92. Get *Night Valet* in corner 93. Get *Flask* by picture 94. Walk thru picture 95. 'Open/Search' on bed post 96. Get *Arrow* 97. Use *Arrow* on Cupid 98. 'Open/Search' dresser 99. -Get *30/30 Bullet* 100. -Get *Bulb* 101. -Get *Pearl* 102. Push mirror 103. -Get *Key* 104. Walk back thru picture & into hall 105.[opt] Get *Costume Jewelry Ring* 106. Use *Key* on door & enter room 107.[opt] Use *Diamond Ring* 108.[opt] Use *Diamond* on dragon figurine 109.[opt] -Get *Bullets for Winchester* 110. Get *Flask* 111. Get *Instruction Sheet* 112. Get *Diary* 113. Walk in front of door w/ gunman behind it on balcony 114. Put down *Night Valet* (watch gunman walk to his death :) 115. 'Push' door shutter down 116. Walk into room & search table 117. -Get *Key* 118. Get *Shutter Release* 119. Get *Instruction Sheet* 120. Get *Flash* 121.[opt] Look at pictures on wall behind sink 122. Go back to the hallway 123. Use *Bulb* 124. Use *Shutter Release* to ready flash 125. Use *Key* on remaining door 126. Go to the right to the film canister on floor 127. Use *Flash* while avoiding Two-headed creature (this will kill it) 128. Use *Token* on piano 129. Shoot dart board target on cabinet 130. Search in cabinet 131. -Get *Flask* 132. -Get *War Stick* 133. Prepare *Oil Lamp* (via oil,matches) 134. Drop down hole 135. Use *Lit Oil Lamp* 136. Run out of cave to avoid flying bats 137. Jump across pillars till you meet the Indian 138. Use *War Stick* on Indian (he will move then) 139. Get *Box of Cartridges* 140. Get *Small Key* 141. Continue to jump across pillars… 142. When at a dead-end, Use *Indian Amulet* (this will get you across) 143. Fight guy with throwing stars 144. -Get *Flask* 145. Kill gunman 146. -Get *Top Hat* 147. -Get *Key* 148. Use *Key* on left double-doors 149. Search book shelves 150. -Get *White Book* 151. -Get *Watch Maker's Manual* 152. -Get *Locked Book* 153.[opt] Use *Small Key* (to unlock *Locked Book*) 154.[opt] Read *Book on Navajo Traditions* 155. Search bust on the end wall 156. -Get *Pocket Watch* 157. Search table & -Get *Printing Plate* 158.[opt] Light candle on table 159.[opt] Read *White Book* standing near candle 160.[opt] Use *Printing Plate* in mirror by table 161. Leave Room 162. Use *Pocket Watch* on other set of double-doors 163. Walk to guy & -Get *Story Board* 164. Use *Top Hat* on Abe Lincoln's Statue 165. -Get two *Boxes of Cartridges* 166. Kill strange green guy 167. Stand in front of stain-glass window & shoot it w/ *Winchester* 168. Climb up steps 169. Use *War Stick* on platform in middle of graveyard 170. Use *Ace of Spades* on O.E.J.'s grave 171. -Get *Message* 172. Search table & -Get *Oil Can* 173. Get *Roll of Film* off of floor 174. Search hutch & -Get *Bag of Pemmican* 175. Use *Oil Can* on fireplace & enter dance hall 176. Search fat man & -Get *Hammer* 177. Search lady & -Get *Box of Cartridges* 178. Walk to stage (avoid shots from violin player) 179. Search record player 180. -Get *Guitar String* 181. -Get *Musical Score* 182. -Get *Key to a Safe* 183. Kill guy with flowers & gun 184. Leave dance hall & go into kitchen 185. Walk behind hutch and go to hallway 186. Use *30/30 Bullet* on door lock 187. Use *Hammer* on door (to blast bullet) 188. Search model of train station 189. -Get *Blasting Cap* 190. -Get *Map* 191. -Get *Light Bulb* 192. Use *Guitar String* on mounting table 193. Use *Light Bulb* 194. Use *Musical Score* 195. Get the 3 digit combination (from *Musical Score*) 196. Use *Roll of Film* near mounting table on the projector 197. In other room, search table 198. -Get *Astronomy Book* 199. Search picture 200. 'Open/Search' until code-entry device matches the 3 digit


201. Enter bank room 202. Use *Pearl* on vault 203. Use *Key to a Safe* on vault 204. Kill bank teller zombie & -Get back *Indian Amulet* 205. In vault, Get *Box of Cartridges* 206. Get *Hill Century's Money* 207. Open window (have fun :) 208. Get *McCarthy's Message* from McCarthy 209. Search saddle & -Get *Flask* 210. Search rail cart 210. -Get *Detonator Box* & -Get *Box of Cartridges* 211. Enter station 212. 'Push' "Station" sign (to choke guy on rafters) 213. Get *Key* 214. Search pile of rails & -Get *Eye-Bolt* 215. Use *Eye-Bolt* on bell 3 times (to open door) 216. Run outside 217. Quickly Use *Blasting Cap* near fence 218. Use *Detonator Box* on opposite side near the rocks 219. At the water tower, lay down *Hill Century's Money* & *Key* 220. -Die- 221. Run out of cemetery & into saloon 222. Run up broken staircase & jump across hole in floor 223. Run out window & jump out onto the statue where hole in wall is 224. -Get *Golden Eagle* 225. Run between buildings to McCarthy's workshop 226. Go to tar barrel & dip paw in it 227. Go inside building next door & dip paw in "Cask of Silver Salts" 228. Kill werewolf outside 229. Run into cemetery & kill the other werewolf 230. Run back into tunnel where you turned into a panther 231. Place *Golden Eagle* in fire 232. -Come back to life- 233. Get *Soap* behind tombstone 234. Get *Colt Gun* 235. Go back to water tower 236. Drop your *Colt Gun* 237. Walk up to your double & touch him (to become one) 238. Get *Colt Gun* back 239. Walk up ladder 240. Fall off plank 241. Use *Soap* on dirty guy 242. -Get *Metallic Brush* 243. Get *Flask* 244. Use *Metallic Brush* on peg 245. Fall down trap door 246. Get *Engineer's Notebook* 247. Get *Dead Leaf* 248. Use *Dead Leaf* on Indian bust 249.[opt] Read map on wall 250. Go up steps & kill off both bad guys (don't use your gun) 251. Search wall-hole & -Get *Flask* 252 Search other wall-hole & -Get *Pick-axe* 253. Go into other room & Get *Sheets of Paper* 254. Walk across chasm (be brave and save alot :) 255. Kill off Pick-axe man with *Colt Gun* 256. Walk into next room & Kill off axe man w/ *Pick-axe* 257. Get *Candlestick* from pillar 258. Get *Water Pitcher* 259. Get *Jed Stone's Scratch book* 260. Get *Scorched Book* by lit candle 261. Get *Needle* 262. Use *Water Pitcher* on rifleman in hall 263. Enter elevator 264. Get *China Piggy Bank* 265. Throw *China Piggy Bank* 266. -Get *Microscope Glass Plate* 267. 'Push' lever 268. Use *Glass Plate* on microscope 269. 'Push' colored stones in order of micro-samples (from *Glass Plate*) 270. Enter next room & Search table 271. -Get *Vial of Poison* 272. Go around corner 273. Use *Vial of Poison* on *Needle* 274. Use *Vial of Poison* on distilled water 275. Enter jail cell when you become small 276. Use *Poisoned Needle* on old guy 277. -Get *Piece of Straw* 278. -Get *Key to the Goal* 279. Get *Bottle of Ammonia* 280. Use *Key to the Goal* on cell door 281. Use *Vial of Poison* on distilled water again 282. Walk behind table leg and into small hole in wall 283. Use straw & Run across chasm (pole-vaulting effect) 284. Get *Vial with a Potion* 285. Enter next room & quickly Use *Vial with a Potion* on "lava flow" 286. Get *Bucket of Glue* (don't get caught in spider web) 287. Step on spider 288. Use *Bucket of Glue* 289. Climb up light shaft 290. Quickly, Get *Hammer's Head* 291. Walk near hole & Throw *Hammer's Head* down hole 292. Get *Lead Ingot* 293. Push anvil out of way 294. -Get *Flask* 295. -Get *Winchester* 296.[opt] 'Push' anvil into hole (I did it for fun :) 297. Enter next room & kill Mr. Cobra 298. -Get *Cobra's Wig* 299. -Get *Silver Dollar* 300. Get *Flask* 301. Use *Silver Dollar* on poster 302. Walk into other room 303. Use *Box of Matches* on crucible 304. Use *Lead Ingot* on crucible 305. Get *Scorched paper* 306. Get *Evil Wand with a Mineral Tip* 307. Get *Aztec Legend Parchment* 308. Get *Ammunition* 309. Enter tunnel & kill off big guy 310. -Get *Knife* 311. Throw *Bottle of Ammonia* against door you came in (to wake up


312. Use *Cobra's Wig* on hook above door & Open it 313. Run into the other room with the eagle statue in it 314. Quickly, Use the *Evil Wand with a Mineral* on the eagle statue 315. Get *Flask* 316. Run into other room 317. Get *Rubber Glove* 318. Use *Rubber Glove* 319. Use *Knife* on electrical wires 320. Use water faucet 321. Run back into the other room 322. Get *Sack of Coal* 323. Get on train 324. Use *Sack of Coal* 325. Use *Box of Matches* 326. 'Push' lever 327. -Watch the neat ending-

                Congrats, you have just completed AITD3!


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