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I did some searching around my directories and found a list of distributors of arcade games. Here it is …

From: Newsgroups: Subject: List of Arcade Game Manufacturers May 1992 Date: 15 May 92 04:15:44 GMT Organization: Univ of Miami IR

These are the only to manufacturers I have so far … More entries would be appreciated greatly ! (like SEGA, Nintendo, etc.) …

Atari's customer service number is: 408-434-3941

Atari Games
Customer Service
737 Sycamore Drive
Milpitas, CA 95035

Atari will provide schematics and docs for almost anything that have made for only $12 or so. There are also some Atari people who read r.g.v.a, so you can try posting a message to catch their attention …

Williams/Bally/Midway is: 312-509-6573 (Note : this is a tech #)

3401 North California Avenue
Chicago, IL  60618-5899

Games older than five years old are no longer supported. :-( I'm sure they'll give you tech advice, though.

Here's a list of different places where you can get various parts and kits for arcade games (thanks to Rick Schieve for the info …) :

Video Connection in CA, 916-678-5189

the most reputatable, and fastest of the bunch and a nice

Eldorado Products in CA, 213-630-3300

A bit slow and excentric, but a great selection of oldies.

C&P in IN, 219-256-1138

Alpha Amusements in MI, 800-33-GAMES

good selection, but make sure you try what they send right
away as they have mixed up what they sent.

Southeast Game Brokers Inc. in FL, 813-855-1080

Red Baron Amusements 1-800-331-3766

6540 W. Central
Toledo, OH 43617

They usually sell newer kits but may have some old boards. They also state that they take Visa, MC, and Am. Express

The Game Exchange (614) 258-2933

P.O. Box 09598
Columbus, Ohio 43209-0598

They sell used games and kits.

Space Age Electronics 1-800-822-0280

26524 Golden Valley Road, Suite 507
Saugus, CA 91350

They sell new game monitors for pretty cheap. They had a 13" on sale in August for $150 and a 19" for $170.

AVA (314) 421-5100

2301 Olive St.
St. Louis, MO 63103

They look like they sell newer used kits but may also have older boards.

Galaxy Distributing 1-800-678-7665

401 S. Elgin
Tulsa, OK 74120

New and used kits, power supplies. Good prices on newer kits. I don't know about older boards. They don't have a real extensive selection.

Here are some parts places that sell new stuff like joysticks, power supplies etc.

Competitive Products Corp.
River Road Building #5
Tullytown, PA 19007
Amusement Emporium
6880 South Emporia Street
Englewood, Colorado, 80112
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