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This was composed on ifMUD ( 4000), by Whizzard, Psmith, inky, and Jota. We hope you enjoy it.

The ABCs of Adventuring

by Admiral Jota, Dylan O'Donnell, G. Kevin Wilson, and Dan Shiovitz.

A is for Adventure, the first of them all; B is for Brass lantern, so you don't take a fall. C is for Compass, an unseen one you keep D is for Drinking, eating and sleep. E is for Everything you can carry along; F is for language that's sometimes too «strong». G is for Grues, who slaver and bite; H is for Hints, when it's been a long night. I is for Infocom, the kings of the game; J is for Jewels, money and fame. K is for Klepto, whatever's not nailed down; L is for Locomotion: N S E W U D. M is for Mazes, that we all love to hate; N is for NPCs, to duel or to date. O is for Ordering, mice or mouse-holes; P is for Puzzles, obstructing your goals. Q is for Questions: >ASK FROG ABOUT KISS. R is for Replies. "I don't know about this." S is for Save, when the going gets tough; T is for Thief, who'll steal all of your stuff U is for Undo, to take a move back; V is for Verbose, to help you keep track. W is for Wait, if things happen too slow; X is for XYZZY, the quick way to go. Y is for You, whenever you play. Z is for Zork; now go back to A.

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