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         The Complete NetHack Acronym and Abbreviation List
        originally by Satoshi Asami (,
    with some additions by Boudewijn Wayers (
        and a lot by Adam Dawes (

Nethack, being the addictive game that it is, obviously leaves the player vastly less time to write messages for newsgroups than he would otherwise have. As a result of this, the newsgroup is full of cryptic looking acronyms and abbreviations.

This spoiler contains a list of all the more popular (and some of the less popular) acronyms that you might find on your journey through the newsgroup.

The following convention has become popular amongst many of the inhabitants for abbreviations: the symbol used within the game to represent the object proceeds the abbreviation to make things clearer. So for example, a potion of confusion would be abbreviated to "!PoC". Also, a lowercase 'b' or 'c' may sometimes be added to the start to indicate blessed/cursed status. For example, 'b?SoG' might be used to indicate a blessed scroll of genocide.

Good luck!

IMHO In My Humble Opinion IMNSHO In my Not-So Humble Opinion YAAD Yet Another Annoying Death YAFM Yet Another Funny Message YASD Yet Another Stupid Death YASM Yet Another Stupid Move or Yet Another Strange Message YKYBPTMNW… You Know You've Been Playing Too Much Nethack When…

@WoY Wizard of Yendor

!PoB Potion of Blindness or Potion of Booze !PoC Potion of Confusion !PoE Potion of Enlightenment !PoEH Potion of Extra Healing !PoFJ Potion of Fruit Juice !PoGA Potion of Gain Ability !PoGE Potion of Gain Energy !PoGL Potion of Gain Level !PoH Potion of Hallucination of Potion of Healing !PoHW Potion of Holy Water !PoI Potion of Invisibility !PoL Potion of Levitation !PoMD Potion of Monster Detection !PoOD Potion of Object Detection !PoP Potion of Paralysis !PoRA Potion of Restore Ability !PoS Potion of Sickness or Potion of Speed !PoSI Potion of See Invisible !PoUW Potion of Unholy Water !PoW Potion of Water

"AoC Amulet of Change "AoE Amulet of ESP "AoESP Amulet of ESP "AoLS Amulet of Life Saving "AoMB Amulet of Magical Breathing "AoR Amulet of Reflection "AoRS Amulet of Restful Sleep "AoS Amulet of Strangulation "AoY Amulet of Yendor "AvP Amulet versus Poison "EotA Eye of the Aethiopica

(BoH Bag of Holding (BoO Bell of Opening (BoT Bag of Tricks (CoI Candelabrum of Invocation (HoP Horn of Plenty (MKoT Master Key of Thievery (ML Magic Lamp (MM Magic Marker (MMoM Magic Mirror of Merlin (MW Magic Whistle (OoD Orb of Detection (OoF Orb of Fate (PYEC Platinum Yendorian Express Card (PoW Palantir of Westernesse (UH Unicorn Horn

+BotD Book of the Dead

/WoC Wand of Cancellation or Wand of Cold /WoCM Wand of Create Monster /WoD Wand of Death or Wand of Digging /WoF Wand of Fire /WoL Wand of Light or Wand of Lightning or Wand of Locking /WoMI Wand of Make Invisible /WoMM Wand of Magic Missile /WoN Wand of Nothing /WoO Wand of Opening /WoP Wand of Polymorph or Wand of Probing /WoS Wand of Sleep or Wand of Striking /WoSDD Wand of Secret Door Detection /WoSM Wand of Slow Monster or Wand of Speed Monster /WoT Wand of Teleportation /WoUT Wand of Undead Turning /WoW Wand of Wishing

=RoA Ring of Adornment =RoAM Ring of Aggravate Monster =RoC Ring of Conflict =RoCR Ring of Cold Resistance =RoFR Ring of Fire Resistance =RoGS Ring of Gain Strength =RoH Ring of Hunger =RoI Ring of Invisibility =RoID Ring of Increase Damage =RoL Ring of Levitation =RoP Ring of Polymorph or Ring of Protection =RoPC Ring of Polymorph Control =RoPR Ring of Poison Resistance =RoPSC Ring of Protection from Shape Changers =RoR Ring of Regeneration =RoS Ring of Searching or Ring of Stealth =RoSI Ring of See Invisible =RoSR Ring of Shock Resistance =RoT Ring of Teleportation =RoTC Ring of Teleport Control =RoW Ring of Warning

?SoA Scroll of Amnesia ?SoBP Scroll of Blank Paper ?SoC Scroll of Charging ?SoCM Scroll of Confuse Monster or Scroll of Create Monster ?SoDA Scroll of Destroy Armour ?SoEA Scroll of Enchant Armour ?SoEW Scroll of Enchant Weapon ?SoF Scroll of Fire ?SoFD Scroll of Food Detection ?SoG Scroll of Genocide ?SoGD Scroll of Gold Detection ?SoI Scroll of Identify ?SoL Scroll of Light ?SoMM Scroll of Magic Mapping ?SoP Scroll of Punishment ?SoRC Scroll of Remove Curse ?SoSM Scroll of Scare Monster ?SoT Scroll of Teleportation or Scroll of Taming

[BDSM Black Dragon Scale Mail (or Blue Dragon Scale Mail) [BoL Levitation Boots (Boots of Levitation) [BoS Speed Boots (Boots of Speed) [BoWW Water Walking Boots (Boots of Water Walking) [CoD Cloak of Displacement [CoI Cloak of Invisibility [CoMR Cloak of Magic Resistance [CoP Cloak of Protection [DMC Dwarvish Mithril Coat [EC Elven Cloak [EMC Elven Mithril Coat [GDSM Gray Dragon Scale Mail [GoD Gauntlets of Dexterity [GoF Gauntlets of Fumbling [GoP Gauntlets of Power [HoB Helm of Brilliance [HoOA Helm of Opposite Alignment [HoT Helm of Telepathy [MoH Mitre of Holiness [SoR Shield of Reflection

*HoA Heart of Ahriman *LS LuckStone

)SoA Staff of Aesculapius )SoM Sceptre of Might )ToM Tsurugi of Muramasa

Some other abbreviations that pop up from time to time:

ESP Extra-Sensory Perception EoB Envoy of Balance GoA Glory of Antioch HoE Hand of Elbereth Mojo Mjollnir Vorpy Vorpal Blade WW Water Walking

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