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                              FIRST SAMURAI
                          THE COMPLETE SOLUTION
                            BY DOCTOR BUTCHER
                         Edited & Fixed by Rygar

LEVEL 1 ~~~~~~~ Head right until you reach thin bridge of land prior to the second statue. Kick downwards, go down hole, kill or avoid stalactite, leg sweep on thin ground and drop down hole. Walk immediately right. clout large moving statue as it comes towards you. Climb and descend tree trunk. Venture right along ground level and pass over preceding statue by means of jumping onto a tree trunk and leaping over. Dodge falling stalactite above blue spike. collect special at far right, avoid statue and climb left side of second tree from right, right, grab bell and use potion. Continue right (nipping down hole if you feel like a sword and a seeker or two) beyond yellow baddies and make use of regeneration pot. Summon your friendly neighbourhood Wizard Mage (by ringing bell) while standing next to fire, which should douse its flame`s. Overhead chop at underside of platform, collect bell, and descend waterfall. Hack right, wait until dragon stops throwing flames before abruptly grabbing special and deftly jumping out of the way. Slice through scenery and that potion is yours. Jump over fire, leap onto platform next to spinning yellow tower (avoiding mines), onto platform, onto platform and onto tree trunk above gragon. Clamber up, carefully jump left and collect treasure if desired, positioning Samurai on the far most righthand edge of right tree trunk. Jump with joystick pulled right with repeated fire presses for flying slashes. Hopefully you will land under frog, which can be killed with an overhead slice or eight. Descend leftwards, spring over fire, fend off stalactite, jump to land in protection of tree trunks. When sword thrower crouches down (you may have to climb up slightly for this to happen), skip over him and kill the bast. Jump right from grey hut onto platform and slash for a seeker. Right, use pot, slash wall and stand on edge of pit. Jump into middle (to avoid spikes), then fully left, once you have passed second row of spikes on left in order to miss fire. Chop wall, use platforms to ascend and once back on level ground, gash ceiling to reveal seeker. Explore left, slashing ceilings and travelling via teleports for extra treasure, food, and a special (in fiery pit) then return. Use sword to remove ground under yellow rocks, drop down onto yellow tower, hurdle left and crouch behind regeneration pot. Hack scenery and climb down right hand side of wall, then down again onto left side to hack and collect treasure. Up and left we go, and quickly down left wall again, avoiding stalactite (theres food available by using your sword against the cave roof - food - up if required). Walk left, up platforms, (jump directly up to avoid spikes), left and ring bell to rid yourself of the rocks and hit upwards for food. Return to previously scaled top platform and wield your sword in the general direction of the ceiling to collect another bell. Back left, and a special and potion will be waiting for you. Lower yourself downwards (don`t jump) and immediately right, leaping daintily across the disintegrating bridge and operate teleport. Left a little, up right via platform, trying to get to the top of insect colony where food and a special lie (thats a smart bomb below incidentaly). Cavort over fire using platform, climb up platform over second fire, use pot and right, right, right. Ring bell next to waterfall and cross bridge to face end of level dragon. Turn around, touch the ground, bagsy no returns to kill. Simply remain on left hand side of the screen and hack shoot his head every time he comes towards you. Don`t get stuck underneath his noddle though, or he`ll breath fire on you. No probs.

LEVEL 2 ~~~~~~~ Firstly, dont get that dagger to your right (more later). In lieu, a bit of killing and a little axe collecting would be nice. Saunter right, past first tree (dont slash this to collect a dagger either), yonder second tree and remove the ground under the next visible hut. Down, left, hack ceiling for treasure, hack wall, hack at large, moving baddie and cross over him by climbing up left side of hut sticking out of the ground and dropping down, then collect bell. Back to far right, use bell to destroy rocks, collect special, back left again, collect another bell from the same place and back up to ground level (via double use of teleport if you like). Fully right, initiate regeneration pot, stand adjacent to fire and ring bell to calm it down a bit. Right, secure that special and bell for your own use and back out left past fire. Stand slightly to the left of the scenic statue in the distance in order to jump onto platform, upwards and onto tree. Strike the stalactite and nearby ceiling for food. Mount grey wall, take immediate left, use bell and cross the bridge. Clout ceiling and pocket the bell. Make your way left through maze of tree trunks and spiky blue things (you can get on edge of trunk without getting killed by the spiky things), and climb down last trunk (dont jump). Jump up left into passageway on left, summon that helpful Wizard chappie to help with your special collecting. Jump up right into a small cavern for bell collecting purposes. Walk left, treat the regeneration pot to a little useage and yank right on the joystick whilst plummeting down the hole next to the yellow pillar. If noone else wants the special, then help yourself and swiftly clamber out of right side of pit, and return to where you just saved the game. Ring bell to rid yourself of rocks, up steps and teleport. Down, collect bell, up, ring bell, take special, up again, get bell behind disintegrating stone blocks, hack at wall on left and use potion. This probably isnt the best time to mention it but the end of level baddie is easier to kill if you have a dagger or two. Lucky that you saved two earlier then. Manipulate your way back to the start of the level, help yourself to the two daggers, one to your immediate right and the other materialising when the first tree to your right is swiped, and return via the potion. Trek left and fall left to arrive alongside the maze of blue spiky things. Hurtle over the spikes, work the teleport and ring the bell for severe fire dousing purposes. Save your position, ready to slaughter the end of level robot. Jump up the provided platforms, but remain on the top one, slightly lower than the level of the robot. All his shots at you will now miss. Kill him by throwing daggers only throw when he is close, so that all your shots hit and the weapon wont run out.

LEVEL 3 ~~~~~~~ Right, evade blue spiky thing, up steps, avoid dragon breath jumping over last visible part of ground bridge, otherwise it will disintegrate. Dodge blue spiky thing (after an initial double spike) and indoctrine regeneration pot. Hurl yourself manically fully right from end of platform into a tree, and collect bell. Drop down, wallop ground near to waterfall and teleport. Get back to blue spiky thing number 2 and summon Mr Wizzard. Onto stars, right, onto top layer of crystals and jump right to eventually obtain a yellow bell- type thing. Spring left onto single crystal, drop directly down from leftside to the second row, jump right, ring bell, and collect what looks suspiciously like a special. Advance left, fall down at first available opportunity and steal bell from branches. Descend for the usual teleporting business. Back at the blue spiky thing, its onto the stars, up left, left, ring bell, slash at the end of the corridor, get treasure and two specials, down, right, left underground and teleport. Back past the blue spike, stone dragon and second blue spike. Cascade from edge of platform, pulling sharply in left as you go. Time your way across the multitude of blue spiky things, collect bell, right once more and fall from edge. Take the lower of the two left corridors. Another blue spiky thing. You know what to do. Have another slash upwards for food, treasure and a dagger, along first corridor on right for another special, then left to suitable exit. Keep the dagger, ascend the tree trunk and onto yellow spinning tower. It`s sword on ceiling time for food, and head fully right. This time, once past the stone dragon, fall from end of platform onto bridge. Left, take upper corridor, carefully over spikes, collect special and return left. Take lower corridor. Ring bell by fire, left, and teleport. At the end of this level you`ll come across an array of banshees. Jump to far right of the screen, move back in left slightly and fire daggers, slash forwards and overhead when necessary. Easy as pie.

LEVEL 4 ~~~~~~~ Bounce nimbly onto right platform, annihilate baddie, drop down and liquidate rats to give you your sword. Use far right teleport. Stroll in the general left direction, killing/jumping over yellow baddies as you go. Ignore first bell, jump left onto platform, get bell, jump again and put that special under your hat. The yellow baddies will leap to a suicidal death (and you`ll end up back at level one if you fall off). Left again and teleport at first opportunity. Jump onto stars, left and fall in between fires. Up left with joystick to clutch spectacularly onto the tree trunk and dismount left. That Special? Pick it up, man. Left, yeehaa into gap between flames, vault onto tree trunk, up and teleport. Teleport using teleport on left, clang bell and up for another spesh. Teleport back to starting screen and reuse right teleport. Pinch that bell from the far left. And perhaps teleport back again using the far right teleport (as opposed to the one in the middle) while you`re at it. Down hole, ring bell, right, right, right, slash wall and get special. Back to starting screen, use right teleport, jump off far left platform, back to level one, go right to level two, collect bell and potion, back to level four. Teleport from top left of starting screen, leap over mine, jump away from right platform and hit ceiling for food plus dagger. Right, then right and ring bell by robot. Stand towards left of screen, faceleft and continuously press up and fire for a flying slash, continue doing so, edging slightly away each time you think the robot is going to hit you. When you are nearing one side of the screen, turn to face the robot, fire the dagger and whilst the robot is blocking your great shot, cunningly leap over him, doing a flying slash as you go. Then repeat the process until he (and preferably not you) are dead.

LEVEL 5 ~~~~~~~ The train level. This level is excrutiatingly easy, so not much to say about it, really. Head towards the front of the train, entering the carriarges by swiping the cracked sections of the roofs. It`s very easy this level, as i`ve just said (twice), so make the most of it for searching around grabbing bonuses - don`t forget sword to ceiling contact, and remember to have a nosey in between the carriages (you can`t fall through). There are plenty of daggers and axe`s all over the shop as well.

LEVEL 6 ~~~~~~~ After level five and before level seven comes level six. Jump onto oil drum, scrabble up ladder, fall back down to gather daggers and reascend. Stand around and dispatch a few baddies until your sword power is intact, then plunge down to start. Traipse left and hack twice at the broken paving stone. Drop down into chasm, position yourself at the edge of the platform and leap upwards, cleaving wildly to hopefully render a smart bomb. Get this pronto, bag bell, stand on right oil drum, then bound left, flyslashing as you go, to collect your first special and exit stage left. Onto oil drum and up onto the platform again. Walk to the right side of the platform, propel yourself over the gap to surmount the oil drum, latch onto the ladder and climb up. Sound the bell for a starry bridge, left and onto smaller platform for another yellow doobrie, and retreat right to previously climbed ladder. Negotiate the newly formed bridge onto roof of house, walk left and quickly right to end up on lower level of roof, drop into house, down to second level, right and lacerate ceiling for your first special. Be wary of the blue monster who appears and fires discs at you - he appears throughout the level, but his discs can be used against him by hacking, kicking or punching them back in his direction. Slash at the ceiling on the top level for food and a smart bomb, up via ladder onto roof, right. When you are beneath the soldier and the food, use an overhead chop to kill him and rechop for food (by rehashing). Right and summon Wizard Mage. Grab ladder, set off left, take special, slash at manhole and drop down (keeping joystick held left) onto platform for another bell. Leap right, across platform, across bridge, onto roof, up ladder and left. Invite the Wizard along to help, while standing next to what will become a disintegrating house. Get bell. Right, drop onto lift and when it`s at it`s highest, jump onto roof. Right and ring bell where appropriate. Ignore bridge, drop onto lower level of roof, drop down into house. These windows will reveal food if slashed, but ignore them unless you are desperate as you should come back later. Jump over gaps in platform (in front of pillars). You`ve deserved that bell to your right, and should have no problems getting onto the oil drum and onto the roof (avoiding acid). Climb bridge on right, right and lift special. Dig at broken paving slab back to the left, down ladder onto green roof, chuck yourself down hole, stand next to oil drum and ring bell to reach special. Traipse left of platform, seeing to those baddies by flyslashing them at close proximity in fear of being grenaded (polish off one and he`ll leave some grenades for your own personal use). Hit yellow ceiling and pocket bell. Revert right, use regeneration pot and pursue stone blocks to the far right. Facing the blocks, jump with an overhead slash to reveal another special. Ring bell, and when the angels have removed the first block or two, hurdle onto those remaining, cannily collecting the other special in the process. The end of level nastie is down that man hole - and tragically for you, he is by far and away the hardest end of level nastie to kill all game. Firstly, ensure that your energy is full. There are three area`s which you can get food from: by slashing at the good food sign quite far along to the left, by slashing at the windows in the buildings or alternatively in the secret passageway (about halfway along the level, entered through the manhole, or preferably through the other cracked paving stone to its left. Get some food then if necessary, down the manhole and do the honours behind the pot. The green monster fires heads at you at regular intervals, but will fire an extra head if you hit it with your sword or alternative weapon. Stand directly next to it and start slashing until there are five or six heads out, and try to kill them with overhead slashes. This and combined frantic flyswiping are your best tactics. If (and when) your energy gets very low, jump onto the ladder, run away, get some more food and return…….

LEVEL 7 ~~~~~~~ A light step to the immediate right, bounce over what looks like a stick of celery (but probably isn't), along right (ignore retracting platforms), seize bell, jump up, slash, walk over special and return to start (get the grenades but use extremely sparingly). Left, avoid acid drip, fully left (avoiding acid) for food. Back along, jump up right hand side of ladder and right if you need food, otherwise left. Climb down ladder, quickly slashing when you reach the bottom for rat killing purposes. It's probably best to scarper here in preference to standing around getting killed. Left (avoiding acid) and jump onto platform. Jump over leeks, left and jump over pits (position samurai so that his front foot is fully over the platform in order to make it). Ring bell, cross stars and fall directly downwards to obtain another special. Up via retracting platform, left across bridge and use pot. Continually hit left hand side of the stone tablet, this will move it to the right so you can use it to jump on to the first retractingplatform to collect the special. Left, directly down and down again. Right, climb ladder,get bell and take potion (go down right to kill baddies if the bell hasn't appeared). Head right from the position to which you are teleported, spring over celery and go down ladder. Carefully manoevere yourself onto the ladder below and summon the Wizzard Mage to lend a hand or two. Some stars will appear below the retracting platforms to ease your crossing of the gap (climb up ladder before jumping), but DON'T CROSS. Instead, go up ladder, along right, up ladder, and right for ages. Get bell, slash at nearby ceiling for food and treasure, return to where you just rang the bell, stand on platform (not ladder) and cross pit using stars to support you. Down steps, move stone tablet along by hitting it until it's under the projecting platform (and lashing out at the large moving statues it comes towards you), jump up, and up again for another special and a bell. Jump over statue and right. Ring bell next to water jetty and hack it when it solidifie's. Slash at ceiling to the right for treasure and use pot. Go back left, use stone tablet to get onto the platform so that you can jump over the statue, and get bell. Back right to the second water jetty and ring bell. Slash ice, right, slash ceiling and left for end of level nasty number one - a big red dragon's head. He's easy. Stand at either the left or the right - hand side of the dragon and and slash at his head every time he come's towards you. To speed things up, jump around a bit using fly slashes to hit him. Don't get stuck underneath his torso, though, in fear of being fired at. There's food to be gobbled if you jump and slash from the first projecting platform you get to. Right, climb wall, get bell, drop onto the yellow platform, jump left. Jump up retracting platforms for another special and ring bell next to water jetties, then hit them when solid. Left, up retracting platforms, and that's it…..

LEVEL 8 ~~~~~~~ Right, sock all passing windows for suitable refreshment, and the third group preceeding the soldier for a yellow object to ring. Right (do not save position), bash windows for food, right, call Wizard, ring bell whilst to left of pillar underneath firing gun turret, right, fetch ball and utilise potion. Slash windows to your immediate left for food. The Wizard should come in handy for blowing up that doorway with the resulting special coming in double handy. Right and up the first lift. Jump left onto the lower roof, punch windows and jump via same lift onto the green roof directly right. Use lift, manically hurling yourself left weilding your sword ceiling towards for a bell. Left and up first visible lift. Bound left onto blue roof, then onto lift which moves up and down directly over the other. Jump right when top lift reaches it's high point. Ring bell to calm the firing down a tad, right and use pot. Take out cracked part of platform, sink downwards and slash windows. Say thank you for the special. Bounce from right hand side of platform, trundle fully right, collar the bell and exercise the potion. Chime bell at end of platform, tumble down right, right, and I doubt anyone else will be wanting that bell or potion. Once teleported, right is the direction you'll be wanting - over bridge, save position via second pot and fling yourself off the end of the roof with the joystick wrenched rightwards to land on the blue roof. Ring bell in the vicinity of the forcefield, and hack repeatedly at the crystal until the barrier breaks. Right (don't teleport yet), up ladder, up ladder, make off with the bell and special, slash at cracked part of the platform, down and teleport. Hack left behind the scenery for treasure, and jump and hack for a special. Ring bell, hit crystal, right, use pot, slash windows, right, slash windows and teleport. Walk to right side of roof, carefully get down to lower level of roof and enter house. Slash at ceilings for food, snitch bell and withdraw to roof. Leap from right hand side of roof onto middle platform, use pot, ascend ladder and pinch special. Left to get your feet back on terra ferma, ring bell when both forcefields come into view, hit crystals and proceed right. Onto oil drum, onto first retracting platform, left above where barriers were and cleve ceiling for booty. To bump off end of level baddie, simply slash at it using the retracting platforms on left when necessary, avoiding it's shots. It's very very easy. Complete level by going up platforms, jumping onto projecting scenery to right, and slashing for two more specials. Back to top retracting platform, grabbing ladder (by standing on the right edge of the top platform, jump right then quickly left). Up. And left.

LEVEL 9 ~~~~~~~ Gasp loudly at the threespeed parallax scrolling. Then treat yourself to that smartbomb, jump left and heartlessly murder enough baddie's to enable you to swipe bell, and plunge left. Depart right as far as possible to pocket three specials. Scale right side of third-from-right pole (jump in order to clutch to it), jump right onto next platform, down and that special is your's. Up (by vaulting left out of cabin and abruptly pulling right on the joystick to grab outside of the ladder), and up again. Cavort right, slash ceiling and down onto ground level. Get special on left and at far right (slashing at ceilings for food). Climb first pillar from right, reach smart bomb and drop down to collect special. Up right side of pillar again, hurry onto shorter platform, slash up left for another special, collect, and up and down other side back to ground level. Up into cabin on left and continue upwards as far as possible, collecting special on the way. Continue up by using the tower to the left and jumping between the two when necessary, slashing ceiling and video camera's when appropriate. Following the above information should get you to a horizontal platform with a bell and the nine required specials (and hopefully enough energy). There are plenty more food and specials scattered about it if you can be bothered to locate them (i couldn't). Move right until a force- field is reached and ring that bell. Hack the remaining forcefield once, kill the resulting baddie, hack again, kill, and so on. You can abandon this part to find food if you really muck it up. And thats just about the size of the level.

LEVEL 10 ~~~~~~~~ Left, apprehend smart bomb, left, nab special, right, lay your hands on the bell, right, hop onto potted plant, thrust joystick up again, grab ladder on left and heroically clamber out. Right for age's to abduct another special, and back left again and cross gap. Left, jump onto shortest brown barrel, leap left, left again, left again and slash at grey ceiling for a little something to put behind your ear for later. Drop directly down and slash onto second ground level of level and show your weapon to the grey thing for a smart bomb. Walk right over barrels, grab ladder and climb up. Right, up steps and left into black room with computers in. Project yourself to climb up ladder, enter house, hit the ceiling to purloin food and special. Walk down ladder, left along grey platform, jump and slash for another special. Left onto brown ledge's, hooraying, truncating for treasure and food. Up ladder, hail Wizard when you can, go no further right, claim that bell you just lapsed and ascend. Left, jump onto gray platforms and slash twice at end ceiling for a light snack and a special. Back right, up twinkling stars and right. Watch out for the blue baddie's who blow deadly rings at you - they deserve nothing more than instant death as soon as they appear. Continue along the platform and lob our hero off the end. Right, onto small grey platform and onto ladder, up, and up ladder on level above. Left, up steps and up ladder. Left as far as feasible (slashing for treasure), up ladder, right, onto potted plant, get smart bomb and get special. Right, past chequered scenery, get lamp, hit scenery in a variety of shown places, back to either side of chequered part, ring bell and kill the end-of-level nastie, possibly the easiest end of level nastie to kill in the whole game.

                              THE END

Edited by Rygar!

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