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To those of you who are considering buying a new or used car…

 If you are even slightly interested in any Subaru products, please read
 In 1988, my wife purchased a Subaru GL 4WD Sedan.  The car was serviced,
 as recommended by Subaru of America (SOA) every 7500 miles.  In June 1991,
 with 60,000 miles on the car, we forked out $800 for front brakes (the
 second set) and replacement of both valve cover gaskets due to massive
 oil leaks.  Five months later, in November 1991, we took the car back for
 more oil and anti-freeze leaks.  As it turned out, the car had blown head
 gaskets and a cracked water pump. The damages that time were $740. 
 After that repair, I was obviously a little annoyed.  The car had to go back
 3 more times to fix more anti-freeze and oil leaks in the next 3 months, all
 of which were fixed free of charge.  But we still smelled burning oil.
 So I took the car back one more time and they finally found it...the seal
 between the engine and transmission was leaking and they wanted another $300
 to fix it, to which I said no way!
 After some fighting and dealing with the regional service representative,
 they offered us a reasonable trade price for our 1988 towards a 1992
 Loyale (very similar car).
 Well, that was last February and here I sit this January, our 1992 Subaru
 with 16,600 miles in the shop having the engine torn down guessed
 it...oil leaks from the valve cover gaskets, head gasket and cam shaft cover
 I called SOA's 800 customer assistance line to complain.  After being called
 back by a supervisor I was told "That's what your warranty is for" and was
 basically brushed off as a complainer.
 But wait, I`m not done yet!  My sister leased a 1988 Subaru 4WD Wagon and
 experienced the exact same problems.  So did my sister in law.  And many
 other people I know have related stories of coworkers and friends who have
 similar problems with their Subarus.  What a coincidence! (NOT!)
 Here's the bottom line.  Subaru is what NOT to drive.  The cars are not
 built well and fall apart regardless of any attempts you make to maintain
 them.  SOA does not stand behind its product and refuses to aknowledge that
 there is a problem.  Please take my warning.  Anyone who does not believe
 me is more than welcome to see all the receipts and maintenance records for
 both cars.  I have been burned twice by Subaru and I probably should not
 have bought the second car.  But I am intent on informing as many people
 as possible about my experience and would appreciate if you all would relate
 this story to your friends and family before they even consider buying a
 Thank you for your time.
 Larry Schenk,  mc 52-40


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