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  Beware the faint of heart - stump removal is an outdoor job that requires 

stamina and strength. For $150 you can rent a stump grinder that will level a 24-inch or smaller stump in about an hour. A tree trimming company will charge about $240 to do the job. You'll save almost 40% of that if you do-it- yourself.

  There are several types of grinders available but they all work in the 

same manner. The tree stump must be cut down to about 6-inches from the ground. Then you lower the machine onto the stump so the cutting blade can grind up the stump. The large blade has a guard over it but it still can throw chips. Wear protective eye protection, gloves, work shoes and no loose fitting clothing.

  A stump grinder is too large to fit into a car's trunk so plan on renting 

a trailer hitch and pulling it behind your car. Since you will have it all hitched up and ready to work, it's a good time to check with neighbors who might be willing to share the cost if they have a stump or two to grind. 

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