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Project # 67 SEED A 1200 SQ. FT. LAWN

  Seeding a lawn is the epitome of 'grunt work'.  Lawn seed and fertilizer 

are not cheap but they seem inexpensive when compared with the cost of the labor it takes to grade the topsoil and then spread the seed and fertilizer with a push spreader. You can save more than half of what a landscaper charges if you do-it-yourself.

  To seed a 1200 sq. ft. area a landscape contractor will charge upwards of 

$570. You can purchase the seed and fertilizer and rent a spreader for $275. If you need to remove the existing lawn or the yard needs extensive grading, it will cost you considerably more time and money. A normal job should take you two days.

  Follow up watering is an important part of this job.  Your investment in 

seed and time will dry up and blow away if you neglect your emerging grass. 

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