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                      ( THE REALITY OF OUR SITUATION )
           All of you are being faced with choices. Many of you are so 
      engrossed with your idea of reality you are not seeing beyond the 
      simplest Illusions around you. You are not alone as Solinus and I 
      see this even in areas very close to us in our family unit.
           But what is reality? Is it something we base life on that 
      may or may not be a correct situation but that we use as our 
      basic guidelines in living our lives. I think it is something 
      closer to our idea of what keeps us safe, secure and in a sense 
      of well being. It is in other words our security blanket - what 
      we believe makes our lives work. It is the way we choose to see 
      life versus what may or may not be life in a true reality.
           All of you have through the years heard about other systems, 
      less free countries where people are taught from a very early age 
      to accept a system of belief that gives little in return. Infor-
      mation is usually censored and keeps, for the most part, other 
      systems of living out of the direct knowledge of those who are 
      controled and indoctrinated into a group idea. These scenarios 
      are based on what a few in power wish as to the way things should 
           My next question when comparing our society to one of cen-
      sorship is how is our system any better than any of these others? 
      Here is where many will stand up and say it's better than all the 
      rest in the world. It may be, but if it is it would not fluctuate 
      and create suffering in the group following the guidelines of  
      those few in power running this country. 
           Look at your present situation. Do you honestly believe it 
      is faltering because times are bad? Is it possible you have been 
      brainwashed as many, if not all peoples of other countries are? 
      And that you will refuse to see it until the people that are 
      controlling you decide to change things that directly effect the 
      security blanket you base life on.
           Reality dear ones is truth that in its context cannot be 
      changed. When it is altered in ways that create thoughts of well 
      being it still remains the same, the alteration becoming the 
      lived Illusion. Society that gains power by a fellowship based on 
      any altered truths creating a feeling of well being may give a 
      sense of security and well being until the real worth becomes 
      self evident. Then a change by those who are following the Illu-
      sion either crumbles or a new altered truth sets a foundation for 
      yet another crash of its real worth down the line. In reality the 
      real truth gets put aside for yet another created Illusion.
           Each time this happens it opens new awareness in a few which 
      undermines the real worth of being followers of those creating 
      this Illusion. The opportunity comes in these times to release a 
      few from the bigger group not seeing and willing to go on to yet 
      another false start creating yet another duration of pain and 
      suffering down the line. This is the cross roads all now face. 
      This is your chance to stand up as sovereign beings dependent on 
      yourself and your creator for your existence in these times of 
      upheaval. Many of you will cower and ask for the old to carry you 
      into their ideas and projections of the new. Some will say no 
      there now is another way and see, thus finding truth versus 
      getting sucked into another round of deceit by following someone 
      else in their projected idea of how the group will survive the 
      times ahead.
           The truth dear ones is that you are sovereign beings never 
      meant to follow anyone or thing but the God within. That is the 
      simplicity of truth versus the diversity burying it that you base 
      life on while living it on Earth. You're going to say just plac-
      ing myself in the unknown will not create what I need. You're 
      wrong and this type thinking will create your next experience of 
      pain and suffering.
           Some of you are now saying what in the heck is this guy 
      saying. I'm saying there is a link to God in you which many of 
      you fail to hear when it speaks to you because you're listening 
      to false gods telling you an altered aspect of this truth. This 
      statement is not based on any religious aspect or dogmatic ideal 
      but stands on its own worth because it is true. Follow this voice 
      and your whole life will change in the best or worst times to the 
      absolute reality of your reason for being created.  This will 
      give you freedom over the dominion you are in and all else here 
      controlling things around you and others that before you believed 
      effected you. 
           If your desire is to find truth in your life versus every-
      thing else you previously based life on, it is now time to listen 
      to that voice in you. All else is Illusion. Freedom is opening to 
      this truth and releasing the Illusion. All else of worth follows 
      by this simple act.
                               Peace and Love        

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