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                           RELAXATION TECHNIQUES
                              October 8, 1989
  RELAX.ZIP is a group of text files that  will  guide  you  to  complete
  relaxation,  and  the  techniques  of  such.  This file is an alternate
  relaxation  guide,  designed  to  compliment  AP_PREP.ZIP,   which   is
  available  on  this  BBS.   Either  technique can be used with the same
  results, choose the one that works for best for you.  I suggest  trying
  all of them...
  The Wizard Ariel>
  This .ZIP archive should contain the following text files:
  RELAX1.TXT - Text on Relaxing The Body
  RELAX2.TXT - Text on the methods of Deep Breathing
  RELAX3.TXT - Text on How To Prepair For Astral Projection/Remembering
                          RELAXATION TECHNIQUES I
                              October 8, 1989
  Close your eyes.  Get yourself comfortable,  and  concentrate  on  your
  Pay  close  attention  to  your breathing.  Recognize how slow and deep
  breathing will help to induce relaxation.  Exhale.  Then  take  a  deep
  breath  in  through  your  nose  and  blow  it  out through your mouth.
  Breathe from your abdomen, deeply and slowly.
  As you concentrate on  your  breathing,  focus  your  attention  on  an
  imaginary  spot in the center of your forehead.  Look at the spot as if
  you were trying to see it from inside your head.
  You will begin to realize that your eyelids have become tense.
  Get  a  sense  of  how tense the eyelids can become as you stare at the
  spot that you can compare this feeling with relaxation.
  When your eyelids become strained and  uncomfortable,  let  them  drop.
  Notice  the  feeling of relaxation that radiates all through and around
  your eyes.  Allow that feeling of warmth and relaxation to move out  to
  the temples and across the forehead.
  Let  the  relaxation  then  radiate  to your scalp, to the back of your
  head, to your ears, temples, cheeks, nose, then to your mouth and chin.
  As you feel all the tension leave your face, relax  your  jaw  muscles.
  Let  your  jaw open slightly, so that all the tension can smoothly flow
  Relax the muscles in your neck.  As you do, let your head  tip  forward
  gently so your chin just about touches your chest.
  Let  this  feeling of relaxation flow down into your shoulders and from
  there into the muscles of your arms and hands,  then  down  your  back,
  over  to the front of the chest, on down to the abdomen, and then allow
  it to reach all the way down to the base of the spine.
  Let the buttocks go completely loose and limp.  Allow  the  warmth  and
  relaxation  to  spread  to  the  thighs,  on down the legs, down to the
  ankles, and down through the feet to the tips of the toes.
  Now you feel completely relaxed.  Take a moment, starting from the  top
  of  your  head  and working down, to check to see if any part of you is
  not yet fully relaxed.
  If you find any part of your body not fully relaxed,  simply  inhale  a
  deep  breath  and  send  it  into the area, bringing soothing, healing,
  relaxing, nourishing oxygen  to  comfort  that  area.   As  you  exhale
  imagine  blowing out right through your skin any tension, tightness, or
  discomfort.  By inhaling a breath into that  area  and  exhaling  right
  through  the  skin, you are able to replace tension in any part of your
  body with gentle relaxation.
  When you find yourself quiet and fully relaxed, take a few  moments  to
  enjoy  it.
                         RELAXATION TECHNIQUES II
                              October 8, 1989
  Close  your  eyes...Get yourself comfortable.  Pay careful attention to
  your breathing.  Recognize how slow and deep  breathing  will  help  to
  induce  relaxation.   Exhale,  then  take a deep breath in through your
  nose and blow it out through your mouth.  Breathe  from  your  abdomen,
  deeply and slowly.  Allow your abdomen to rise and fall as you breathe.
  With  each  inhale  and  exhale,  count your breaths.  count ONE on the
  inhale and TWO on the exhale.   Focus  only  on  the  breath  and  your
  If  a  thought  comes  into your mind which causes you to lose track of
  your counting, just return to the count.
  If a thought comes into your mind, look at it as though it were someone
  else's.  Neither grab hold of it nor chop it down.  Neither stop it nor
  pursue it.  Simply  watch  it  come  into  view  and  disappear.   Then
  continue your counting.
  Count  your  breaths until you feel deeply relaxed.  Breathe in and out
  slowly, counting each breath, until you feel quiet, relaxed, and  still
                         RELAXATION TECHNIQUES III
                              October 8, 1989
  Stretch,  take  a good deep stretch, all through your body.  Slide down
  in the afterglow of that stretch, into a relaxed position.
  Holding that afterglow feeling, reflect back on  how  it  feels  to  be
  relaxed,  as  if you were in bed at night on the edges of sleep (though
  this time you stay AWAKE and don't miss the fun).  If you  are  already
  trained  in  some form of meditation or Astral Projection, reflect back
  on one of your BEST experiences of meditation or AP, and how that felt.
  If you are religious, reflect back on how it feels to listen in prayer.
  Whichever experience you reflect back on, remember  it  more  and  more
  completely.   Remember  more  and more clearly what it feels like, what
  elements in the experience go along with that feeling.
  Remembering an experience re-creates the mental and physical  basis  of
  that  experience.   This  is  why you are already virtually back in the
  quality of this experience you are remembering, this experience you are
  remembering more about, more and more clearly.
  While remembering the feeling  and  quality  of  this  experience,  now
  slowly  breathe  in  deeply  and breathe out deeply...3 to 5 times, and
  just let your muscles go a little more with each breath  out,  relaxing
  more deeply.
  Become  more aware of what you are feeling and experiencing within you,
  and become more aware of your surroundings.  It's surprising  how  much
  of  a  mental  picture you can build up of your surroundings, just from
  what you can hear.
  Taking about six seconds to do so, breathe in slowly and very deeply.
  Exhale as slowly and deeply.  With your lungs empty, try to blow out an
  imaginary candle a foot in front of your face - that's how  deeply  you
  should exhale.
  Go  on  inhaling  and  exhaling  as deeply as you can, very slowly, six
  seconds or longer each way.
  May you find the joy and happiness that you deserve...and also  utilize
  this  text  to  your advantage.  If you know someone that could benefit
  from this text, please feel free to give them a copy.

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