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                      The Nuclear Age Magazine
                           How to Start
                           NUCLEAR WAR

How To Start Nuclear War………………………………… 3 A look at the current stat of global politics. How close are we to nuclear war?

Global Leaders…………………………………………. 7 A personal look at the most powerful leaders in the Nuclear Age. What shaped their backgrounds? How would they react in critical situations? Who will press "The Button" first?

The Nuclear Arsenal……………………………………. 10 A detailed report on which weapons work the best. What is the most effective combination? What is the best defense? Bombers or missiles, versatility or reliability?

Disasters!……………………………………………. 14 A humorous look at accidents and other things that can plague a global leader. From natural disasters to hybrid sciences, earthquakes to dread Cattletech armaments.

International Relations………………………………… 16 A comprehensive discourse on diplomacy in the Nuclear Age. How can the personality of each leader be classified? How should you treat each leader?

                   HOW TO START NUCLEAR WAR

Welcome to Nuclear War! As leader of a global power in a fictional world, you must lead your nation to victory by being the last remaining country in the world. You must use every means at your disposal to win, whether it be through the cunning use of propaganda campaigns or through the devastating force of a tactical nuclear strike. You must take advantage of the weak and scheme against the mighty to insure your place as the ultimate victor.

Selecting Opponents

 After the title sequence has concluded, you will be presented with the

Nuclear War Opponent Screen. You may choose four global leaders out of the ten available to compete with. To learn more about the global leaders, read the article entitled Global Leaders. To choose a leader, simply move the pointer to the leader desired and click the mouse button. A yellow happy face will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the leader's video monitor. If you wish to change your video selection, simply click on the leader again. The happy face will disappear, and you may select another leader. Continue this process until you have selected the four leaders you desire.

 After you have selected four leaders, click on the "Nuclear War" title. 

If you wish a random selection of leaders, click on "Nuclear War" without choosing any leaders. Additionally, you may choose one, two, or three leaders and have the remaining space(s) randomly filled.

Starting Game Play

 After you have clicked upon "Nuclear War," the game will begin by

loading the Diplomacy Terminal. It is from this screen that your actions, and the actions of the other world leaders will be decided.

Diplomacy Terminal

 The Diplomacy Terminal is where all aspects of the game are decided. The

terminal contains individual monitors for the four other global leaders, icons for missiles, warheads, bombers, and defense systems as well as building up your nuclear stockpile and conducting propaganda. The terminal also has a central viewer which shows the current demographics of each country's population.

 The central viewer automatically shows your own country and it's

population. To view another global leader's country, simply click upon the desired leader's face and his or her country will be shown. To return to a view of your own country, click upon the face of the leader whose country you are currently viewing.

 While using the Diplomacy Terminal, there are two actions which should

be completed. First, you may set your current attitude towards the other global leaders by clicking on the selected leader's happy face until the desired attitude is shown. To learn more about the different attitudes , read the International Relations article.

 Secondly, the leader's face sends a message to you.  The expression lets

you know what to expect from that leader, whether it be friendship or antagonism. At the beginning of the game, all leaders treat one another neutrally. From then on, every action affects how each leader feels toward you and each other. Each leader has five different faces. Their range consists of Hostile, Unfriendly, Neutral, Friendly, and Benevolent.

 In the lower right-hand corner of their view screen, the leaders have a

number that represents how that leader feels toward you. A rating from 0 to 99 will appear on the card. A "0" would mean that the leader hates everything about you and that all of his or her immediate attacks are headed in your direction, a "50" would mean that the leader retains neutral feelings toward you, and a "99" would mean that you can do no wrong in the leader's eyes and that you have nothing to fear from the leader, unless you are the only other remaining nation. To find out how each leader feels toward one another, click on the leader's face. The other three leaders now have a different rating number while the leader you selected has none. The leaders' rating numbers now reflect how each leader feels toward the leader revealing no rating. It is not recommended that any form of attack be launched against someone who likes you. As much as they liked you before, they would now hate you the same amount. Betrayal is a costly thing.

 After you have set all of your attitudes, you need to decide your action

for the upcoming game turn. You may choose whether to build your nuclear arsenal, launch a propaganda campaign, ready a defense system, or prepare a nuclear strike. You may attempt only one of the four actions per turn.



 To build missiles, bombers, warheads, and defense systems, click on the

Build icon in the upper left of the Diplomacy Terminal. Clicking on the "Nuclear War" logo ends your turn and sends you to the Global Monitor Screen to view the actions of all the leaders.

 Your ability to produce a weapon component or defensive system depends

on the amount of cities you have. At five cities, production is at peak efficiency. At one city, production is at a minimum. Additionally, the more powerful weapon components and defensive systems are harder to build than those of a lesser magnitude. Items built will be listed on the Teletype machine of the Diplomacy Terminal after all actions have been resolved on the Global Monitor Screen.

 A green light will appear if you have at least one of any specific

weapon component or defense system. When you run out of a weapon component or defense system, the light will turn red.

 If you build twice in a row, all global leaders will automatically

distrust you. You are withdrawing from global politics and Stockpiling. It is not recommended that you Stockpile, as even friends will begin to hate you.


 In order to conduct propaganda, you must first select a target. Choose

the leader whose country you wish to bombard by clicking on his face. Select the enemy city you wish to blitz with the propaganda campaign by moving the pointer over it and clicking the mouse button. The results of your campaign will be played out on the Global Monitor Screen after you click on the "Nuclear War" logo to end your turn.

 A propaganda campaign can cause from 1 to 10 million people to leave

their homeland for your country. The actual number of people who emigrate is dependent on the size of the city and several other factors.

 An important note: propaganda attacks have the largest chance of

something going wrong with them. Almost anything can result if a propaganda campaign misfires. Beware of excessive use of propaganda.

 To learn more about what happens when calamity strikes, read the article

entitled Disasters!

Defense Systems

 When you are low on population and know that you will be the target of a

nuclear strike, it is time to think seriously about deploying a nuclear defense system. To prepare a defense system you may either click on the Defense icon, which automatically loads your most potent defensive


system, or you can manually select one of the system types by clicking on the desired model name.

 To learn more about the different capabilities of defensive systems,

read the section about defensive weapons in The Nuclear Arsenal article.

Nuclear Strike

 A nuclear strike, the most deadly and effective form of attack, actually

takes a minimum of two turns to execute. This is because it consists of readying the carrier and then readying the nuclear payload.

 To ready the carrier, select the missile or bomber you desire to launch.

If you click on the Missile or Bomber icon, the largest capacity carrier of the selected type will be chosen. If you want a specific carrier, click on the desired size listed adjacent to the proper icon. After selecting a carrier, click on the "Nuclear War" logo to end your turn.

 On the turn after the deployment of a carrier, select an enemy city to

target by clicking on it. To load a warhead onto the carrier, you may either click on the Warhead icon, which will ready the largest possible warhead for the missile, or choose a specific size from the list next to the Warhead icon. To culminate the nuclear strike, click on the "Nuclear War" logo. Be aware that if a warhead is not placed on the carrier and some other course of action is taken, the carrier will be wasted.

 If you launch two carriers in a row, your allies will dislike you. You

are wasting precious time and endangering alliances. Do not vacillate, launch a warhead!

 To learn more about the different missiles, 

bombers, and warheads, read the appropriate section in The Nuclear Arsenal article of Nuke Magazine.

Global Monitor Screen

 After you have decided the plan of action which you will follow, end

your turn by clicking on the "Nuclear War" logo. The next screen you see is the Global Monitor Screen.

 At this screen the actions of all five global leaders will be played

out. An animation sequence for each nation represents what action each leader decided to do for their own country. A printed message runs across the bottom of the screen further clarifying the various actions. If you wish to hasten the animation sequences, click the mouse button. After the last country has completed its action sequence, you will be returned to the Diplomacy Terminal.

City Sizes

 There are five different icons representing the myriad of sizes cities

can be. They range from a small Tent to a sprawling Metropolis. Here is a breakdown of the population size each icon depicts:

    Tent: 1-4 million people
    Thatched Hut: 5-9 million people
    Cottage: 10-19 million people
    Mansion: 20-29 million people
    Metropolis: 30 million people and beyond

Losing a City

 Whether it be from propaganda, a disaster, or a nuclear strike, the

attrition of population cities face can be devastating. But what happens when a city's population is completely eliminated? The city is destroyed and will never be able to sustain life again. It is now a permanent crater. This reduces your or your enemy's building capabilites and brings you just one step closer to being annihilated.

 If you call a nuclear strike or propaganda campaign against a city that

has been obliterated by an opponent, then your course of action was wasted. The opponent got there first, and there is nothing left to destroy or lure away. The foiled strike or campaign is referred to as a "military exercise." No leader likes to admit that he has been beaten.

Final Strike

 When a nation's last city is destroyed by any means, the country's dying

action is to launch a last, desperate strike against all of the remaining players. One random inhabited city in each surviving country is targeted by the felled player. If the player does not have enough carriers or warheads to strike the nations remaining on the globe, the nation he hates the most is attacked first, and then the second most hated is attacked, and so forth until the arsenal is depleted. If the player has carriers and warheads to attack more than one city per nation, the excess armaments are wasted. Only one city per nation may be targeted, no matter what the situation is.

 The Final Strike, which the computer controls, occurs after the round in

which a nation was destroyed concludes. The computer also selects the most powerful weapon combinations and launches the carriers one after the other into the remaining territories.

 After a Final Strike, the decimated leader no longer appears on the

Diplomacy Terminal and is replaced by a dead screen. The leader is completely removed from play, and his turn will be skipped on the Global Monitor Screen.

 If the human element is knocked out of the game, the computer will enter

a fast-mode of play, never leaving the Global Monitor Screen, which accelerates toward the end of the game. The surviving computer player, if there is one, wins the game and has a chance of having a score recorded on the High Score List.

High Score List

 Scores are determined by both the number of cities the survivor has and

the final population the survivor is left with.

                        GLOBAL LEADERS

Infidel Kastro

 Until the marriage of his elder sister, Infidelity, to the president of

a superpower nation, Infidel's homeland was considered a low- budget banana republic. As soon as she could, Infidelity had her husband, Nikita Chikita, ship nuclear missiles by the boatload to Infidel. This shot-in-the-arm allowed eager Infidel to enter the arena of global politics. Glorying in the part of the young upstart, Infidel has generally inflamed global tensions and pushed the demands of his otherwise insignificant nation under the other leaders' noses. The other leaders have reluctantly been forced to deal with the pesky and obtrusive power Infidel represents.

 Infidel truly appreciates and admires some of 

the more established global leaders and plays up to them. If impressed suitably, Infidel can make a staunch ally. If angered or displeased, Infidel's ever- present cigar will flare up, most likely with several million citizens suffering from the sudden flare of a nuclear blast.

Mao the Pun

 This rotund punster's rise to power has been phenomenal.  Youngest son

in a family best called a horde. Mao left the family farm and went to the city to start a new life for himself. He worked nightclubs as a stand-up comedian, cracking up the audience with truly awful puns and his outrageous, uniform clothing.

 Mao grew quickly in fame, finally landing his own nationally syndicated

TV sitcom, paired with a beautiful, if somewhat vacant, former talk show hostess. His popularity constantly increased, as did the population in his very own homeland. Inspired buy the rise to power of a bad B-movie actor's rise to political glory in a neighboring nation, Mao ran successfully for national office.

 Unaccustomed to such power, Mao's tenure in global politics has been

rather tentative. He prefers to concern himself with domestic issues and puns rather than to worry about the other leaders. If treated nicely, Mao will reciprocate. If angered, Mao will attack. The simple policy suits his nation fine, as they believe that they will eventually overrun the world as the propagate like rabbits. Mao's reign is interrupted intermittently by rapid population increases, causing overcrowding problems.


 The spaced-out musician and herb farmer was thrust into global politics

unwillingly. A member of an international coalition of music greats united for world harmony, the aged Ghanji was called upon to use his popularity as a reggae superstar to rally his countrymen behind him and become an international force for peace.

 Now, forced into an unwanted position of power, Ghanji uses his

magnetism and music to obtain what he desires. An avowed pacifist, he will never use a nuclear weapon.

 However, due largely to his international popularity as a reggae singer,

he excels in the use of propaganda. When he conducts a propaganda campaign, it works at an increased rate of effectiveness. Also extremely gullible, he will attempt to befriend any who prefer the use of propaganda to nuclear force.

Jimi Farmer

 Mister Farmer is a perfect gentleman, and he always attempts to treat

his contemporaries fairly and with equanimity. Jimi was a virtual nobody until, due to internal strife within the opposition party, Jimi grabbed the reins of power of his nation.

 Jimi is reticent to use nuclear weapons and prefers the cunning use of

propaganda to lure people to the honest ways of peace and unity. His passiveness and genuine desire for world peace make some people think of him as a pushover. But be warned, Jimi does not tolerate any sort of deception, and if threatened he will attack viciously and thoroughly.

 A valuable piece of information about Jimi is that he often has family

crises and must break off international relations to deal with whatever problem exists. This disruption cancels any and all actions planned for his nation. More often than not, his brother Bili, an embarrassment to the family, is the cause of whatever disruption occurs.

Mikhail Gorabachef

 Mikhail was a minor chief of state visiting a nuclear power plant when a

gigantic meltdown destroyed the entire countryside. Mikhail caused the meltdown when he spilled a soft drink on the main control panel. Mikhail was the sole survivor of the accident and escaped with only one major scar. Some soda splashed onto his head and the radiation burned it into his scalp, causing him to lose most of his hair surrounding the permanent soda stain.

 Mikhail quickly lied his way to the top leadership post in his nation,

citing that the old regime was negligent in caring for the populace. He quickly cleared all government positions of competent administrators and replaced them with his friends and family. He then made many speeches telling his nation and the world how much more prosperous his country was under his rule. Mikhail and his close acquaintances were the only ones who prospered, piling huge Swiss Bank Accounts and appearing on tabloid talk shows.

 Especially sneaky and amazingly believable, Mikhail constantly lies and

gets away with it. His favorite tactic is to act friendly to a nation he wants control of, and then, when it is least expected, he will mount an all-out nuclear strike against the nation.

Tricky Dick

 One of the most nefarious leaders of all time, Tricky Dick could sell

hamburgers to a Hindu. He knows everybody's weakness and vaunts it.

 Tricky Dick was a Used Car Salesman until he gained political power by

selling a prominent politician a car once owned by an unsavory character of the underworld. Tricky Dick neglected to mention that one of the extras the car came with


was a bullet-riddled corpse in the trunk. After the sale, Tricky Dick immediately called the local Sheriff, his brother-in-law, and had the political chief arrested.

 Tricky Dick then entered politics with a campaign based upon morals and

ethics. Unfortunately, he lies like an old rug and is merciless. Many a world leader has met his doom after heeding Tricky Dick's advice. Yet, he exudes an incredible aura, and the world leaders cannot help but like him. Even if he does something that would normally provoke a confrontation, global leaders will simply say, "Ah, I've been Dicked again," and smile at him.

Colonel Malomar Kadaffy

 Malomar is the extraordinarily disturbed son of a failed cookie tycoon. 

Dissatisfied, young Malomar associated with certain, aspiring politicians who wanted to change the power structure within their homeland. Malomar, a certified lunatic with erratic fits of paranoia, soon grasped the reins of leadership from his erstwhile companions, who were in fact glad to have such an ambitious man in their midst.

 After a successful military coup, Malomar's staunchest supporters came

to congratulate him. Malomar promptly had them all executed, thinking that they were after him. Now, reasonably assured that no one was against him, he began his confused rule. Age old allies were attacked for no reason, dire enemies were sent foreign aid, and his father's cookies became the national currency.

 Dealing with Colonel Malomar in global politics has the same effects as

rolling a die continuously, namely random results. Also, it pays to shoot down any missile or bomber Malomar launches. He is so disturbed that he occasionally affixes a 100 megaton warhead to any sized missile. Sometimes this attack works with cataclysmic effects. Oftentimes, the warhead falls off prematurely.

Ayatollah Kookamamie

 The Ayatollah Kookamamie started life as an innocent altar boy, until

one day he was locked into the end receptacle of a laundry chute. He was found there three days later, completely entombed in the monk's robes and sheets and gibbering like a crazed idiot. After much intensive psycho-therapy and extensive shock treatment, the Ayatollah was released back into society.

 Upon release, he promptly gathered together his most fanatic

acquaintances and formed a group which sought to enlighten the masses to the advantages of living the life of an aesthetic dressed in bath towels and linen, especially fitted sheets. His followers are commonly see prancing about in the streets, dressed in sacred sheets and towels, begging for donations.

 Dressed constantly in high religious regalia, sheets respectfully

adorning his body and a holy bath towel wrapped reverently about his skull, the Ayatollah is highly chaotic and dangerous. The majority of global leaders believe that the Ayatollah should be dry-cleaned before his influence spreads.

Ronnie Raygun

 Perhaps the most charismatic leader of recent times, Ronnie is

completely out of touch with reality. He started his career as an organ grinder. Ronnie's partner was a super-intelligent chimpanzee, named Nancy, that he rescued from a genetic research lab. The chimp ran every aspect of Ronnie's life, the superior intellect clearly asserting itself. Nancy wanted revenge against genetic researchers and forced Ronnie to run for national office. Soon after Ronnie assumed power, Nancy died, leaving Ronnie without guidance. Under Ronnie's tenuous grasp, his country no longer heads anywhere.

 Ronnie is now entering senility and is constantly tired and grumpy. Be

warned, when Ronnie misses his morning or afternoon nap, he becomes downright cranky! This, coupled with the fact that he sometimes thinks that he is living in a Spaghetti Western, makes Ronnie somewhat of a mindless warmonger. Ronnie is always a step away from his favorite, shiny toy, The Button.

 Every once in a while Ronnie completely forgets his current attitude

toward the other world leaders and will start negotiations anew with each of them. This is perhaps the only reason nuclear war has not broken out during his reign.

Prime Minister Satcher

 The only female leader, Prime Minister Satcher gained her position by

being especially ruthless and bloodthirsty. This appealed to the aged aristocracy of her blighted nation, who promptly backed her ascension to global power, hoping for a last, glorious war.

 Under her reign, her decaying nation has selected assorted Third World

Nations to thrash upon. The populace has accepted Satcher's incessant declarations of war, and she has even drawn up much support for her actions. Recently her popularity has peaked after she personally lead an assault to reclaim an island chain that a particularly silly nation thought they could claim.

 Satcher has no qualms about pressing a conflict to the breaking point

and starting a gory bloodbath. Known extensively as "P.M. Satcher," she is prone to inexplicable fits of extreme violence. The other world leaders dread those few, inevitable days when they have no choice but to placate the moody and irascible autocrat.

                      THE NUCLEAR ARSENAL
 Tired of the absurd requirements that the bureaucracy sets upon you to

run your country? Does one of your global neighbors just flat-out annoy you? Are you sick of the patter of mindless feet as the victims of propaganda campaigns rush back and forth between the world's nations, continuously defecting and immigrating? There is a way to end all of these problems.

Just press The Button.

 But what will you launch?  How much damage can your weapons do?  How

many megatons can each missile or bomber carry? We at Nuke Magazine have consulted with some of the world's leading experts and have come up with these answers.


 Limited to four basic sizes, warheads are an integral part of the

nuclear attack. Though of varying potency, all four have the same end purpose, that of population reduction.

 The 10 megaton warhead, affectionately called "Boom-Boom" by the

military brain trust, is the smallest, most widespread and basic unit of power in the nuclear arsenal. On its own, it can inflict damage capable of destroying a base of two million people and can be launched on any missile or bomber.

 The 20 megaton warhead is the favorite explosive of most world leaders.

"Raging Death" delivers a rampaging fireball of destruction capable of obliterating a base of five million people, much more effective than multiple 10 megaton strikes. Another advantage is that "Raging Death" is fairly easy to produce and can be launched on almost all missiles.

 Normally saved for truly despicable opponents, the 50 megaton warhead BB

is unquestionably a tool of mass destruction. A base of 10 million people can be purified in this tidy parcel of flaming death, sometimes called "The Cleanser." The only drawback is the limited amount of carriers available for this potent payload.

"Buster," the warhead of last resort, is the 100 megaton payload that

does it all. This angel of the Apocalypse kills outright a base of a mere 25 million people, effectively altering the balance of power in the aggressor's favor. Beware! If "Buster" chances to target upon a nuclear stockpile, the results could be catastrophic for everyone.


 The classic form of nuclear attack, missiles are also the more popular

of the two delivery systems. Easily mass produced and thus relatively cheap, every nation can afford extravagant military expenditures on missiles without protest from the masses. However, missiles are only good for a single attack, as they explode with the warhead.

 The foul Carnage Missile has the smallest capacity of any nuclear

delivery system. It can only carry a single 10 megaton warhead. It is mainly used when countries do not wish to waste a larger missile on a small, 10 megaton warhead.

 Again, mid-size destructive power wins the nuclear popularity poll. The

gruesome Gravedigger Missile foments destruction wherever it goes, carrying either a 10 or 20 megaton warhead in its formidable confines. This is easily the most used and useful of all delivery systems.

 Deathbringer.  Not much else besides the name needs to be said about

this missile when it is loaded properly. It can carry 10, 20, or up to 50 megatons of portable Armageddon as its payload. Many countries build up defense programs specifically against the ravages this high- tech missile can produce.

 Sheer possession is all a country needs for the Pacifier Missile to

subdue unwieldy neighbors. Few in number and closely hoarded, the Pacifier delivery system has the capability of crippling the strongest of powers or putting an end to the most feeble of nations. It alone of missiles can carry the dread 100 megaton "Buster" warhead.


 Bombers are steadily growing in popularity throughout the world's

military echelons. The can service multiple global areas and can carry combinations of warheads until they have reached their peak payload level. Their flexibility and general usefulness is slowly overcoming the ridiculous price tag that is generally associated with them.

 The reliable NP-1 is the first bomber that attained widespread global

usage. Known widely as the "Nuclear Postman," the NP-1 has never missed a prompt delivery of its fiery parcels of radioactive joy to date. The "Nuclear Postman" can carry up to 50 megatons of atomic mail, but more than that is forbidden. And don't worry, this postman delivers on Sundays, too.

 The GR-2 bomber, commonly known as "The Grim Reaper," is the single most

potent delivery system ever. "The Grim Reaper" may carry any combination of warheads up to 100 megatons. Combinations range from a single service venture with a "Buster" warhead or a succession of service contracts with any combination of lesser warheads not exceeding 100 megatons of ruination.

** NOTE: Bombers may carry any combination of warheads that do not exceed the maximum payload capacity. Ready the bomber, on the next turn target


and load the first warhead. On the following turn, target and load the second warhead. Continue this process until maximum capacity is reached. For example, if a GR-2 were at 90 megatons capacity (say from a 50 meg and then two subsequent 20 meg warheads), it could only carry a 10 meg warhead on its fourth and final bombing run. When bombers have reached capacity or anything other than a warhead is played by that global leader while a bomber is deployed, the bomber is nullified and disappears from the arsenal.

Defense Systems

 Defense systems are normally deployed as a last resort.  They are used

either to protect the last remaining vestiges of a ravaged population or when a nation has run out of offensive options and believes itself to be the target of a nuclear strike. However, the strategic use of a defense system can effectively crush an enemy nation's offense. Remember, a defensive system destroys all carriers that it is able to during the turn in which the defense system is deployed.

 The Laser Net Defense System can shoot down and destroy any hostile

missile. Sadly, the deadly pincers of laser light wielded by Laser Net have proved wholly ineffective versus a nuclear strike conducted by bombers.

 The ultimate in defense capability, the Peacekeeper MegaCannon can

destroy any hostile nuclear strike launched against the home nation. Both missiles and bombers are easy targets for this formidable implement of defensive vindication.

 As a global leader, you are responsible for the health and well-being of

your citizens. You must promote their ideals and satisfy their wants. And in the Nuclear Age, you must protect the masses from explosions, radiation, and fallout.

 You try your best to fulfill these necessities, but some things are just

doomed to failure. An earthquake can destroy the best-made bomb shelter, or a nuclear meltdown can destroy your most fertile farmlands.

 Nuke Magazine has compiled a list of inexplicable occurences, good and

bad, that can alter a nation's position.


 A random disaster that has no mercy, the earthquake strikes

infrequently. A cause of major distress worldwide, an earthquake can level any one city in a matter of moments. No one city is immune, from a sprawling metropolis to a ram-shackle hut.

Nuclear Meltdowns

 What can be said?  Accidents do happen, even in places with hundreds of

safety checks and failsafe devices. Of course, some accidents are more disastrous than others, and this particular one is perhaps the ultimate "Boo-Boo." Press the wrong button, spill soda on the wrong panel, or fall asleep at the wrong time, the end result is the same. The surrounding countryside will be uninhabitable for a century or more, and there are always other locations to spend your vacation at. You probably did not really need that city anyway.

Population Explosions

 And everyone thought that only Mao had these.  Every once in a while,

for no apparent reason, a mass of babies will be born. Maybe it was the fertility drugs which lace the water supply, or the musk which circulates with the air conditioning, or it could have been those oysters everyone was forced to eat. It could have just been hormones. Never mind why, you now have more constituents to brainwash. Be thankful!

Mass Defections

 Face it, not everyone is going to agree with the way you run your

country. They will probably even spout some lies about how superior your neighbor's nation is. Hell, the guy's probably a plant, and you know it! Anyway, you might lose some people to one of your neighbors. Of course, you might gain some of your neighbor's population when his population finds out the truth about your outstanding nation.

Forcible Ejections

 Sometimes, dissident factions are discovered before they gain power

enough to disrupt your absolute control over the nation. What do you do with these trouble makers? A mass execution would lend sympathy, and they cannot be convinced to follow your lead. The answer, a rather ingenious one, was the Human Catapult. This titanic catapult launches all dissidents to the country of their choice, "Par Avon."


 A perverse mutation of the Human Catapult, Cattletech substitutes a

heard of cows for the regular, human ammunition. Created by a psychotic who held much malice for Ghanji, Cattletech is used when a nation cannot or does not want to take any Bull from any country. This devastating weapon creates mass hysteria, chaos, and havoc. As soon as the war cry, "Cherchez la vache!" is uttered, fear enters the heart of even the most brave. The airborne cows crush houses, cars, schools, hospitals, and even fast-food restaurants. Those cows that survive the shock of being flung through the sky thousands of miles stampede in the target nation, destroying everything in their path until the last cow turns to hamburger.

Flying Saucers

 Reports that we are being watched by our brothers in space are true. And

they are amused. Better than the worst action movie for sheer devastation per minute, the aliens have decided that the human race must be kept alive. They target on one of the most promising cities, chosen for brutality and stupidity, and clone it. Two identical people where there was one, twice the total population, and twice the potential for mayhem!

16-Ton Weight

 No one knows for sure where this bizarre technology came from or what

warped mind created it, but all fear its ruinous effects. Materializing over a seemingly random city, the 16-Ton Weight drops down on the populace, doling out the truly squishy death en masse. The weight drops again and again, until nothing is left but a flat wasteland.

Space Cadets

 Every nation has them.  They creep in the sewer system, infiltrate

houses, and breed. No leader knows what to do with them. Occasionally, they gain enough money, hire the right people, and BINGO! They're gone! They strap a big ol' rocket engine to the bottom of the city, pop a big ol' plastic shell on top of the city and WHAMMO! The city is gone out to space to live in the 1.5 Orbital Pattern, where it is safe.

                     INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS
 In order to help you, the aggressive global leader, gain an edge over

your opponents, Nuke Magazine has prepared a report on the different personalities the other global leaders are thought to hold. Also detailed is the art of Happt Face Diplomacy, which is the cornerstone of Nuclear Age politics.


 After much in-depth research, five basic personality types were found

among the ten dominant global leaders. At first, we thought there was only one type, Absent, but after several years of observation with the most powerful electron microscopes, subtle differences were found. The five personalities are Standard, Pacifist, Liar, Chaotic, and Warmonger. Coincidentally, a pair of leaders match each personality type. Following is a definition of each personality type and a list of which leaders exhibit them.


 Basically, this is the control group personality.  Reactions  displayed

by other personalities could be traced back as a mutation upon the Standard reaction. What is the Standard reaction though?

 If you antagonize a Standard leader, the leader will dislike you. If you

cultivate a friendship, the leader will like you. A Standard personality will feel neutral towards anyone until reason for change is shown.

 The leaders evincing Standard personalities are Infidel Kastro and Mao

the Pun. Standard personalities are among the easiest to manipulate.


 This is really the most odd personality type for a global leader. What

do the Pacifist leaders think? Do they honestly believe that they can advance the goals of their citizens and nation through peace and non-violence?

 Pacifists prefer to use propaganda over tactical nuclear strikes and are

very successful propagandists. If pressed into a corner or thoroughly angered, the Pacifist will contemplate nuclear action.

 Ghanji and Jimi Farmer are avowed Pacifists.  They are both extremely

tough opponents, angered easily by nuclear strikes and yet highly susceptible to lies.


 Though all global leader have the tendency or should we say aptitude,

for lying, a selected few cannot ever seem to tell the truth. They feel that if they told the truth, all of their plans would be revealed. Considering that everyone knows that their plans consists of varying ways to subvert the world to their every whim and that they are lying through their teeth when they speak of harmony and brotherhood, lying seems rather pointless.

 A Liar is hard to gauge.  He might be frothing mad at you, and yet he

will bash your enemy. Or, he might profess friendship for you and respect for your ideals and then turn around and annihilate your nation. What makes a Liar all the worse is that sometimes the Liar will sneak some truth into your dealings. So, when you expect the opposite the Liar actually does what he says.

 The most famous Liars in the world are Tricky Dick and Mikhail

Gorbachef. They are the two most difficult global leaders to conquer.


 Some leaders defy definition.  Their reactions are truly random and

diverse. They may attack you because it is a cloudy day, they may attack you because it is a sunny day, or they may attack you because it is any day. Chaotic leaders are essentially insane and wholly unpredictable.

 They act like small children, doubting of their friends and hopeful of

their enemies. Caution is best used when dealing with Chaotics. Stay aware of their reactions, and you might discover a method to their madness. Your method is wrong; however, they are truly chaotic.

 The Chaotic personalities are quite obvious: Colonel Malomar Kadaffy and

Ayatollah Kookamamie.


 This is a straight-forward personality.  Warmongers will be your friends

so long as you help them nuke their enemies. Use wimpy propaganda or attack them or one of their friends, and they will happily nuke you until only swirling, radioactive dust clouds inhabit your cities.

 The two Warmongers are Ronnie Raygun and Prime Minister Satcher, and

they are both relatively easy to control.

Happy Face Diplomacy

 There are five different happy faces: Benevolent, Friendly, Neutral,

Unfriendly, and Hostile, each representing a different attitude which you can adopt toward any global leader. The same attitude will affect each leader in a different manner.

 While a Hostile attitude might increase a Warmonger's like of you, it

will thoroughly annoy a Pacifist. Discover the reactions the different personality types have to each happy face, and use the results well. A word of warning: As the leader's attitude (face) changes, so does the affect of the different happy faces.

 Remember, not even the most effective usage of happy faces  will

alleviate the problems caused when you Stockpile, launch consecutive missiles or bombers with no warheads, or waste time. All actions affect attitudes held by each leader, so be careful.

                          Nuclear War

A Note on Sounds and Graphics:

Nuclear War uses virtually all chip memory of your machine, whether it be 512K or more, and it is recommended that multi-tasking not be used while running the Nuclear War program.

Also, Nuclear War detects how much memory your machine has (512K or more) and loads extra sounds and graphics if your machine has more than 512K available.

Controls and Menus:

In the manual, whenever it directs you to "click the mouse button" use the left mouse button. To restart or quit a game while playing Nuclear War, select the appropriate option from the menu with the right mouse button.

Nuclear War Challenge:

Only a few have seen it, but in certain cases a city population becomes so enormous that a Metropolis is forced to become a Domed City. Can you end your game with any Domed Cities?

Nuclear War docs are brought to you by The Southern Star for M.A.A.D..

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