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  Many older homes have inadequate attic ventilation.  Air movement through 

your attic helps remove excess moisture to keep the roof joists dry and prevents the area from overheating. If your house has a gable roof you can increase your attic ventilation by installing a triangular gable vent.

  You can easily tackle this is a job if you have some carpentry experience.  

The vent will cost about $70 and should take the better part of a day to install. These vents are sized according to the area of the attic floor. Check the package to make sure you purchase a vent with the capacity you need.

  The installation is straightforward.  You need only basic carpentry tools.  

Most of the work is done from outside the attic so you will have to climb a ladder to the roof peak. If working up high on a ladder does not appeal to you, hire a carpenter. He'll charge about $120 to do the job.

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