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Archive-name: disney-faq/disneyland Last-modified: 23 Nov 1994

             Disneyland Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
                  (Last update November 23, 1994)
This document is Copyright (c) 1994, by Walt Hoffman, all rights reserved.
It is intended for public use, and may be redistributed freely printed or
electronically in its complete and unaltered form provided distribution is
done at no charge to the receiver.  Partial and other distribution means
require the permission of the author.
The Disneyland FAQ document is intended to provide information to answer
the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Disneyland Park in Anaheim,
California, USA.  All reasonable efforts have been made to make sure this
information is accurate, but the author cannot be held responsible for
errors or schedule changes.  This FAQ list is maintained by Walt Hoffman
which was based upon an original list created by Adrian McCarthy.  This
Disneyland FAQ is published 3-4 times a year.  Please send any suggestions
and/or comments on the Disneyland FAQ to Walt Hoffman at or
--   Contact Disneyland Guest Relations at (714) 999-4565, (213) 626-8605,
extension 4565 or visit Disneyland's City Hall.  The address for Disneyland
is 1313 Harbor Boulevard, P.O. Box 3232, Anaheim, CA 92803-3232.
  1. - For other Disney information see the rec.arts.disney FAQ and WDW FAQ

maintained by Tom Tanida ( These include information

for Walt Disney World (WDW) theme parks, plus other general Disney
entertainment such as film, movies, and television.  The FAQ documents can
be obtained using ftp to and looking in the
pub/usenet/news.answers directory.
HOURS OF OPERATION:   Here is the schedule information from an updated
Disney calendar.  Everything is subject to change.
     A:   8 am to 1 am              () Basic Annual Passport not valid
     B:   8 am to midnight                on these days
     C:   9 am to midnight
     D:   9 am to 11 pm
     E:   9 am to 10 pm
     F:   9 am to 7 pm
     G:  10 am to 6 pm
26C 27F 28F 29F 30F 31C
CURRENT PRICES:  (US $)  Current as of November 10, 1994
                    1-day 2-day 3-day  Annual  Premium Guided
                    =========================== Annual  Tour
Adults              31.00 55.00 75.00   99.00  199.00  42.00
Children (3-11)     25.00 44.00 60.00   99.00  199.00  32.50
Seniors (60+)       25.00
Adults (MKC)        29.00 51.00 69.00   89.00  189.00
Children (MKC)      23.00 40.00 54.00   89.00  189.00
Parking              6.00/car
                    12.00 Preferred Parking
Magic Kingdom Club (MKC) cardholders get admission discounts (about 7
percent) and other discounts.  For more details about the MKC and how to
join, read the description elsewhere in this document.

The Premium Annual passport includes admission for all 365 days of the
year, special preferred parking, a one year subscription to Disney
Magazine, discounts on food (10% for buffeteria and table service, 15%
discount on Aladdin's Oasis and Blue Bayou), Disneyland Hotel
(accommodations and restaurants), and a 10% discount on most merchandise
(not including purchases under $5, collectible art, Disney Dollars, and
commemorative tickets).

| Two- and Three-Day passports do not need to be used on consecutive days,

For ticket purchases, Disneyland accepts U.S. currency, VISA, American
Express, Master Card, traveler's checks, Disney Dollars and personal checks
with proper identification.  Foreign currency *can* be used at Disneyland
but is best to exchange for U.S. currency ahead of time. For some reason,
Discover card is not honored at Disneyland or the Disneyland Hotel.  An ATM
(no longer BofA, now First Interstate Bank) is located to the left of the
Main Entrance.

| Tickets can also be purchased in advance at a Disney Store or by mail with

essing. Merchandise available from the park or hotel can also be ordered by
calling 1-800-3-MAIL-33 (1-800-361-4533).  Merchandise Special Events
information can be obtained by calling the hotline at 714-490-3935.
The Main Street Bank provides a variety of banking services such as cash
advances, credit card Disney Dollar advances, foreign currency exchange.
Also available are Disneyland annual passports, gift certificates, postage

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), now provided by First Interstate Bank,
are available in multiple locations throughout the park accepting ATM cards

| for PLUS, Cirrus and Exchange networks as well as Visa/Mastercard and

American Express.  These ATM locations are: outside of the park to the left

| of the Main Entrance, Main Street Bank, Frontierland Pay Master (area

between the Frontierland and Adventureland entrances), Main Street Penny
Arcade, Tomorrowland Starcade, Circlevision 360 theater exit, and inside
the Disneyland Hotel Travelport lobby.
If you leave the park anytime during your stay, make sure you still have
your Disneyland passport and you get your hand stamped before exiting.  For
re-admission into the park, you *must* have a current Disneyland passport
and a handstamp.
Entertainment schedules can be changed at any time, or canceled due to
inclement weather.  For the actual schedule for a particular day, contact
Disneyland or pick up a 'Disneyland Today' schedule when you visit the
++ 'Fantasmic!', a spectacular mix of magic, music, live performers and
sensational special effects, is scheduled to be featured on nights when the
park is open until 10 p.m. or later.
++ 'Beauty & The Beast Live', a splendid stage show based upon the animated

| classic is performed at the Sony Videopolis stage, selected weekends and

++ 'Golden Horseshoe Jamboree', a song-and-dance revue stars Miss Lily and
Sam the bartender is performed live daily in Frontierland.  Early reserva-
tions are a must, as this show usually plays to a full house.
ber 25th) on selected weekends and holiday periods days for lunch and
dinner which features magic, music, song, and dance with Aladdin, Princess
Jasmine, the Genie and Jafar from the movie, "Aladdin".  In addition to the
show, the food offerings are every bit as exotic.
Food includes papadom wafers w/chutney (a sort of a chips and salsa), fresh
fruit, and main entree (beef, chicken, or vegetable), raisin nut pilaf, and
a special dessert. Dinner menu has larger food portions. Children (3-11)
can choose from cheese-filled pasta or chicken strips. Prices for
adults/children are $19.50/$14.50 for lunch and $24.50/$19.50 for dinner

| Reservations can be made up until noon at the Reservation Center located in

the exit lobby of the Walt Disney Story Featuring Great Moments with Mr.
Lincoln.  Reservations may also be made for the Blue Bayou restaurant,
Aladdin's Oasis, and Disneyland Hotel Resort restaurants.  It's a good idea
to make your reservations when you first enter the park, as they do fill up
-- Adventureland, The Temple of the Forbidden Eye. A new attraction based
upon the "Indiana Jones" character due to open in Spring 1995 (end of
February). This attraction incorporates a unique ride system to navigate
troop transports through the Temple and explore the power of the native god
Mara. Willpower and courage is needed to avoid the curse befalled to anyone
who looks into Mara's eyes. You and your fellow passengers choose which
path to take at the Chamber of Destiny.  The ride building can be seen from
the parking areas, emerging from the jungles of Adventureland. The outdoor
queue area is open for guests to explore the excavation camp and catch a

| glimpse of what happening with the Indiana Jones site.

* Added a lifesize bronze statue, titled 'Partners', of Walt Disney with

Mickey Mouse in the hub encircled with smaller bronze statues of classic
Disney characters.
* Penny Arcade displays a large, green, 1000-pound, acrylic elephant statue
(nicknamed 'Penny') near the entrance.  It was originally designed for the
Candy Palace at Disneyland-Paris but due to a change in color scheme of
that facility, she now resides at Disneyland.

| * Jungle Cruise refurbishment completed. New boat dock, a two-story boat-

* Enchanted Tiki Room pre-show area was altered for better visibility, and

the show uses a digital sound system (although the soundtrack and story is
still the same.)

| * Larger entrance to accommodate the crowds generated by Fantasmic!, includ-

ing some changes to the Enchanted Tiki Room pre-show area.

* Casa Mexicana is no longer sponsored by Lawry's. Slight changes in decor

and menu items (like Mickey Mouse-shaped flan).
* Fantasmic! sound system improvements and a new viewing area (New Orleans
Square Promenade) around the Rivers of America.  Promenade is tiered and
angled to provide better viewing of Fantasmic!

| * Disney Gallery exhibits feature Disneyland-Paris artwork and Indiana Jones

attraction art.
 * Disney Gallery offering preferred balcony seatings of Fantasmic! with a

* Pet Cemetery added to the front yard of The Haunted Mansion.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean added portraits of pirates along the walls of the

indoor queue area. Added previously were silhouettes of fighting pirates

located on the right side of the burning city scene.  This scene was taken
from Disneyland-Paris.  Also, additional items were added in the bayou near
the boat loading area.  Waterfall area now sprinkles guests with liquid
magic (water).  Mist has been added just before entering into the battling
ship area. Possible new pirate figures installed for the drunken pirate

| figure hanging over (whoops, a pun) a bridge in the burning city scene, the

Bear' for better continuity with the movie, "Song of the South".
* Storybook Land refurbished to include structures from recent movies
(Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc.) and add a waterfall
over the 'neverland' cave.  The upgrade will be completed in phases for a

* Sleeping Beauty's Castle walk-through now appears to be permanently open.

  • It's a Small World boasts a digital sound system complete with a different

| soundtrack (with more instrumentals) inherited from Disneyland-Paris.

  • Fantasia Gardens filled the space left from the removal of the Motor


  • Window near Peter Pan's Flight with children's toys in it has audio of the

Darling children playing.


| * The Skyway was removed as it no longer complied with updated California

* Space Place: Disneyland Birthday Parties on weekends. Two different party

plans are available which include cake, ice cream, party favors, character
photo opportunities, lunch (with one of the plans), and park admission.
Call 714-520-5045 for details on Birthday Parties.
* Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride is open.  This wild and zany attraction
captures the feeling of being in a cartoon world with Roger Rabbit and
friends. Turn the steering wheel to spin your cab around 360 degrees and
avoid "The Dip".  Entertaining, but deceptive queue area walks you through
the back alleys of Toontown prior to boarding your cab.  This is
Disneyland's newest attraction.
* Toontown's Jolly Trolley is jolly again.  The trolley now bounces all
around (like it originally did) during it's trip through Toontown (although
usually one car per trolley instead of two).
* Low Price Children's menus for $2.99 at most table service and buffeteria

| * Disneyland Hotel restaurant 'Caffe Villa Verde' indoor/outdoor cafe

* Disneyland Hotel access to the waterfall area has been restricted.

  • ATM outside main entrance changed sponsorship to First Interstate Bank.
Future Plans and Rumors:
  • Westcot Center, a west coast version of WDW EPCOT Center, is planned to be

built in the current Disneyland parking lot as part of a master plan for

The Disneyland Resort.  A multi-level parking structure will be constructed
to the east.  It will feature dedicated freeway ramps to funnel cars di-
rectly into the parking structure with transportation and a peoplemover to
transport guests over to the parks. Expansion plans also include multiple

| hotels and other entertainment venues. Project has encountered numerous

project. Details about the expansion plan are available at the Disneyland
expansion preview center located at the Disneyland Hotel (in the Plaza
  Come in from the Splash Mountain side as soon as they start clearing out
the crowds from the first show. If you come in from the other side, you'll
be fighting 7,000-10,000 people who are exiting out through Frontierland.
The show lasts about 23 minutes and the entire area is darkened during the
show making travel through here a little tricky.
  Unlike WDW, Disneyland does not usually open the park early to deal with
incoming crowds.  However, often on weekends Main Street will open 30
minutes before the rest of the park.  Some tour packages do offer a "Magic
Morning" package which allows participants to enter a themed area (usually
Toontown) one hour prior to opening to the general public.
In general, attendance is highest on Saturday, then Friday, Sunday, and
weekdays.  Monday through Wednesday is probably the best day to visit to

| avoid the large crowds. Early arrival is a great way to enjoy the more

Space Mountain is long most of the day and into the night, so first thing
in early morning is usually your best bet.  Ditto Rocket Jets.  Star Tours
will shorten significantly in the late evening (when the line is completely
inside, you're in good shape).  Splash Mountain is always busy (avoid it
when backed up beyond the Briar Patch shop) but is OK when it's raining or
right before the park closes.  An early-morning dash might also be a good
idea (since it's at the back of the park).  The Country Bear Jamboree is
seldom crowded and it a good place to visit if you ventured over to Splash
Mountain and found a long line.
For dinner, venture over to the Disneyland Hotel to get some relief from
the crowds and then head back in.  The Monorail Cafe has excellent food
with good portions. Goofy's Kitchen Character Dinner is all-you-can-eat,
all-you-can-drink.  Alcoholic beverages are available but not all-you-can-
drink :-).
After dinner, the attractions in Fantasyland shorten a bit, but not much.
Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Mr. Toad's Wild Ride will remain
popular throughout the entire day.  Lines are usually short for Snow
White's Scary Adventures, Pinocchio's Daring Journey, and It's a Small
World.  If the line is long at all, skip it and try again later.
Matterhorn lines are usually the shortest during the parades.  Normally
there are two separate lines, one for each bobsled run.  But sometimes
during the parades they combine both lines into one and route it away from
the parade area.  This gives the impression the wait is long but is really
it is moving twice as fast.  The line splits up into two later on as you go
through the turnstile.  Usually the bobsled run on the right has the
shortest wait since most people turn to the left as they enter the
turnstile area.

| Crossing a parade route is possible but time consuming. Certain areas are

parade. Plan which side of the park you want to be on during the parade and
get there early.  If you must cross, consider using the Disneyland RR or
the Skyway.  Parade crossing zones north of the Matterhorn are usually less
congested than the one at the Hub. Main Street is tough (though not impos-
sible) to negotiate during popular parades.
Kids age 2 and under are free.  Strollers may be rented, but some people
prefer to bring their own.  Many attractions have height and age
requirements, with limit signs ('You must be at least this tall...')
present at the entrance to most attractions.  They seem to be fairly picky
about this.  If you're an inch off, they won't let you in.
     Big Thunder Mountain Railroad        40+ inches
     Space Mountain                       40+ inches
     Autopia (alone)                      52+ inches
     Autopia (w/ adult)                    1+ years
     Splash Mountain                       3+ years and 40+ inches
     Star Tours (alone)                    7+ years
     Star Tours (w/ adult)                 3+ years
     Matterhorn Bobsleds (alone)           7+ years
     Matterhorn Bobsleds (w/ adult)        3+ years
     Gadget's Go-Coaster                   3+ years
     Goofy Bounce House                    52 inches or under
     Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse/Acorn Crawl  49 inches or under
Children under 7 are supposed to be accompanied by an adult on other
attractions as well (Snow White's Scary Adventures, The Haunted Mansion,
MKC stands for the Magic Kingdom Club which is a benefit originally
provided to employees of large businesses for discounts on Disneyland
admissions. The program has expanded to other Disney parks and merchandise.
Check with your employer or credit union first, especially if you live near
any Disney attractions.  If not, you can purchase a Gold MKC for $59 for 2
years. The address is Magic Kingdom Club Gold Card, PO Box 3850, Anaheim,
CA 92803-3850. Charge by calling (714) 490-3200.  Gold card members get a
2-year subscription to Disney Magazine, a personalized gold membership
card, travel video, tote bag, and other goodies. Both types of MKC cards
get you the same discounts at the Disney Stores (except in the parks), on
admission tickets, and on Disney, Delta Airlines, and National Rent-a-Car
packages. The discount for both MKC cards are the same.  The discounts do
NOT apply to merchandise at the park or the Disneyland Hotel but will
provide a 15% discount at Aladdin's Oasis and the Blue Bayou (2-5pm only).
The card is also good for 10% off at The Disney Stores which are usually
found in shopping malls throughout the world.
Since I'm a local, I've haven't stayed at many of the hotels in this area.
Here is a summary of the responses received so far.  No guarantees.  For
more information regarding lodging in the Anaheim area, contact the Anaheim
Area Visitor and Convention Bureau at 800 W. Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA
92802, or phone (714)999-8999.
From a Disney handout:  "The Walt Disney Travel Company:  Offers the finest
in family vacation travel.  A `Disney Vacation' is the ideals way to visit
the Magic Kingdom. Contact The Walt Disney Travel Company, P.O. Box 3232,
Anaheim, CA  92803 for information about travel arrangements and packages.
Telephone (714) 520-5050; Telex 655474.
  Official hotel for Disneyland including many shops and attractions and
the only hotel with a monorail station for transportation into the Magic
Kingdom. Since this is a Disney property, it provides the best "Disney
experience". Great shops, restaurants, and swimming pools. Free evening
water shows and other entertainment. Hotel guests can have their park
merchandise purchases delivered to their rooms free of charge.  Call 714-
956-MICKEY for room reservations.
  Located next to the Disneyland Hotel.  Rooms are about half the price of
the Disneyland Hotel rooms and are large and quiet with comfortable beds
but somewhat dated decor. Average, no frills.. No refrigerators or
microwave ovens in the room but does have on-site restaurants (including
Japanese) and room service is available.  A walkway provides access to the
Disneyland Hotel Resort's amenities such as shops and restaurants and
Monorail station for transportation into the Disneyland Park.
  "Above average Hilton."  Small bathrooms (at least in non-tower rooms).
  "Typical Marriott."  Nobody said anything particularly good or bad.
PEACOCK SUITES, S. Harbor (just north of Katella).
  Clive Feather ( says "I can speak well of Peacock
Suites...We had a 3-room suite (lounge, double bedroom with en-suite, twin
double bedroom, and additional bathroom) for $129 a night plus tax.
Continental Breakfast included and free hourly Disneyland shuttle is
available. It's also a reasonable walk to the park."
"Reasonable place to sleep" according to James Moore (
  "Very spacious.  Clean comfortable and reasonably priced.  Walking
distance, but a Disneyland shuttle is also available.  No frills."
  Very nice, apartment-like suites with complete, full-size kitchens and
some with fireplaces.  Continental Breakfast included and free Disneyland
shuttle is available (with stops to the Disneyland Hotel if requested).
There are subtle differences in almost every corner of the park.  If you're
a Disney aficionado, you'll want to check out everything.  If you're
pressed for time, you can skip the following:
o Haunted Mansion
o People Mover (more primitive, but seems to last longer)
o Monorail (unless you want to go to the Disneyland Hotel)
o Captain EO (same movie as EPCOT Center)
o Circle Vision 360 (same as at WDW but also shows China film from EPCOT
  during the early part of the day.)
o Autopia
o Small World (biggest difference is the exterior facade, including a
special presentation of the time every 15 minutes)
o Golden Horseshoe Jamboree (same show, different finale)
Tough calls:  (similar, yet different and worth experiencing)
o Space Mountain
o Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
except for order of presentation and absence of Jules Verne nuances)
o Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (a trimmed down version of the Hall of
  Presidents) and The Walt Disney Story
o Splash Mountain (front/back seating instead of side-to-side, story not as
o Country Bear Playhouse (different show and DL has 2 theaters,)
o Disneyland Hotel resort complex (accessible from within the park by
Whatever you do, don't miss out on:
o Fantasmic!
seat is back row, far right.)
o Matterhorn Bobsleds (2 different tracks, too)
o Jungle Cruise (my DL experiences have far surpassed the one at WDW)
o Pirates of the Caribbean (parts are identical, but DL is better)
o The Disney Gallery (above Pirates of the Caribbean). This originally was
built as an apartment for Walt Disney.
o Disneyland RR between Tomorrowland & Main Street for Grand Canyon and
Primeval World dioramas (not quite as impressive as EPCOT's World of Energy
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