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The following is a list of animal collectives

Group Name Animal Type ———- ———– Band gorillas Bed clams, oysters Bevy quail, swans Brace ducks Brood chicks Cast hawks Cete badgers Charm goldfinches Chattering choughs Cloud gnats Clowder cats Clutch chicks Clutter cats Colony ants Congregation plovers Covey quail,partridge Crash rhinoceri Cry hounds Down hares Drift swine Drove cattle,sheep Exaltation larks Flight birds Flock sheep,geese Gaggle geese Gam whales Gang elks Grist bees Heard elephants Horde gnats Husk hares Kindle kittens Knot toads Leap leopards Leash greyhounds,foxes Litter pigs Mob kangaroos Murder crows Muster peacocks Mute hounds Nest vipers Nest,Nide pheasants Pack hounds Pair horses Pod whales Pride lions School fish Sedge,Siege cranes Shoal fish,pilchards Skein geese Skulk foxes Sleuth bears Sounder boars,swine Span mules Spring teals Swarm bees Team ducks,horses Tribe,Trip goats Troop kangaroos,monkeys Volery birds Watch nightingales Wing plovers Yoke oxen

—- END —-

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