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Message #154 - Veggi Cookbook

 Date : 29-Jun-91 14:51
 From : Vaishnava Dasa
   To : All

Subject : Yogurt

@MSGID: 1:115/800@fidonet ddb66376 Yogurt - homemade! Save money Stay cool in the hot weather Stay refreshed Here's how…

1 gal. milk 1/8 th - 1/4 c yogurt (starter)


In a heavy saucepan, bring milk to a boil under med. flame. Using a lid will cause the milk to come to the boiling point faster, but that means the milk has to be watched closely. Careful, as milk will bubble and overflow easily at boiling point. Stir occasionally to prevent burning on bottom of pan.

When milk is at a rolling boil, reduce heat and continue to cook so as

to thicken milk to a creamier consistancy, about 10-15 min at low heat. That will make the yogurt creamier.

Afterwards, remove from flame and let cool, stirring occasionally to 

cool milk. Milk must cool down to the right temperature before mixing in yogurt.

I've found the best method is to wait until milk has cooled down so 

much that milk has reached body temperature. That is, it is at the temperature that if you stick your (you did wash your hands, didn't you?) finger into the milk, you can barely notice any temperature difference in the milk. If the milk is too hot, you can't keep your finger in the milk for long, and the yogurt culture will be killed. If the milk is too cool, the yogurt may not grow.

Once milk is at body temperature, take 1/2 of the yogurt, or about 1/8 

cup, or a couple tablespoons and mix into the milk and stir. After that, add the other 1/2 of the yogurt starter, and just drop into the milk.

Now, cover milk with yogurt starter preparation and place in a warm 

spot for about 10 hours. On top of a oven with warmth coming from a pilot light may be sufficient. Keep free from draft. Covering with towel might be a good idea in bright area. Leave undisturbed for 10 hrs. Refrigerate after done.

Enjoy the cooling effects of yogurt in the hot weather. Your body andl stomach will appreciate it.

— Msgtoss 1.3p * Origin: KrsnaBBS Plants and fruits as your meat 312/743-6116 (1:115/800)

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